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Mental hospital stories
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Any horror stories or scary videos of mental institutions
bump for interest
No mental hospital stories.But when I was younger I spent some time in a juvenile detention facility, lots of crazy haunting shit went on in there.
Need mental health stories. Bump for interest.
>>Friend worked in a mental hospital basically the looney-bin for old people.
>>One old women has been whispering to herself for awhile now and she never leaves her room
>>Suddenly she tells my friend there's a man coming into her room at night.
>>Friend thinks this women for the most part is pretty sane her family seemed to just dumped her off instead of getting her into a nursing home.
>>Friend is wondering about elderly abuse or something and asks the old women more about it since this older women has never shown almost any signs of being crazy but sometimes is forgetful like any old person can be at her age.
>>She tells friend she'll think shes crazy but the man is nice and brings her flowers. Daffodils and wears a red shirt.
>>Friend is the night time shift care lady for her and a few other people and no ones visited her since she was put in there so she's confused.
>>The women seems happier for a few days saying the man doesn't talk when he visits he's quiet.
>>Friend checks on her randomly at night to make sure the old lady is okay.
>>No ones visited but there's daffodils in a vase on the womens table.
>>They weren't there a few hours ago and the gift store is closed, no one else has been by.
>>She starts screaming when my friend starts going back to her work room.
>>Friend runs down the hall and opens the womens door to find her screaming incoherently
>>She calms the women down and asks what happened
>>The vase is shattered on the other side of the room, flowers everywhere ripped up, the women can't get up out of bed without help from a nurse.
>>She starts mumbling about the man having stones for eyes
>>"He has pebbles shifting around in his eyes."
>>Friend is creeped out but calms down the old women and watches her extra carefully for the next two nights
>>Third day the women died
>>Other elderly people on the floor start saying they see the man with rocks for eyes and daffodils and end up dying within 2-3 days after like clockwork.
I'm working at a residential treatment facility. It's basically juvie with a harder focus toward mental health.

Honestly nothing that happens there is really /x/-tier. By and large the kids are usually little shits spawned from obese single mothers. Often abused, often having major anger issues.

The craziest it gets is just kids throwing temper tantrums and getting restrained.
>>At one point everyone on her floor had all passed away within months of each other and her floor was almost empty and for awhile they didn't hear about the man with stones for eyes.
>>Suddenly they get more elderly people in and they all start reporting it.
>>Friend is having coffee in the room where she waits until the patients lights flash signaling they need help.
>>Suddenly on the camera in the hallway she sees something tall enter a womens room she gets ready to go check on it
>>The womens light turns on for her room
>>She goes and checks on the women whose only been there for like a week
>>She's sobbing saying a man in a red shirt came in and he has sand in his eyes and no face and flowers
>>The womens door closes shut while my friends trying to calm her down
>>No one else was around and none of the patients can leave their beds without help, friend is creeped out at this point
>>The women starts SCREAMING her lungs out saying "MAKE HIM GO AWAY MAKE HIM GO AWAY!!"
>>Friend had to call some nurses on another floor for backup to calm her down
>>Suddenly she dies the next night
>>Friend asks if she can have assistance with caring for 8 patients on her own at once but no one will help her on her floor at all.
>>One night she sees a tall mans figure with a red shirt enter a room at around 1am and the mans light didn't come on for assistance
>>She is went to go check on the man immediately but he had passed

She quit after that and then the "Stone Eyed Man" or "The Red Man" starts being seen in the juvenile ward in the building across from it and people always die shortly after seeing him.
She really hates talking about it to other people but she said the room she'd wait in like the staff room was really creepy as fuck as well. She worked there for like 3 years there and hated it.
Looks like this thread has died. I'm sitting here at work.. at an inpatient mental health facility. I've worked at 7 different mental health buildings since 1994.

Two of those buildings had A LOT of paranormal shit going on. I have plenty of stories of both paranormal and just crazy shit that goes on with clients.
Elaborate on some??
Bump that shit nigga
>little shits spawned from obese single mothers

i hope you are only a janitor or something given that your attitude is so rotten
I'm on a phone at work. I'm not green texting shit, so don't rage at me.

I worked at a facility in northern Arizona in the late 90's that changed me from being very doubtful of anything paranormal into someone who knows there is "something" going on around us.

I work night shift.. I've always preferred it and have almost always had NOC shift. From almost day one working at that facilty, I had coworkers telling me "You know this place is haunted right?" I that "bullshit" but, then I started hearing and seeing it also. The locked facility where I worked was in the back of the larger office area of the outpatient clinic. There was a locker door that separated us from the that area. Motion detection security was set at night and any access to the front offices would require deactivating the alarm. My point is, there should be nobody up there, nevertheless; You could sit by that door, put your ear up to it and listen to shit going on all night long.
what type of noises? why?

You could hear sounds of doors opening and closing, footsteps, knocking and occasional faint voices. I would be convinced there was someone up, so on several occasions I would walk the perimeter of the building. I would look into the windows and never saw anyone. All the lights would be off... nothing. However, the really creepy shit would happen in the locked unit where I worked.

About twice a month, we would hear the faint sound of what sounded like a baby crying coming from the ceiling. I was was in denial and told myself it was a cat living up there. I remember one night I was sitting working with a nurse doing paperwork. She sees me look up. She smiles and says "You hear it, don't you?" Shit gave me the chills.

We had one patient room that the clients would walk out of in the middle of the night claiming "someone is in my room!" It was always the same room and not always the same patients. It always described as "a guy" or "a man" is standing next to their bed.

One night, we had no patients on the unit (a rarity).. again we were in the day area doing paperwork and the door to that room violently flew open. It was not a draft, nobody was anywhere near the door. It had never happened before and I never saw happen again after that.

more coming.....

Hear are the two things that finally convinced me that some shit was really spooky with that place.

We had a patio in the back of the unit where we could take the patients for smoke breaks. It had two doors for access, one from the kitchen and one from the nurses station. It was another of those rare nights with no clients. I sat out on patio for hours talking with a coworker. It was summer so we had the nurses station door open. I sitting there in the middle of conversation, facing the open door, when I see this white cloud moving along the ceiling of the nursing station. It came out of the children's unit, through a doorway and continued on through the nursing station and out of sight. The coworker looked at me and said "What did you just see!?" I hesitantly told him and he conveyed that apparently other people had described seeing the same thing in the past. It was not smoke. It was like smome, but not. I guess it was more like what is described white ectoplasm is described as.

Should I continue with the second story?
Continue, I'm listening anon
Likewise, please hit us with the second story
I've written this second story on /x/ before.

Working night shift as usual, but this time we are completely full. All beds taken with patients. On this night I begin to feel ill. I take my temp and I'm running like 100+ fever, but we are busy and short staffed, so I stay on for the entire shift. Close to the end of shift I used the restroom in our children's unit (the only open beds we had). It is a small two room unit with a small day area and a restroom in between the two bedrooms. I go in, piss, and as I'm walking out and back into this small day area, I see a man standing next to me. The guy was wearing a brown suit like one a man would wear from the 1930's or 40's. It was there in my peripheral vision for a split second and when I looked directly at him.. he was gone. I didn't get spooked. I honestly did not even give it much thought. I figured being tired and running a moderately high fever just caused me to see some stupid shit out of the corner of my eyes. I called off of work for that next night and rested up. So two days later I return to work. We did our usual, take care of the patient's needs until they were all off to bed and then started on the nightly paperwork. While doing the paperwork this nurse says "Hey anon, remember the other night when you were sick? I saw a ghost in the kids unit!" She had already described it to everyone the previous night while I was home sick. She starts to tell me "That night before shift change, I used the restroom in the kids unit and when I walked out..." I stopped her and said "Wait, was there a guy standing there wearing a brown suit from like the 40's." She had described to everybody seeing the same thing I had seen. I told absolutely nobody what I saw because I didn't care.. I thought I was just seeing shit due to the fever. Our coworkers thought we were just fucking with them and set the whole thing up.

