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this, it should be about black men and white women.
really activates the almonds
Oh no what will Aziz ansari do now?


Ready for your dose of interracial romantic comedy, /tv/?
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Mmm tasty curry
depends how's her foot game
cant wait to be shamed for being a white male

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Will black women ever recover?
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wtf fass is gay?

It's just like Game of Thrones(R) (copyright HBO Pictures Incorporated)
Man, I thought he had better taste

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It's interesting to note how many other people you can find just by following one actor.

I originally saw Michael Fassbender in First Class, and his performance in key sequences blew me away. I wasn't expecting scenes like Magneto Hunting Shaw or the Satellite Moving, or the acting to accompany them, a credit to the writing and directing too.

So right from 2011, you can look back at performances like Inglorious Basterds (admittedly an awful film, but everybody involved in THAT scene was fantastic, including Tarantino) and especially Steve McQueen's Hunger. Shame follows later in 2011, Prometheus the year after, 12 Years A Slave and narration of "1" (a Formula One documentary, fantastic btw) in 2013, and Frank in 2014.

Then you get to 2015, and the renaissance has begin. Slow West, Macbeth, and Steve Jobs all in one year. Slow West reveals actor Ben Mendelsohn and director John Maclean. Macbeth introduces director Justin Kurzel, and his brilliantly haunting jazz musician brother Jed, as well as Sean Harris (who co-starred in Prometheus, and the later project Trespass Against Us). Steve Jobs becomes what is arguably Fassbender's best performance, utilizing Sorkin's script and fantastic co-star performances from Winslet and Jeff Daniels.

It just keeps happening. He comes in to give the only worthwhile performance in X-Men Apocalypse in 2016 and play a tragic gypsy in the aforementioned Trespass Against Us, where Brendan Gleeson and Sean Harris (among others) also shine. Followed by dual roles in Alien: Covenant, showing an even extended vocal range and some of that Shakespearean delivery between David and Walter, and Assassin's Creed.

Pre-release for The Snowman (presumably later this year) is pretty low key so far, but I'm optimistic given the source material and the crew as well as the cast.
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Oh, i get it
D'aww Man With Everything Want Hug!
Intresting thread but what should we discuss? Make a tldr.

He's getting married to that White girl btw. Black women on suicide watch.
I'm afraid you've lost me.

I dunno, that's not up to me. Fassbender in general, I guess?

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Q lewdness edition
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is janeway a voyeur?
In the scene she is actively trying to look over their shoulders, so yes.

She'd tell you it's all scientific curiosity, but you know she got off to it that night
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>"One of the best comedies ever made"
>It's not funny

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60s humor is very outdated is all. It might have been funnier in context of the cold war. It honestly does suck though.
because its topical for its time and you dont remember the cold war. this is a movie that speaks to boomers.
It's called dark comedy, if you didn't think Fargo was funny; you wouldn't like Strangelove either

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Has anyone watched this?
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Didn't watch it, but I know a couple of guys who did (in Hebrew), said it was very good
I hope that evil Palestinian gets what's coming to him!
Whoops, guess 'evil Palestinian' is kind of redundant huh?

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Is Let Bullets Fly better than Gone with the Bullets?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Was this the best scene in movie history?
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Dude dubs lmao
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h-how did you do that op?
In all seriousness it's pretty kino.

How do you go from this....
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into this?
Bam is turning into his dad

Is it going to be shit /tv/?
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Probably, but it's going to do really well regardless, given that there is no competition whatsoever at the box office.
It comes at night
look at dark tower LMAO

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Why does he wear the mask?
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because Bane is actually CIA from the future

Post shows with god tier original soundtracks.

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The guy recently worked on Dirk Gently too.
Person Of Interest:
Halt & Catch Fire

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Is Seinfeld the best comedy show ever made?
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No, the Larry Sanders Show is.
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No. If you think that it's probably because you grew up with it and experienced many of life's finite jokes originally through that medium.

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