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Why does found footage get such a bad rap? I feel like a lot of people just hear the genre found footage and automatically write a film off without even watching it. Which is stupid, since some of the best horrors in the past few years were found footage. You get your typical "how many more of these do we need" argument, but you could say the same for your average ghost flick or whatever stupid demon shit they push out year round.
If you don't like found footage horrors than you just don't like horror movies. Now, tell me exactly why you hate found footage or why you appreciate them like i do.
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Ever since three shitheads got lost the woods there's been an endless supply of copies.
Because it's lazy. Dude why bother putting any effort to a film's production when we can just do found footage lmao?!

Also, the majority of found footage films are really, really terrible (in part related to the point above). Yeah, it's such a mystery why so many automatically "write them off"!
>found footage movie

Why can't they try a drama/comedy with this format?

Let the backlash begin
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Well since it couldn't use the books as a source it's been left to the usual gaggle of TV writers and producers to fill in the holes.
As usual these people have as much creativity and sense as a plank of wood so it's no wonder they're screwing things up. Expect 'Heroes' levels of shark jumping next season to ruin any legacy it may have left.
>No more books
>Fandom fanfiction becomes the story

no shit
But it's true. The show feels super fucking rushed.

Like, what the fuck was Bran doing in LF's """trial""" ?
>Oh right, the dumb fucking cunts finally remembered his brother is a literal god.
>Oh right, LF was hated in the vale, even tho there's been no foreshadowing this season at all.

And a lot of plot contrivances not adequately explained or explored.

Also, anyone elsethinkin that the white walkers would not be a problem at all if only John wasn't a dumb cunt who gave them a free dragon? Think about it: No dragon = Wall still up = No WW threat behind the wall.

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this movie was shit
I just couldn't stand those spic accents and the obnoxious and annoying way the speak and act
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t. south american
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*saves the Alien Franchise*
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Wahooga Wahooga!
ugly dog faced cunt

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>sci-fi flick
>character uses "ghost" as a verb
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Whats really dumb about this joke is the fact that you have a white walker shopped in the picture and not an actual wight.

This and Prometheus were a lot much better than you guys give it credit for. Why the hate, nostalgia? Had they not been a part of the Alien universe they would have been praised.
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ITT: TV shows that didn't jump the shark
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The Next Generation of course
>what was Dexter completely forgetting about Rita having just died to focus on avenging and fucking another girl the following week

what did you think of the live action adaptation of Nichibros?
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Today I will remind them.
... i didn't know this

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>Bueno Excellente was a perverted sex offender whose skills earned him a place on the hero team Section Eight. His M.O. was sneaking up behind people to... serve justice.

>Intimidation: Bueno Excellente's only real "heroic" ability is to scare people with the threat and act of sexual assault.

>It is implied that Kyle Rayner was once drugged and sexually assaulted by Bueno Excellente

Who will play him in DCEU?
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Idris Elba
The real question is casting Tommy and the rest of the boys at Noonan's.

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>''oh, drogo...''
What did she mean by this?
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A manlet with a little white cock could never satisfy her so she was fantasizing about the time she was ravished by big foreign dick

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will GoT get a containment board? I thought rick & memey spamming was unbearable but holy shit...
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Except R&M spamming was ironic and done to purposefully piss people like you off (it worked). GoT is literally unironically being posted about mixed in with people doing it to piss you off (it worked).

How about you set up filters like other normal people or ignore it or go to >>>/qa/ and cry or IRC and cry.
>I still watch cartoons and 2/10 normie HBO shows
pleb season is over, hope you got your school shopping done

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What's wrong with her
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Malick is directing her on where to stand for the perfect shot, this is from Song to Song

Does /tv/ agree?
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I don't give a shit about half of those, so no.
Beyond Thunderdome isn't better than the original Mad Max.
BTTF 2 is better than 1 and 3 should be half as good as 1. At a glance that'd be my first observation.

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