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Can we get every US state in this thread?
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>few I'm the only Oklahoma poster
Washington reporting for duty

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It's time for Risk!

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Now that the dust settled, did madotuski do anything wrong?
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Starting at 5.

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You're going to love this. Trust me. What you're seeing now is singles
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These are doubles
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Now these, are doubles.
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Do you like anime? Have you ever considered relieving your lust to a 2d girl?
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t. Jewish propaganda to pollute our minds
based kraut

Save us germany!

The world needs you again.

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/bant/ games /// Hunger Games thread
Kraut-chan is a cunt <3 Edition
>24/36/48 tributes depending on the ID count
>Anything but dupes is allowed
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Chaika Trabant
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White edition

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>go to the store to buy veggies and chicken
>forgot to buy chicken
Great thread
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good choa
good song

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>Not talking on a ham or CB radio
It's almost like you faggots want to be censored and cucked by Facebook and Google.
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Wha the hell can I do with a ham besides talk to crotchety old geezers who report you for saying naughty words?
in for answers
I bought some basic equipment to monitor local nets and dx; all I hear are old fuckers talking about cleaning their gutters and what kinda antenna they're using; how can we get some pol-tier shit-posting over the airways?
huh what action can they take on you over CB?

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I just hope the rest of you are still here
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good thread
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we are. just waiting on the storm to end
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we seem to be recycling some old pictures. good thing I brought some more

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*gives you the incurable brain parasite toxoplasmosis*

heh... stupid human. thanks for not buying a dog instead...
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Cats in bag

Bags in river
>not having a free roaming cat that kills vermin and shits outside
>he keeps it in his house and cleans its litterbox like a cuck

t.owner of both

if you didn't eat catshit op you'd be fine

shame you're such a fucking idiot and/or scatophile

to join post:

>country name
>starting location

additional rules:

no ceding
no quitceding
no rerolls

starting at 4 players
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Do we get bonuses for starting locations?
only if you fill the entire regions up
Kangdom of Niggerton
Northwest Africa

It is the year 2217, and 200 years ago president Trump has been assassinated. With him out of the way, the left wing has taken over the government, and has therefore authorized scientific experiments on the levels of heresy. The white race ended up being a race for mutant testing and all the mutants are caucasian. You and the other anions are mutants, and the humans hate you all. You all had a job to transport polonium to another planet, but you were attacked by space pirates. Your ship was wrecked and the engine failed to work, but then… a ship came by. It was the stella-200 ship, and they've come for polonium. A man named Frank Foyle was with you, and brought the polonium over to stella-200, thinking they would save you all. He was wrong, they took the polonium and left you guys to rot. Foyle was furious and propelled the ship to earth using the oxygen tanks left inside. The left government has mutants working for them too, and they intend to stop you. Now begins your journey to taking down the government, and Foyle's journey to take down stella-200.

-you will not succeed if you roll below 40
-you will most likely die if you roll below 05
-you will encounter trouble if you roll below 30
-the consequences are brutal
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>wake up
>Wake up
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>Wait for my Pizza, meanwhile look for somebody suspicious.

Women are not smart enough to work in techno-

Sexists BTFO
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Black men aren't smart enough to work in techno-

Racists BTFO
Slavs are not smart enough to work in techno-

Anti-Slav bigots BTFO
Women can't work with compu-

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Bant is offically a better board than pol now
bant was never a containment it was a refuge from ptg
alsois shot caller the most 100% accredited silver back alpha king pussy slayer movie of all time?
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Kys yourself
what board isn't better than /pol/
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was hitler a nai.jpg
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ima already rip in peace

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>be /pol/
>attempt to suck reddit's cock
>fail to perform autofellatio
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haha you suck, you can stop running these scripts now
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You're losing your shit aint you Bulgaria?

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