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I started drawing a really bearded knight and I'd like some critique on it. I have some concerns about the beard and the rest of the hair, as i think it's not easy to differentiate the two when looking at it.
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Maybe leave room for the beard to flow, it's weird with the helmet covering it all, or get creative with how it comes out of the helmet

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lez mek an oc.png
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i wanna start a webcomic with the gimmick of having the designs be decided by you guys, one rule, has to be spooky
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This thread is undead.
That's pretty spooky.
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I also be taking requests if I find the suggestion interesting.
Chill, it's my first time on here
All I hear is blah blah blah

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Influence map: post 'em, discuss 'em, etc.
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influence map.jpg
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Draw some arms
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My shitty oc
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Don't now how it happend.

My character Needs a Color Scheme. Help me pick one
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Blue hair, pink skin, red and white striped shirt, black beret, and bread bread
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how are these?

give the baugette a pink tip

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>Just started drawing for the first time about 20 minutes ago
>mines on the left
>colab was with a stranger, slycat
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Robot lovers2.png
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If she was still in the lobby I would ask. If I were talented enough, I'd draw it for you. :(
>Crazy Robo Sex

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what are your thoughts on paint3d?
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almost as much fun as paint2d
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I like it

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taking Sketch Drawing Requests. SFW or NSFW i don't mind. so go ahead.
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while i'm waiting i just dump some drawings for attraction
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can you draw my incredibly sexy crossdressing bananaman?

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draw anatomy and proportion rules

let's start with the basics
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Drawing practise.png
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hey I've actually been reviewing this lately because it feels like I've hit a plateau with my drawings. I'll post what i've done.
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Drawing practise 2.png
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You guys really really really (really) should not be making tutorials. If you can't fathom why I would say this it only proves how right I am. Let the wise old masters teach the unlearned. Not you.

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So for the past 3 months me & a coworker of mine have been making an "improv comic" where we take turns drawing the panels to a story in improvisation; we have no idea or hint to where the other wants to take the story. And sweet buttery kek, it's glorious how the story progressed. Prepare for some high-quality autism:

> (pic)
Ed gets mugged by catgirl
> Ed shouts "roll for charisma" & lands a 17 on a d20
Catgirl hits on him & offers to bring him to her harem community of catgirls
> they prance over there when they are attacked by a monster (i left it up to him to determine what kind)
It's a bush-scorpian
> The catgirl says the bush-skorp is too powerful & they'll need to combine their life force together to turn into...
A 50-meter tall cargirl
> Giant catgirl squashes bush-skorp but attracts the attention of a bigger monster
Catgirl charges @ bigger monster
> fights bigger monster
defeats bigger monster
> continues down road to cargirl village
meets catgirl village leader in field of dead men impaled on spears
>they all go into hotspring
all of the other catgirls jump into hotspring & stsrt jumping his bone
>he fails a constitution roll, failing to satisfy the girls
he is thrown out, hitting his leg on a spear
> he wakes up realizing it was all a dream he had when he was stung by the bush-skorp from earlier
they go to catgirl village, again
> Ed nearly gets boob-smothered
they go into hotspring, again w/ Edward pondering if he has psychic powers
> A centaur mare w/ an M60 in one hand & a trench-sword in the other storms in to kill all the catgirls
All the catgirls get blasted into what looks like chunky salsa, & Ed is taken away by the mare.
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could you please post the pannels. it seems very amusing

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Please notice the built in drawing program and experiment with it!

Post your best drawings!
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Breddy nice and tegaki-thread already exists
File: tegaki.png (12KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wha- really?
File: tegaki.png (2KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT: Draw mary san
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Iwill eat whoever draws "Kawakami in cowprint bakini "'s ass
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Don't sexualize mai waifu! She's a hard working teacher!
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Kawakami 1 MORE.png
1MB, 1500x1500px
Fuck it here you go.
hold up, you can just say you want somethin drawn and niggas will put time and effort into the request and charge nothin?
I mean yeah part of it is the fact that you like drawing but it's kinda crazy what you get with such little effort.

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