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Hey, Paranormies, guess what time it is?

Radio time! (Includes audio clips from video below)

Video adventure time! (An onsite Squatching walkthrough and recap of an area where a vocalization was heard)

This is the 3rd thread and 3rd episode of the radio show styled youtubes where I tell stories, review and recap some of the hottest /x/ threads currently going on and recently added to the archives, and cover some of the paranormal news from around the net.

As usual I keep my OC on /x/ as long as possible so stay on /x/!
You can also subscribe to the YT

Long live /x/!

Special thanks to The Editor for his /x/files news edition threads, Reviewbrah for getting back to us on our write in to his own radio style broadcast, and all the paranormies making high quality threads and posts on /x/! Maybe it's your posts and threads I'm reading?

In this episode we begin with an onsite investigation of an area where I heard a possible Squatch vocalization in January of 2015, followed by the Crypids of the week including a sound clip recorded of the Mokele Mbembe the living dinosaur of the Congo. We continue with a clip from a recently added Sasquatch series of sightings story told on the Bigfoot Eyewitness youtube series, and other various paranormal news including stories provided by The Editor of the /x/files news threads. And as always, we recap some of the current hot and archived threads on /x/! Credits will be posted below.

Stick around and let me know which /x/ threads you think are hot and deserve to be recapped in the future, or if you have questions or comments feel free to post them here!


The /x/ files Editions 6 - 8 by The Editor !!HI/ssMnC7ef









/x/ threads in this episode (if they're gone from the archive they can be found at 4plebs.org) :






Intro and Outro Music

Forever Lost (featuring McCherryCrush) -- From teknoaxe

Audio Samples

Reviewbrah (intro audio):

Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 2
taken from (http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2016/01/bigfoot-terrorizes-arkansas-family-video-2501934.html)

Mokele Mbembe Audio Recording
bumping for comfy spoops
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YES. Good to see another podcast out. And the Sasquatch video was pretty interesting too.
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courtesy bump
Hey thanks! Glad you liked. I almost died on the highway today driving back from Missoula near that same area near Arlee... I'll explain later and show a map of where the squatching took place near the animal crossing.

Also I think I found an audio anomaly during the squatch recording. More on that too once I'm done with my work here.
I was uninformed about the dinosaur...
Fuck it, subscribed
stay safe m8
Tryhard: the thread.

Also OP is notorious for dropping his trip and replying to himself constantly.
>the mothdan stalker is back
>accusing others of samefagging
This is The Mothdan Stalker in action here. Mothdan trolled him with a Marines comment and now Stalkerfag has literally been spamming the same things about Mothdan for over 6 months and following him around /x/
Same image file same hash it comes from the same hard drive and he even switches up his writing style. Literally a psychopath.
>Spooky True Stories
>The Rake
The rake was in a recent /x/ thread >>17153385 the /x/ recaps and true stories are different parts of the show
Jesus. He's crazy even by /x/ standards.
It appears this stalker of mothdan's accuses everyone of being mothdan without a trip.
Care to tell us how many of us are mothdan? The mind of crazy people fascinates me.
if he didnt use a 50 cal and get a 7 shot grouping hes not the real mothdan
oh shit im not really mothdan tho dont ban me pl0x

fuck i forgot the mod woke up.

about time, all the proof threads slide to page 11 hours ago
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>50 cal
The choice of bigfoot hunters everywhere
>sliding on a board this slow
Yes I'm sure that's happening. There's really no other explanation
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UNIDENTIFIED SOUND which you can hear at 8:14 of the radio recording:
and 15:32 of the video:
it's the same audio on both videos, I have no idea what made the sound. I've listened to it a dozen times and it sounds like a horse snorting but there were definitely no horses around. It's also strange that I didn't react to it or notice it while there but I was in the middle of talking. Not sure what more to say about it except that it's weird.


As mentioned I almost died on the road yesterday driving back from Zoo to Iggy (Missoula to Saint Ignatius) during a blizzard. Marked here with a skull and crossbones. Someone was slowing down for a bus stop 100 yards or so ahead of me and I of course couldn't see them through the snow, as I pressed the brakes to slow down I immediately started slipping around into a fishtail. I was close to either flying off the road or slamming into the vehicles up front so I grabbed the center lane (which was fully covered in inches of snow) and just kept fluttering the brakes until I stopped fishtailing. A tense moment, I am sure everyone watching thought they were about to watch a crash but nah. I'm experienced with winter driving. That doesn't mean I didn't actually crash and die in another timeline though.

I'll reply to this with an outline of the squatching path I was taking for this episode. I might also be able to mark where that strange sound was recorded.

Yellow path marks the trail I took, I've never walked that loop through the woods before but this seems accurate. Orange line shows where the animal crossing is. It was in this area I heard what sounded like a giant man shouting/singing from across the road in January of 2015 during a blizzard.

Got an anon on the youtube comments section requesting that I camp there sometime, I might. On a drive back from Missoula in the dark a few months back I parked there in the woods for a while and it felt spooky.
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It's a great cryptid, there is a thread in the archives that features it >>17154144 which I didn't have time to cover but it gets mentioned here once in a while. The audio recording shown here:
is one of the finer pieces of cryptid audio vocalizations on tape, recorded in the dead of night in the Congo as the creature stomped around and bellowed. The audio tape itself was physically examined along with the sound on the recording and was authenticated, but the animal responsible for it is still classified as "unknown".

When shown photos of various dinosaurs the Pygmies pointed out the Brachiosaurus (then known as the Brontosaurus) as being the Mokele Mbembe, they also explained that it ate fruit that resembled apples from trees around the water. Explorers later confirmed that there were such trees with small waxy apple type fruits.
Bump for stalkers
I see you. I'm coming for you.
Thread replies: 29
Thread images: 9
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