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I don't know if there's a word for this so I'll just describe it first. I want to live in an alternate world where all gender status and roles are swapped. For example;

>women are taller, stronger, active and hornier than men, while men are shorter, weaker, and more passive
>women are expected to win bread while men stay at home
>women have jobs typically seen as ''masculine'' such as military, manual labour, business, while men are caretakers, prostitutes, etc
>women are more active in terms of creativity, music, arts, games, etc
>women aren't disgusted or weirded out by sex/genitals, in fact girls liking sex/dicks is seen as normal/cool
>women are the ones who tend to have freaky/er fetishes
>men don't penetrate, girls envelop
>women send unsolicited boob/pussy/whatever pics like men sending dick pics irl
>sex is inherently femdom, by default the woman is the one who ''wears the pants'' regardless of position - male doms are a thing seen the same way femdom/BDSM is seen by mainstream society irl
>it's not cum that ''defiles'', it's pussy juice - conversely, guys don't cum inside girls, girls cover guys in juice
>girls losing their virginity is a right of passage/badge of honor, guys losing theirs is a loss of purity
>women take great pride in their sexual prowess, a woman who can't please her man is a loser
>women are macho and territorial about their man

And pretty much everything else to do with gender too. Like how guys like to casually joke about how big their dicks are, in this alternate universe girls would joke about how tight or busty they are. I know this all already exists to some extent and that everyone is different and all that, but the point here is that this would be the norm rather than an exception. Is there (a good source of) material like this?
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Alpha girls are my core fetish, you have painted a beautiful world sir, do you write?
I don't, though a bunch of my friends did encourage me to. I just don't have the concentration or dedication to do anything more long term than a few paragraphs.

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General dildos under clothes thread preferably being push in by clothes.
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Thread is dead
Thread is dead. T. Alberto Barbossa

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Mine is pretty much all futa, including futa on futa, futa on female, futa solo, and futa genderbending
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Males or females transformed into sex dolls or rubber dolls
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Read the rules next time, moron.

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Urasekai 2/ SPEC studio released a new CG set, what do you guys think of it in comparison to his older sets?

In each of their sets they feature a theme but also jam pack as many fetishes as they can into each cg gallery. I wish I could read japanese but what I get from his site and translate, the monsters featured in this one are demon dolls and putrid night demons that use their hair to entangle them. The mucus excreted from these monsters modify the body of the girls into breeding machines. There is also some sort of slug that is put on their head for either hallucinating or mind-washing.

they included less hyper, but played on different fetishes to include more creative positions. I am glad they still kept some girls to go hyper breast/pregnant.

anyways let's have a discussion
here's a dump of content from many CGs
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>>7037085 and this image are from the new set
Super Hentai CG Collection O-02 Mahou Koujo Fatima
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Last femdom thread someone asked for less hardcore stuff, so, lets give it a shot.
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Bring on the tentacles bois
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Thanks for shitting up my board with your selfishness. Think about the thread you've just pushed off the board with your one shitty, solitary picture. You sir are a goddamn PARASITE.
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>badda bing badda boom

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I'd love to start a thread on this, and to find some sauce for this image. I'll fish up a couple more pictures to post.
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preferably with big alien dicks but anything's fine
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Well any time OP. Go ahead and post some. Oh did you just want people to give you things like a fucking child? Mommy give me candy?

Take your shit to >>>/r/ dumbass.
You gotta post 6 pics minimum in request threads. Welcome to 4chan by the way newbie.

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So /d/, what banners are you voting for?
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Can we put dicks on the banners?
All I can think of when I see /d/ is dicks.
I voted for the sandwich one
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On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being totally straight and 10 totally gay, where does futa fall?
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Futa is sticking a cock on a girl. You're making it more masculine.
For traps you take a boy and make them feminine. That makes it straight.
oh look it's this thread again

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9: >>6941841

Because when life turns you into a gorgon, petrify Rydia I guess.

Old thread's almost archived, let's keep on rocking.
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bird raven d.jpg
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RWBY NSWF time!!!
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original is here
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post some good shit and don't whine
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Giantess futanari Love!
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You first
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hope someone upload more picture about dick in building
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