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Post guys wearing socks, the dirtier the better.
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The time has come, for fantasy story time with pictures.

This story is called
The Gentleman and the Faggot

I hope you Enjoy it, here goes.
>Clears throat

Post your own stories whteher fictional or fake along with hot men pictures that illustrate your story.
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“Oh, there you are, Christopher. I had the faintest hunch that you would be here”, Marcus remarked with irony to his “partner-in-crime” who was currently a sweaty mess.

“Well, when you own…*Huff!*...fifty-one percent…*Argh!*...of the shares of one of the biggest…*Yargh!*...Fitness center franchises in the country…*Huff!*...you have to take advantage of the discount on the yearly memberships…” Christopher managed to say as his strong arms struggled to lift the barbell. He had been going to this gym for five months already, and it definitely started to show. His muscles could barely fit inside his stretched and sweaty singlet, the sweat turning its fabric transparent, making the erect nipples on his defined pecs easily distinguishable, among other erected body parts.

“So…” Christopher said as he placed the barbell on its stand. “...How was the auction? Did you manage to make a winning bid for the statue I told you about?” He continued as he grabbed a nearby towel and used it to dry the bodily fluids that were dripping from his forehead.

“Unfortunately that statue is going to be auctioned tomorrow. The only statue that was auctioned today was just an ancient joke item, a small frog statue posing as if it were a Buddha statue. It was in an horrible condition, and the design was hideous. I don’t think we could have fetched anything from it, so I placed my bids on other, more interesting items. Like that set of relics from an Asian emperor who ruled back in the 18th century...I don’t know how his name is pronounced, but anyway, there was lots of valuable-looking stuff in that set. An armour, a sword, plates, a few pieces of furniture…Look.” He showed Christopher a few photos depicting his purchases.
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“Not bad, I’m sure we’ll be able to fetch a nice price from these…”

Christopher already had millions of dollars that he could never spend in a lifetime thanks to his financial investments. Dealing with antiquities was just a hobby. Besides, the possibility of earning even more money which would never be spent on anything meaningful was always fun.

“It’ll all be sent to our warehouse in about two weeks. Oh, except for the ornamental sake bottle, which is already inside the limousine’s glovebox. It was the only item from the set that was physically exhibited at the auction, and as it was quite small and easy to carry it around I thought that sending it to Asia just so they could deliver it to our warehouse again was just a waste of money.”

“That’s phenomenal, you know how eager I am to “play” around with my latest purchases. I’ll check it out ASAP.”

“I thought so, boss. But you’d better hit the showers first. You can’t go into the streets wearing just that sweaty singlet.” Marcus said, trying not to stare at his boss’ practically transparent bulge. “Because…”
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“...”Anyone with a phone can be a paparazzi”. You’ve told me countless times already, Marcus. I’m not that desperate to star in the “millionaires hitting rock-bottom” section of all the gossip magazines of the country.”

Christopher really valued Marcus as his employee...But his overprotective ass-kisser attitude could get really annoying at times. Still, he really did need a shower, so he got rid of the tight singlet in the locker room and entered the warm showers.

Mark Twain once said: “Clothes make the man”, but if that implied that Christopher didn’t look like a sophisticated multi millionaire when placed naked in a shower full of commoners in various states of undress, then Mark Twain was completely wrong. The hot water splashed on his prominent pecs and traveled down through his defined abs. The millionaire’s smooth torso was completely devoid of hair thanks to all the money spent on all those laser hair-removal sessions, as well as his extremities, his ass and the crotch from which an impressively-sized package was hung. But it wasn’t just the way he looked, it was also the way he moved. He passed by some chubby pigs and a few muscle heads without even bothering to dedicate a glance to any of them, head high, chest forward. It was amazing how anyone could tell he was a respected person of a higher-status and not just an ordinary man. And that was without the help of an expensive-looking suit or selling his image to the media, unlike a regular celebrity. Nobody dared to talk to or make any remarks about the naked rich man, as they weren’t worthy of speaking to such a confident-looking man.

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Dudebros fucking is my fetish
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Post your favorite czech hunter models
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Which one was that, come on! You can't do that to me.
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218 is the best easily

The Muscular Asians, hard to see in daily life
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One of my biggest turn ons is seeing a hot guy wearing gym shorts. Visible bulge is even hotter. Post your hottest pics of guys in athletic shorts here!
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Post Hairy muscle men that reek with the stench of testosterone.
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Hsu Chia Hao
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He's got a great ass.

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Post sexy homeless scruffy dirty looking men.


Also..if you have a spare room & bed why not invite a homeless hottie to live with you for a few months while helping him find a job? Do good deeds to help others and perhaps you'll find the most perfect boyfriend.
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This is a terrible idea on several dimensions. Please don't do this.
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Post Asian qts
It's better if they are shirtless or showing some underwear

Last one reach limit
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Have a few Japanese idols (just to mix things up...)

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