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>"Haha, you faggot can't even...
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>"Haha, you faggot can't even stand a hit from a girl! What you gonna do now, fuckboy? Cry?! Fucking nerd!"
Rainbow, do you know what testicles are?
Why do people always write prompts that are out of character?
>you try to bite her in the cunt to reciprocate the pain
>you're left with a mouth full of dry potato flakes
>you're out of milk and it's not even thanksgiving
>oh, the humanity
And that's why Anon shot up CHS.
Bully or even tsundere Dash isn't very out of character. Plus in greens setting is more realistic than in the show.
Nice crappy prompt
>you will never point a fully automatic assault rifle to her head as you fuck her from behind
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Well, kicking me while I'm napping isn't very sportsmanlike.
I'll get up and we can continue this.
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>"Wh-where did you get that, Anon?"

>"Don't point it at me!"
>"A-anon, do you know what 'trigger discipline' is?"

>"What do you mean "bend over"?"
"You fucking know what I meant, now do it or I'm gonna fucking shoot your brains out!"
>all the other students can only watch in horror as Ms. Cherillee is dead on the floor
I want to write for this.

I probably will when I'm home
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wow so edgy
I played college ball ya know
Could've gone pro If I havent joined the NAVY

"Actually, I just came. Can you hit me again?"
I want Rainbow Dash to pound on me with her cute little fists.
That sounds adorably harmless
File: DASH BLAST.jpg (2 MB, 6000x9887) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"I'll let you know the next time a girl hits me, you rampaging dyke!"
>Dash bounces the soccer ball off your chest with all the strength she can put into a one armed throw
>"You want to say that to my face, dweeb?"
"Could you help me find it? You're put together like Escher took a drug-addled shit."
>Dash stabs a finger into your chest, her other hand balled up in a shaking fist
>"Who the hell is Escher? Your star buttplug?"
>You square up to try an emphasize some size difference
>There isn't much difference to emphasize
"Sorry, I forgot I'd need to partially drown myself before I could speak on a level you can grasp."
>Dash punches you hard in the hip, just missing your stomach
>"I can grasp a few ways to shut you the fuck up, egghead."
>You stumble back but maintain your footing in the end
>you snatch at her jacket to keep her in place until you catch your breath
>Luckily your diaphragm isn't mid-spasm and you can summon another retort
"Thanks for illustrating my point, you caveman bitch. You don't know what to do so you throw your arms around like a tard on sugar."
>Dash yanks back against your grasp on her jacket
>One of the seams audibly rips
>She pauses, looking down at her clothing, then looks up and grabs your shirt by the front pocket
>She yanks it downward, ripping the shirt clean down the center
>Your partially exposed chest is a bit cold
>And this was your favorite t-shirt
>You reach halfway back and give her an open hand slap across the cheek
>She grins and immediately throws a hard elbow into your shoulder, following up by stomping on one of your feet
>You snatch her wrist and yank it out of the way
>She puts your slapping hand into her vice-like grip and yanks it down
>You awkwardly jerk your un-stomped foot forward to bruise her shin
>She rams her forehead against yours, though with very little force given the precarious nature of your respective positions.
>You pull toward each other and kiss, hard
>Your teeth click together briefly and you both ignore the pain
>The meat beneath your skin hurts all over
>Presumably where she hit you. You already can't remember specifics
>You pull her arm against your pants while your tongue invades her mouth
>Her tongue responds, the two of you locking in a new sort of muscular battle
>She palms clumsily at your crotch a few times before grunting into your mouth
>You release her wrist and she takes a vicious handful of your dick and balls, through the pants
>You bare with it by grabbing the greatest possible amount of her left asscheek, pulling it away from its friend and massaging it in circles through her bike shorts
>She fumbles with your pants until her hand is inside, finding more direct contact with your dick
>Hard as a fucking towel rack
>Your own fingers snake into her shorts to prod at whatever 'openings' they can find
>She still hasn't let go of your other arm
>You still haven't stopped polishing each others teeth
>She starts up her regular dry-tugging hand job
>You come across a trickle of moisture down what you can reach of her inner thigh
>You follow the wet trail to the honey hole and start panning for gold
Damnit Anon, i called diiiibs

I don't want to steal the spotlight, I'll post after this then
Nice trips
Oh, did you? Too fucking good. Can't wait.

