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>they need one wight to take back, somehow all the other wights died instantly except one
>jon tells gendry to send a letter to danaerys for no reason? At that point in time they weren't in any trouble why would he need to tell danaerys
>What the fuck did gendry say to danaerys to make her think it was urgent enoghh to fly across the world? Gendry didnt even know the others were surrounded.
>gendry runs 20miles in one day
>danaerys flys across the whole world in one day
>night king kills the irrelevant dragon
>jon decides to fight wights for no reason instead of getting on dragon
>benjen doesnt get on the horse because theres no time even though theres plenty of time
>zombies cant cross water but somehow swam down and chained up the dragon
>where the fuck did they get the chains from?
>why didnt bran warg into something and help them instead of sitting at winterfell doing nothing
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game of thrones became shit a while ago, season 3 to be honest. i don't understand how you even watch such bullshit, medieval ages was nothing like this show
>Have Gendry run back to send a raven.
>Rest of the crew proceed to run to the opposite direction.

You already have the wight, why not just EVERYONE run back to the wall?
did they finally jump the shark?
stopped watchin when Arya got old and fat and ugly

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You watch Stand by Me for the first time and your as old as the kids. You watch it a second time and your as old as Richard. Why god
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Who the fuck is Richard?
Richard Dreyfuss

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I'm starting to realize that the benefits of watching tv and movies are no longer outweighing the cost of time spent on them. I'm wasting my life. What movies are good for processing this realization?
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Groundhog day

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So when did D&D stop caring about the GoT aesthetics?

Jaime & Tyrion have become progressively brunette or "black of hair" as the seasons progressed. Is there Westerosi hair dye that I am unaware of?

Also why have people stopped wearing their house colors. Everyone's wearing black now, as though they all belong to House Targaryen.
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It symbolises character development

Why didn't they make toys like this for the rest of the Commando Elite?
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You put munitions chips in toys?
my friend and I always go LARRY LOOK IT'S ARCHER! in the retarded David Cross voice.

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Attack Pattern Delta. Go now!
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A Sloth Lord?

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What was his best role?
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Cinnamon Roll.
Top Secret!
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Ladder Colin edition

You were expecting someone else? - >>86778321
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How has your day been /who/?
How can I become a Time Lord, /who/?
pretty good. but i haven't read any more of a book i'm trying to get through, so i'm disappointed in myself but that's nothing new

They're dead, Jim.
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who is dead?

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>Ok well my name is Paaaaaaaz

What was her fucking problem?
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this scene was so fucking creepy

but then the whole film was, i dont know how people in the US stand scientologists
what is this?
jews are worse

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> 5 foot 8 starfire
Look at the fucking catalog, there's already a thread.
There's a beehive on her head

Is this show actually good or tryhard edgy humor? My conservative atheist friend likes it.
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It's good. It's a bit over hyped for a late night adult swim show. And IMO in drops off a little in season 2 and more in season 3. Kinda reminds me of futurama.
pick one
don't listen to /tv/ they are just hipsters. it's actually a good show

but desu season 3 is... i think its time to end it

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Never saw it. Video game is pretty fun though.
That's just something dumb feminists say to convince themselves that their trashy romance novels are no worse than the kind of shit boys like.
What the fuck is that even supposed to mean

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Always thought John Travolta should keep this look full time IRL...What are some others that the radical makeover for a film is better than their regular look?
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Not a radical change but the goatee made him look badass and he looks like a cuck without it
joni ne velat
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>if Tom Cruise aged like a normal humanoid
He's 100 times more likable as a fat hairy asshole

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