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Time to get wild guys. Post those huge cocks and body assets (boobs, asses) that make you go wild. Those that make up for phrases like "it will never fit...". Everything is allowed, from futa to vanilla and furry on all sizes and shapes. ONLY 3 RULES: MUST NOT BE SHITTY QUALITY WORK, NO GAY WORKS AND (even though hyper IS allowed) NOTHING THAT IS LIKE 7000 TIMES BIGGER THAN THE BODY (i want it big, but still noticeable as body part)
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PS: By gay i mean only male on male. Futa x futa, female x female ,etc still allowed
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Alright /d/, lets talks about sexual fantasies. I want to hear about your favorite one. The one that gets you going without fail. The one that gets you hot and bothered by just thinking about it. Plain Old faithful.

Be as detailed as you want.
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My fantasies are probably really vanilla as far as /d/ goes, but I absolutely cannot fap without self-inserting as the girl. Obviously TG stuff and possession are my favourites but even when I fap to more "normal" lewd images I always mentally turn it into a TG scenario by self-inserting as the girl. I've done this since I first started fapping, long before I discovered 4chan.

I'm not too fussy about the exact scenario, but things like mind control and submission are things I often fantasise about. One of my most common fantasies is getting turned into a girl and then getting fucked by anons.
I'm done transitioning. I wake up; my waifu presses her hard cock insistently against my ass. I pretend to be asleep. She tweaks my nipples and then shakes me a little, suspecting I'm awake, and then licks a finger and puts it in my

ear. I roll my eyes and kiss her.
i fantasize having a brother and him becoming shemale then i fuck him, the ultimate taboo

anyone got material to indulge me?

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Have a thing for farm animal girls besides cows? Post them here!
(Sheeps are my favorite)
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I got you covered.
Keep in mind that it'll be a mix of Ram and Sheep girls.

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Mini-giantess , Amazon. whatever this is /d/esignated
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Never seen a thread on it so how about we try it
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mgs3 ocelot done

lol it takes me so long to draw that the last thread archived while i was drawing this.

still on my list of requests:
-lupin iii
-trunks from dbz
-vergil from dmc3
-preg tony stark
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need more like this lost my original collection will post what i have
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Hi OP, this is relevant:

Zombina thread my boys
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Scanty and Kneesocks are the true MVWs (Most Valuable Waifus) of Panty and Stocking, we all know it
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I love Kneesocks.

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Hidden under the table while others carry one with their food or conversations. There needs to be a thread.

Please post images of sexual acts under the table, femdom would be most awesome. Let's try to keep it to doujin and hentai manga.

Hentai manga of image: https://exhentai.org/g/300905/a005662d00/

Also been looking for a lost doujinshi of a mousey librarian schoolgirl keeping another student locked under her desk forced to pleasure her while she sits at her desk and reads.
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A bunch of image sets on exhentai.





>Also been looking for a lost doujinshi of a mousey librarian schoolgirl keeping another student locked under her desk forced to pleasure her while she sits at her desk and reads.

I'm pretty sure I've read that, anyone know what it was called?

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Similar to fannypacking, but more like they're strapped onto a cock as a sleeve or warmer. Mostly seem to see these with horses.

Fannypacking also very welcome.
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Man I have gotten a warning for posting a girl getting absorbed by horse cock but this is still sliding???
I love cock sleeve threads. I wish had shit to contribute.

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Bonus points for devilish looking smiles/ grins.
My folders are a bit disorganised right now. But I have put together a little folder of stuff that I think fits this.
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Time stop 1:

Time Stop 2.0:

Time Stop 3.0:

Time Stop 3.5:

Time Stop 4.5:

Time Stop 5.5:

Time Stop 6.0:
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Prison school chapter 208 and 209 time stop.
Fairy Tail chapter 474 and 475 time stop.
UQ Holder! chapter 105 time stop.
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the question is anon, how long can these girls move in the frozen time?
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Guys and girls who can't do anything, because they're a little tied up at the moment.
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Otherwise known as "Reverse Rape" if you prefer that term.
This is a thread mainly meant for posting women forcibly having their way with men.
Also, no futanari, there's plenty of threads for that.
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