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Did anyone else find 13 reasons why mildly retarted?

>Did I/// did I kill hannah baker
>Yes.Yes, we all did

no you fucking didn't bitch selfishly killed herself to guilt trip everyone instead of seeking out a caring therapist.

How is this so popular?
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Females are significantly higher in the feeling of negative emotion (neuroticism) than males. This show speaks to what most girls felt in highschool
the whole of /tv/ found this show retarded. rewind a few months and we were all mocking how convoluted the whole thing is.

i did find the actual suicide scene to be extremely uncomfortable, so that was well done.
>huurr durrp its your fault I am kill !!
I cant believe I watched the whole season. Its such a shit show.

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What fanbase does this picture best describe?
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People who like the Death Note anime more than the movie.
>Capeshit fans(dc fans in particular)
>nerds who pretend to watch art/foreign films to look smart
people who like death note in general

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Just watched this and thought it was great. Why does everyone give it shit?
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MoS is a flick genetically engineered to appeal to imdbspawn /v/edditors with no sense of sophistication who laud meme dialogue, which supports upvote groupthink mentality and meme acting with a passable movie pandering to reddit tier post-capeshit "entertainment" sensibilities and a meme aesthetic. This '''''movie''''' is a meme at best and is rightfully deemed as pleb trash every time it gets brought up on /tv
i liked it as well

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That time your coaster slipped and you spilled red wine on your new carpet?

It was me, James. All me.
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who was Smee? and why did he write a book titled "All your pain?"

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Whats' the /tv/erdict?
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10/10 Amy kino
Great first half.
Shits itself shortly after the "MERICA' FUCK YEA EXPLOSIONS" moment
not even a first contact movie, but a dumber interstellar with muh love and muh daughter

Why did it fail?
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That gal, she was a pistol. Can't even bother to search for her now.

The lead was a charisma black hole. Otherwise it was weird enough to be off-putting without being especially interesting right off the bat.

AKA the Six Million Dollar Man
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more like six million dollar DEAD man
I could never remember which one was the six million dollar man and which one was the bionic man
Is this the one that jumps over stuff and the music goes dun-nun-nun-nun-nun-nun
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Huh. That sure looks a lot like Lee Majors.

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Why was Jim Carrey such a fucking cuck? What the fuck was his problem?

>Funnyman Jim Carrey got very embarrassed on the set of his new movie - because he had to be breast fed by Shannon Whirry. The scene in the upcoming Farrelly brothers movie, Me, Myself & Irene (2000) left the Truman Show, The (1998) star so humiliated that he had to clear the set before each take. He explains, "It's very rare that I get to a place where I am actually kind of humiliated but that was one of them. It was so embarrassing to me. I was like embarrassed for the girl but she was fine with it. She was like, 'yeah whatever.' But I was literally apologising to her between every take. When it was time to film it I had to empty the studio. I couldn't do it in front of anybody."
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kek this thread always gets a chuckle outta me
This scene would never happen today.
Shouldn't anon, poor Jim forced to suck on softcore star jugs.

What went wrong?

Also, what the fuck is this thing?
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a terryfold you fucking glip glop
absolutely nothing. Thats pretty much the basis behind a lot of these jokes featuring seamlessly made up words in the show, because they actually are made up.

And this is my personal favorite
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Fuck off Benny
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Beni did nothing wrong.
best part of movie

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Are you hijos de puta ready for Narcos: No Pablo Edition in a few hours?
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never bother to check the air date till today. can't wait.
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Yes, do you think it will maintain the quality of the previous seasons?

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for ewe.png
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>blocks your path

I miss them
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what is being symbolized here exactly?
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