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Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with us? Every year is the same.
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You don't want to be associated with that shit show.
>I have to drop my home team and become a bandwagoner
It hurts anon ;_;

Problem, Chicago?
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Even the Bears could somehow find a way to beat the Chargers
>Cutty has infinitely times more wins in half as many games as the Burrs
But at least they can just throw all the blame at-oh wait he was the guy that they used for that. Maybe now they'll have to look at their terrible personnel decisions over the last decade

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It's over, guys. 8-8 here we come.
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It's just one game and it's not typical. Zeke being shit, when he's never shit, should tell you that. They'll bounce back next week.
>Cowcucks will go back into hiding soon

>main team eagles already lost
>second favorite team dem boys also gonna lose
Not a good day

>worst korea
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who /rocketman/ here?

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>7 carries
>1 yard

my fucking sides
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Aint got no cuts.

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Is it time for the NFL to step in and do something about this franchise?
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I knew it for many years. Jay wasn't the problem. He's a wild card of a QB but at least he's not Glennon, who seriously needs more work before he can be a capable starter.
Yes. They need to assassinate the McCaskeys and sell the team to someone competent. I'm sick of watching this nonsense every year.
Also, I don't want to see Trubisky starting until the O line is healthy and complete with Kyle Long, also couple receivers that just catch a fucking pass.... If Fox starts Mitch too soon hes going to look bad, let Glennon shit it up for now.

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t-they are gonna be fine this year, right /sp/?
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Seachickens will burn
Next week we shall see
who knows at this point

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>Since 2007, 83 teams have started 0-2. Only nine (9.2%) of them turned it around to make the playoffs and one of those (the 2008 Chargers) made it with an 8-8 record.

>the caliphate of DallASS
Cowboys won their first game you retard
>w-we dem boyz
What did cowsharts fans mean by this?

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Patsfag here, can this nigga run a route or catch a pass?
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Cowboysfag here.
Can either of these two kangz play db?
Either one will do
Who the literal fuck are these two?

why the fuck do burgerclaps do this??
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because there are loads of spanish-speaking people in burgerland? doesn't seem that bad to me
it's kinda retarded desu
why not just call it football

idk why but it makes me really mad
You should know better than anyone that not everyone calls soccer "football"

We have a different meaning for that word.

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What went wrong?
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>plays for cowboys
he was never that good, m8
O-line baby

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Why is Zeke so fucking ugly?
Ah yes, the usual post-Cowboys loss "JUST" thread. Predictably sophomoric. Broncos are tough to beat at home, especially when they are gifted favorable calls. I don't know what team you root for, but I guarantee you that they're worse than the Cowboys, and they'll be on the couch watching Dak hoist the Super Bowl trophy next year. But please, continue making these useless threads to get your kicks in, because I know that's all you know. I actually pity you. Did I expect this team to go 16-0? No. A loss is fine. Oh, and those players in your photo? All all-world talents. Any team would want them manning their franchise.

As the clock winded down, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers knew they were in trouble. Alas, the clock struck 0 and Packers were served their first loss of the season at the hands of Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers. The cameras rushed on the field to interview players. As ESPN's cameras ran towards Aaron Rodgers, they caught him shaking the hand of the joyous Alex Smith. "Congrats!" said Aaron as their eyes locked. Smith pulled Rodgers in closer. "You played well." Smith whispered.
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Aaron walked into the steamy locker room and began to undress. His gigantic dong flopped out of his uniform. A thundering bang was heard when it slapped against his leg. He hopped in the shower and began to cleanse himself of sweat and dirt. After his shower, he put on his normal attire: Boxers, shorts and a t-shirt.
Aaron said his goodbyes to team mates and coaches and walked to his car. As he approached his car, he began to feel very odd. He looked around and saw nobody but felt as if he was being watched. As he continued to walk, something was not right. As he approached his car, a hand wrapped around his mouth and said, "Don't make a sound." As he began to panic, the hand pulled away and Aaron could hear laughter. Alex Smith was on the ground laughing. Aaron looked shocked. "Alex, you asshole!" He then playfully slapped Alex. "Sorry, I couldn't help it!" The two embraced each other and began to kiss slowly. Alex whispered, "I'm sorry that I beat your ass on the field and now I am going to beat your ass in your backseat."
Aaron began to unzip Alex's pants. He grabbed his monstrous pecker and began to move his hand up and down. "Oh yeah, Aaron. You know how daddy likes it." Aaron dropped to his knees and put this huge thing in his mouth. He sucked up and down, licking the throbbing member quickly. His slobber coated Alex's penis. "Ok get up Aaron." Aaron quickly stood up and took his shorts off. "Fuck my boy pussy Alex." Alex thrusted himself deep inside Aaron's anus. Alex was grunting and Aaron was moaning. "Yeah, take it you little bitch." Aaron kept taking the dick into his hairy asshole. "Fuck me harder!" Alex pumped away. Aaron could feel his penis begin to swell. Within minutes, Alex blew his gigantic load inside Aaron's tight little butt hole. "Well, I hope I see you in the post season." whispered Alex.

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I know the preseason isn't even over but get in here bros, we're making the playoffs
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>tfw lifelong fan and your loyalty will finally pay off
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Is it time for the NFL to step in and do something about this organization?
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Move them to Baltimore.
Such as?
The Browns are starting to look like a team that could make some moves and be good next year.

Instead of absolutely hopeless. They're improving.

They're just a normal kind of bad now.

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