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Chicks that get taken over by someone else
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From Popuni Kei Joshi Panic 4

We also welcome body-control.
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Vampires love to neck
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ever had a /d/ related dream? lets share

>dreaming about being back in highschool
>lose some sort of bet with friends and to the upcoming anime con I have to cross dress
>I go in a school girl outfit and its really obvious im not a chick
>random girl a few years older than me pulls me away suddenly saying shes going to fix me up. Brings me into the girls bathroom, does my make up, gives me her wig, and just a general makeover
>now completely passing
>walk pass my friends and wave, they are dumbfounded and dont know its me
>thank the girl, she says I can repay her later by meeting her in her hotel room
>go, and she proceeds to immediately femdomming me, ending it by pegging me, losing my viriginity to her
>cry in her arms and she tells me she wants me to show up every year like this

>wake up
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>dream i meet an online friend I know is a medical student
>she instantly goes yandere, and sticks a needle in my neck with a knock out drug
>wake up on a surgery table and shes in full garb
>next to her in a large snake body and she explains shes going to give me what I always wanted
>knocked out again
>wake up, now a lamia and body has been competely changed to female
>try to scream, but nothing, she explains pets cant communicate with there owners and holds up a jar with my voice box in it (cause dreams its a literal square shaped organ)
>collars me and walks me around in public
>wake up both terrified and aroused

I told her the dream and she found it incredibly hot. I knew she was into pet play, but she also has a minor surgery kink (the sterile aesthetic) and transformation fetish, tho hers usually involve magic.

A couple years later I do infact meet her and she joked multiple times about 'the needle in my purse'
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this one's fucked up. didn't enjoy it but /d/ related
>flying into ruined city on an airship
>get dropped off somewhere in the woods
>see packs of wild dogs running through the grass
>eventually find subway entrance
>go inside
>get captured by some weirdo and trapped in his bathroom
>hes experimenting on me
>i, or the being i was, is rapidly transformed into a pit-bull sized dick creature with legs, that's constantly thrashing and foaming at the mouth
>reincarnated as a new being
>decide to take the dick monster for a walk on a leash
>take him outside
>its my old neighborhood
>leash magically disappears
>a tag slowly falls out of the dick monster's butt
>it says run
>i run, dick creature chasing me the entire time
>police arrive, try to subdue dick creature
>it jumps up and pulls powerlines down and entraps the police
>freak the fuck out
>run as fast as i can to the corner store
>a little girl is there consoling me and feeding me cookies
>wake up
funny thing is none of this is my fetish.
pic unrelated
Had a spook dream.
>See Nigger
>Become Nigger
>Wake up

Post pictures of girls dominating other girls.

Please try not to post futa or traps here.
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The thinking man's fetish
no yuri onegai
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You know it when you see it. Some fetishes are more degenerate than others.
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Royalty / nobles engaging in degenerate acts
Milk comes from farms
Preparing the meals

Bullying thread!
punch the nearest person near you >:^)
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Previous thread:
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I didn't see one and I love my Ballbusting fetish. Me and why wife have been at it for 8 years now doing it daily. Feel free to ask us about real life experiences and my wife is around too so call her out if you wish. We'll check in periodically. For now I'll dump some bb pics.
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What else do you guys do?
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Invisible girl appreciation thread
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My kink

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Futanari dicks that look as though is you were to grab and squeeze them they'd unleash a huge load.
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>>7387334 had the image limit reached.
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have fun, OP
You seem to appreciate extra limbs.

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Any swapping or stealing of body attributes.
-Age Progression/Regression
- Etc
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last time
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another new video from this guy

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ITT: futas blowing themselves off/cumming on their faces
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Post more, faget.
This thread reminded me of this little magical nugget!

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