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blood drive.jpg
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Why are you faggots not talking about this?
Some kind anon told me to watch this and it is kino.
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>Why are you faggots not talking about this?
because it's good
fpbp. it's kino as fuck, anyone who haven't seen it please do yourselves a favor and WATCH IT
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>3 posts
>2 posters

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>Kid kino doesnt exis.....

What now?
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>The school shooting survival guide episode

Thanks to butthurt parents we're never seeing that one again
>that one episode where Moses gets a robotic arm to beat off the boys more efficiently
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>When the Nam PTSD kicks in

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Tim & Eric

What went wrong?
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>implying something ever went right
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Give up Sam, you don't see any T&E fans post shit about MDE

Sad really

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>camera lingers on eye contact between protagonist and female character with no dialogue
>scene cuts to them in bed having sex
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>he never has immediate cuts to sex in his life

I'm so sorry anon...
That doesn't happen with you? I usually go to Starbucks on a Friday night and pick up chicks like that.
>camera lingers on a permavirgin posting on a legally distinct knockoff of 4chan
>smash cut to him jerking off to loli

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Anyone else feel that this was too heavy-handed for a show about breaking people out of prison?
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Well he's not lying, latinos are dumb but they aren't lazy at all.

Except for brazilians, they're lazy as fuck.

>mexican music starts playing
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Train really went downhill with this album, but at least this was a catchy song.

> she's into fantasy
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In the 60s and early 70s American film-making was superb, with many challenging, ground-breaking being made. Then along came Jaws and Star Wars and suddenly the game changed. Now it was all about "blockbuster" movies relying on sheer spectacle and courting the teenage audience. No matter how well-made some of them were, did it drag the whole industry down to infantile levels? Did Spielberg and Lucas crush American auteur kino with childish fantasies?
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I was rewatching old Disney stuff and I'm surprised at how adult child movies were back then.
>Villains actually discussing skinning dogs while drinking and smoking
Yes, I agree with this completely. To add to your point spielberg even went back and edited his movies to make them more child friendly (replacing the agents guns with radios in ET) and things like that.
it's more like they created blockbusters with movies like Jaws and Star Wars, and that made movies the main events of the summer.

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what an excellent movie
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Is this an Arnie movie thread?
the absolute state of bongs

>that first year after he dies when there won't be a new Woody Allen movie
I'm not looking forward to it.
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why was he working with kristen stewart and jesse eisenberg

Because he works with everybody.
yeah he does.
hell yeah he does....

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Has anyone here been a contestant on a game show? What was it like? Did you win anything?
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>anyone on /tv/ leaving the basement by choice
>anyone on /tv/ putting themselves in a spotlight in front of a lot of people by choice

that pic is shopped
look at the green rectangle on poor doods number counter thing
Literally at least 1 person did. That Australian tripfag

find a flaw
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id hit that texas ass
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>tfw no Mary gf to go to storage auctions with

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"I'm a virgin"
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I don't buy that Armin Tamzarian is a virgin.
I believe it's "I am a virgin".

So am I.

I wish chucks fuck and suck was still open.

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I live next to Dunkey he's my neighbor

Less than 5 hours remain


Meanwhile: >>87268535
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The other general made is 2 minutes older than yours. Looks like you lost. Saged, everyone ignore this one.
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Let's go
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Gonna miss you Frenlos :'^(

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