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Can anyone finish it please?
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fuck off
no you lazy cunt
it looks pretty finished to me

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this is nice cowe
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that's a pig, yo
Don in the meadow was a lil pig cow
Nice cowe

Just gonna post stuff
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Doodles coming soon
Nibba whut

My first Scarlet Erza, what do you think? any advice?
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fug, wrong link

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Detective Woman.png
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Finish her facial features.
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Looks like a dude. An anime dude.
Reminds me of Claire from House of Cards.
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GIMP is a terrible image editing program

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Hi, /i/. I'm trying to make a webcomic.
See, I'm schizophrenic, so I wanted to make a slice of life comic that depicts that. Also, my username on Tumblr is "cabbagedrawfriend," so I decided to make the main character an anthropomorphized, silent cabbage. I only have this so far, but I wanted to depict some quirky aspects of my life (working at a game store, being schizophrenic, etc.). What do you guys think?
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Either do it or don't, man
Hi /i/! OP here. I've gotten the introduction done, and I'm ready to make this webcomic for realsies. I'm excited to show you friends what I have so far. You can read it here: http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/schizoveggia/list?title_no=85612
>This webtoon has been deleted or is currently unavailable.
Ok then.

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Remember bear with the news?
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No. What is it?

(nice dubs by the way)
I just found it from the archive, so I want to continue with her.

what stories does bear news report on?

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Post your OC's, tell us about them, and draw other people's OC's

Old thread: >>501848
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I posted her in the last thread before abandon ship. This is Bea. Shes a mech pilot who is on a mission to rescue an old comrade and uncover the truth about a new mecha, codenamed "Gilgamesh Armor".

She pilots a MAMOS (Module Armed Mechanical Ordinance System). Her mecha specifically uses a machine gun with a EMP grenade launcher attachment. Outside of her mecha she uses a simple pistol, but shes adept at Brazilian Jui-Jistu.

Shes very serious, personality wise. Not one to take a joke or make one. Aside from that, the lives of her comrades matter more to her than victory, and she will return to fighting even if shes mortally wounded if that means she can save some of her allies.
This is Cosette she's a blind gay witch. She has pet raven named Jean. Cosette can use her magic to see what Jean sees. Jean also likes to steal snacks for cosette.
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Meet Tanaka.

Tanaka is a disabled, scarred, and abused orphan/autistic young woman. She was in a car accident on her tenth birthday that resulted in the deaths of her parents, and her hospitalization. As a result of the accident and the surgeries that resulted, Tanaka ended up without her reproductive organs and her right kidney, while sustaining damage to her bladder, her arm and leg muscles, and various parts of her body which now bear scars: Her right forearm, which is badly burned; her face, which bears jagged scars on the right side; and her tummy and lower back, which bear jagged surgery scars and scars from the accident.

Tanaka is a shy, meek, and anxiety ridden girl when in the public eye, but when alone, she's completely different. Childish, bubbly, goofy, and playful, a side only her therapist and doctors ever get to see, due to her lack of friends. Being considerably wealthy, Tanaka lives her life in the home she inherited, simply just tending to her fragile body and keeping herself as happy as possible.

Full Bio for those who want more: https://www.f-list.net/c/tanaka%20mihama-rose/

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In this thread we draw Megumins
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heres an old one of mine
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expoct us
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well.. /i/?
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provide references
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Can you provide more examples of your work please
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New Canvasd.jpg
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Requesting Peatrice getting gangbanged

Can somebody draw something cool or badass about this video please

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No. Fuck off.
Very sad

I need help on how to draw bodies and proportions, I pretty much have the face covered. Any suggestions??
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didn't watch the vid, but I can tell you that in my experience youtube tutorials have all been trash. If you want advice go to /ic beginner thread and click the sticky, it will have all the advice you'll ever need.

For learning body proportions there's a few things you can do. look up "drawing human anatomy" on google images, should give you an idea of how to break it down anatomy into number of heads, which is very useful.

Next thing is to look in the mirror, and use your bodies proportions , which should actually be the majority of how you do things, although you'll need to later make adjustments to make it more like anime.

last thing is copying other peoples works, and copying it well. then copy the copy you just made, and over all try to memorize it. Then experiment and try to develop a process to making it. Watch videos on how other people draw, maybe streams too. Ask any friends you might have who know how to draw. Keep your sketches so you can use them later in case you forget how to do something, ect.
Not all tutorials are all bad. Regardless, that's only part of how I learn. I figured most of the body proportions by looking at other people in real life as live their everyday lives (creepy lol), or use duckduckgo to find references (usually porn lol) to draw and make conclusions from. Sometimes I'll look up skulls, muscles, and anything else that helps me understand anatomy. 3d modelling has helped me with understanding it in space. Drawing from real life as they say. I've been drawing my whole life (mostly clouds, waves, vegetation, landscapes, and scenes), but I'd still consider myself a beginner when it comes to human anatomy.

>look up "drawing human anatomy" on google images

This. But it is good to have an explanation or details of all the shapes in text. But like I said, you can get a better idea of how it breaks down by drawing from life and making conclusions yourself (most of these were confirmed when I watched tutorials)

>Next thing is to look in the mirror, and use your bodies proportions

I would strongly recommend against this. Get creepy!

I don't know, I'm still mediocre so I wouldn't take my word for it. This may serve at least as something for discussion or to rebut. I'm still learnin'.

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Dump your weirdest, most bizarre art!
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