>She finally releases your other hand to push your faces apart
>You don't step apart, still working each others love equipment
>a bridge of spittle links the pair of you at the lips
>She's breathing heavily as she stares you down, angry eyes dancing in place as she searches for words
>You beat her to it
"Could you...spit on it...or something?"
>Shit, you're out of breath too
"I'm getting a rug burn from your gorilla hands."
>She grits her teeth and growls through them
>"Guess I was a little distracted by your awkward fucking reach around. Are you dialing a phone? Do it from the front, you idiot."
>You readjust your handhold on her while she pulls your shorts back and unceremoniously spits into them
>You're almost disgusted by the action
>but then she looks up at you, through her bangs while she does the deed
>You nearly jettison your care package in her face
>And your own, considering the proximity
>To stave off the urge, you wriggle two fingers into her
>From the fucking front this time. Whiny bitch
>She dives back into tugging on your shaft, seemingly pleased with her nasty spit job
>The two of you press your foreheads together and trade glares while you work
>Panting the whole time
>You hear a distant gasp of shock and briefly recall that you're both standing on a fucking public soccer field
>A little groan from Dash effectively erases the outside world once more
>You're getting close
>She is too. You know the look
>She yanks down the front of her shorts and you yank down the front of your own
>She bends you in the direction of her exposed sex and doubles-down on the jerk sesh
>You scrape her insides with two fingers like you're shaping a wet clay vase
>You grunt in unison
>You fire off, load closing the short distance between you and landing squarely in her shorts
>You watch closely as you can manage
>She doesn't piss... this time
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"Are you embarrassed at all?"
>Dash raises an eyebrow at you while she adjusts her shirt and dusts off her shorts
"I mean, you came almost immediately. I though you were tough shit with stamina for days."
>She shows you a casual middle finger as you zip your own shorts up
>"I was thinking about Twilight. Her dick is bigger than yours."
>You roll your eyes
"I don't see you crawling back to HER every day."
>"Who the hell do you see crawling? I could take you or leave you faggot."
>The pair of you walk... or limp, side by side off the field and head for home
"I bet you'd like to take me, he-bitch."
>"Like you wouldn't totally dig my awesome dick in your butt."
"So you admit to the dick?"
>"You tell me, fingers."
>You carry on like that, the sun setting on the horizon ahead of you
>That's when you'll make her piss herself
>Are you dialing a phone?
I imagined a rotary vagina phone.

Not sure if I should be aroused or amused at the thought.
Complete with sound effects

Hell, back in olden times there used to be biiig switchboards operated by dozens of classy young women in fancy dress would would have to properly direct your dick
10/10 good job anon, got me hard and i laughed

Hoping thats the end, or else im gonna look like an asshole
>"Haha, you faggot can't even stand a hit from a girl! What you gonna do now, fuckboy? Cry?! Fucking nerd!"
>You are Anon
>And your currently clutching your balls, on the ground, with tears streaming out of your eyes
>"R-Rainbow Dash, that wasn't very nice of you..."
>"Who cares, Fluttershy? Anon is a pussy anyway, he doesn't talk to anyone."
>It's been like this all fucking year
>Just because you usually keep to yourself, this ousted you as a target for the class dyke, Rainbow Dash
>Today as you were walking to your car, she walked up to you and kicked you in the dick
>With her Captain-Of-The-Soccer-Team legs
>In a flash you were on the ground, and Rainbow and her friends were watching you on the ground
>Applejack holds a stern facade, but its clear shes trying not to laugh aswell
>"Rainbow, Ah think we shoul' leave Anon alone, he gets enough guff from ya."
>Rainbow looks at her, and then back to you before shrugging
>"Alright AJ, he can have a break today"
>With that the rest of her friends leave
>Except for Fluttershy, who walks over and helps you to your feet.
>"I'm sorry Anon, I know Rainbow can be rude sometimes, but please don't take anything by it."
>Don't take anything by it?
>You hear the same thing every single day from a different one of the group, mostly Fluttershy, who seems to honestly care, but still doesn't stand up for you against Dash
>None of them do
>You brush the grass from your jeans and begin to walk to your car in the next lot again
>Without looking back, you trudge along
"Thanks, Fluttershy"
>For nothing
10/10 My dick and my sides hurt
That's all I ever wanted
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Kill them, Anon.
and yes, you're good. Captchas and timers everywhere. It's murder
File: FALCON.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Let me Falcon punch you in the Vagina and we'll call it evens. deal?
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Wrote and performed a parody version of the My Little Pony theme for my class called My Little Taco Seven years before FiM premiered. In middle school.
That reminds me of the vibrating cutie mark threads
>"Sir, you need to speak directly into the vagina"
>Fuck Rainbow Dash
>Who the fuck does she think she is?
>A cocky bitch who's good at sports and is one of the Principal's pupils because she hangs around Twilight Sparkle
>The only girl that gets higher grades than you
>Every single one of those girls looks at you in different forms of sympathy, but none do anything to help you
>Whatever, the year is half over and soon you can go back to playing Cannons of Cain and not worrying about school the next day
>You pull your keys from your pocket and hit the lock button, eliciting a beep from your car further down the lot
>As you get closer to your car, you can see scratches on the side
"Oh FUCK!"
>You sprint towards your car, and when you get near enough, you can blatantly see the word "COCKSUCKER" scratched on the paint
>Rage boils within you
>You move to the other side
>And to top it off, "HORSEFUCKER" scrawled on the hood, with crudely drawn dicks on either side
>You let out a roar of rage and frustration, before slamming your fist on the hood
>You worked your ass off for this car
>You had bought it with the money you spent all of last year working at your father's office building as an IT intern
>So many hours, and for nothing
>This bitch is going to pay
>You'll see to that
>Still shaking in anger, you unlock the door and drive home, forming your plan.
I'm a huge faggot who posts in the wrong threads
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>Principal Celestia stares in shock
>"Anon, what the hell happened?!"
"Well, she 'accidentally' kicked me in the nuts, so I 'accidentally' gouged her eyes out."
>"Then I put em on my knee and called her Kneezy!"
>"Pinkie, you're not helping."

