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So I guess Peach is getting a boob job. He made a poll to vote on what kind of breasts to give her.


So /d/, what breasts would you give her? It looks like vanilla will win, but to be honest I'd give her C just to see how the other characters would react to him having bigger breasts than them
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frog edition

Previous thread: >>7143749
Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Check the archives before posting requests:

>/d/ Game Catalog:

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:

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What's the premise of night games? What's it about?
I clicked that start once and it forced me to be female, which isn't okay because I want to raep dat boipuss

>weights to use particular 'manly' skills
Don't worry, they won't play the male part
You're sex fighting for fun and profit. That's about it as far as I could tell when I played it.

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Hi /d/
Can one of you lovely folks recommend an image organizer?
I looked around on google but there are a lot and I want to know which are actually good and I don't really want to try all of them.
Would be cool if it accommodated webms as well.

In exchange I will dump /d/ stuff from the small collection this laptop.
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Old thread died so here is another one for pic dumping..

Also female, 21, and kicking my boyfriends balls around daily for years now. i get bored and check out the ballbusting threads often.
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I've tried finding someone in a few different places and for some reason it just never works out for me. I even managed to find and attract the one vanilla girl on Fetlife. I just recently got out of a relationship about 4 hours ago. As you can probably guess this we just weren't a right fit. Anyway I since /soc is dumb I can't really find anyone on the rest of the internet I thought I'd start a dating thread here. I'm fairly certain we can all agree that this board needs it.

Rules are simple. Post what you're looking for, the fetishes you rate as most important to you, your gender, your age, your location, TWO - can't stress this enough, it's what separates us from /soc savages - hobby you're currently into, and your contact info in this thread as text. Then you should include between 3 and 7 pics you love as a either a reply to your text post or all edited together as one photo in you post.

Since I'm op and have Op responsibilities I'll start with an example.
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OP here,

I'm looking for a switch woman to love and grow with. I want to train with her everyday to become the best possible person I can be. Then at night I want us to enjoy each other. We're all mortals no matter how much we try to deny it, and because of that we're only going to get so much time together. We should spend it wisely.

I have a massive pegging and femdom fetish. I'm also a switch so female submission is a huge turn on for me. I need to dominate as well. I'm SapioSexual as well. Intelligence is probably my biggest turn on.

My gender is male. I identify as a male. I also ironically identify as an apache defense helicopter, but that's neither here nor there.

My biggest hobbies right now are gaming and learning code. I pay the bills with the latter and hope to pay the bills with the former by streaming in the future. Right now I play mostly dota2. I did League of legends for a while and after patch 6.11 I had to stop. I just didn't the game enough to keep dealing with the shit that came with it. So far I'm pretty happy with dota2. I'm not sure if that's just because I haven't played long enough to really get a sense for the community, but so far it seems pretty chill. I'm only at 102ish games right now though. As for coding, the languages I use most are javascript and python. I'm pretty garbage at both of them, but I'm better at python. Right now I honestly don't think I could use javascript to code my way out of a paper box. I'm fairly certian I could get out of that box with python though. I honestly don't feel like there's that much difference between the two languages other than syntax. I've just spent a lot more time with python because of work.

My Skype is smart0mouse. I am 22. I'm from the USA. More specifically I'm from TX.
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I just learned what Vore is today, please enlighten me to more bizzare fetishes I didn't know about
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CTF (Cock Transformation)
Urethra Insertion (Sounding)
Unbirth (Vaginal Vore)
All the way through (Spitroasting)

Unfortunately, the beat examples of these I immediately have on hand are furry pictures.

Isn't pic related spitroasting and is unrelated to all the way through?
Yes. All the way through (ATWT) is where something goes in one end and comes out the other. To simplify it, ATWT is an extreme form of spitroasting, just without the snuff.

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Anything like this?
Or anything from fakku?
Preferably in color and futa
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Some good threads going but no general Trap thread so why not make one?

Massive bonus points if someone can upload the translations of the other panels that go with this.
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You're retarded. Kindly off yourself after reading the fucking board rules.
if you aren't going to contribue yourself then please kindly fuck off yourself
Post four more images, then we can talk.

Post your waifus with /d/icks
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Extremely large penises.
Traps and futas only.
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Humiliation, denial, violation, etc. basically anything too harsh to fit into the /gfd/ threads.
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ITT: Public sex, exhibitionism, everything that happens in front of strangers/passersby.
No hiding in desert where nobody can see.
Try to stay close to H rather than Alternative but that's not a rule
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A simple as the title says.
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Post male-female couples in bondage
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