That building is gone now. It's been torn down and in now an In-N-Out Burger.
The second haunted psych facilty I worked at is in southern California. Just recently our organization moved from that building into a new building. That old building was converted into a psych facilty after been run as a nursing home (elder care) since the 60's. I bring it up because a lot of people have died in the building. I have a few decent stories about from my time in that building, but I'm about to do shift change. I'll look up the thread when I get and if you anons want more stories, I will tell them.

Btw.. I'm not role playing here. I swear this shit has happened.
I got a story from an abandoned insane asylum if you guys want. Bout to take a nap. Can share after. Was spooky.

It was letchworth village.

Fuck. I can't sleep. Thinking of that place freaks me out. I feel watched. I feel those dark decaying hallways calling me back. To lay on the autopsy tables again. If I go to sleep now I'll only have nightmares. Fuck. Don't go fucking with the dark
>While I was looking after my roomate at a hospital, I got bored and started to wander around the halls in the middle of the night, when I heard some sobbings along with a beeping sound those devices make when they run out of whatever they pouring coming from a closed room, I headed back looking for a nurse to tell them about it and stumbled upon a station with two of them, I approached and warned them and got the weirdest reply:
>"Room 309?"
>Turning to the other nurse who was reading some files "Really, 'Jen'? Really?"
>'Jen': What?
>Bitter nurse: sobbings from 309
>Jen shushed awkwardly.
>'Jen': Was it a man?
>Bitter nurse: ok, you know What? We're working here, not playing around, now leave before I call security, Jesus, 'Jen' you are unbelivable.
>Bitter nurse left the station and 'Jen' looked at me for a split sec before going back to the papers.
>What Was that?
>'Jen': that room is supposed to be locked, the devices from that room were having technical malfunctions and they were removed, so the room is completely empty at the moment please stop wandering off and get some rest.
>I turned around and scared but excited went back but I stayed close to the room 307 just in case, the sobbing stopped but the beeping was still there
He's fucking right though.

That's at least 80% of the kids you get in there.
that's really sad, the health institutions were pathetic during the cold war.
I've told this story before. If I've told it to you in real life, howdy friendo.

>In a state hospital summer of '12
>Drug induced psychosis
>Spend three months inside
>Dawn of the final month, off all meds, doctor realizes fighting far with fire makes more fires
>Back to normal, only on Trazydon to get to sleep
>One of the staff is this fat black guy with a huge cross around his neck
>He decides it would be a good idea to redpill the crazies
>three or four hour long youtube tier DVD on most of the conspiracies you read about here.
>Blood sacrifices, Prince predicting 9/11 through music, Biderbergs, child sex rings, the dirt on all the politicians, and of course good ole Baphomet
>My roommate gets caught in a blood sacrifice loop after seeing it
>Tries to donkey kick the front door down while screaming that he needs a blood sacrifice to go home.
>Eats all the soap in our bathroom trying to kill himself

>One of the techs, good guy, very religious, could not take the information in the videos.
>He goes home sick. Sick in the head.
>What he saw greatly conflicts with his world view. Hope he's ok.

This isn't an isolated incident. The facility was a place in south Florida called GEOcare. My best guess for their reasoning, other than them being sadistic fucks, is disinformation. Why pay disinfo agents when you can just show the mentally unstable part of the truth? They'll just mix it with their delusions and now it's all so muddled a thousand conspiracy nuts wouldn't be able to piece the real deal from the ramblings.

I even asked king nigger with the cross on his chain why he was showing us this shit. He said, "Because no one will believe you."
>have first psychotic breakdown
>start drinking my piss because I believe that it will protect me from demons, JD Salinger did it
>Jesus turned water into wine, his piss was holy
>think there's a me from the future out there who time traveled to warn us about the apocalypse
>he played at a secret superbowl halftime show
>start playing guitar erratically, screaming YOU GOTTA FIGHT TILL YOU KNOW WHATS RIGHT
>string breaks
>string theory, the world is breaking
>smash my guitar against the wall of my college apartment, smash through the window
>breaking through the matrix
>check The Illuminati's twitter page
>picture of a woman holding up a sign that says "you gotta fight till you know what's right"
>keep on smashing shit and screaming, throwing all of my stuff out the window
>check facebook for clues
>try to log into facebook but instead there's a strange ACCESS DENIED page
>matrix-esque code flashes, mfw the good guys are hacking the bad guys for me
>get into facebook
>share article I see about professors having the right to bring guns
>Illuminati twitter says "people will only realize what you're doing when you stop"
>for some autistic reason I think this is a clue to keep on going till everythings wrecked
>go back to wrecking shit
>crowd has gathered
>eventually campus security comes, then cops
>screaming about JFK and Inherent Vice, saying Jesus was a glitch in the system and we all could be glitches if we tried
>only my mattress is left in my room
>say I just want a good night's sleep
>convinced demons are manipulating me through my dreams
>cop says I have to jail or the hospital
>I choose jail because I don't want to be on a bunch of drugs
>r u fuckin kidding me
>they bring me to jail, I'm covered in walldust
>go to the shower
>an innmate holds the bible up to the window and shouts while laughing "HEY DON'T WORRY BUD YOUR PEOPLE ARE GONNA BREAK YOU OUT"
>in cell
>fast forward through 10,000 imagined theories as to why I got there and what the jail is
>meet a dude there who I think is me from another dimension, or Jesus
>make cross sign on the window and point to him
>he nods
>make cross with an x sign on the window and point to me
>he nods furiously
>makes a noose handgesture
>welp, I'm the antichrist
>drink my own piss to turn into the dragon
>try to drown myself in the toilet
>cop pulls me out
>time feels nonexistent, think I'm dead
>handcuffed to a bench
>shouting incoherent shit about being the antichrist and destroying this dimension
>notice innmates are able to get in and out of their cells
>the fuck is going on
>I'm shouting this girls number who I think is Mary Magdalene
>Sherriff comes over and writes down her name and number
>he starts babbling like a baby, can not form a a coherent sentence
>the fuck is going on
>girl from a cell is making heart signs at me through the window
>get a boner handcuffed to the bench
>her boyfriend is in another cell banging his fists against the wall
>I think we're all dead
>start avoiding looking at the girl because I think she's trying to distract me from Mary Magdalene, my one link to reality
>gonna break out of this fucking jail
>try to break out of handcuffs
>they put me in a restraining chair
>an eternity goes by, waiting for the next dimension to kick in
>they set me in front of a wall with "HI :)" etched in it
>start screaming tons and tons of shit, theory after theory
>say I'm gonna break out and eat their computer
>seems like the police are going fucking crazy too
>start yelling 'i need to take a shit, i need some beer, i need some weed, i need some TV, etc. all the way to BRING ME THE ATOMIC BOMB
>think i'm dr manhattan and can't die without the atomic bomb
>start ripping through my hair to become dr manhattan, screaming for the atomic bomb
>cop comes over and leans my chair back, covers my mouth and nose
>oh shit i'm gonna die
>think I'm the joker and she's batman
>she sighs and gives up idk why
>start breaking out of the chair, find a strap and pretend its a parachute
>i'm out
>they put me in another with more straps
>believe I can break out of it
>i'm out
>put me in a third chair
>i'm wearing like four spit masks because I keep chewing through them
>meditate insanely hard, chanting this mantra in my head about becoming the violet flame
>think "see through the eyes" and "go clear"
>tears start pouring from my eyes even though they're closed
>I can see through my eyelids and spitmasks and the cops look like demons
>start sweating profusely
>cops are freaking the fuck out
>they come over to me and say "ugh, it smells awful" like it was the worse thing they've smelled in the world
>they take me out of the chair and run me to the bathroom
>pull down my pants and order me to piss
>I scream I DONT KNOW HOW, can barely feel my body at all
>cop takes off his jacket and puts it on me
>"hey! you're wearing my jacket now, how do you feel about that?"
>the fuck
>my reality is fading in and out in flashes, feel like i'm about to shapeshift
>they say all right, we're gonna put him through the wall
>the fuck
>start freaking out because I think I'm going through the wall into another dimension
>they start banging me against a wall
>for some reason that knocked some sense into me and they take me to the car
>can't move my body at all for like 20 min
>driving to the mental hospital
>sunrise, feels like I'm looking at the sun for the first time
>think the world ended while I was in jail and the illuminati regenerated it
>get to the hospital, think i'm in some kind of fairytale
>they give me an ativan shot in my ass
>knocked out
>somehow wake up for a few seconds despite being heavily medicated
>roommate is crying to the staff at the doorway, he's pointing at me saying "i can't take it he loved her so much" starts saying some shit that i said in the jail
>the fuck.....fall back asleep
>wake up, feel kind of normal, refreshed after my breakdown
>roommate introduces himself, David, we talk some about theories but he seems reserved to tell me stuff
>says "i'm glad we got to be roommates man," and gives me advice like "it feels good to wear other people's clothes, i'm wearing Lucy's jacket right now. also it's good to have a girlfriend."
>go through regular hospital routine, think it's all fantasyland mind control
>start getting clues from news and tv we watch
>cops in my city went on strike
>murder happens in San Francisco
>think I'm from the future and me and this rapping black kid have the secret codes to stop the murder from happening
>use part of Mary Magdalene's number and part of the rappers number to form a new one
>call it
>"hey this anon from the future, just wanted to warn you that you are in danger, this call should make you safe though. keep on fighting, with love"
>high five rapper
>sleep most of the day
>one day David wakes me up by sighing and throwing a bag of cookies at me, "you win anon"
>remember screaming in jail at a couple locked up for dual battery that if he loves her he should get her cookies
>get out of bed and they're having a pizza party with Little Ceaser's and Pepsi
>this is meant to be since my name means little king and i was obsessed with pepsi and the super bowl
>talk to David, "when we cry it makes stuff happen right?"
>he nods, yup I was up last night crying
>"and it's genetic?"
>he nods, with a grim look on his face
>"man I feel bad... I feel like I made bad things happen in the world"
>"don't worry dude," he says "it's mostly Obama fucking things up for us, trying to get healthier foods in schools and stuff"
>the fuck....remember refusing to eat at jail and basically running on empty when i was psychotic
>all the sudden he starts crying his eyes out
>he looks at me super intensely like he wants me gone for some reason
>"the end of the world," he says "it's all just molten rock just a bunch of molten rock"
>try to cheer him up, say "hey man you can't worry about that, its not your fault"
>"welp, I might as well pack my bags anon."
>the fuck...... was he here for me to learn a lesson?
>all of the sudden staff comes into our room, this HUGE, like 350lb man straight up TACKLES David on his bed
>lady yells at me "You, out!"
>murmur "but I was just trying to help..."
>room is quarantined for a while
>next day
>I'm shifting dimensions again
>think David is the incarnation of the devil and is trying to test me
>haven't taken a shit the whole time (like 4 days) i've been in the psyche ward
>shit in the shower, pick it up and bless it by making crosses with the water in the sink
>tastes like shit
>put the rest of it in the huge ass socks they gave me (thinking it belonged to a giant demon before me) and walk around in them
>David is RUSHED out of the hospital, never see him again
>get another shot of ativan and fall asleep as the phones are ringing, thinking its Mary Magdalene calling me and I'll never hear her again
>fall asleep like a badass, drifting into death

