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Any good all the way through gifs or pics?
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There's a thread here >>6917733

What are you extremely particular about with your fetishes? For example let's say that you like something, but 95% of material on it or other fans of it have some aspect of it you hate. So you can only rejoice in those small niche moments when someone posts or scans something that applies to you.

For example if you like straight trap material but 99% of trap discussion is just about the gay aspect where there can be no leeway to be found. Maybe you like foot material, but you aren't really into the domineering sadistic aspect.

What pries you apart that makes it different for you?
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I've seen dozens of cheap manga where the girl gets creampied, but I've only seen a handful where they actually show her pregnant afterwards, and exactly 1 where they actually follow through til she comes to term. Well, with a human baby, at least. Non-human I've seen like 5.
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Only fetish topic I get this with is transformation, which is very broad by nature.

Personally I can't stand inanimate and "taur" at all and I'm not that keen on anthro tf either

I also really hate when people magically get slut makeup or their clothes transform in transgender M to F sequences, breaks my immersion for some retarded reason.
im really into femdom, and that is rare enough already, but what pisses me off the most in 99.99% of all femdom hentai is that the girl will start out dominant and then get "fucked silly" and the guy will take control back and it completely ruins it for me.i want the woman to be in complete control, and present herself as superior not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. that kinda stuff is so hard to find

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Hey D, im looking for pictures like above, with girly boys being humiliated in the rain.

sharing is caring!
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even more.jpg
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/d/are thread my /d/udes

So here's the rules:
1) Get a dare, give a dare. Both roles are important so don't be lazy.
2) Providde relevant information like toys, age, gender, likes, dislikes, etc.
3) Post pictures sometimes so the thread doesn't get got.

I'll post the required six pictures and then we'll get started.
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Hello /d/egenerate /d/enizens of the /d/ board. Looking to restart this thread 'cause the old one got archived.
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Random pic to bump this.
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Hi I'm a huge tit lover in the hentai genre, and came across something interesting. Basically still images could be animated, specifically hentai images. However I've been searching the internet for weeks on how to do this, and sadly no luck. Does anybody know which program I should use to animate hentai pictures? And is there a tutorial any where on how to do it? Any help is appreciated.
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Also this one was made by me in an attempt to copy this gif. I tried using andwobble on Android but it just didn't give me the same effect and smoothness.
bump, would also like to know
Bump want to know too. Always see still images because never know how to animate.

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High detail edition
Previous: >>7001232
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Fucking Sperg.
I think Oh-Micro-man was a VN, and a very good one at that in terms of CGs
Shame its still untranslated, but that's the one to beat
B-but I wanted to sperg again...
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So speaking of Nichijou, the /size Discord's been going through some neat upgrades lately. We've got a cute Nano bot who can auto-post lewds, give you waifus, grow, shrink, and a whole lot more.

Also everyone there's super chill, like super duper chill, c'mon down!

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Saw no corruption thread so decided to make one and upload some content.
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Hey there, can anyone suggest me some anime/manga titles with merciless, dominant girls?
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Domina no Do!

Sure, why not start with the perfect deconstruction of an abusive tsundere relationship.

There was so much right and wrong with this anime.

She gets an MC who is a perfect sub, completely willing to listen and follow as long as he is acknowledged, quick to intimidation, caring and doting, endurant, highly maternal and polite.

And she forgets that domineering relationships are relationships. And you can't keep a relationship with take but no give, and it shows when he snaps and tells her how much a frigid bitch she is and she starts to wonder considering everyone around her is a better dom then her, and then he meets someone who is a better dom than her and is also a psychopath.

I wish the ending was better, but you can't end a dramedy like that on any other kind of note besides her calming down a tad.
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>and it shows when he snaps and tells her how much a frigid bitch she is and she starts to wonder considering everyone around her is a better dom then her, and then he meets someone who is a better dom than her and is also a psychopath.
Thanks for reminding me
Really, all Domina no Do needed was character development and it would work.

I liked it Anon...

Need more of those dick-neck girls pics.
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Bumping out of curiosity
You need to post at least 5~6 pics
You need to post at least one or two sauce.

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Post pics related. I'll bump some now
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Milk Brand Milk edition
Previous: >>7004829

Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Check the archives before posting requests

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:


>/d/ Game Catalog:
http://pastebin.com/Su7gb2iq (embed)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it's okay to disagree, so be chill with people who are wrong since you know you're right.
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>generic cowgirl
what's the best slave background for concubine and fucktoys?
Former Arcology Owner.

condom filling /d/-style is the best.
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Girls eating a lot, pushing their buttons to the limit.

Could be because of the boobs too.
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Oh man this is totally my thing. Can we post some other causes of it as well or do you want strictly bingeing and the like?

Huge futa cocks

futa/shemales only
post them big lady dicks!
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