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What a load of crap -


The worst people are the white converts (not the British Born Asians who are really nice).

All the Muslim women who have moved to live in the caliphate seem shocked that they have to act like Muslim women when living under Isis. duuuurr..

Annoying sub plot about this jihadi (durka durka), who find that his older brother, (durka durka allah) is actually a deserter and not the big jihadi he thought he was - has second thoughts about becoming durka durka kaboom.

They find out that ISIS is quite cruel. omg :O

The feminist women jihadi find out that Islam is actually quite strict. This includes a fvcking doctor shocked at having to wear Islamic dress- what did the stupid bitch expect?

More cruel white convert jihadi committing atrocities (because 'real' Muslims don't do shit like that).

None of them seem like committed Muslin fanatics - it's like a bunch of liberal minded progressive Muslim people were deceived into a fake holiday in a prize draw - and ended up in Syria.

If you can't get it on Channel4 player in your country - don't worry, you're not missing anything.
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I kinda liked it
>It doesn't glorify Isis
>They made a decent homelandesque drama
>Lefties are gonna call it racist
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>paying TV Licence™ only to receive ISIS propaganda
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The truth doesn't benefit them.

So I don'texactly know if this has been discussed here, but an anon on /co/ last night brought this to my attention:




Basically, the tl;dr version is that most of the major streaming websites like Putlocker, WatchSeries, Kiss Cartoon / Kim Cartoon, EZTV, Project Free TV, etc., are being blocked in Australia by Foxtel, Village Roadshow, Disney, WB and a few other big companies.

Again, I don't know if it'd been mentioned here, but given I only heard about this last night it seems to have gone over quite a few people's heads.
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Mainstream media is catchin' on edition

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Literally cuckholdery the house
Modern day Isaac Hempstead Wright

The great debate.
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I enjoy both because I'm not an autist

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Fucking MODS can we do something about these /got/ shitters not staying in their containment thread? Nobody with half a brain gives a shit about Dany or Stannis or Sansa. Fuck off!
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GoT hasn't had a containment thread in years

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Notice anything?
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>mfw that subtle reference to zionists being responsible for 9/11

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alright /tv/ give me movie recs that will give me feels.

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Problem Child 2
Ghostbusters 2

Who makes the best originals?
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Netflix have better shows, Amazon more consistent

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Fuck this movie for even suggesting that Jackman is not an evil piece of shit. FUCK Villeneuve and everyone involved with this project
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>Fuck this movie for even suggesting that Jackman is not an evil piece of shit.
How'd you come to that conclusion, his partner in crime and partner in crime's wife both think he went too far, and assuming Loki heard that whistle he's going to go to jail for a long time regardless of the situation, torture, kidnapping, obstruction of justice etc.

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What is your opinion on the Lego movies?
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>opinion on childrens media


lego wont help you when yer drafted son
Fuck u durmpf
Really dug the Lego movie and the way they tied in Will Ferrel at the end. Expectations were low going in, so I came out pleasantly surprised. My neices and nephew really fucking loved it.

Lego Batman on the other hand...my expectations were a wee bit higher and I wound up being disappointed by every scene where Batman fucking rapped. It was a decent story and I liked how they crammed in every batman villain for at least a cameo, but hooooooly fuck most of the good was really overshadowed by all the fucking rap bullshit.

Having said that, I fucking love Will Arnett and will go see any movie starring or featuring him.

More like Amelia 2.NO

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Danyfags leave REEEEE edition

Old >>86693308
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you fucking autists I hate you so goddamn much
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remember the white walker from episode 1 who was like a fucking predator

now we have them ambushed by humans


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She is quite literally a cunt in literally all aspects of life except when talking to Jon. She goes from obstinate entitled Mad Queen to demure puppy love in the span of minutes.
t. assblasted white male
This is honestly the least problematic thing with the last few episodes.

Two Monarchs develop a deep and lasting respect for each other having seen the other in action for lack of a better phrase, one so much so he acknowledges her as his Queen.

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Blade 4 when?
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it'll probably be sent to netflix
With current Marvel? Hopefully never.
surely, this can't be worse than blade trinity

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>because instead of asking 'hey why is this good' or 'what is this about' they say things like 'it's just a screensaver'

Bullshit. I've asked people to explain why Only God Forgives is good and they have never been able to explain why. They just try and meme their way out of it.

Why is Only God Forgives good?
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I'm surprised I have seen many people on /tv/ like Drive and OGF, it's not contrarian and both movies are boring and feel like 3deep5you movies
Don't get me wrong, I actually really like Drive. The soundtrack is great, the plot is tightly paced and easy to follow, and the cinematography is amazing. I just don't feel the same way about Only God Forgives.
Oh, though I should point out that you probably just explained why /tv/ likes OGF, because it is in fact contrarian. Drive is critically acclaimed but OGF is not.

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