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Post circumcised cocks here
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lol no one likes your mutilated cocks, cutfag
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circumcision (2).jpg
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our posts were too big for the holes on >>1576869

let's stretch it out some more
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No studio vids
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Post them here.
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Pics and stories of sleeping and passed out straight friends and things you did with them

Bonus points if pic related
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OP here, I'll start

>16 years old me, in 10th grade
>Hanging out at night with group of 4 friends, all guys same age
>One friend brings bottle of vodka, most of us have never drank before
>We all drink a lot, like way too much
>Fast forward a couple hours, most friends drunk and sleeping in the basement, except for one friend, Rob
>Rob = 5'7 Dark brown hair, brown eyes, and athletic body with tight abs
>Rob is beyond wasted, and I am drunk too but not nearly as drunk
>Convinces me to keep drinking with him
>He gets so drunk he starts throwing up in the bathroom
>I'm the only one awake so I have to help him
>His girlfriend keeps calling him, apparently he was drunk texting her all night
>I pick up the phone and and tell her that he's about to go to sleep, and when I hang up I see their texts
>He keeps telling her how horny he is and that he wants to go to her house and fuck
>Rob is done throwing up but he is still super disoriented and leaning over toilet, now with his shirt off because he didnt want to puke on it
>Drunk me realizes this is my chance

pic unrelated
Part 2 coming up
Part 2

>I help Rob clean up and bring him to my bedroom to sleep but he keeps telling me he wants to drink more
>He is obviously blackout drunk at this point
>I give him pajamas to change into and take him to the bathroom to help him change
>He takes off his shorts and whips out his dick and starts taking a piss
>He seems to not mind me being there, so I took a couple pics without him knowing
>He then goes back to bed in just his underwear and passes out pretty quickly

Part 3 coming up
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Part 3/3

>I wait a little bit of time and start taking pics so I can jack off to them later
>Slowly pull down his underwear and continue taking pics
>4 inch flaccid dick, uncut, a little hairy but obviously he trimmed a few days back
>He moves a little in his sleep and I get scared but I wait a couple minutes to try again
>I am super nervous and know what I am doing is wrong, but I am drunk and horny
>I pull down his underwear again, touch his dick a little, but he moves again and makes a grunt this time
>I get way too scared and go back to bed
>I am too horny to stop, he obviously is not going to wake up, drunk me thinks
>Pull down underwear again and this time, put my mouth around his flaccid dick and begin to suck
>He immediately turns over and puts his hand over his dick
>I get super scared, and go to the basement and go to sleep on the floor with my friends
>wake up next morning really scared and guilty, but he doesnt remember any of it
>turns out he doesnt remember being alone with me at all
>For the next couple months, I jacked off to the pics and never told anyone
>Found out from another friend that Rob woke up in his underwear in my bed and apparently though he went to my room to jack off and fell asleep halfway through
>A couple months later I end up cracking the screen of the phone, but before I could get it fixed my mom threw it away

Pic unrelated
I no longer have the pics and I'm really sad about that though.

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Lets see some love for the Bae in the North
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Best part of the finale.

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Can anyone post the latest bieber leaks? Can't find them anywhere.
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which one?
From selena's hacked instagram

I want to suck it dry
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Yes, it is oddly specific. Yes, I am attracted to it. Generic cosplay reluctantly also acceptable.
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Why do Indian people wear a string around their waist?
Some orthodox hindu tradition. Most of the people however use it to hold their pants without belt
This is the best dick edit I've seen so far

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