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you think he got to watch the dailies with his screams when he encounters Ryuk and thought 'nailed it'
I've watched this ending about 20 times.

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Only difference is that they're non-whites instead of Jews.
are all of these new star wars movies just a cut and paste of the original ones?
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>everyones major issue with TFA was it was a rehash of AHN
>make TLJ a rehash of ESB

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would you buy it?
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>Homer, you are reading this in Danny DeVito's voice
I already did, in Simpsons Hit & Run. It costs like 600 coins but it's fast.

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Why does he consider himself an authority in impressions?

All of his impressions are highschool level shit
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Because if you get just popular enough and manage to stick around for just long enough you can fool just enough people into thinking that you are an expert in your field even if actual skill and expertise played no role in your success.
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Remember when you were in your early 40s and you thought this guy was funny?

>movie trailer
>ear shattering fart noise
>full frontal shot of Cthulu rising from the sea with water streaming off of its body
>black screen
>coming 2018

>opening shot is Cthulu rising out of the water
>movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes of Cthulu destroying a city
>ending is Cthulu standing over the leveled city roaring at the sky
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I'd watch it.
seen this thread before

faggot get your own ideas
Why are lovecraft fags always so fucking stupid and ignorant about what his wroting was about

Its phenomenal how completely off the mark they are 99.9% of the time

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Arnold movies were the capeshit of the 80s

People decided on what movie to see and they were like, "Arnolds in it! That means its FUN and easy to understand so I can make out with Chad and not miss anything", so they keep getting made to the dismay of film connoisseurs. "Commando" was not a good movie by any metric, yet you see these small cocked wide hipped millenials glorify it as some sort of lost gem of masculinity, the same type of people who hangout on sites like /r/theredpill or fitmisc.
I wonder if when the west inevitably turns full authoritarian people will look back and miss the good old superhero movies like guardians of the galaxy, a foregone time when fun was allowed.
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>Arnold movies were the capeshit of the 80s
Trust me, in 10 or 20 years time no one will look back and say
>avengers is dope
the way you can today look back and say that the predator or the terminator are kino. capeshit movies now are simply shit. they are just here to satisfy the current demand. no one will care about them in the future since the same normalfags will move onto something more "relevant"
I mean you have people who are nostalgic to american pie movies or the early spiderman movies already.

Even though people back then probably say the same things you said now.
are you saying end of days is a shit film?

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Does anyone have a screencap of the gliding spitfire at the end of the movie?
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it's still in theaters and there are only camrips out as far as I'm aware.

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movies 2000.png
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Post 'em.
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no Social Network
no Whiplash
no Departed
no Memories of Murder
no There Will Be Blood
Ciao reddito!
The only thing lotr was good for was putting me to sleep

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I bet /tv/ can't even guess my name
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Mr. Cunt.

Father Larry duff?
Keyser Söze?

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what does /tv/ think of the 'three flavours cornetto trilogy'?
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One of the most reddit movie trilogy names I've ever heard - especially when the third film isn't even that different and there's no Bond cameo in Shaun

Man with No Name Trilogy is still the best trilogy name
i watched hot fuzz. i laughed 1 time. 1 fucking time
started with Shaun of the Dead, complete waste of time, haven't touched the other two

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inb4 contrarian faggots
Another Daria thread, neat. MTV had some great animation choices.

>waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large penis and people like to be around me and beautiful women want to have sex with me all the time
>please feel sympathy for me
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what's your end game?
Big blacked sneed 4u, fucking liberals
The director of this dishonest shambles was Steve McQueen. Not to be confused with one of the coolest actors ever, who died of cancer decades ago. A Jew-pandering nigger. Have you read any articles featuring him apologising for having made this utter tripe? No. THAT is my end game.

Kill yourself reddit memer

>sell this as a larger-than-life showdown between Bruce Lee and a deadly Shaolin monk
>it's really about a white American beta who comes down with yellow fever and uses Bruce to help him tap sideways pussy

Holy kek
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>Martial arts team behind X-Men
thanks for the info. pretty much killed any reason for me to go watch it.

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Anakin Luke.png
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Would you watch a George Lucas directed "alternate universe" stand-alone movie taking place in a future where Anakin Skywalker never became Darth Vader? If so, what all should happen in it?
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>George Lucas directed
>Anakin kills the Jedi and Palpatine and then actually brings peace and properity to the entire Galaxy for ever
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>kills the peace keepers of the Republic
>brings peace and properity to the entire Galaxy for ever

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Lets share our favourite diversity based shows

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It's like if gungans had their own show
This is fucking adorable, thanks for sharing

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