There's more but I don't feel like getting into it much, I really have got to write all this down somewhere else. There's a TON I left out that's really weird too.
I am a graduating Psychology student here in Asia. One of our requirements was to visit the government hospital's psych ward. Being a government hospital, most of the facility was poorly maintained. I remember a friend of mine observing one of the patients for a case study. The patient had told my friend to hold his hand because apparently, shocks of electricity can be felt. When my friend interacted, he was surprised yet scared to feel said shock jolting through his hand. It was found out in one of his charts (the information pertaining to the patient) that past prisons had been using electric chair torture on him in the past. Here in our country, a certain place allows this. I had forgotten his diagnosis though. There are a lot more stories I have if anyone is interested.
>be me
>be schizophrenic
>have depressive psychosis and ICD
>hear voices and constantly think about suicide
>sent to a mental hospital for threatening to kill my sister and her kids
>arrive there
>instantly greeted by everyone there
>seems like a nice place
>get inside
>get lunch
>sit down alone at table and start eating pudding and jello
>start hearing the voice telling myself this is where freaks like me should be
>kid comes over and slaps the fucking spoon out of my hand
>says his name is Joe and not to fuck with him
>voice tells me to detach this fuckin fat shits head from his body
>I get up out of rage and throw my whole tray at that fucker
>he growls and jabs at me with a fork
>scrapes my torso but nothing major
>I tackle him
>he gets on all fours and tries to fucking bite me
>so the voice in my head told me to hit him
>I grabbed the tray and smashed it onto the back of his head
>he curls up and starts howling
>I get taken down to the ground with an extreme amount of force by the security guards after this fucker almost stabbed me
>I'm thinkin "what the fuck"
>got put in a straight jacket and in this room with foam walls and floor for the rest of the day
>still completely fuckin boggled how he didn't get any punishment
>Be me 15
>Concussion in football
>Watch Rampage Capital Punishment
>Hate government
>Want to kill the rich
>Mom takes me to therapist
>First session: get sent to hospital
>Admitted to BSU
>Diagnosed with depression, psychosis, anxiety
>Risperdal and prozac
>Only guy. Pussy targeted
>Only one there not suicidal
>Stay there for 10 days give or take
>Stayed there over Christmas
>Not bad
>Told me I might have to switch schools
>Moms not having it
>Now im on school watch list

Yeah so it wasnt that bad there. didnt get laid though
>cold war
That place was open till 1996 and was still like that
My mother used to work in a menal institute when she was younger and she's told me loads of stories. Most of them are funny though rather than scary but there are a few.

On her first day she walked through the door only to find no-one waiting for her, she walked further into the building and found a man facing away from her. She went up to ask for directions only to find he was pissing in the middle of the corridor, the guy turned around and carried on pissing whilst talking to her.

Good times so I'm told.
Would like to hear more
yes please
It's easy to talk down from your high horse, I bet you wouldn't last a week having to deal with the shit people working in places like that have to deal with, it takes an amount of patience I don't think you could even imagine. You'd probably be fired on the second day for trying to choke one of those insufferable, hopeless fucks. It's both infuriating and depressing how people like that are, it's amazing how much a terrible household can fuck you up.
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I live a few minutes max away from the Glore Psychiatric Museum, in the old State Hospital No. 2 in Saint Joseph, MO. Maybe some of you on /x/ have heard of it. Supposed to be insanely haunted, especially in the basement/morgue.

Personally, though, I've been there alone a few times, and I haven't been too spooked. But others have.
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i was exploring kings park psych center in bldg 4. it was after the fire and a wing was burned. it was the day after and in the ash i see footsteps, so i follow. i shit you know when i say there was a man in gown, in a wheelchair just sitting there. i ran like hell. bring a metal pipe and a respirator everytime i go now.

Surprised no one has commented on this yet. Have the deaths not been looked into? Did they just chock it up to elderly hysteria?
You're the type of person that judges other people for justified bitterness, but having no experience with the outside world yourself and being sheltered from those kinds of unpleasant things, you just CAN'T possibly believe it's that bad.
Plague #1346782960

Patient #365243798
Type #422360
Sub #46903

Patient #5383765393
Type #573826
Sub #66439
That was a nice story.
That's not voices in your head you retard. This just confirms my idea that schizos are reall just people don't understand or comprehend a ego, super ego and id
I am honest to god thinking about going back. It wouldn't take much, and I will kill myself soon.

