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Becoming a Drawfag

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Well, /a/, it's Christmas!

I've been unemployed for a while now, but instead of watching anime all day I decided I would try to be at least a little bit productive with all this free time.

So, I decided I would draw a manga. I've made 20 pages so far and I'm gonna dump them here, so, enjoy my crappy drawings!

I have absolutely no artistic experience to speak of, and I just sort of planned to learn as I go.

So, lets get started!

This is my original manga, Know Me Human.
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Here's the first page. EDGY, right?

You can also just go to my website to read it, if you want: http://knowmehuman.com/Read.html
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A little background.

The setting was supposed to be futuristic, but run-down. That didn't really come across so far though.

/co/ isn't my community, I want to share with you fags.
Not anime cunt.
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This is the anime and MANGA board. Lighten up, it's Christmas and I felt like sharing my scribblings. I spent a long time on them.
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The font that I used here was terrible, but I hadn't really looked for anything better at this point. At least everything looks sort of decent when I don't actually have to draw any characters!
This isn't manga either
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My first attempt at actually drawing a manga character. It gets better, I swear!
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Mysterious monster things get wrecked.

turns out, drawing the same character multiple times and actually getting them to look the same is hard!
Seriously fuck off to deviantart
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This has got to be my worst page, she looks so derpy here!!

Stop trying anon, I'm spreading my Christmas cheer with my drawings, and thats that.
>I'm spreading my offtopic shot all over the walls and you can't stop Mr
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Art is a little bit better on this page, I think. Still lacking any sort of real detail, though.
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A new character!

Now you're starting to understand.
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Crazy! I started looking at a lot of different manga to learn to draw some more expressive faces.
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Another character is revealed! Along with the big mutant monster.
File: Ch1-P12.png (816KB, 1000x1409px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here I tried to draw some different shots of the same character.
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Old guy arrives! Characters look pretty bad here. Drawing them really small is hard, and I was still not even comfortable drawing them at normal size, yet.
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A view of the city as they drive away. I skipped ahead a lot here without drawing transitional scenes, but I just wanted to hurry to the next setting.
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Inside the car, there's some mistakes on this page that I didn't really notice until it was too late to fix them, so I'll just hope no one else notices!
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Inside Pariah headquarters. Again, I'm skipping over a lot of stuff that I probably should have drawn in, but I wanted to hurry into some actual explaination of what's going on.
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The director is delivering a lecture...
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The characters arrive.

As you can see, I started using mostly screentones here, instead of simply colouring stuff.
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This is my favourite page I made, I think it actually looks pretty good.

Almost at the end now.
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Here's the most recent page that I've finished.

Showing off the two different varieties of Esper and giving a more lengthy explaination.

ANYWAY, that's all I've made so far. Here's to another shitty year spent jerking off over asian cartoon characters with a bunch of losers on the internet. Merry Christmas, /a/!
Kill yourself
but not /a/, that's for sure.

>lol its christmas i can shitpost all i want!!!1!1!
That's not how it works.
Seems like those boards are more appropriate for actual aspiring artists who want to show off their drawings.

I'm just some anon with a lot of free time who decided to pick up a pen. I don't use those boards, I use /a/, and I'm not really here just to show off (I would have waited until the first chapter was finished at least).

It's Christmas day. I'm here with you fags, on /a/. It just made me want to share with my community what I'd been wasting my time on lately.

That said, I will check those boards out now, they'll probably help me improve my drawing a lot, so thanks for linking them, I guess.
No one wants to see your deviant art trash faggot and it isn't/a/ related.
Someone got coal this year!
No I got shit and you're the one who delivered it.
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It's a sign!
Why do you think boards like /i/ and ic/ were created to begin with? It's because of people like you.

Learn to sage you dumb fuck.
Okay. Merry Christmas.
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Thread images: 22

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