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The result of somebody talking about the same tv show day in and day out.

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What are some movies about the South?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Less than a month til this starts back up

Ready to find out who the shooter was? Ready for more Gamby/Russel bro-ing it up? Will we get a Taylor centric episode?
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Pretty excited this is coming back, OP. I really think Gamby was the shooter.
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>Taylor centric episode
This is all I want now
I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this show, and how much more I enjoyed it compared to Kenny Powers.

I think Walton Goggins is the special ingredient.

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Now that the meth has rotted your brain, what are your honest opinions on Breaking Bad?
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I really liked the first two seasons, but I feel that Skylar finding out what Walt does took a little wind out of the series sails, but I don't have any suggestions on how to do it better. Good show, I enjoyed it.
Fantastic show. The ending was disappointing but whatever still one of the best shows ive ever watched.

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What does /tv/ think of the "aliens are actually demons" theory? Makes more sense t b h.
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What was his problem?
I agree with it. It makes more sense and gits perfectly with the film's themes about faith.
Whether or not they were ACTUAL demons, the subtext is clearly that they were.

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>post seinfeld
>larry made curb
>jerry made the bee movie and marriage ref

I think we can all agree on who the real genius behind Seinfeld was right?
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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is fantastic

We already know who based on the fact that Seinfeld immediately went downhill after David left.
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they both needed each other. seinfeld would have been funny without larry, but it wouldn't have had that magic. curb is fine, but without jerry, it's just masturbatory weird shit.

kiiiiinda like how trey stone needs matt parker. like trey is clearly the dude running the show, but i'm sure that without matt there, the magic woulnd't happen (not that it has recently, though WOMP WOMP WOMP)

I just got the Brigitte Nielsen fashion shoot scene....What am I fucking watching?
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Is Cassidy the best character in Preacher?

Does anybody else skip past all of Tulip's scenes?
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was he the best south park side character?
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>using American chevrons that point upward
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i thought we agreed it was ginger homicide detective

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TIL When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey in "Friends" he only had $11 dollars to his name. When the cast got their paychecks, the first thing that Courteney Cox bought was a car. Matt LeBlanc bought a hot meal.
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And now he's the only one of them to still have a career, even if it is just swimming in Jeremy Clarkson's wake.
What did the rest of the cast buy?

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>has the power to know everything about everyone that ever existed
>visits a tree
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he caught autsim
why is he so lazy?
His slow speaking that in D&D is corellated with wisdom reminds me of /r9k/ tier autist with 100+ animu watched

>nothing personel kid *tips"

whatever happened with Mace the Ace, family?
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he exploded in the sept
Like all Jews they got ovened

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'Tis, replied Aunt Helllllga!
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Sneed's Play?

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Will the presence of Artie Lange finally attract some guests people have actually maybe heard of?
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No. Redbar has ruined Ant. Artie will be late every episode until he quits, dies, or gets arrested
yeah a fat washed up junkie will gets tons of famous people there
Well at least they can't get any less famous. I'm seriously stunned by how many nobodies the show has had over the years.

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Gandalf is basically a SCOUSER. all he has, he ROBBED, he has earned NOTHING, he is a robbing thieving SCOUSER who has zero respect and a crime bill stretching back as long as the third and second age:.

1. he has NO HOME because the council of the wise repossessed it,

2. he has NO ROBES of any colour like the other Istari just a dirty grey Tracksuit like Scousers from Widnes and Ellesmere Port.

3. He spent AGES hiding behind saruman, Elrond, and Galadriel heckling foes from the rear on the terraces, when actually confronted he hides up trees (The Hobbit vs Wolves, or gets twatted by low level Goblins who break his robbing arm as it went into their pouches (the Hobbit battle of five armies)
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4. he has earned NO ITEMS just shit he ROBS off decent trusting folk. GLAMDRING: ROBBED from a tomb, Elven Ring, ROBBED from CIrdan first guy he met on shores of grey havens, shook his hand and robbed his ring like a true Scouser. Palantir: ROBBED as swag from Saruman's towers. . Théoden King's Throne, Fuckign Gandalf had his hand moving over that to rob too. SHadowfax: FUCKING Robbed and stolen from a field like a Gypsy. Numerous birds and butterflies snatched out of the air as they flew past innocently, NOTHNG sacred for this weak hated Scouser. Pipeweed, robbed from trusting Hobbits and shirefolk, OH how I despise this weak robbign filthy gypsy wizard.

5. Saruman called it right when Gandalf came to ROB Orthanc, he wants the staves of the 5 wizards and the crowns of the seven kings and anything shiny not nailed down..

6. Even at the Gates of Mordor, when the Mouth of Sauron throws Bilbo/Frodo's mithril shirt in the air, who the FUCK is the quickest to snatch it and YOINK put it under his tracksuit, fcukign Gandalf the SCOUSER. a disgraceful hated weak rOBBING filthy charcter, im glad this scene occurred it showed Gandalf for what he really is, a robbing leeching SCouser, who had NO BALLS when faced down 1 on1 in a fair fight, Gandalf is NO Elriond, NO Galadriel, NO Glorfindel, NO Ingwe, NO Fingolfin, NO Earendil, NO Tuor, he is just a robbing weak filthy LUCKY SCOUSER. Chew on that, pal.
Cool it with the anti-Liverpudlian remarks
Shadowfax is pretty much the only thing you could actually make a case for him stealing.

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