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Tits, Asses, Dicks, Balls, Demons, Futa, Monstergirls... whatever you want, but let's see some hands being sunk into greedy flesh.
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Short story (2 pictures) of a cocky/dominant/shy, quickly girl followed by here getting fucked and inseminated like an animal. boys getting the same treatment works too, if you have 'em.
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Does anyone have any pics of alien looking Humanoid females that AREN'T just Humans with blue skin or anthropomorphic animals?

The best example of what I'm looking for would be Gardevoir from Pokemon or Midna from The Legend Of Zelda in her Imp form or Muffet from Undertale.

If nobody has anything feel free to post Gardevoirs.
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Pic Below is your new bod
The last thread hit image cap
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>tfw fully girlified and diapered
>diaper status : slightly damp
Life doesn't get any better
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Hypnosis thread
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New Thread

Old Thread: >>>7531803

Tell us your favourite vore scenarios. Mine is always predator and prey environments like felarya or shrunken humans being served as food in a society where it is considered normal for small people to get eaten
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is anko best girl?
I like scenarios where the giantess is on a rampage, and is snatching up people left and right. But I also prefer scenarios where it's private and the pred can toy with her shrunken prey and it's not accepted, she knows it's cruel and monstrous, but she just loves doing it and no one can stop her.

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Guys who have gotten surgery/hormones)other modifications to look feminine

Gonna have a hard time finding even five pictures to start the thread but I'm gonna look
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Try to look for things that suggest it was a guy, like text or scars or whatever

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Previous thread:
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i'm surprised that no one even bothered to open up another navel/bellybutton thread here
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Urethral Insertion/Sounding
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/d/ is for /d/ick fucking

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A thread for her POV. Preferably femdom.

Futas welcome
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Doesn't matter how well known they are, there's bound to be someone who hasn't seen them.
Just a description and a few images that show off what they're about.
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This is Gekka Kaguya. Pretty much exclusively does futa, their stuff ranges from close to vanilla to not vanilla at all.
Not sure how to describe what I like about them, I just like them.
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And here's a third by them.

love it
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The penis kinda ruins it. Not to talk shit on your stuff. But not my cup a tea, happy thread and good bye.
>Invades thread with pointless comment
>'happy thread'

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Is there a name for this fetish? Basically when people are in bondage in public, but hidden, like in a box or trapped inside a locker.
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Dumping the rest of this whilst i'm here

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