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Riko's birthday in a couple of days!
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Nice. Ruby-chan's birthday will be soon, too!

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Say something nice to my frens
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they are wise

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I want to marry with a Cute British girl like Raffey Cassidy
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alexis bledel.jpg
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i want to marry a cute argentinian girl

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/bant/ ?
more like /dumb/
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more like /america/
that's not nice

more like /muhreens fucking your women/

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ey giet nurvus arund boiys fren
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You talk like a fucking retard and you look like a fag. They are making you nervous on purpose in hopes you will leave.
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noi boiys wil bee mi fren
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stoppit fren
yuor bing silli

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who hates this asshole
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I've seen that dragon take it up the ass in a porn game, but that's all I know about it. Explain whose character it is.
where is this from? who is this? I am confused.
Me too, anon. I've seen a gay pornography of this character but I didn't know someone used the character for anything. OP needs to explain who he is.

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nM4tnQT (1).jpg
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would you eat?
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I hate sushi
Fuck yes.

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Images that help with your depression
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don't have depression but i really like this image
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I dont know if this counts

have you ever called a black guy a nigger to his face?

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no, there is no blacks in my town! feels good
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Hi, can I move to your town?

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pls refan frum tougging tje spurdo OK binlan xDD
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ebin ecks dee

I just killed a man
>pic related
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what is your ethnicity?
Northern Italian
Sure buddy

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> 2017
> Do not burn records
You are mentally disabled or two, and that has to do with the school?
> M Bend dies
With him? Throughout the life of the winner?
> You still are hanging !!!
If not less, and just did not know it, and tobacco.
> S .. CASH MONEY !!!
Whoever comes in one day to buy a rooster, bloody drone
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please someone post the one that says "who forces you to buy a dick"
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> 2017
> does not burn the logs
Are you school-leaved, mentally disabled, or both?
> The m-bend dies
So? Was life a competition who lived for the longest time?
> you are still hooking !!!
It will not be left if it is not a minor and knows how to smoke reasonably.
Who forces you to buy a dick a day, a fucking bumblebee

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Are jews the nu-males of religion?

>inb4 implying all religious people aren't nu-males
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Wouldn't religious people be old-males? As in, the rise of atheism and agnosticism over the last 20 years doesn't coincide with the "nu-male" phenomenon emerging?

Or do words basically just not mean anything and it's all just code for "people I don't like"
atheism is as old as religion and it's going every day closer to extinction
Atheists are the nu-males of religion

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korean pokeman.jpg
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ITT, we discuss how terrible anime is until somebody gets trips, and then we discuss how anime is the greatest thing ever
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inb4 just another anime-hate thread
Oreimo had a shit ending and fucking sucks. I was so fucking stupid to watch it when someone recommended to me, they didn't mention it was incest but i'd already fallen for ruri and i couldn't stop watching. they were a cute couple but he's fucking retarded and marries his sister shit show
Anime foster peoples mind in a good healthy way.
Because you just proved it.

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im bowser bwahahahahaa
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>inb4 a thread died for this
a thread died for th--- NANI?!?
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