I have the right to bleed.
I spent some time in a psych ward...
The residents has a term for a being that cause seizures, the "string man".
He'd place the string in their mouths and pull back and that's how they would explain the wonky meds.
make me think though, If there was a string man, anyone who spoke up about him would be put right there, in his wake, in the psych ward.
Heh, do you know if the In-N-Out is haunted too?
I have an uncle who was in a mental institutions.He must of been let out because he was always around when I was a kid.He would tell us stories from
time to time but would never talk about his time in the asylum.My mom said to never talk to him about that.One night though when I was suppose to
go to bed I heard him downstairs in the kitchen talking to my mom.I couldn't hear everything he said but I did make out a couple of things.He said
something along the lines of "in the walls" and "I know they were watching me". There was one last thing I picked up before I went to bed.

He let out a laugh and said "good thing you broke me out".
The guy in the red sounds pretty r9k to me. Probably women turned him down when he was alive now he is getting vengeance.
Just because he hates cunts doesn't make him a r9k fag
This was from when my great grandmother was in an old folks home. Not really a mental hospital, but still freaky.
>a few years ago
>visit great grandma in the old folks home with a few family members
>get to her room
>she lies there, the usual, while we talk to her and fill her in on what's going on in our lives
>she fills us in on whats going on too
>decide i have to use the bathroom
>excuse myself
>as i walk, i run into two elderly people, one girl and one man
>they just decide to talk to me, mostly the elderly man
>the elderly man tells me that her wife (the girl that she was with) has dementia
>the girl forgot that she was married to him, and loss all memory of their love
>the man is obviously fearing for his wife and is desperate to get her better
>the most i can do is get a nurse to help the man out because he is starting to freak out
>i go to the bathroom and finish the visit like I usually do
I know it's not really paranormal, but holy fuck. The two have been together forever and the girl just forgot everything, and there is nothing they can do to help the girl remember. If that's not heart breaking, i don't know what is.
found the fatty
File: what.png (216 KB, 452x308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw that entire story
>Here in our country, a certain place allows this
I need to read more about this
I seen one guy die. Arrived right after someones heart stopped(different guy). Got propositioned by a bunch of gay guys. People getting tackled and strapped in bed. People freaking out. cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.
Are you triggered? Need to go to the safe place play pen with your blankie?
Thats reality. Single mothers usually raise bad kids, are welfare queens, and generally shitty people themselves.

Shes single and had a kid because of poor impulse control, cant keep a husband, or married a shitty husband (which tells us she has bad judgement), her being overweight is just icing on the cake.
almost drown in tub. roommate masturbating loudly all night.(another proposition).wear same clothes for a month. go to class. paint. play outside. people praying. people freaking out. people watching tv. crazy guy wakes me up in the middle of the night ruffling through my stuff. crazy guy wakes me up pretending he had a gun. shit was a laugh riot.
that was awful
he dosen't go through my stuff like a rational person. He goes through it screaming at the top of his lungs and throwing everything everywhere. I didn't have shit except a jacket that got stole last week, so jokes on him lol
I went back to sleep.
I don't know what the fuck happened. The only thing that makes sense to me with all that fucked up information is that I was so psychotic that my mind was reaching towards another dimensions where all that weird stuff was true, and I was seeing the boundary of it, and the cops were trying to keep that boundary intact. I don't know. Fucking life man.
confirmed for never having set foot in a mental health facilitiy
I don't work in a hospital but I do work in a group home for mentally disabled people. I have several stories if anyone is interested although it might take some time to type it all out since I'm on mobile
>group home for mentally disabled people
Is it as bad as I think? Do any of them go to this site? I need your insight.
Shitposting aside none of the guys I take care of aren't competent enough to turn on a TV. The only one that can talk is obsessed with John Deere to a bizzare degree.
Wow, that really makes one stop and take stock of how smart even the dumbest shitposter is.

I mean, they could be too stupid to even fill out a captcha. Mental illness and disorder is nothing to laugh at, but some of the faggots here boil my blood. I can't imagine the reality at all. Even the Berenstein/Bearenstain bearfaggots? Even they are not as retarded as the people at the home you work at? That's crazy.

signed, a stroke victim
Pretty spooky. Would be funny if the ghost remains and has to haunt a burger joint now.
File: vader_didnt_read.gif (2 MB, 350x170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 350x170
sounds like someone is bitter...
He's right, you do have a rotten attitude.
>fat black guy
>works at mental hospital
>shows crazies crazy conspiracy videos
>inmates go batshit insane
Maybe it was just job security in the mind of the big fat black bouncer, perhaps he does that when it gets too quiet because he is afraid of losing his job
more stories pleeeease
>muh skitz isn't real
>muh depression isn't real
>muh ocd isn't real

It's all in your head buddy!! amirite?

fuck off
This guy is definitely not psychotic, you want skitz? Read this dude's posts >>17158670
Now that is what real psychosis is like, disorganized and completely fucking cryptic, but OP seems to understand some sort of logical path or pattern even though there definitely isn't one.
I'm not skitz I have bipolar :^)
File: 1367760434550.png (502 KB, 500x694) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love how people say shit like that and then after they've decried all mental illnesses as fake, turn around and say "oh but homosexuality is mental illness"


WHere the fuck is this hospital?
You probably have depression and OCD but the schizo could be misdiagnosed. I hear it's one of the most commonly misdiagnosed illnesses.
As someone who had an obese single mother, they are literally the worst, most jealous, and bipolar people on Earth. I didn't turn out juvie-tier because I made her my anti-role model, but I know a bunch of kids who had mom's like mine that turned out like psychos. There's 100% chance you are either a fatty, fat woman, or had a normal household
Alrighty. I am here in the Philippines btw. Electric chairs were last used here between 1976 - 1977. It was allowed and some people have been victim to the chair and are still alive. Who knows, maybe some underground prison is still using it. The law here is poorly regulated and almost anyone can get away with murder, rape, etc. Most of the patients in the psych ward were also readmitted for their 8th time usually due to non compliance with their anti psychotic medication. Anyways, story time.

It was our 3rd time (not sure) that me and my case group had visited the psych ward. We were all getting ready to go home. (We stay at the topmost floor of the ward) Very tired. I could get into the whole process of what happens but I don't want to go out of topic. Suddenly, we hear broken glass shattering downstairs and some shouting. A couple of us run downstairs to check. Some too frightened to check. Peaking around the corner of the stair I see that the glass door leading to the male ward had been smashed through by a patient. A nurse was nearby the aggressive patient and so he grabbed a shard of broken glass that he smashed and held her hostage by the neck. He was demanding that they let him go. His hands were already bleeding from the glass but didn't seem to mind. The nurse appeared calm and I still remember that look in her blank glass eyes. The staff couldn't do anything and eventually police came and negotiated with him to calm down. I still don't know how they did it. There are a lot of stories in my particular ward of escaping patients. I once saw a naked lady in the middle of an intersection during traffic. She was probably one of the patients lol.
forgive my typographical errors.
My mother hears Barrack Obama and the Illuminati talking to her. I doubt she's just thinking it up.

growing old is spoopy
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Background: I was 18, a new bank teller at a branch located in a very seedy part of downtown San Francisco. Lots of derelicts and petty criminals around, as well as old people barely surviving on social security.

There is a mental patient halfway house about a block away.