Kill her, if she feels your existence meaningless then set your retribution for her
"Fucking cunt..."
>You say to yourself as you pull into your garage
>As you get out, you stare at the ruined paint once again, before shaking your head and walking inside
>You could handle Rainbow's bullshit, nothing she did followed you home, you didn't care once you got to your safe haven
>But now she made you care
>She went out of her way to ruin something you spent an entire year of your life working for
>You were never one for violence, but this is one hell of an excuse for some
>But beating a girl is a crime, and a charge of assault would fuck you harder than any keyed car.
>You have to play it smart
>You walk inside your house
>Surprise, your parent's aren't home
>Your father works for a large corporation and is probably on a trip, while your mother is a flight attendant and hardly gets time off near home.
>As usual, you throw your backpack on the couch, and go to your room, thinking of how your going to get Rainbow back
>You sit down and begin to think
>How wouldn't you get caught?
>Who doesn't like Rainbow Dash?
>You lean back and put your hands over your eyes
>Well there is that Sunset girl, but she's kind of intense
>And also your best bet
File: heresy.png (320 KB, 796x419) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>That nigger SCRATCHED your ride

or alternatively...do a scott teneman and enjoys those tears
yeah fuck off I ain't doing it again
Reply "I have cancer" loudly enough for other people nearby to hear. Soon word will spread that Turbocunt beat up a kid with terminal cancer and she'll be shunned, meanwhile I'll be getting pity sex from Sunset because she feels bad for me.
>But beating a girl is a crime
So is keying someone's car.

Just need to find a place where there aren't any cameras.
>You decide that outright action is the worst way to go
>Subtlety would be needed
>Thankfully, being a loner at school meant you were more invisible than the rest
>Being around computers for so long meant you knew a thing or two, and the darknet taught you some more... shady things
>Tomorrow you will leave a note in Sunset's locker telling her to meet you in the cafe near school
>You pull out a small notepad and scrawl the message down, and as you fold it up a thought hits you
>You put 5 dollars in the note
>"There will be more when we talk"
>That should do
>For now, you login to Cloud, and boot up some games
>Something to relax a bit with
>You play until the sun gets low
>Unknown to Rainbow Dash, Anon had the rare Osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as Vrolik Syndrome or Brittle-bone disease.
>By punching him in the chest, his ribs immediatly snapped and splintered sending dozens of pieces of bone into his lungs.
>Anon's crying was due to him suffocating due to the pierced lungs and the pain of more bones breaking from the fall onto the concrete sidewalk.
>"Why's everyone looking at me like that?" Rainbow asks.
>"Someone quick call for help!" a bystander screams.
>The crowd scambles to get away from the scene, not wanting to be associated with the boy dying on the ground.
>"What? It wasn't even that hard. Don't be such a pussy Anon. Anon? Yo, Earth to Anon."

>Rainbow Dash was charged with first degree murder, with seventeen life senteces, five lethal injections and ten decades of familial shaming for picking on a diseased kid.
>In the end Anon never got to admit his feelings for his chromatic murderer.
Awww hell yeah you know imma see that sun get low

got dat booty like BAP
dem bacon locks like WHIP WHIP
pull out them titties, tho

brain all over that bitch talkin' like "Rainbow who?"
what am i gonna do?
what am I gonna do?!
butt how can 4chins if no is house
....Damn....well....well just.....d-damn..........I just........damn.......this anon ain't afraid!
>worst pony mocking someone

>You dodge Rainbow and the rest of the girls in all of your classes
>Inbetween classes, you wait for the crowd to thin and walk past Sunset's locker, slipping the note through the small openings
>As you turn around, Twilight is standing behind you and your heart sinks
>A look of mild surprise shows on her face, before she shakes it away
>"Don't worry, I won't say anything. Can we talk?"
>Goddamnit! NO!
>"Good, let's walk"
>Fuck, now she thinks you have a crush on Sunset
>Hopefully that doesn't fuck anything but her opinion of you up
>Which you didn't hold in high regard anyway, but still.
>She didn't help you out with Rainbow, but she was always nice to you
>You had a sort of friendly rivalry in the classes you had together
>You both walk near a few chairs, and she motions for you to sit down
>After looking to make sure noones around, she looks at you
>"We have to talk about what happened yesterday."
"I figured."
>"Listen, Rainbow is my good friend, and i know she can be really hard on you, but that's just how she is."
"Twilight, Rainbow is literally the worst human being i have ever had the displeasure of knowing."
>Her face takes a slighly defensive stance
>"I'll admit it gets to be out of hand, but nothing has really been too horrib-"
"Making my life at school a living hell IS horrible. Do you know how demeaning it is to be kicked in the dick, ridiculed, and fucked with on a daily basis? I wouldn't expect you to, because all you deal with is classes and the occasional problem that the Principals need help with."
>Twilight looks a bit guilty, but her face quickly changes to an offended mask
>"Hey! First of all-"
>You grab your bags and walk back down the hall, leaving Twilight abashed and sitting in the chair
>You feel slightly satisfied
>Twilight was friendly to you, yes, but she was also one of the furthest of her group to know your situation.
>You move your bag higher onto your shoulder and walk to your last class
Requesting video hoe Sunset
She actually does, she just keeps hers back into the inguinal canals for tucking purposes. Punch her just above the groin and she'll scream like a little bitch.
reminds me of high school
>early morning, don't want to wake up
>dad comes into my room, puts his face up to my ear and shouts like a drill sergeant
>jump out of bed in surprise, half awake
>twist foot and collapse on top of it
>develop limp
>"Anon stop being such a wimp, I bet it doesn't even hurt"
>"stop trying to get people to feel bad for you. now get back to running, you need to run a mile for this class"
>turns out I was walking on a broken foot for two weeks
File: 1451439598129.jpg (12 KB, 230x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did you finger him in a field?
Sorry, made some coffee
>After school, you drove straight to the cafe, not giving a shit who saw your car
>You then bought a coffee and found a seat in the corner of the cafe, hoping she would come
>Sunset was a thief and a person to be feared, right next to the school badass, Gilda
>Who she was usually seen with
>They were voted the most likely to go to prison together
>A bus stopped on the side of the road next to the cafe, and off she stepped
>Shocking red hair with yellow highlights, the black leather leather jacket, intimidating black boots…
>She looked around a bit, as if you would be standing in plain sight.
>Taking a breath, you lean out of your seat and wave her over
>Catching eye of you, she began walking towards you.
>Thankful you had found an open seat, you figured sitting would be best for this deal
>Would keep her calmer, and if it came to it, less force she could put into a punch.
>Hair-Trigger bitch
>You both stopped with a table in between the two of you.
"Thank you for coming."
>She eyed you a moment as if trying to recall if her fist was a common guest at your face.
>Those blue eyes, with the meticulously placed mascara around them.
>If they didn't belong to her, you would have thought them very attractive
> “Do I know you, creep?"
>"No, but you have lots to gain by getting to."
Woops, forgot the trip

