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I need more femdom foot humiliation/worship
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I didn't see a thread up so I'm starting a new one to post a couple deliveries to some draw requests from a previous thread.
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Here's this one.
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And this one. And that's all I've got for now.
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These are pretty great, and thanks for starting a up a new thread.

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Diapers, potties, pacifiers, all things like that.
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There's surprisingly little good art of this.

Since it's often hard to know whether someone in an image is being denied an orgasm/is edging themselves without dialogue, there's gonna be a little benefit of the doubt with dialogue-less / untranslated images.

Chastity is great too but let's not make it the focus.
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(This is what I mean about how it's kinda unknown whether that's what they're up to, but it sure looks like it to me.)
(Same here, but note the swollen balls / cock ring.)

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Rolling eyes, lolling tongues, mindbreak, broken.
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All right /d/, I come with a gift today. I've got the entire collection of CG's from the artist Sweetsprite. Basically, I saved each of these pictures myself from the CG + Game packs on exhentai.com. The best way to view these pictures is to sort them via Date Modified rather than by Name as many pictures share similar names. Sweetsprites work mostly parodies Puyo Puyo and have the following fetishes:

- Bondage
- Tentacles
- Vore
- Slime
- Yuri

All of the pictures have been separated into these categories in the .rar along with several other minor folders ("vanilla" content and webbing)

Here are the links (953 MB in 1358 pictures):


In the meantime, I'll be posting a full thread worth of pictures from the pack! So, if you don't want to download the entire pack, at least you'll get a full thread of them. Enjoy!
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Let's do this thing.
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Now that I have your attention
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I've done this twice before, but as an explanation:

I've gone through the entirety of the Futanari tag for manga, doujins and western stuff on ehentai/exhentai, tagging every instance of dick growth as I went. As I did so, I downloaded every example I thought worthwhile, separating the page (or pages) most relevant to the fetish to create a kind of easy-to-digest directory of the fetish for my own organizational purposes.

I've shared these here in two sets previously, but I've only just recently completely finished going through all the currently-uploaded galleries - and as such, my collection's more or less as complete as it can get, unless other people post Fakku stuff I haven't found or decent untranslated jap stuff.

I'm here to share both the new stuff I have (should be about 86 files by myself), as well as the old stuff I've already shown - for the latter, however, I've uploaded them in two separate imgur galleries, one for "the growth is shown" and another for "the growth is discussed, and a major part of the story, but not explicitly shown".
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The imgur galleries in question can be found here:

http://imgur.com/a/HpGR0 (Shown growth)
http://imgur.com/a/Y7C3f (Unshown growth)

For both, the first image is a directory, giving the source for every image in the gallery. I've ordered the galleries by hand; each image should perfectly match the order shown in the directory.

As for pictures posted in the thread, check the filename for source; if I know it, it's in there.

All new stuff from this point on, with the occasional gif/webm to spice things up - this should be the last big set for a while.
One last thing, however: I have my entire collection as of right now uploaded to Mega. If you want a link to download them, send a message to that effect to [email protected] - I'll set you up with the relevant links, at least if you send a mail sometime in the near future. They're split into multiple parts to ease downloading, I had a dude complain about having to download a solid 9gb block in the past so that's for you mate.

I come back to /d/ and I'm deeply saddened because there isn't any headshave thread.
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