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fuck this is a niche fetish, lipples dicks getting sucked by nipples, not a personal fan of vore but all is welcome, too niche of a fetish to be picky
normal nipple fucking also welcome, because it is a sister niche fetish and we need to stick together!
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Another muscle thread, guess we can go by the same rules with no futa in this one
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Runescape, got addicted again
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I have a kink for dominant femboys. Is there a term for this kink i'm missing? I can't figure out whether it's just really rare to find art of it or if i'm just missing a word to put into my searches.
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bonus points for powerful ladies brought low
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More like this plz
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/Body swap
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Full thing here
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Time to go against the grain here:

Favorite kind of possession fetish is consensual possession. I know a lot of people see the possession fetish as being motivated by a desire to have power over someone, but I look at it more like BDSM; giving power over to your partner and trusting them not go misuse/overuse it is a massive turn on.

There is not nearly enough of it on the internet, let alone hentai of it, and that's a bummer.

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Any hole stuffed with copious amounts of toys. Bonus points if they make a bulge or go completely in.
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Previous thread: >>7087624
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For every post that has a picture, the post below it has the story behind it. Simple as that.

For those that really want to, you can go all out.
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Eiv eased the young boy in to bed,

Enchanted by eiv's look to he quickly became as her puppet able to whim the rest laden boy he was open to be toyed with so long as he remained forth right.

caressing his thigh tingling up shimmering to his penis making it rock hard the sleep summoner knew that he was to be meddled with in her mind he was for-filled deep plethora of sexual pleasure.

sending impulses practicaly making the boy fuck him self.
>> it needs some work but least i tried to make the effort worth something.
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>I'm not sure how long it had been since I had the vibrator stuck up my ass. My mind no longer seemed capable of keeping track of such a minute detail. All I could concentrate on was the smell of this man's superior organ. How I wanted to play with my own but the vibrator wouldn't let me. It would zap my ever expanding colon over such a motion.
>Instead I had to derive my pleasure elsewhere.
>The first time I sucked his salty putrid schlong I nearly gagged but the excessive anal stimulation my instructing tool gave me let me know it was the right thing to do.
>Now it didn't even wiggle an inch when I performed my duties. I didn't even understand the point of my own dick other than to show my master the pleasure I had in taking in his superior phallus.
>It will soon be removed having properly educated me on the meaning of right and wrong. After seeing what my mouth can do, I can't wait to demonstrate my boypussy's use thoroughly. So what if he gets a little dirty? Just another duty I have the pleasure of fulfilling!

It feels like months since the last thread.

Post the biggest, most humongous ASSES you have. Anything is allowed as long as it has a giant ASS.
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Clowns edition

Previous thread: >>7139743
Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Check the archives before posting requests:

>/d/ Game Catalog:

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:

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I prefer clones
Magic clones, genetic clones or sexy ninja clones for the purpose of sex?
none of those things are mutually exclusive with the others.

A thread pertaining to Santa's elves, feel free to contribute if you're in the holiday spirit.
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Post more scrub
Any time OP we're waiting.
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Tickle thread? Not sure if this is /d/
Stories are welcome too :3
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Restarting the thread with a more specific title. Just anything like this where what's in goes right back in again. Preferably self-inflation, dicks are fine.
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This looks very niche. Idk if you'll get many replies, OP >>7123218
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>Parasites and tentacles general<

Everything of this nature
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>ywn see a 2d be impregnated or possessed
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small imprisoned in underwear/under clothes thread
no foot, shock, shoe, if that is allowed its you will get.
its been a while
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