>Old woman comes up to my teller window
>She's in her 60's, haggard, wearing raggedy old clothes, a headscarf, and a thick grimy old winter coat. Her clothes smell bad and musty.
>She has a thick raspy accent, can barely speak English, and acts very nervous
>She asks to cash a check, so I ask her for ID
>Her mood instantly changes
>She angrily complains that I am new and 'where is the nice girl' who always helps her?
>I explain I need to see her ID to cash her check
>She flops her large dusty handbag on the counter and starts to search for her ID, mumbling and cursing under her breath
>Her bag is full of weird junk, trash, etc., which she starts placing on the counter
>Suddenly, about 15-20 large cockroaches scatter out of her bag
>They are all over her coat, arms, and face, as well as the counter right in front of me
>I recoil back about three feet in horror, knocking over my chair stool
>Old woman is unphased and continues looking in her bag
>Meanwhile, the 'nice girl teller' notices this scene and comes over to rescue me
>"I'll take care of her, I know her, she's a regular" and she motions the old woman to move over to her window
>I'm just standing there still in shock, I had only ever seen 1 or 2 dead cockroaches in my life
>Old woman starts packing up her junk...
>She opens her handbag wide open...
>Inside her bag is the back half of a large, dead, rotting rat.

Apparently she was one of the mental patients, but it freaked me out since I was having a hard time coming to terms with how terrible the life of this old woman must be.

There were a couple of other patients who were memorable and weird, but nothing quite as shocking as this one.
Lol you should have sprayed here with raid to see if she was actually just a giant skin corpes full of roaches.
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Any hotties in there with you? Kinda have a thing for the crazy girls, if they're the right kind of crazy.
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>spoted the triggered r9k anon
File: 1444079618464.jpg (26 KB, 457x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My brothers gf is a psychiatric nurse. She has some pretty weird stories.

>Brothers gf working night shift at mental hospital
>All nurses in nurse office
>Nurse office is locked at all times, has glass door + windows
>At about midnight a patient comes to the glass door begging to be let in, they refuse and call security
>He starts smashing the glass (its hard glass), shatters it, screaming he will kill them all
>Breaks into the office and picks up glass shard and tries to stab a nurse
>Security come just before he can kill her, pull him off and put sedate him etc
>Turns out the patient was on ice
>Brothers gf asks him if he remembers the incident when the ice is out of his system
>Says he remembers some being coming to him and telling him that he is in hell and that he has to kill all of the demons to leave hell
>When he was trying to break into the office, the nurses appeared to him as demons hence why he was trying to kill them

have some more if interested

The hell is "ice"?
By all means, continue.
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I'm in Australia, I think its what you call crystal meth.


>Deranged looking homeless woman is brought in by the police, apparently looks slightly like sleep paralysis old hag (pic related)
>Police were called on for a home invasion (young family, 2 parents and a baby)
>Parents were out in the garden, baby was in crib
>Parents hear baby crying, go into room to check in
>See old hag in rocking chair with baby
>Parents freak out and try to take baby off old hag
>Old hag screams at them "ITS MY BABY, THE MAN SAID SO"
>Not wanting to risk the baby getting hurt in a struggle with the old hag they call the police
>No idea how but somehow police get the baby off her unharmed and bring the old hag into the mental hospital
>Brothers gf ask her why she thought it was her baby and who the "man" is
>Apparent he is some demonic creature that follows her everywhere and tells her the "truth" and guides her through life
>Brothers gf ask where is the man now
>Old hag replies "He's in the corner, he thinks I should kill you"
>Brothers gf gets chills, feels an evil presence in the room

That's all I have for that story, I think she was just put on heavy anti-psychotics
>feels an evil presence in the room
This could easily just be his imagination after what she had done, and what she just said. If he felt the evil presence before she said something, then that would be different.
Meth doesn't really do that to you until you haven't slept for about a week because of it. It could have just amplified his level of crazy though.
jakemaverick blogspot co uk/

jakemaverick911 at gmail com

system thinks i'm posting spam so trying to reformat web address so it will post....replaces spaces with dots
Always choose jail...
Strike that, I think you should choose mental hospital, not prison. But that's just you. Everyone else choose jail.
whats the story with that mexican daycare?
I realize that. It most likely isn't supernatural and she just has schizophrenia or something. I'm just telling the stories like I was told.

She said he was normal otherwise, so I don't know. Maybe he had bath salts as well or something.
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>"You hear it, don't you?"
This should be made into a movie
Any proof? Newspapers, obituaries, anything?
An inmate with a superman logo tattoo said "damn, this shit is better than the movies right here" and it inspired me to yell "BRING ME KRYPTONITE"

also i'm working on a script about a guy who believes jesus is out there but he needs to become the antichrist in order to convince him to come out of hiding, so he can bow his head before him and get slain by him. but it's cheesy and pretty shit, obviously. i'm not in the right state of mind to write a good script :/ oh well
>former psychiatric patient
>believes global conspiracies
>believes disinfo agents tell psych patients these theories to cover their tracks

Maybe you were let out a little too early, friend.
More proof that our correctional system is bum fucked.

>this man is too psychotic to respond
>looks like we get to slam him against a wall
Not only that, but they are people who were treated badly because they didn't understand the ego, super ego, or id

Then they go on believing there's something different or special because everyone around them treats them as a lesser being because of the more-so unbearable attitude it gives them, not knowing those things.

Any psychotic I have met acted completely sane and satisfied after I treated them as important as their parents and caretakers. I will say that every time I have done that, the parents and/or caretakers are angry with me for treating them as good as their "problem"
if that's all they were doing to this guy, any more time in there wouldn't do shit. All these stories just look like assholes locked assholes who didn't learn stuff in a box and now they're all dicks to each other but never actually try to communicate or learn from each other
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Fuck an abandoned mental hospital, the ones with real crazies are much scarier!
as a little shit spawned from an obese single mother this is true, residential treatment sucks ass and i hope youre nice to them because they dont know any better than being little shits
>you will never hold denise and tell her it's going to be all right

why live
its so hard to break the ugly cycle, how did you survive while having to be around her everyday? how did you make it? i like the anti-role model thing but its really not that simple when youre surrounded by it everyday and the shitty behaviour and lifestyle sort of seeps in and im worried im hardwired to turn out like her
we'd be interested to hear.

This story is amazing.please screen cap it, I was enthralled
I work at a mental hospital AMA
>You either are one of those fatties or you're not.
>Jim is dead by now
I don't want to imagine what Brian is like now
Continue...just spill it
Really? What institution was it? Just curious, maybe I'm living near it. lol
The thing is he might be selling some burgers right now.
I am a patient at a mental hospital, AMA.
I was in a psych ward for about a week last year. I was pretty disassociated and pretty whacked out. When I got out I was paranoid for a while until I started smoking again. I would think I was being followed and shit. And that after a certain point the road to my psychiatrist turned into a fake town populated by actors who were monitoring me.
all psychosis delusions are really entertaining and could be really
Why you guys green texting on a blue board it makes it hard to see.
>Placed in hospital at 13 for the typical wanting to kill myself bullshit.
>Scene phase, of course.
>The doctors line us up every day for lunch, separating the boys and girls, and then all of us walk down to the cafeteria.
>Big blonde kid with reddish skin. Bug-eyed. Shifty looking.
>Comes up to me and tells me that I'm the prettiest girl out of all the other girls, I get freaked out by this and thank him but try to stay away as we walk to lunch.
>Asks me if next time I'll stand with him on the boy's side. I tell him, that probably won't work out.
>After eating we go outside. Lots of chalk to draw with.
>Blonde kid picks up some chalk and begins writing symbols on the ground, and tells the doctor that he "has to do this."
>It looks like he's drawn on his skin with pen, the same symbols he's writing on the ground.
>Doctor asks him what they are, he says they're alien symbols.
>It's visitation time. I see him with his father and his father looks sad, asking what's on his arm.

>Afterwards, I'm reading some manga about murder/violence. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni I think it was.
>Still surprised my mom got the book through the security.
>Kid tells me he's read that book before, and that he likes murder.
>I am visibly uncomfortable at this point.
>His eyes get angry.
> "You make me upset." He walks away from me.