>She looks cautious, but still interested in what you have to tell her
>You knew why she was interested.
>Reaching into your jeans, you pull out a five dollar bill
>Sitting down, she reached for the bill on the table.
>You slide your hand over it
“Not so fast, we need to talk first. Then you get your money. Remember the note?”
>She sighed and retracted her hand.
>"Get to talking, remind me why I'm here and not sleeping off my hangover
"Rainbow Dash."
>Her eyes perk up and she looks at you, intrigued
>You had her full attention now.
“I know that we both have... Problems with her."
>She looks irked, and ready to throw a fist
>"Who told you anything?"
“No one in particular, I just pay attention.”
>She slams her fists on the table, causing some of the people near the table to look over
>Fuck, think of something to calm her down
"It's not a huge secret. Suspended for smoking on campus and not being able to do shit to the rat? Puts you in a predicament when your unable to get revenge, doesn't it?"
>She still looks cautiously pissed, but she sits back and crosses her arm
>Dodged one hell of a motherfucking bullet
“Calm Down. We aren't enemies. Like I said, she’s a mutual problem of ours. Now that we have gotten intentions in the open, I have a simple proposal. You help me take her down.”
>“What the hell are you talking about? How are we supposed to do that?”
“We do it as we go. But we need eachother to make this work, I can do stuff what you cannot and you can do stuff I cannot.”
>She glares at you, gets up, and walks to the door. When she gets half way she motions for you to follow
>You get off of your seat and follow her out the door
>Sunset leans against the brick of the building and pulls her jacket around her a bit more as the wind whips at you both
>She glares hard at you again and pulls out a pack of smokes, pulling one out and lighting it.
>She took a long drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke in your face.
>“What’s in it for me?”
“Rainbow in tears, A fuckton of respect, People fearing you, what else could you want?”
>She smirks.
>Fuck that was the wrong question to ask her.
>“Tell you what, I partner up with you, you keep your money, I leave you alone for the rest of the year.” She paused and took another drag on her cigarette before dropping it and crushing it with her boot. “You however, owe me a few "favors", if you catch my drift.”
“A few favors is too cryptic. Give me a number.”
>Obviously displeased that you caught her little attempt to trap you, she frowned.
>“Pfft. If you want me in this, you need to do better.”
“Three favors after we are done with it. Any you have for me during our partnership will be considered waived. Not to say you can order me around like your personal bitch, but if your request is reasonable I don’t have qualms about taking care of it for you.”
>She mulls it over for a second
>"What can you even do for me?"
"Do you know where Rainbow lives?"
>She chuckles
>"She lives on the end of my street."
"Good. I have to get some things, can you meet me here later tonight?"
>"You better be serious about all of this, who the hell are you anyway?"
"Sorry, it's Anonymous."
>She doesn't look entertained
>"Whatever, Be here at 8."
>You take out the five dollar bill and a ten to go with
"Thanks, have this as a sign of good faith"
>She takes it and slides it into her pocket
>As you walk back to your car you can hear her talk behind you
>"Ya fuckin creep."

