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Some Monmusu
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I am such a sick puppy, that I have spent the last couple hours trying to figure out ways to get this translated. What's wrong with me?
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I hope this is not too extreme.
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I managed to find an online program that grabs text from images for translation, but Google does a terrible job of translating the...nuances of Japanese language.

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The way to a woman's heart is apparently through pushing her internal organs out of the way with your penis
Dick chest deep thread
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Legion is almost out, let's get some exodar blessed horsecock in celebration. Bonus points for best girl (yrel)
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well fuck man you gotta post more than 1. its like the rules man
Asks for Yrel posts Lotharemas. ill dump a bit.

Opening it up to wow races in general my help keep the thread alive to
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Anyone here have an RL hypnosis fetish? Like, not just stories and such, but genuine hypnosis?
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Yes, and the already existing hypno thread or /soc/ would be more appropriate places to take this conversation. /d/ is for hentai.

what kind of /d/ appropriate content would their be for this fetish?
There is no existing hypno thread.

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i havent seen a thread like this in a god awful long time
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I've rarely seen any good trypophilla pics anywhere,anything involving pulling parasites out of holes or just a collection of holes on a body
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W-wha what in the fuck!
I can't say for sure but I think trypophilia comes under guro.

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Picture quite related.
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Dicks also welcome.

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Old one was auto sageing. Post caps, request new caps, etc.
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Sissy hypnosis.jpg
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Today's Topic: Your preferred size and your preferred role.

I'm curious if this is as obvious as I expect it to be. Friend of mine seems to think all giants are turbotops with a massive ego streak and all tinies want to be filled with dick till they explode.

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Size: Tiny
Role: Ass pet
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Post cute pics/comics that are /d/ in some way.
I'll start with some /tg/X/d/

Oh, on an unrelated note, I've been seeing a couple of furry pics pop up in multiple threads around here. That's still banned right? Is furry allowed now? because I'm jumping ship if so.
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Shemale or futa preferred, but not required

let's get milking
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OP is a massive faggot. Post more than 2 images you stupid cunt.

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Someone forgot to make a new thread edition.
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Let's start this thread off right~

>Threadly reminder that if you want the source to something, use saucenao.

>If someone asks for source, direct them to this post

>Remember it's better to teach a man to fish than to give him one.

Dumping the latest Goya piece, up to the part where she starts pooping. Wonder if he'll be in the next Shingeki issue or not
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I'm talking giant cock bulges, if that's not obvious
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The penalty for reading this thread is two weeks of chastity, or extending your current lock-up by two weeks. Want an early release?
Then make a post with a good picture, describing your current lock-up, how desperate you are to cum and asking for a task to earn an early release. You can ignore tasks you dislike, but each one you ignore adds one day to your lock-up, so include your limits in your initial post.

Don't forget to have fun and post pictures.
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I'll start us off with some pics.
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It's a shame we no longer have a drawfag

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