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>tv shows where the actresses wear a lot of leather
are there other shows besides sabrina the teenage witch that do that?
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that's not leather, it's PVC.
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i guess. they do dress her in a lot of leather though

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bobby pasta.png
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Where's the Narcos thread?
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Hey /tv/, let's go for a ride
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You just made it
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How the hell did Miguel get inside there?

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I'll feed her my lemon cake, if you know what i mean
why is puberty still allowed
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Holy shit are you me? I literally just got done watching this for the first time with a friend.

[Spoiler]its my favorite chucky so far, I haven't watched Curse yet [/spoiler]
Formerly Sneed's
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Shit meme

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good movie
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when i try to post actual discussion it gets ignored, just think everyone should watch it though
Could've been shorter.
Those nightmare samurai battle scenes got annoying after a while.

Great movie though.

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Which is the most memorable MCU villain besides Loki?
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Why would he try and fuck aliens looking like a Human?
They did Ego great. Idk if there's a precedent for him having a human form, but they pulled him off perfectly in the movie.
If Ego had been played by anyone other than Kurt Russel he would haven't been entirely forgettable.

Why don't on location wholesome children's shows exist anymore?

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Do you think Bran enjoys watching everyone have sex?

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so he was guilty right?
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it doesn't matter you pleb
It does matter. He was innocent.
No it doesn't. The point was about reasonable doubt and the personal prejudices we all carry.

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Movies about him, please
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Didn't they make a bunch in '92?
Now that I stop to think about it, it's pretty sad they never made a good Columbus film (unless they did and I'm not aware of) and now it's impossible because pc. We need some discovery and conquest of the Americas kino.
>now it's impossible because pc.
If anything it's more possible because of pc culture. Columbus was an absolute monster and only retarded wops think otherwise. Can't wait for Eli Roth to make his biopic.

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>/tv/ will defend this
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Who's the virgin supposed to be?
you don't even know what the meme is, haha

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Now we all know that the clean joke here is obviously a play on the name Chuck also referring to 'Chucking' feed and seed to livestock, but was the joke eluding to this being some form of brothel house under the guise 'Fuck and Suck' intentional or a fortunate coincidence that the writers were unaware of at the time?
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Nice damage control, Chuck
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The change in management was for financial reasons.
golden fang

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What's the name of the movie you enjoy regularly watching with your family and it never gets old?
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Game of thrones season 8 finale, final scene

>war is over
>slow fade to shots of major cities rebuilding, amongst fire and ice
>cut to shots of peasants working together and trying to rebuild, patrols marching and gathering supplies
>cut to Tryion in Kingslanding, looking at the iron throne
>He stares at the throne for a few seconds, slowly marches up to the throne, half of the room is broken, dead Lannister guards on the floor, fire and ash cover the scene
>tryion walks up to the iron throne, but stops within a few feet
>hears rumbling coming out of the city, rushes to see what's left in the ruins
>Stannis Baratheon is riding in, with a thousand dragon stone knights
>cut to Stannis entering the throne room, Tyrion is shocked
>"Stannis? Of house Baratheon? What brings you to.."
>"The iron throne is mine and mine alone" kills Tyrion with a throwing spear, proceeds to walk up to the throne
>scene ends with Stannis sitting on the iron throne, as the camera slowly zooms into his face
>cuts to black, credits
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