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Too easy
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not a big fan of Will Smith
fuck off muhammad

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>Loses 4-0 to Liverpool
>Moves to Liverpool
>Loses 5-0 to City
Transfer to Man City when?
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he wasn't a top level baller at arsenal, he was just young and had all the elite level physical attributes

after failing under klopp as well, his career is over. lucky for him, he's on £120,000 a week until he's 29, so he doesn't have to worry about looking for a club, and any old west brom or sunderland will take him on a 2/3 year deal on a bosman.

he's a silly boy, and should've taken £200k a week to be a full back at chelsea
Will he, dare I say it, go to Beşiktaş?

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Live streaming for you poorfags and overseas gents.


Hour to go until kickoff. KC/Iggles game is still on for now.
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First for hungry Zeke.
>Dating girls that don't do anal

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get in here, lads!
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i want this game to last forever
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Boban fouls out
Dragic catches an elbow again in the 4th
Bog chokes

>36pt quarter
fucking hell

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He did it...He changed the Archery game forever...
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archer here
those shots have no power behind them
This is the most autistic video I've ever seen in reddit.

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Really makes you think
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Well when you only have to turn left...
>filename not moba vs rts
you fucked up
If chess and video games aren't a sport, driving shouldn't be a sport, either.

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What the fuck is wrong with this idiot? Injured again?? Unfucking believable. NE just needs to trade his dumbass because I seriously cannot take this anymore.
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He is genuinely hateable from how glass he is.
He should really go to the WWE tbqh at this point
What looked like a shoe-in hof career is now seriously in doubt.

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>mfw yuros post 8/01 thru 02 01
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8th January through 2nd January?
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>mfw yuros in general
>yfw football dominates /sp/ anyway

Watching the Pats Saints game, Romo is doing a great job in the box with some really interesting commentary

>great insight into the game
>clearly passionate about football
>getting excited throughout game
>predicting play calls like a boss
>pretty damn handsome too
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Romodamus is the real deal.
"Vegan cream pie" -Romo 2017
lol. I love that he is brave enough to at least faintly call bullshit on Brees and Brady and their new age health regimens.

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Winners can fuck off
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>Winners can fuck off
Everybody on /sp/ should be in here.

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realistically, how long has he got?
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>Bournemouth (H)
>Burnley (H)
>Brighton (A)
>Arsenal (H)
>Leicester (A)
next 5 games. If he gets less than 9 points I think its a sack

>drawing with Arsenal
its a win everytime

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for me its really makes me think
same amount as the eagles and about 7 other nfl franchises
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Holy shit lads how will Yuropoors EVER recover?

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Rentboy is a fantastic meme.

Story is that the police tumbled a COMPLETELY HETERO and WHITE SUPREMASIST chelski fan only to wake him up next to the rentboy he had hired

Rentboy is the CSKA London FC meme that precedes When the Russian Goes To Prison You'll Be Fucked
Chelsea rentboys, chelsea rentboys, hello hello

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Glad we can all agree
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>england, football, 9
stopped reading
>7 in olympics
Should be 9
>9 in football
They invented the sport and their temas are the best, they are also going to be world champs, 10
>6 in tennis
Andy Murray is the best player of the last 5 years and Konta is goingto dominate WTA for the next decade, 9
>2 in basketball
Luol Deng is the best player in the World, 10
Our leagues are the best even Championship is among the best in the world

No fucking thread yet!?, biggest game of the weekend tbqh
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Real XI: Who cares lol

La Real XI: Rulli; Odriozola, Aritz, Llorente, Kevin; Prieto, Illarra, Zurutuza, Januzaj; Canales; W. Jose
>Real Madrid - Navas, Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Theo, Casemiro, Modric, Isco, Bale, Asensio, Mayoral.
What a shit frontline lmao. Decent enough lineup otherwise, but that frontline is straight trash.

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