Later learned he was schizophrenic. It was a scary experience, because he would tell the counselors he'd want to hurt them and he was always trying to talk to me and get close to me. Never want to go back.
Here's something I left out, I've mentioned it on this board before though. My apartment was on a college campus, so there were only other college apartments around, except for some little houses through the thick woods out the back. When I was taken out of my apartment by the cops there was this strange bearded dude (southern type, looked like he liked to shoot guns and get drunk alone) and the same dude was in the jail with me. I didn't get to talk to him at all because we were in different cells but he got in a fight with a black guy and said something about his bloodline being at fault and he also pointed at me saying it was my fault I was there. Maybe he was talking to the cops about the stuff I was screaming and they decided to bring him in too? I checked the mugshots for that day and couldn't find him.
Which one? ;^)
>be 15
>watch a movie from 2014
underage b&
Will you tell us what really happened to David?
I've been in a mental hospital for a while, some people are pretty fucked up but nothing spooky for me
That is total bullshit, they hear those voices as real as someone talking to you, because their brain is basically hyperactive and instead of filtering unnecessary information, it tries to interpret everything.
Are you retarded? I think you're confusing schizophrenia with something else or you're a kid or maybe you're just plain stupid?
What do you mean? I told you what I saw, and everything I heard from him
Well, that's what happens when your police force is composed almost entirely of roided out, brick stupid Chads.
But hearing voices isn't a symptom of bipolar disorder?
Oh, but you didn't find out what really happened after your episode?
Spent a week in an inpatient facility. Had nearly killed myself between panic attacks and was terrified that I was loosing it. Not to mention I had a nasty concoction of meds going that were not helping.

Pretty uneventful since I got landed with the calmer ward. Non-aggressive bipolar, ptsd, alcoholics and detoxed addicts. Bed sucked, ward was constantly freezing and I had to drunk milk at every meal to keep my digestive system from saying "fuck this shit" to the food. (Lactose intolerance ftw?)

The only interesting part of the stay was this Latino chick that showed up on about my 3rd day.
>seems nice enough, quiet, always smiling
>room is on the opposite end of the ward from hers so don't really see her much
>start hearing little whispers from the other patients
>chick had stolen all of the bedding from the 4 rooms on that side

Which was weird, but no one really cared since the one room was empty

>lunch rolls around
until you're cleared by a doctor, you have to eat your meals in the ward common area
>rest of us come back from cafeteria
>bitch has reorganized the common area
>dipshit nurse on duty elsewhere
>all the chairs upside down in a circle
>bunch of plastic cups in the middle
>frizz head is just in the middle
>smiling at us like nothings wrong

When the nurse finally noticed they moved her over to a different ward. She told us all how much she loved us and how her offerings will keep us safe. And of course she took a pillow with her when she left.
Other than that, nothing interesting.
Change your theme fag
I'll tell you a creepy story then...
>me in mental asylum, go to use toilet
>open door hear tapping like nails on window above toilet
>wtf, can't see anything outside but I'm too far away from the window, but it's 7 meters above ground level
>nope the fuck out of there and use a bathroom where there arent windows above the toilets
me again, I forgot to mention it was night so it was pitch black outside that's why I couldn't see shit.
Holy shit I live in kings park. I used to go there all the time, shit was spoopy. Especially with the very real threat of homeless and gangs of people who strip out the copper there.
Never said I believed it. I think there's a grain of truth in every pile of bullshit, though. The disinfo part is the idea that doesn't fall within Occum's Razor. Of course it's more likely they're just sadistic fucks. And I would much rather not think our leaders are literally burning infants in the woods to honor their dark gods.

Maybe all these workers have their own Peruvian panflute forum where they pitch ideas to fuck with the patients.

I'm not quite sure where you're coming from here, bromigo. Am I the asshole? Are the staff the assholes? A mixture?
File: 1428196239948.gif (3 MB, 252x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why are you here then? fuck off faggot
Good thread.
maybe he meant he got the concussion at age 15 and later on watched the movie which set off his paranoia
why didint u just talk to him
>sleeping in hospital
>hear weird ouing noise
>probably doctors fucking
>gets louder sorta sounds soulfull
>ask it why its hear
>just oues
>ask it if it needs any help
>just ouuus
>ouuing are starting to sound better
>sometime passes ou goes away.
Holy shit, nigger... learn the difference between singular and plural.

This thread is being monitored >>17183800 I was short on time but would like to come back to it! Try to keep it out of the archives for as long as possible.
>He let out a laugh and said "good thing you broke me out".

I can see that being spooky to you as a kid, but if you still think that he meant that in a literal sense, you're a bit retarded.
My older brother has been in and out of mental hospitals (hes 24) and its like no doctors even wants to help him out. Hes a paranoid schizophrenic and he's convinced the illuminati and the government are experimenting on him and hes like some sort of Manchurian candidate. One of the first times he checked into one he instantly checked back out cause the secretary was a girl he knew in middle school and shes part of the plot apparently. He doesn't like talking on phones and doesn't believe its me talking. He also lives with my dad (my mom had to get a restraining order against him it got that bad) and hes tearing the house apart, he cut every wire and fuse there is in the house, he fell through a whole in the attic into the hallway below and he is hammering nails into the walls. My dad is kinda a dipshit and can't/won't do much. My brother told me that when I come to visit in the next few weeks, he's gonna take me out into the desert/away from civilization so he can tell me whats really been going on and what he knows lol. He also has a Dr.Feelgood so he usually just asks for xanax and adderall but hes usually out in a week of them anyways.

There's obviously something wrong with him and they know it too, but the first chance the hospital gets they send him home. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up on a killing spree. The blood will be on the doctor's hand.
Holy fucking shit... I'm only about four minutes in, but Denise at 3:00 is the saddest fucking thing. God fucking damn, and then there's the boy right after her who was abandoned by his parents... just fuck my shit up.
He's a doorman at a bar in South Philly, awesome guy.
So I suppose this is where the idea of the Rabbit Boy in Gummo comes from?
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Hot dog.jpg
77 KB, 800x597
Mom is a psych-nurse in pretty much the worst Mental hospital in my state, and occasionally she tells me some freaky shit.

>Have a new patient she is looking after
>He is about 40, bald, and built like 2 john cenas
>Dude was admitted a couple of days prior for fucking and dismembering his pet cat, normally for this kind of behavior they put them in a locked room away from the general patient population, but for some reason or another he is put in a regular room with a couple of other patients, I am assuming its because those rooms were full at the moment and he was quiet and cooperative.
>First couple of days the guy doesn't cause any trouble, just sits there and listens to the radio and watches TV.
>The entire time he is there he never says a word
>Be about a week later towards the end of my moms shift
>She is walking the halls doing patient checks when she hears a loud bang followed by screams for help
>She rushes to the room and sees cat fucker stabbing another patient with a pencil, with another one lying on the ground bleeding from the head
>She GTFO's and two male techs try to wrestle him to the ground
>He throws them off, body slamming one guy and stabbing the other in the face
>They drag the two patients out while the techs are wrestling with him so they can get to the ER
>None of the staff can subdue him
>They eventually have to call the police who respond within minutes with Riot Shields and rubber bullets
>It takes 5 officers to bring him down
>He was silent the entire time
>He is whisked away by police never to be seen again

