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What are some non-mysoginistic comedy shows?
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Jon Snow will sit on the iron throne.
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No shit, but first he'll have to murder Daenerys
But shes in love with him, plus he has more claim to the iron throne then she does.
>But shes in love with him
oh sweet naive little anon

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>The movie comes with directors commentary

Why did this stop being a thing? Nothing comfier than watching your favourite movies and getting to listen to the director and co. share stories about the making of the movie.
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It's still pretty common but you have to buy the physical copy.

Lets settle this once and for all.

Which is the best version of the original Star Wars Trilogy to watch?

Fuck the official releases. Fuck that garbage.

I'm talking about either the Despecialised Editions, the GOUT Editions or Adywan's Revisited Editions (Jedi pending)?
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Disney's Modernised, Remastered and Diversified Edition™
Despecialised in my view.

I don't get how someone can bitch about the special editions adding unnessary shit and turn around and say adywan's shit is any good

look at this fucking shit when the TIE fighters come out

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Who here is ironically going to watch AHS Season 7 to watch liberals suffer from the power of Drumpf!

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>2016 election featuring Lena Dunham
You couldn't pay me to watch this shit
i feel bad for people who genuinely still enjoy this show
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i'm gonna avoid this shit like my dad avoided my mom when she was pregnant with me

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Just got rejected by qt from my dorm who I'll see everyday for the next year. Give me something to watch for that feel.
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There are plenty on Blacked dot com.

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more or less marathoned this series and it was a very funny ride.
BUT - was it intentational that every(!) female character (maybe siobahn as exception) was a complete, unlikable cunt?!
i mean who was in charge of the casting, it really baffles me.

plus i kinda regret that i haven't participated in the threads here when it ran. that must've been fun.
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Why would a seed store sell tobacco and gummie bears?
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A better question is why do they sell sperm with livestock feed
>gummie bears
fuck off retard

how can Rick and Mordecai even compete?
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Give this meme a rest, nobody cares.
It's Rigby and Mordecai
what a shit show that was

Francesca Eastwood is coming to my town to a cinematic event, premiere of her new movie. some feminist/rape themed movie

what would you ask from her?
should pat her ass or would some guard break my arms?
selfie together?
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>what would you ask from her?
Literally who are you and why would anyone with a reason to live care?
>what would you ask from her?
how to we achieve FTL travel and if she would show you some xeno technology
>*cough* *cough* ahem, umm gimme *cough* i wanna FUCK *sniff*

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>be me
>in college
>go see pic related with my gf
>she likes it, nothing really over the top
>we go home
>no talk of it whatsoever

fast forward 6 months
>be me
>still dating this girl
>go to her house to visit parents
>meet sisters, brothers, mom dad
>we eat with mom and dad at dinner table
>her brother and his gf arrive
>start eating with us
>we start talking about movies
>brothers gf starts talking about pic related
>"like i just think that the message of empowering women speaks volumes to todays society"
>think nothing of it, i genuinely didnt care for the movie
>ask me for my opinion
>"I mean, I've seen better movies"
>worst mistake of my life
>"You didnt like the movie, anon? what didnt you like about the movie anon
>well I've seen better movies, but i was entertained enough and like the message
>brothers gf goes into a massive cringe fest yelling at me in front of my gf's parents
>nothing big

>6 months later we break up...

but to this day, i still maintain that divergent was NOT a good movie, regardless of the """message""" that was being conveyed through it thanks to the """"strong female role"""" main character..

it just wasnt good, i couldnt get past the fact that the chick had been preggo throughout my childhood on abc family.

thats all..
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another story, same gf same family

>be me
>3 months before breakup
>go see family again, think fuck it, ill give them another shot
>watch pic related with her older sister and her bf
>have some brews
>at end of movie say "dang i really wish that wasnt the ending, i was really rooting for him"
>sister gets super mad at me out of nowhere
>my (ex) gf starts crying
>"why the fuck did you make [my ex] cry [anon's ex's sister]?"
>proceed to go to church the next day
>that was the fight about

>3 month after I broke up with her

i swear to christ, both those movies were incredibly overrated and at this point i think i dodged a bullet with a family of pleb-taste movie goers.
i spent the remainder of the time there watching family fued and some other game show i forget the name of.
>having gf
hahahahah fucking beta cuck loser

Did Nathan go too far?

I mean this, along with 9/11, is one of the worst tragedies in the history of mankind ever,

it doesn't seem very tasteful.................
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literally what is the point of this advertisement?

I'm half way through season 3 and does this shit get any better? I liked the first two seasons but I'm so fucking bored of seeing characters having sex and having affairs in every episode. Does it get any better because it's just frustrating to watch these idiots at this point.
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It does get a lot better, but if you already don't like it you probably won't enjoy the later seasons either.
Roasted and accurate. Crying face emoji's abound.

no. it's a terrible soap opera, don't let tv fool you

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Disney BTFO
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Beauty and the Beast made 1.2 billion though
Last year they put all their bank behind Ghostbusters. This year it was Spider-Man.

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will The Last Jedi redeem Rey as a character?
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No. 99% of the audience love her specifically BECAUSE she's a shitty character. Mary Sue's are in fashion right now.
NO FUCKING WAY that's the height difference noooo fucking way

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