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>it's an underage virgins spam /tv/ with their "analysis" and thoughts about a fantasy show aimed at manchildren and people with mental deficiencies episode

yawn. when can the mods move these spackers back to /co/?
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You are a 38yo virgin. Jason. We all know it's you.
I'm with you, OP. Why can't they contain their autism in one fucking thread like the Dr. Who faggots?
There is literally nothing wrong with being a virgin.

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The rest were garbage. Harry/Ginny romance was meh.

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Why does /tv/ love these two shit shows so much?
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GoT because not even edgy neckbeards can resists well-produced mainstream fantasy shit and Rick and Morty, well, because they are edgy neckbeards and the show tries hard to be contrarian and random xD.
Actually all GoT and Rick & Reddit threads are full of hate for the shows.
/tv/ enjoys the most shitposting about stuff the don't like.
go figure
I came from reddit we loves dem shows back there.

Could this shit be shilled any harder?
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>especially in a packed theatre on a Friday or Saturday night
How the fuck is that an enjoyable movie going experience you shletered suburban nu male redditor? Literally screaming and laughing and clapping during a movie is suicide enducing.
>Tums Festival

>>good mix of jumpscares and unsettling dread

So no jumpscares? Jumpscares are for plebs who thing being startled by loud noises is the same as being scared. OOOGABOOGA *violin screech*

>>truly the height of horror kino

This movie is gonna suck isn't it? Committee approved, toothless bore fest.

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I've seen some fans of season 3 claim this in defense of Dougie. Do you think this is true?
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back to your containment thread, faggot

>How do you plead against these charges
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>>ugly goblin girl puts her hands behind her back and smirks
i mean littlefinger was boring as fuck once he got out of kingslanding, plotting in a village with 2 goats and the farmers that fuck them doesn't work as well as in a city with whore houses and all that fancy stuff

still kind of boring way to end his arc
test got sucks

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>You killed Lysa Arryn, my aunt
Yeah, after she tried to push you out of the Moon Door because she was insane. If I let her live, she'd have almost certainly killed you at some point when I wasn't present
>You told her to kill Jon Arryn and gave her the poison
She was mentally unstable and you know it. Her rambling about something in front of you doesn't mean it was true. Even if it was, she'd have tried to kill Jon Arryn anyway because he was trying to send their son away to be the ward of Stannis and she wouldn't allow it. I had nothing to do with anything.
>You told my mother that the knife used in the assassination attempt on my brother was Tyrion's when it wasn't
Fine, the knife was actually Joffrey's. You expect me to tell your mother that the crown prince made an attempt on your brother's life? That would be treason to the crown. I had no way to know she would randomly happen upon Tyrion in an inn and arrest him and trigger a war. As I saw it at the time, this would just make her hate Tyrion and that would be the end of it.
>You sold me to the Boltons
You consented, and I didn't realize how crazy Ramsay Bolton was at the time. I thought he was just a douchebag like Roose Bolton
>You betrayed my father
You can't use magical time travel visions that no one else can see as evidence, especially when they're presented by the judge's brother who has every reason to support his sister no matter what, but even if you can, I was obeying the wishes of my king (Joffrey), and the position I was in was a gray area in regards to honor and loyalty. Besides, I had no way to know that Joffrey was stupid enough to execute your father and trigger a war, that's entirely his fault. Also, my love for your mother is well-known and it's preposterous to suggest that I would knowingly endanger her
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what i dont like is he didnt get a trial, even by combat

they just murdered him like savages
Dude just then I our brain off

Dude weed lmao
>implying D&D have any capacity in their brains to write anything other than "dude this small girl is a cold-blooded murderer isn't that cool xddd

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Info for stupid majority: dead bodies float in the sewers
Nope I'll wait for the korean rip
This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster we've seen in years. Literally years. There's two scenes in this movie that absolutely sent shivers down my spine. First when Pennywise possesses the slideshow and we finally get to see his very creepy and mental face in the final scene. What a build-up! I nearly pissed myself.

The other one is in the basement, first we see the excellent performance by Georgie's actor. You'll float too never has sounded more epically scary. And then Pennywise rises from the waters. I jumped in my chair and still do when watching this. I can tell I will be on the edge of my seat in theatres this september.

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needs thinner waist
to make movie better
Sexy muscle swede.
what did they do to that poor boy's dick?

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Game of Thrones is garbage. Stop watching trash.
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They say if you kiss the right sweetheart
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hal = francis > reese > lois > dewey > jamie > a literal pile of dog poo > malcolm

childhood is idolizing malcolm
adolescence is idolizing reese
adulthood is realizing francis was right all along
midlife is realizing hal was also right all along
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Walt is Hals twin brother
I wanted to drop peter north loads on lois' face since the first day I laid eyes on her.

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>puts a glove on a metal hand
What did he mean by this?
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He's giving sersee the silent treatment
hes taking the black
A) It was cold and cold metal hand is still attached to his body.
B) Everybody in Westeros knows that Jaime Kingslayer has gold hand. He didn't want to attract attention.

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If the holes in the wings don't affect it's ability fly due to "magic" then it doesn't even really need wings at all as they are not what is enabling it to fly, rather just the magical fly ability. Meaning that anything could fly with the same magic, whether it has wings or not.
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What are you some kinda flight scientist?
based GoT poster
you forgot to turn your brain off before watching

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