From what she told me the guy is now in prison or something, but those are just rumors among the staff
spent 5 month in one it was shit. fucked some bitch, some guy killed himself, student nurse fell in love with me, took a lot drugs prescribed and otherwise, came out just as sick as when I went in and promptly tried to end my life

mostly it was just misery and suffering

got into a couple fights but I'm not a fighting person those were the only fights I've had it's just people try and walk all over you, some guy stole my cigarettes so I stabbed him with a shank I made, but mostly it was just crazy schizos trying to fight because well one thought I was plotting against him and said I was talking in his head or some shit and oh I slapped some fucking bitch for telling me to turn my volume down, I told her to fuck off because she was a massive bitch and then she started talking down to me in front of all these people saying "he's just a little baby isn't he just a little kid in a big world all alone", stupid fucking bitch I just got up and slapped her accross the face, she was shocked lol and didn't talk bother me anymore but I got in trouble

always fights there people going crazy, cops because they take the crazies straight to the ward after being arrested it's retarded, escaped a few times but I just went to get drunk and buy synthetic noids I had nowhere to go and it was easy living there

this one bitch was going crazy in the higher security 'forensics' ward as in criminal insane anyway she got tackled by these guards and brutalized and broke her ankle ended in a wheelchair

mostly it's just boredom, misery, waste of fucking time

man I tried all the drugs they'd give me none of them did jack shit to be honest. I think I tried like 16 different meds, was scripted tonnes of benzos lol when I first came in I was so agitated so they're like oh here's 10mg valium but it doesn't do shit ended up getting dosed 50mg, and then wa scripted 6mg ativan 40mg temaz a night still so tense and anxious

fuck it to be honest I am so done with the mental health system
Schizophrenics are rarely violent so if there's no intermediate danger, they'll save the bed for someone else. Schizos need care day and night when they're psychotic, and someone who watches over them so that they eat, sleep and take their medicine. Go talk to the doctors yourself and try to find one who will help you out. Sadly, it's also not that easy to force someone into psychiatric care, so they kinda have to let them go if they don't want to stay.
Animal cruelty, man. Those are the worst.
Honestly, what do you expect? Fucking bitches and someone falling for you is misery to you? You slap some mentally ill woman for asking you to turn down your volume? You break out and return because you got nowhere in life? I don't know what your illness is, but you sound like a piece of work.
you seem a little rattled friendo, want some valium?
sorry it wasn't clear it was my headphone volume

she was on the other side of the 'lounge' doing fuck knows I was just listening to some music with my headphones on and she comes over and pulls them off my head and tells me to turn down the volume

fuck her man. this liberal empathy is all good until you have to actually live with these people
Spend four months in a few different ones, all military and vet specific ones. The only great story I have is the giant spider in AZ, the bht took and threw a bucket on it and dragged it off the patio and then it crawled under the door again so she kicked it into the desert.

Also my crazy roommate kept threatening to strangle me in my sleep and they didn't do anything until I tried to kill myself twice over it and stopped eating. It was "part of her therapy" (I was in for ptsd due to spending my childhood being strangled) the best part is that she was an MP so she'd be armed when she gets back to work

The tail chi instructor was hilariously bad and had so much plastic surgery, he looked like a gi joe doll and was fucking the director, who had obvious bpd

I mostly shared music with the perpetually emo army guy and the heroin addict from AIT. We smuggled candy in from outings for people who didn't have that privilege yet and I eventually got kicked out because I was getting worse because of the crazy bipolar bitch threatening me.

>spoopiest thing that happened: angry r9k guy telling me about how he did gay porn and the directer deciding I slept with him despite the fact that I was on 5 minute checks for trying to kill myself again
>also second bipolar roommate stole a pencil out of the art room, peeled the metal band off it, and slit her wrists while I was asleep. She lived though
>also second bipolar roommate stole a pencil out of the art room

lol this reminds me there were all these massive amounts of paint in the art room and some guy walked in and tipped all of it like threw it all over the whole room was a fucking paint mess, all over the windows chairs carpet like liters and liters of paint and they never found out who did it

it totally fucked the room and it had to be remodeled because whoever did had poured the paint into the elctric sockets and shit and smashed a hole in the wall and poured paint tubs down the gaps lol
That's pretty brilliant. I bet it was a BHT venting some frustration if the rest of the unit was locked. Or someone super sneaky and hated art therapy. I don't blame them.
I spent some time in one, there were some people that were less than lucid, some of them harmless, some of them, though, seemed like the kind that would torture you to death without even realizing they were doing it. There was one lady that would just come in to my room at random times and sit there watching me until I noticed her, then she'd either leave or start shouting at me about how I was the devil. I find the thought that, in all likelihood, she watched me sleep multiple times, incredibly creepy. I shared accommodations with actual murderers for a while too.

>Breaking out of straps
Reminds me of the one time I was strapped to a bed, both my ankles and my wrists were strapped, I managed to break my left wrist out while no one was in the room, though, and began working on the right, and just before I got it off someone walked in and saw me. They called every single available staff in to the room on emergency to hold me down and strap every single part of my body to the bed as tight as they could.

Good times.
Yeah, now I can understand why you were upset, but slapping her? Well, at least you know you are not healthy, maybe you can find a place or a doctor/therapist that works out for you.
File: dementia unit.png (194 KB, 988x872) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dementia unit.png
194 KB, 988x872
I posted this the night it happened.
At the time, I never visited /x/ but I shared it on my usual thread in /vg/ and they suggested I post it here. I've lurked on and off ever since.

>working at an old folks home
>working on dementia unit
>residents suffer from varying stages of Alzheimer's
>work overnights (11pm - 7am)
>unit is one floor in an L shape with 26 beds in individual rooms with locked doors
>work with another LNA
>she takes the east wing and I take the west wing
>bi-hourly rounds come up
>I walk into each room to check if all residents are still breathing, change a few in bed, toilet a few
>almost done
>walk out of next to last room (I usually start from the beck and work my way back to the front of the unit)
>something catches my eye (my path is blue in pic related)
>see someone walking from right to left down hallway in common area (red path in pic related)
>notice a familiar walking style (hands behind back, waddling gait)
>notice familiar clothes
>I know 100% it's a resident we'll call Mr. Patterson
>blood runs cold
>pulse increases
>hear no doors open or close as I run down hallway
>see no one in common area or alcove
>check every door
(the doors lock only from the outside, so you can't enter without a key, but they open from the inside so the residents aren't locked in)
>every door except 120 (Mr. Patterson's room) is locked
>against better judgement, open door 120
>room is ice fucking cold, like at least 30 degrees if not colder
>get light headed
>spooked as shit
Mr. Patterson died a week before this incident. I had never witnessed anything paranormal before this, but now I believe in the afterlife.
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>takes a bite of shit
>"tastes like shit"

I couldn't watch past 5 minutes. Too many feels.
>this liberal empathy is all good until you have to actually live with these people

Dude, based of what you've posted here (assuming there's even a shred or truth), you ARE "those people"
Spoopy shit anon...any more stories?
Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with all the shit they have to deal with, under staffed and improperly stocked up to deal with this kind of thing. Holding cells are not mental hospitals.

Get to, or need to? I wonder how well you'd handle a physical nut case face to face.
Goddamn, I'm bawling for Jerry
Trust me, you can go into that line of work thinking you'll make a real difference and help people that truly need it, but many of them will not let you help. It's hard not to become bitter. To be honest that dude wasn't even that mean. That or molested kids is what I'd picture in a place like that, for sure.
For sure, you do. Just remember you do not have the right to bleed others. That's when we start facing a problem.
That's all people do at the place I'm in. We love /x/. Fan favorite.
moar like this
You don't have even a basic grasp on what you're talking about.
I seriously doubt you hold any position at a mental institute higher than janitor.
Unlike you and the previous posters I actually do work in mental health. Thanks for informing me how I feel about my job though.

