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You may not like it, but this is what the real black swordsman looks like.
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>Moooom get the camera I posted it again

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Anime that focus on moe as their main selling point are absolute trash and I don't understand how anyone could bring themselves to watch that kind of filth.
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i hate myself and cute things make me feel better
>i hate myself
literally why
it's a great recreation for busy men.
you'll appreciate the beautiful slow and mundane if you lack both

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Why do people think this is ok?
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>using meme cartel subs
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>people get paid for this
Which sub is this?
Looks like Coalgirls.

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Have people seen this yet? Key Art from the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan OVA.
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It will be out on July 31st.
So which chapter(s) does anyone think they will animate?
It is possible they might do all of it in one go since it seems to be an OVA? Kinda like with the Ultimate Hellsing OVA, one episode covers one volume.

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images (16).jpg
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Was the movie even released? Google suggests that it was aired in 2012/2016, but I can't find any footage of it
Is it even real?
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In 2011, Miyazaki said that he wanted to make a follow-up anime to the 1992 original film if his next few films following Ponyo were successful. The film's working name is currently Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie and will be set during the Spanish Civil War with Porco also returning, albeit this time as an old pilot, reflecting Miyazaki's own aging.[10] Miyazaki is writing the film, but Hiromasa Yonebayashi will direct.[11] Due to both Miyazaki and Yonebayashi's departure from Ghibli and the current hiatus of the studio itself, the current status on the proposed sequel remains uncertain.

dis what wiki say
That sucks, I fucking loved Porko
Seems like he decided to turn that into Wind Rises and it sucked so probably no big deal that it won't get made

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directly from the anisotropic I bring to you another device.
It's called "WaTeFa-ku", and allow the user to have a glimpse of the anisotropic.
Please be aware that watching this could change your mind forever (also, you won't need to fap anymore, you will be able to orgasm at will by having your other-dimensional selfs jerk you off from the inside)
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What was her major malfunction?
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She needed someone to smack her up and fuck her in the clubroom.
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Friendless and bitter until she met Kyon. So just like everyone here minus the Kyon part.
Being a pretty girl who most people avoided but some appeased and couldn't confront because she was god.

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So, this is what a piece of shit with no redeeming quality looks like.
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She has a vagina.
no that would be (You)

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What are your thoughts on this character design?
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What the fuck was his problem?
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He had a guro fetish but couldnt die for it.

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"fujoshi, please support my manga!!!"
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>expected sci fi
>reads premise
>its a fucking golf addict nicknamed /r9k/
I read that because I think a MC with autism is actually interesting

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I want Megumin to get happily manhandled by Kazuma for procreation purposes.
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My relative of African-American descent.

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patty martin.jpg
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What US state was she from?
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Either the Simpsons' state or Calvin's state or Arnold's state or Rick and Morty's state.

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Why does everyone want to fuck their imouto?
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He doesn't, he wants to fuck his best friend.
He wants both
Because it's convenient.

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ITT: Tropes you absolutely hate seeing.

I'll go first.

>high pitched voice small girl who is too innocent to even be somewhat realistic
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mc getting slapped or punched by girls for things that he didn't do and not getting angry at them

is there any manga/anime with tsunderes that doesn't do this?
As a welshman, I am intrigued.
>a girl being completely dysfunctional, incapable of living around male human beings is somehow considered cute

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