Thread seems slow, dunno if anyones reading

Ill probably pick this back up later tonight or tomorrow if people want me to

If someone likes it enough, they could make a thread if this dies
Nigga you forgot the trip again faggot, now how can I make sure its really ZimZam?
Forgot the trip again
keep going nig nog
>"Could you help me find it? You're put together like Escher took a drug-addled shit."
I fucking died
woopsies, i don't like posting with a trip or name unless im contributing

Those types of people make me annoyed
Glad someone is reading, ill pick it back up in 10 minutes then

Shamelessly dropping my pastebin here, just incase this turns into something bigger

File: full.jpg (7 KB, 209x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 209x239
Handful of other things going on just at the moment. Following, though. Will see another thread up tomorrow if this'n dies.
keep going my interest in this thread is at an all time high.
>Do you know how demeaning it is to be kicked in the dick
>even standing for being kicked in the fucking crotch
I would punch her right in her smug face and stomp on her cunt.
Still reading. I like that mane 6, written interestingly.
She seems like the kind of girl that doesn't shower and takes out her social frustration on guys.
Thanks, I didn't think people were still siftin around, didnt want to beat a dead horse carlos.jpg

>You speed home quickly, the sun just above the horizon, but not yet setting
>As you fly into your room, you grab your schoolbag and empty it out before opening up your drawers and closet to grab your tools
>First of all, you need a set of clothes
>You toss some gloves in your bag, thick enough to hide prints but also flexible to be worked with
>You toss in a change of clothes, some snacks, a small WiFi hotspot you retooled to be short range and proxied, your laptop and charge cord, and some binoculars
>As you walk out the door of your room, you stop
>You turn back and grab some flash drives.
>Some have keyloggers, encryption crackers, and some are just storage space.
>with the bag getting hefty, you zip it up and walk out the door
>You look at your watch
>Looks like you have about thirty minutes
>Fuck it, its a short wait anyway.
>If tonight is the night, you should take some time to see what Rainbow is up too
>You double and triple check everything before you throw your bag in the trunk and drive back to the cafe, ignoring the stares your car's rude comments gain for the fourth time today.
This is going to be gud.
File: Capture666.png (944 KB, 677x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
944 KB, 677x593
>Little did Dash know, that was the final straw for Anonymous after years of bullying.
>The next morning, Anonymous was found dead in his room. He committed suicide.
>The school is horrified by the news, and it only got worse when his suicide note hinted at what, or rather WHO pushed him over the edge.
>Rainbow's popularity takes a nosedive overnight as she struggles with the sudden onslaught of social and mental problems Anon's death brings.
>Meanwhile, forces stir elsewhere.
>Anon may not have had many real friends, but he boasted a hodgepodge internet contact book that could be counted in thousands.
>They learn of Anon's death and the circumstances behind it. The hivemind-like backlash is unbelievable.
>The most radical ones begin to communicate and move, closing in on Canterlot.
>What some people thought was going to result in a school shooting is about to get much, much worse...
>When you arrive, the cafe is pretty empty
>But you can see the girls sitting down in a booth by the door
>Rainbow Dash and AJ aren't there
>You pull your hood up and walk through the door inconspicuously as possible, and none of them seem to notice.
>Walking to the back corner you sat in before, you start to sweat as you pass the girls
>They seem to be too in depth with their conversation to notice you
>When you pass them, you catch something about Flash Sentry and dresses
>As you sit down, you pull out your laptop and connect to the wifi at the cafe, while also throwing up a proxy for extra protection
>You log in to FacePages.biz to check Rainbow's profile
>Her profile is left public, what a dumbass
>Still, it doesn't seem to have many posts
>Your screen flashes as you recieve a message
>From the girls' table you can hear Rarity speaking
>"Oh I do hope that Anon recieves this, he seems to be online. I just wish that Rainbow would be less hard on him. It's a shame that she attacks him like that"
>Twilight is the next to speak
>"It is yeah, but when i tried to talk to him earlier, he refused to talk on the matter, he was mad at Rainbow, which is understandable, but he didn't seem ready to forgive her"
>You decide not to listen anymore for fear of you getting pissed and walking over
>You pop in your earbuds and put Oddifyy on a random playlist
>The message is from Rarity
>"Anon, all of the girls and I personally hope that you come to the dance. Rainbow will be attending and while we know how you must feel about her, but I believe that given the time, she will come to apologizing to you. You both must give eachother a chance, and try to forget about all of what this year had contained"
>Huh, you forgot about the dance.
>Looks like everything is going to workout in your favor luckily
>You should probably go later, just to make it look non suspect if you do something tonight.
>After a few more pointless minutes surfing, you see Sunset's car outside
This is the part of the story when RD makes you wear her panties in front of the whole school.
>The hivemind-like backlash is unbelievable.
>The hivemind-like backlash
>The hivemind
Anon confirmed for bro-tier among changelings. Fuck with one, you fuck with them all.
Go on..
>Inb4 Anon's ghost haunts CHS.
Reminds me of a movie called Mad World

It was pretty Amateur made, but alright none the less
>You pack up your things, and as your about to get up, Rainbow and AJ walk through the door
>"-as kinda funny but really you shouldn-ta done tha' Rainbow."
>"Anon can handle it. I'm sure that hes already over it. It was just a little bit of fun, I always mess around with him."
>"Ah don' think that Ahnon thinks of it that way Rainbow, ya can be pretty overbearing sometahms."
>Rainbow shrugs
>"Well if he can't see the humour in a few jokes, then that's his problem. I don't really mind anyway, he's kinda wierd. He doesn't talk to ANYBODY."
>"Well Twi tol' me he slipped a note in Shimmer's locker."
>Rainbow looks at her incredulously
>Before she starts laughing
>"HAHAHA, him? and HER? That's gonna be a great trainwreck!"
>Rainbow sits down and so does AJ, you take the chance to walk out
>As you walk out the door, the chattering starts back up again
>"Who was that guy?"
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Bitches n' hoes
be like new clothes