The stories in this thread are ridiculous even for /x/.
Run runrunrunrun RUN
I can see why you might have been in there, delusional much?
This on both counts. But it's cool to hate teh coppers y'know? Rage against authority while you're 13 and all that jazz.
That's cute, you think I didn't work in it? Not everyone can keep it up. Get off your high horse. Working with troubled kids in the preteen to mid teen stages is the fucking worst. I did it for five years and when a new opportunity showed itself I was on the next train out of town so to speak. It wore at me. At first it was depression, but it rapidly becomes anger when you are constantly assaulted and nearly raped. But thank you for informing me how I felt about my job though.
hope ur k m8
Nope. That was the only paranormal experience I had there. I have since started working somewhere else.
don't worry brother, death will find me soon and i will learn all i need to know

on a serious note i'm doing much better, just working a shitty job at a movie theater and playing dota
good to hear man. keep it real & remember minimum wage minimum effort
Wish I had moar
Just finished watching this...holy fucking that's depressing
Higurashi while in a mental hospital.
and just wtf is that? There is a way to do everything everywhere. It just takes brains and effort.
You're a fucking psycho man ;-) I hate schizos... so predictable...
File: anikem'.png (308 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I got admitted to a mental hospital after a suicide attempt.
They had me drugged up on a crazy cocktail of meds the whole time, it was hard to remember most of it but a few things stood out.
>one night I woke up because I distinctly felt someone licking my ear
>think I just imagined it
>next night I'm sitting in my room and I hear a nurse yell at this 60+ schizo dude to stop sneaking into people's rooms at night
>another night I wake up because a woman with frizzy brown hair turned on the light in my room and ran out
>wake up and walk out to tell a nurse
>"Nurse, someone just came into my room."
>the nurse talked to me like I was crazy "Ohh, someone came into your room? Huuh..."
>no nurses that matched the woman I saw
>no one admitted at the time matched the woman i saw
I met Bephomet the demon of life when I was in the mental hospital a few years back. Night as fuck and he was just a translucent blue goats head with a red backlight. I was admitted for suicide not anything else. Now I've learned of the Angels, the firmaments and all the other good stuff there is to know. Ask a question and I will answer.
File: 144790577264.jpg (106 KB, 531x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 531x600

File: 1451879540358.gif (2 MB, 245x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 245x300

>18 year old kid that calls himself bane somehow just knows to flip over the couch cushion in the tv room to find a bag of drugs in it
>genius iq older guy sneaks into the hospital pa system and threatens a code black (bomb) on the whole hospital
>is brought back to the ward by security guards right around dinner and bangs his fist on the table saying someone ratted on him
>native american guy that tells me hes a serial killer and i see his face changing in front of me often
>trap/goth offers to give me a blowjob and i can pretend hes scarlet johanssen, same guy is always setting the desktop image on the computers to chris angel
>nearly dead old guy keeps fucking around with the dvd player
>mormon with multiple wives gives cunnilingus to them and they moan very loudly on this one holiday, everyone can hear it
>weird girl who never talks to anyone runs and turns the tv on right when my favorite bands music video is on and she tells me to "sssshhhhh" when i ask how she knew

all in all very annoying and surreal/weird
Same guy that you replied to. Did you ever notice that if you calm down and listen with your mind/inner ear you can hear the voices of others minds?
that's the gospel of judas. you're referring obliquely to philip k dick's revelations about living in the black iron prison, like valis, but you updated your roleplaying to a modern day mental hospital and made it first person

man, fucking creepypasta
old bad pasta is old and bad
That sounds awesome. I'd like to go to this place I think.
I used to live near a mental hospital in London called Springfield. On weekends they have to let patients out for some reason. "Ground leave". Anyway, there were lots of stabbings and rapes in the area. I got chased by a guy who kept saying.. "It's ok, it's ok".


I would off my self.
Just watched this.

Fuck them feels
Fucking scary dude
I was working at a state hospital fixing the elevators back in 2011. Me and two of my coworkers were given a tour of the facilities to make it easier for us to navigate the complex due to it being a 4 day job.
>day one. Screaming, hyperventilating patients having anxiety attacks.
>proceed to elevators.
>just so happen to be in the maximum care unit
>see borris for the first time
>borris is about 6'5 and built like an NFL defensive tackle.
>seems calm.
>finish day one of work
>fast forward to day three
>working on pulleys as I hear a doctor shriek.
>borris has a doctor in the air by the collar with one arm.
>no effort at all, borris says no more pills.
>borris is quickly stabbed with a tranquilizer syringe.
>it's like a bear fighting off a dart.
>goes down like a boulder.
Not much bothers or scares me but knowing that there is an unpredictable mentally ill person of such a size and the strength of a silverback gorilla just gets to me.
I don't know what you're talking about, it really happened to me. Guess I've gotta read Valis, I've only read Ubik.
My mother is obese and single. She's the hardest-working and kindest person I've ever met. The biggest positive influence in my life, as well. Don't generalize, faggot. Just because your experience was like that doesn't mean the same is true for everybody.
you're looking for www.tumblr.com/signup
Fuckin guy was following me, I was around 14, I started walking faster and so did he, so I started jogging.. so did he. I fucking legged it. He was running after me saying "its ok, its ok, its ok"

Dread to think what would happen if he'd caught me.

>red shirt
>rocks for eyes

mfw when I find out Sammy Hagar has been murdering innocent people
my fucking sides
not me man

i never did anything violent and if i miss an injection the police take me to the hospital to get injected with the drugs they want me to take

its cause i didnt wanna take my medication they forced this hell on me
oh also

>lunch lady was into crowley
>one guy wanted to go home and get his ps4 and bloodborne
>maybe i was on too much drugs and hallucinated this but i think this one creepy dude was on some cyber cult death pact website
>nurse told me that she and i were the only two humans on the ward that night
>guy went outside on a 20min break and took some drugs, came back inside tried to electrocute himself with a wall socket and when put into the seclusion room kicked at the walls and had his hand in mouth whistling at the top of his lungs for everyone to hear
>someone was all giddy to go on reddit on the computers and i actually rolled my eyes
>a severely autistic women was put on the ward for like a week and would scream HOCKEYYYYYY every 20 seconds or so and was sometimes violent
Ahhh... ;^) time for another hot cup of chocolate in the insane asylum...
I worked in a home for elderly psychotic people for a short while. Most of them just behaved like normal old people until you managed to keep talking to them for a while.
There was this one guy who thought he was some sort of antichrist and the end of times was coming, that sort of shit, and he actually murdered people when he was younger because he thought they were conspiring against him. His room looks really creepy, too. There's not a patch of floor or wall that's still visible behind a huge amount of animal skin and deer skulls.
you bit this off of reddit you faggot.
I spent some time in a mental hospital for anxiety. Was actually not a terrible place. Clean facilities, nursing staff was competant and friendly, food was pretty good. My only complaints is this:

>Only takes two meds. Done in the med line in a minute tops.
>Dis bitch, Karen or whatever, takes like ten meds. Takes literally for fucking ever.
>Cuts infront of me in line EVERYDAY. TWICE A DAY.
>Gets up early (med time was 7am) to beat her.
>Still cuts me in line.
>After three weeks of this I was legit about to kill a bitch.
I don't know why people are doubting me, this happened to me. never posted it to reddit but it'd be cool to read someone with a similar story
Yeah, I hear you. no matter If i'm First in line for dinner this bitch always cuts in front of me and she doesn't Even want to eat it then, she asks the nurses to put plastic foil over it and eats it in the evening. Fucking bitch.
ECT (electroconvulsive therepy) treatments are fairly creepy to watch. I hace assisted on 20+ cases. Aside from the fact the patient is having their brain shocked to induce a grand mal seizure, when they wake up they usually panic. The seizure (like all gand mal seizures) causes temporary amnesia. Imagine waking up and having no idea where you are or why a half dozen medical personnel are standing around you. They often wake up and panic. Sometimes they would yell, scream or start crying.
Oh no! This person acts like a human and gets agitated from the shit he has to deal
with. He could never be a psychologist.
Your logic is horrible.

I live in Arizona, could you tell me the address?
Used to be a mental hospital near me, one of those old Victorian ones that took in all the patients from South London. Called Cane Hill if anyone cares. Never got to explore it properly as it's been torn down recently, but there's a very strange feeling up there.

Pretty sure that houses are being built on the land, I wouldn't buy one for love nor money

Do you remember the name of the hospital? Any street name?
Know of any other abandoned mental hospitals in london that are worth checking out?
no wonder there's so many role playing thread because the amount of mental illness people in /x/,I have problem myself but not to the point to mental institutions =/
I don't have any mental problems but still I got sent to a mental institution. =/

Oh well... time for another hot cup of chocolate in the insane asylum ;^)
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