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Cast the adaptation
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Juno Temple as Jeanette
Juno Temple as Therese
Lucy Punch as the newly embraced Brujah main character.
Marilyn Manson looks hot

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was chucky ever a good movie
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First one is good, second is ok, third is a bit boring,fourth is a comedy, five is garbage and the sixth is a mixed bag of ok and bad.
Formerly Sneedy
child's play is a good movie

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Damn...never thought of it like that
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Game of Reddit
people will litteraly forget about this show the moment it's over, just like LOST and BrBa before it.
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>it's a masterfully written story

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Red pill me on 180 degree rule.
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It's helpful
It's a bullshit folk-theory with no research backing it up (like most of these "rules").
It means you only have to paint a wall instead of a whole room

What was this? Did the writers spend time trying to make "funny" jokes rather than a good plot? Why was this so bad, Marvel has a problem with number 2? I am now seriously worried about Infinity War.
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I liked it, but only because I wasn't expecting much in the first place
you might have thought it was bad but people liked it
Yeah I'm reading a bit about it right now. I certainly don't hate it, but I am seriously disappointed because I expected a lot from it.

How hyped are you?
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so hyped I'll forget to watch it
I'm busy that day
>Why bullying is good: the series

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It's over. Impeach Snokmpf now.
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Is this David Bowie? (pbuh)
>man in gold tower wants to help the little guy

what did "they" mean by this?

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"He's too little for me"

What exactly did she mean by this...?
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she's gotten used to drogon
He's not a big guy for you or her
She is greedy and wants the double
Length and width

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I feel really bad for Dakota Fanning.

She was a young talented actress with a seemingly promising future.

Then it turned out she had a hotter sister and Hollywood just gave her Dakota's career.
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does dakota have ass
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Brimstone was good

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So any news on the leak?

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Where is that from

>Somebody spent time and effort to mock up an image similar to what we will see on Sunday

NEET purge when?
>Jorah not peeking through the window

You had 1 job

So uh I didn't really get this show, or at least I thought I did, because I thought it was about loss.jpeg and how people handle and live with loss but then this whole jesus thing happened and Kevin went to "the other side" and all. So, my question: did he really went into purgatory when he "dies"? WHY and HOW? That is all, thank you
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i dont know. his father was mentally ill so maybe hes crazy too, imagining everything. thats why he believed the womans story in the end about her going to the other place
He was mentally ill
Yeah makes sense I guess

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This guy replaces the main character of your favorite movie. How much better is it?
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What if my favorite movie is the dark tower?
Then it gets better of 0

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Will 3D TVs ever become a real medium? I remember back when pic related happened. I'm still pissed about it. My parents had never seen a 3D movie before and I told them about how great this one looked. They actually bought an LG 3D TV and then I saw this

>Panasonic exclusive. You receive a copy when you purchase a Panasonic 3D

So they locked the movie behind a full fucking 3D TV from one company for 8 years you had to wait until their deal ended to buy it and now no one gives a fuck about this movie. It's the jewiest move I've ever seen and I'll never buy a Panasonic product ever.

Anyway anyone know why 3D tvs failed and if they'll ever become a thing?
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I've never heard anyone say they like theirs. No one wants to sit around with goggles just to watch TV. I wanted one for vidya but I read reviews and most people said it didn't really enhance them either.
And you chose not to torrent it for them because you are a fag?
I've tried watching Avatar in 3d when I just got my TV, it was pretty neat
Then I tried Piranha 3d
3d goggles have been in the drawer ever since

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This episode is comfy af
Uncle Chuck''s Family Fuckbed?
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>not family sneedbag

Does this count as /tv/?

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It's not even good enough for /co/
How can you deny THICC? Are you gay?

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