Once ya bought 'em
You wish ya never got em.
This is gold

Also, checked
>When you walk out the door, you feel a hand on your shoulder
>Your heart sinks, the plan is fucked.
>As you start to panic, Pinkie Pie's voice fills you're ear
>"Your gonna do something naughty Nonny. I don't know what it is, but I have a feeling it has to do with Dashie."
>You can't move, let alone talk
>"I know how you feel, just don't get caught doing whatever it is."
>She moves in front of you before kissing you on the cheek
>"I know what it's like."
>Your stuck in place. As much as you hate to admit it, you never focused on girls. Instead waiting, so that you could focus on friends and grades.
>Pinkie gives you an understanding look before she heads back inside
>You hear "Oh it was just an old friend" before the door closes
>You sit stunned for a few seconds before Sunset's horn blares shrilly and snaps you out of your daze
>You walk towards the car and open the back door to toss your stuff in the seat
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcjPFAV1foU
>"Hey fag, you got the back"
>The voice is unmistakably Gilda
"Alright then"
>You toss your stuff into the right side seat, before heading to the other side to sit.
>Rainbow Dyke
I have been blessed by the sacred trips, my story is imbued with power
>When you hop into the car, your assaulted with the smell of cigarettes and you see a brown sack filled with various bottles of liqour
>Gilda looks you over and smirks, before taking a bottle of Bolshevik vodka from the bag and tossing it to you
"What am I supposed to do with this?"
>"What else dweeb? We need to know your cool. Drink it."
>You never really drank, other than a glass of wine when your parents were home.
>That was bitter at worst, sometimes it was a bit more sweet and pleasant
>You know that vodka is strong stuff, your not an idiot
>But if you have to drink it to get their help then its whatever
>Fuck it, down the hatch
>You unscrew the cap and give it a cautious sniff, and what you smell is like the smell of a medical ward, but mcuh more concentrated
>You look at the liquid, before upping it and taking the horrid liquid into your throat
>Holy SHIT is that strong, your eyes water as you struggle to keep it in your mouth
>You muster up the courage and swallow the entire mouthful, and your throat begins to burn at the base pleasantly
>You keep from coughing though, and Gilda gives you an approvingly jovial look
>"Not bad for your first time, dweeb. Now, lets head back to my place"
"I thought we were heading to Sunset's?
>"We live on the same street, plus, Gilda has more spots to crash and hide the booze."
>Gilda nods and then reaches for Sunset's phone to change the song
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfDGwhzavhM
>After a quick ride, your head starts to feel a bit more hazy, and you arrive at Gilda's house
>Gilda’s house was almost exactly how you imagined it.
>A basic looking single story home with the basic amenities, an unkempt yard, and a broken window present.
>This area of the neighborhood was obviously tacked on by the city development committee for lower income families.
>As you exit the car, a police cruiser drives by.
>Funny enough, one of the richer neighborhoods was only a stone throw away.
>Only reason that mattered to you was because Flash was there.
>You saw the two and even some three story houses rising above this neighborhood’s skyline.
>As if to remind the residents here that just a short walk away, there are people who live in houses that weren’t made from construction scraps.
>You look around the street and see a broken window on the house across the street, caked with dust on both sides and covered with a board on the inside.
>Yeah, you could already tell this area was probably policed heavily.
“Gilda, how often to police patrols roll through?”
> “How the fuck should I know? Do I look like I’m a person that memorizes that shit?”
“Well to be fair-”
> She grabs your shoulder and turns you around.
> “Finish that sentence. I dare you.”
> You clear your throat.
> You couldn’t back down from Gilda, or she would walk all over you.
“To be fair, you are the kind of person who would benefit from memorizing patrol intervals.”
>She stared at you, but dropped her fist and let you go.
> “Every two hours.” Sunset spoke up from behind you.
>You look over to her.
> “Give or take half an hour. They normally roll through with their spotting lights, and don’t get caught; the police are a whole different breed here.”
>You check your watch
>9 PM
>You still have some time to kill
>Gilda unlocks the door, and your able to see her features more definingly
>Silvery hair with those purple highlights, the brown bomber style leather jacket, stompy black combat boots...
>Looks like her usual ensemble she wears to school
>Sunset carries the bag of assorted sins into the kitchen and sets it on the table, while you bring in the vodka bottle and your bag
>>The school is horrified by the news
Suspension of disbelief lost.

From my experience no one would care aside from his friends, or if we was really popular.
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>>She moves in front of you before kissing you on the cheek
Well hello
It's all fun and games until someone dies, Anon. Some kid offed himself because he was bullied so hard when I was in highschool way back when. It fucked EVERYONE up. Everyone went on like it wasn't a big deal, but it was. The undertone of discomfort was there as everyone pretended death wasn't a real thing, or that actions had no consequences. The guilty ones practically stopped being human.

