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Went from award winning shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad to shitty reruns of the Walking Dead. What's the future for this channel?
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Milking Walking Dead for as long as possible because it still pulls numbers and sells merch.
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BCS is good, so theres that at least. Other than that, nothing else all that redeemable.

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Admit it. Game of Thrones has shit tier writing, acting and direction. Anyone who wants their favorite book series to get a GoT styled treatment of a book a season by HBO is a shit tasting faggot because HBO cant even adapt this piece of shit series. Full of filler forced dialogue, no stakes no tension and a lack of atmosphere somehow. Anyone who watches television shows over films is a retard. Everything since season 2 has been a waste of time. Nothing happened this entire season.

Wouldn't it be cool if ______ was adapted into an HBO styled GoT show? No it wouldnt because the handling of everything from the lack of direction, lack of writing and lack of hired talent besides a rare few proves you wrong.
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I'd rather have seen A Song of Ice and Fire adapted into an animated series the style of Legend of the Galactic Heroes
if it's so bad why do you keep watching
Wouldn't it be cool if dumb frogs were adapted into an HBO styled GoT show?

New season when?
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When Randy is reborn into his new ghost form.
Are they supposed to be different characters? They all look the fucking same. Stair was a fucking hack.

I thought this bitch was an obscure waifu from Danny Phantom.

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Anyone else interested in acting? Any advice or stories?
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Lift and look good
wtf? I'm out.
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Acting is for faggots and loosers. Go find a real job

>Man looks off right. We see only his face, and in silhouette, in order to avoid color, or anything interesting to look at. He speaks.
>”I think I am beginning to understand.”
>Long pan to Girl across a dull, unremarkable gray wall. We also see her face in silhouette. “Understand what?”
>”When I was a boy, living in Rukdahekfiola, I liked to venture out into the woods behind our
house. I don’t know why. Sometimes I would touch the trees. I liked to feel the trees with my hands. With my fingers. One day a famous writer came to town. Well he was famous then,
not so much now. His name was Levin. He was very handsome. Younger then of course. Now, of course, he is older. That is an interesting thing, that he was young then, but now he is older. Do you have a cigarette?”
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Am I missing something?
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your brain
A dick.

That movie is kino.
This is like a fetish movie lmao

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post some /Eclipse Kino/
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young Matthew Broderick can crash and kill my bum any time.

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mii mii miiiiiiiiiiiiii, mii mii miiiii
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Troopers, [encouraging patriotic army music starts playing] I just received new orders. Our superiors say the war is canceled. We can all go home. [cut to soldier shaking his head] Bison is getting paid up for his crimes and our friends who have died here will have died for nothing. [cut to soldier blinking] But... we can all go home. Meanwhile, ideals like peace, [cut to Asian soldier] freedom [cut to female soldier] and justice [cut to inspired-looking soldier], they get packed up. But... we can all go home. [cut to soldier blinking] Well, I'm not going home. [cut to soldier smiling] I'm going to get on my boat [cut to soldier making a gesture of approval with his head] and I'm going up river and I'm going to kick that son of a bitch Bison's ass so HARD [cut to soldier smiling] that the next Bison-wannabe is gonna feel it! Now who wants to go home... and WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME!
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Really makes you think.
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Why is this webm supposed to activate my almonds?
Bran "now I am the Night King now" Stark
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>Night King controls the dead
>Bran controls the living
>they're the same guy

How do you stop this man?

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What the hell was the point of this whole season?

A lot of the jokes felt weirdly self-indulgent but I can't quite tell why
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Because it was a parody of itself. The absurdity of the movie and the first season gave them so much material to be meta with that it no longer needed to ground itself in any form of reality or parody of other things. I loved it, but I will say that it is the weakest of the three with less jokes and not enough screentime for the best characters who were obviously busy with other stuff and couldn't be the focus.
To each their own I suppose

More so than the other parts of the series, I feel like this season tried too hard to do the "poignancy juxtaposed by comedy" each episode, and all it did for me was produce this weird feeling of mood whiplash.
As soon as Adam Scott came on and they made all the jokes about the fact that he wasn't Bradley Cooper I knew it would be a lot shittier than the last season.
Still watched all of it but I never really got into it. Ok for background noise/10

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What does /tv/ think of Robin Tunney?
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I liked her in the Mentalist, but I'd fuck Simon Baker before fucking her.
Her voice puts me to sleep.
She was cute with a shaved head

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Why did this episode trigger Aussies so much?
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cause their country was founding on kicking degeneracy out of Victorian england
it didn't
Dollarydoos (Formerly guineas)

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kiernan twerking.webm
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whats next for her career?
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Probably more bad acting on her behalf.

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nice puppet bro
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couldn't they afford a better fx guy?
someone should add LYNCHED to the pic
it's shitty, but the rest of the episode was great.

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