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how to become a famous movie director without talent or motivation?
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You know (((how)))
I'll just do my own amateur flicks maybe one day someone will like them

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how many times was "winter is coming" said in game of thrones? i want to know before i start counting

pic not related
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Hehe, a lot

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>wanting to watch movies surrounded by niggers and spics
Fucking kek
you fags always find a way to crack me uo
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>his country is full of niggers and spices
>goes to theaters that niggers and spics can afford

niggers and spics don't even wanna pay the $10 a month
>/pol/tard never leaves his room
This checks out

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>Terminator 1
>The Terminator is damaged and wears a pair of sunglasses to hide his inhumanity

>Terminator 2
>The Terminator decides to wear sunglasses at night to look "cool"

This is why T1 > T2
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>The Terminator decides to wear sunglasses at night to look "cool"

yeah same as how he wears clothes to look cool and not just roams around in his dick, right?

fucking retard
I'm glad no modern movie could ever get away with this now

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>"mysterious" character playing chess by himself
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I was pretty good at beating myself in Yugioh, I had to play as if I didn't know what was in my other hand
>character plays chess with his other self
>..and your other self

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You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about
Don't talk to me or my wife's son ever again.

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What are some essential /tv/-core films? Here are my suggestions:

>The Thing
>The Hunt
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Problem Child 2
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Hi! Sorry no one's replied to your thread yet, OP. Allow me to be the first! :-D
American History X
Starship Troopers
Hacksaw Ridge
MDE Presents World Peace Season 1

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Is this worth a watch, or is it just old Oscar-Bait?
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yes to both, movies that won oscars used to be good.
the 20 minute monologue about how blacks are subhuman and Indians are superior was a bit much for me.
Best scene is when he demolished the toilets build by the British colonists.

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Is that Danny
Nah, its Emilia Clark.
I know this it's terrible acting, but that's a supernatural talent and she owns the world to showcase it.

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Bumblebee has to protect Teletraan-1 which is in an Autobot spaceship that crash-landed on Earth, but gets ambushed by the Decepticons Barricade, Backdraft (big guy fire truck with fire weapons) and Bonecutter (stringy emergency vehicle with a bunch of blades) and injured. He hides out in a small Californian town, befriends a group of wacky teenagers and must protect them from the Decepticons and the government. It's a straight-up kids movie.

>Transformers 6

Transformers: The Last Knight launched the so-called "Unicron trilogy", which will be the focus of the next two movies. Mark Wahlberg was supposed to headline them, but he decided not to return, so a new lead human character has been created to carry the franchise. His name (so far) is Jake Barnes, and he's the character Zac Effron is in talks for. He's a police mechanic who stumbles upon the new lead female, Samantha Cooper (a role envisioned for Cara Delevigne or Felicity Jones), a scientist who finds out that Quintessa is manipulating the world's governments into rebuilding an ancient Cybertronian weapon to destroy Unicron, who is awakening and causing natural disasters all over the globe, wiping out the human race. They're chased by cyber-enhanced brainwashed soldiers and rescued by a secret network of Autobot spies led by Bumblebee, who are undercover on Earth while Optimus and the others have been exiled to Cybertron by the United Nations. A race against time ensues to secure the final component of the weapon which is hidden somewhere on Earth before Quintessa's forces, Unicron's minions, and Megatron and the Decepticons trying to harness its power for themselves.
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In TF7 Unicron finally awakens, raises an army of dead Transformers and launches his plan to destroy all life in the universe, organic and mechanical. Autobots, Decepticons and humans must team up to defeat him once and for all. He is divided in fragments that once combined cause the entire planet to begin falling apart, since Unicron was at its core basically keeping it together. Optimus uses the sacred Key to Vector Sigma to control the pieces of Cybertron and merge them to Earth so they will repair the damage done by Unicron, saving both worlds effectively making them one.

You'll see a bunch of old and new 'Bots and 'Cons such as Cliffjumper, Blur, Springer, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Inferno, Blitzkrieg, Massacre, Warpath, Mayhem and more.

They're also bringing back Sideswipe and giving him a human girlfriend for humor, Unicron blows up an entire country.

Gore Verbinski in talks to replace Michael Bay, who's only sticking around as a producer.
How can these details be known?
They already said Transformers 6 is taking place on Cyberton you fuck

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Why was his special so shitty but Chappelle's was so good?
Is it because he's a product of his time?
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No matter how famous he was, he is turning into a literally who
I mean Ive seen so much of his stuff and Im still like who the hell is this guy?
>who the hell is this guy?
The O.G. cuck of the cuck meme
Without Louis C.K. the cuck meme would not be in mainstream vocabulary today
C.K. or Chappelle?

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Can we get a list going of films that ruined entire franchises?

>Completely misunderstands the premise of Alien, and turns a subdued movie about a single Alien stalking and killing a crew into a mindless action movie.
>Tries to establish the notion that female characters are only valuable as long as they have children
>Dumbed down the entire mythology of the Xenomorph, the now "perfect" organism is tied to a hivemind
>Pisses on far more cerebral ideas such as eggmorphing
>Helped give birth to the truly banal concept of the "Space Marine", leading to the team-up with prole-sludge franchise Predator to create the mind-numbingly stupid AVP series
>A shallow take on corporatism by James Cameron, with the character Burke showing up again in other movies such as avatar.
>Every film in the entire series after "Aliens" was subsequently criticized for not conforming to this mindless mold, even when the auteur of the original decides to wrest control of his franchise back from the idiots feeding his audience prole sludge

The fact that the entire supporting cast is walking one-note stereotypes doesn't help either, and the fact that Aliens fans have the gall to criticize the Alien prequels for this is baffling.
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fuck off retard
>Dumbed down the entire mythology of the Xenomorph, the now "perfect" organism is tied to a hivemind

Literally nothing in the film implies hive minds. A hive mind is a shared mind between multiple organisms.

Incidentally, a perfect organism would have a hive mind.

Hey /tv/ what are some movies and tv episodes which contain frozen mammoths/ creatures / icemen some of which might have viri, bugs or larva that produce rage/ illness/ ageing?
I've seen the x-files "ice", Encino Man and Fortitude. I seem to remember an x-files ep where they were in an underground compound but may be mixing it up with something else.
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Whatever happened to the all-female Expendables film?
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No one cares.
the meme died alongside Rousey's career
haha imagine if she choked you out with her thighs hahaha

> Kevin, you're such a spoiled little faggot.

How did they get away with this?
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