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Will our PulisiGOD score today?
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Just kill me
I just hope iq89 Sky moderators won't keep pronouncing Pulisic as Pulisidzch. It's fair he speaks German at 89%.
ich spreche deutsche

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Can we finally agree that this piece of shit has no skills or talent.
Can we as fans demand him be demoted or kicked out of f1?

Bahrein remproblemen 11
Spanje crash met Räikkönen 1
Canada accu 10
Azerbeidzjan motorproblemen 12
Oostenrijk aangetikt door Alonso 1
België motorproblemen 8
Singapore crash 1
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>le autistic dutch who spams muh verstappen shit
You may call him reckless, inexperienced, over agressive and a self entitled prick, but to say he has no skill or talent is just moronic, his brazil drive alone showed he has more talent in his pinkie finger than half the people on that track
Did that for you

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>Sokratis Papastathopoulos
>Kyriakos Papadopoulos
>Kostas Manolas
>Kostas Stafylidis
>Panagiotis Retsos
>Jose Holebas
>Vasilios Torosidis

Why are we so good at producing defenders?
Why can't we find a decent replacement for Karagounis and Katsouranis, dropping our team from the top 15 to 40-50 rating positions since their departure?
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Sokratis is a goos goalscorer in a pinch. Play him up front.
wheres samaras
Sokratis is a cheaper Sergio Ramos. Imo his only deficit to be as good as Ramos is that he can't jump that well. He is good with the ball on his feet. He can score goals and pass good, thats why he was used as a RB as well.

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>Case Keenum is starting
I rate him tbqh
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I'm a bad fan
Deep down i wish the Steelers went 1-15 just to shake shit up.
>I rate him tbqh

Same, it's just that Sam was so good this week, I felt that him playing would have been great just to keep momentum.

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did they fall for "le sold elvis and bought the beatles" meme?
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Lmao they sold elvis and bought a 5ive tribute act
On a large scale, all that bollocks about them getting top 4 hurt them. It's too big a burden for their shoulders to bear and they're choking.

>wake up
>everyone still mad as fuck at Canelo

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Señor Trump already caved as far as DACA and the wall

Can someone explain to me how this man is a Mexican he looks like a mick bastard

it seems that one's nationality doesnt imply one's ethnicity

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What did he mean by this?
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Knows he is injured and will games to tried to injure a rival on his way out
he gets to take 3 weeks off while chelshit still have to pay him £200,000 for each of those weeks

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You are so fucking mad right now
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i was but im over it now

Is he the best American athlete?
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literally who?

>He is expected to be out for between three and a half months and four months.
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it is my turn to shine

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Hey Seb great driving mate kek
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Based Hammy making these virgins mad
At this point he is the GOAT
how old are you?


>Barca have confirmed that the 20-year-old did, as feared by head coach Ernesto Valverde, suffered a torn hamstring in Saturday's 2-1 victory away against Getafe, which was his full La Liga debut.

>Dembele had to be withdrawn in the first half of his side's dramatic win, leaving the field after sustaining the problem while attempting a back-heel near the corner flag when the match was still goalless.

>After conducting tests on Sunday, Barca released a statement which read: "The tests have come back following first team player Ousmane Dembele has ruptured the tendon in his femoral bicep in his left thigh.

>"The player will be operated on by Dr. Sakari Orava in Finland this week. He is expected to be out for between three and a half months and four months."

>Barca, who have won all four of their La Liga matches to start the new season, have clashes against Eibar, Girona, Sporting CP and Las Palmas before the next international break.

>Dembele is also set to miss huge league fixtures against Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and the rest of the Champions League group stages.

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Jordi Alba has gotten way more active now that Neymar isn't in his way, so we'll be fine for those 4 months
This, we'll be fine.
Who's this >we shit I thought you were a United fan

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Game starts at 1:05 PM PST
Get in here! All content (pertaining to Football) is welcome!
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Thank you based Carr
Take a free win from us jets. We want that first pick
>No more Sticky Stumps

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What are you doing?
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>american """"""'athletes""""""
That guy should really lose some weight before he gets a heart attack or die due to complications from diabetes.

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>Amir Khan
File: 1504889092559.jpg (23KB, 275x284px)Image search: [Google]
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"""""she"""""" is just incompetent. She has no idea what's going on int he ring. I don't understand why she's still there.

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