Tldr suicide is something only idiots or true edgelords don't take seriously.
> testing > mid sentence >greentext
Don't mind >me
File: 1336844945962.jpg (159 KB, 543x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can't wait to see what exactly is going to blow up in either anon or rainbow's face.
File: 1452055167332.jpg (2 MB, 1651x2766) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pinkie Pie gf when?
>The guilty ones practically stopped being human.
Can you elaborate on this?
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But first, you have to eat all five dozen eggs.
sorry, made some more food and coffee

I want to get to the climas before i head off

>After everyone is done setting stuff down, you all sit on the couch kind of awkwardly
>Gilda is the first to break the silence
>"So Anon, what exactly did you have planned for revenge?"
>Sunset takes a swig of a small bottle of gin she kept from the bag
>"He said we would play it by ear, but i don't know what the hell he means"
>Well she fucked up your car, it would only make sense if you fucked hers up even harder
>Hopefully the group of 6 ride together in Fluttershy's floral van
>You still don't know why she has a hippy van, but it suits her
>Rainbow's car is pretty small, a small blue convertible that her parents had gotten her for good grades or some shit
>You really never paid attention
"I'm going to do what she did to me, but twice as hard. I've been sick of her shit lately, and her car is gonna get the brunt of it."
>Sunset passes the bottle to Gilda, who then takes a swig before speaking
>"Yeah, but what do you know about cars? If you just key it up she can just get the scratches buffed off and have the body repainted."
>Gilda takes another long swig before she hands it off to you expectantly
>Look at you Anon, drinking with the "Bad Kids"
>You take a drink from the bottle, enjoying the burn in the pit of your stomach
>"Actually, I'm hoping one of you know, I was always more of a tech guy, not autos."
>"Figures, I can help you out dweeb, We can head over when they head to the dance."
>Sunset perks up
>"How did you know they were going to the dance?"
>Gilda shrugs
>"Its the six popular girls that are more in with the principals then a ribbed dildo, why wouldn't they go?"
>Sunset nods, "True."
>Sunset looks at you before taking another swig from the bottle and clearing her throat
>"So when do you want all this to go down?"
"Depends on what time the dance is."
>"Tehn Aclawuk" Gilda says through a mouth of gin bottle
This, but people dont take idiots or edgelords seriously, so when they threaten to kill themselves and don't, people don't take it as seriously for a true claim. Boy who cried wolf scenarios are everywhere in our day, and its sad that some faggot who wants attention can snuff the cry of one who wants help.
Climax* fucked that up
Dunno Anon, maybe soon

>Ten o'clock, so this gives you about an hour before the dance starts
"What time does it end?"
>"Afterparties or the dance itself?"
"The dance"
>"Three AM, parties go until sunrise."
"Then we should roll out around 130."
>"What do we do until then?"
>You all sit in silence until Gilda speaks
>You and Sunset nod at eachother
>Gilda clears the bag from the table and runs off to get some poker chips
>Sunset takes a dusty pinup deck from one of the drawers in the kitchen
>She begins to shuffle them and deal
>Sunset pulls some money out and lays it on the table.
> “I hope you know how to play poker Anon.”
>You nod and get dealt in.
>You then pull your phone out and quickly Google the rules for poker because you didn’t know what the fuck you were doing.
>You drop a ten spot into the pool.
>After losing two hands and losing twenty dollars, you decide against playing again.
>Gilda, taking the pot of fifty dollars.
>Checking your watch, you note it was fifteen after one.
> “Blackjack Anon?” Gilda asks shuffling her cards.
“Nah. Just about time.”
> “So how’s it feel Anon?”
“How does what feel?”
> “You know, to break bad for the first time. I know you’re one of those quiet kids for the most part, but I just wanted to know how you were feeling about the whole thing.”
>You were nervous.
>Getting caught would mean a black mark on your record.
>And paying back Dash for whatever you destroyed.
>Going to jail probably.
>You ponder how well you would do in Juvie or in Prison.
>Did they even prosecute kids in high school as adults?
>Fuck, suddenly this didn’t seem like a good idea.
>You must have betrayed yourself on this.
>Gilda places a hand on your shoulder and you look into her eyes.
> “Just chill out Anon, the bitch deserves what she gets. Don’t feel bad because you are fucking up her shit, just be pissed for her bringing you into it. It’s not your fault, it’s hers. You feel me?”
>You nod.
> “Good. Here, I got something for ya.”
>She walks over to the closet and returns with a short baseball bat, a screwdriver, and a blowtorch.
“The fuck are these for?”
> “The bat has a lead core, should be good for fucking up the body of the car. Sunset can take care of the streetlight for you so we can do our thing safely. We need the screwdriver for popping the fuse cover in her car to disable the alarm, there’s a claw in the center of the hood, just push that aside and you will unlock it. Then we can rip all the fuses of the car out or disconnect the battery. Both to be extra safe. The blowtorch is just something I’m throwing in. Scorch his paint off or something, or melt the door locks, I really don’t fucking care what you do. Just give us a good show. Oh, open that window Anon, she can take out that streetlight before we head over.”
>Gilda walks out of the room again, and you comply with her request to open the window.
>She returns with a small can of pellets, which she tosses to Sunset
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Shouldn't be a problem. I am, after all, roughly the size of a barge.
The main bullies were zombies after the suicide. They ate little, didn't talk much anymore, and could not hold grades or jobs to save their lives. The social stigma of being the ones to drive someone to kill themselves made it even worse. No one would give them the time of day, even teachers couldn't remain unbiased. Everyone treated them like they were subhuman. One of them even became a druggie and ODed a few years out of school. The uncomfortable atmosphere I was talking about? It was there because everyone kept asking themselves "Did I play a part of it? Could I have prevented it?" The bullies? They knew. They knew they caused it. They knew they assisted with the death of someone else. And it's going to haunt them forever.
> “These should do the trick. It’s quiet enough that the neighbors shouldn’t be too disturbed by it.”
>She pulled the bolt back and loaded a single pellet into the rifle.
> “Let’s wait for her to leave."
>You pick your binoculars up and observe the sidewalk near the house.
>Your computer dings with a new message.
>You glance over to your computer to see a new message from Rarity.
>"On our way to the dance, we all do hope you attend"
>You message her back
"Probably later, I don't know if I am going to want to see her for awhile, just some time to cool off"
>After waiting a few minutes, you see Fluttershy's florally painted van drive to the front of Dash's house, and Dash walks out in an intricate gown, no doubt made by Rarity herself
>This stupid cunt had no clue what your going to do to her
>You wait a few minutes after they leave before you get ready and change into dark clothing and Gilda does the same
>Sunset walks past you and takes aim out the window
>She takes aim through the scope.
>A soft rush of air is the only sound that is made.
>You watch as the light breaks and the driveway outside her house becomes a patch of darkness.
> “Go through the yards. Neighbor is out of town so don’t worry too much, cross the street, and then your free to do your thing.”
“What if I get seen?”
> “There’s a deep drainage channel that runs to the south about two blocks east. Run in there until you get to the forest edge, take shelter and I'll come get you guys. Deal?”
>You nod.
“We got a signal for us to run?”
> “There is some garbage cans nearby, listen for a metal ping. Other than that, just use your common sense. Do not fucking leave anything behind, just run if it comes to it.”
>You turn to head towards the back door.
>“And Anon?”
>“The most important rule of thumb is to have fun.”
>She smiles.
>“Now go get to it.”
>You smile before pulling a black bandana over your nose and darting into the darkness
Fuck, I feel a twist coming up.
> (Reccomended) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iijmj5nB6I
>Gilda follows you closely, the baseball bat poking out of her backpack
>You both come to the car
>Gilda goes to work smashing the lights and windows while you walk to the front of the car
>The blows were heavy, and dull.
>They barely echoed in the night.
>As you run your hand across the hood you can't help yourself but grin
>Somewhere in the back of your head, you knew this was so wrong.
>But this was going to feel so right.
>Getting to the front of the car, you slide the screwdriver along the crack of the hood until you feel the hook Gilda had mentioned.
>With a push, you feel it pull aside and the hood pops up.
>Releasing the second latch, you find yourself looking at the engine of her car.
>Carefully undoing the screws, you pull the leads free.
>You find the small fuse box next and pop the cover off of it.
>For some reason, a grin began to overtake you as you rearranged the fuses in all manner of ways, careful to make sure each would short out.
>That was not enough, oh no.
>You had only begun.
>Dash had played a stupid game, and she was about to win a very fitting prize.
>Gilda taps you on the shoulder and hands you a small bayonet, which seems to double as a handy pair of wire cutters
>Clever girl
>Taking her bayonet, you look for anything you thought you could cut.
>Wires, hoses, lines, anything.
>Various fluids begin leaking out, pooling in the driveway.
>Fucking Whore, thinking she can just humiliate you and fuck your car up
>No one fucks with Anon and gets away with it.
>You run the tip of Gilda's knife along the pristine blue paint of the car door.
>It almost felt sinful to ruin a car that looked this good.
>But you think the message you leave about its owner more than makes up for it.
>What did Gilda say about blowtorches?
>Door locks.
>You ignite the small blue flame and hold it to the door lock.
Dramatic Pause.
File: 1443332495975.png (38 KB, 237x237) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 237x237
Nice choice in song.
My body can't handle the excitement
>As it begins to turn red hot, you hear something faintly to the left.
>A metal ping.
>Wait, had the patrol already passed through?
>Your eyes are filled with white light as a spotlight gets shown directly on you.
>Then red and blue, as well as an all too inconvenient siren join in as well.
> “Put your hands up! Police!”
>You drop the blowtorch.
>You watch in slow motion as it rolls under the car.
>You immediately sprint in the direction that Gilda had, which led to the area AWAY from the fucking car.
>As you sprint in what you hoped was east, you saw the landscape in front of you turn a terrifying orange.
>For the love of all that was holy or unholy, please let this be east.
>The night is punctuated with an explosion from which you can only assume was the gas tank of the torch cooking off.
>You find the ditch Sunset talked about and immediately dive in.
>You were never an athlete.
>You were well built, but not a trained runner.
>But at this moment, while running from cops, you ran faster than any point in your life.
>You attained speeds that Olympic Gold Medalists would weep at if they saw, and ran with such a form that would make Hermes himself green with envy.
>Most importantly though, was the beautiful chorus of words coming from your mouth to keep your feet in time.
Forgot the song
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..Didn't this used to be about revenge on Flash?
Is it finished now?
>All you can hear other than the chorus of "FUCKFUCKFUCK" and your feet splashing is the laughter of Gilda in front of you
>You both run for a long time before you are in front of a small clearing
>"This way, just a bit further"
>You both walk, silence clinging to the cold night air
>Niether of you say a word, due to the intense abuse your lungs had just endured
>After a lengthy walk, you find a few trees, and stop
>You sat at the base of a tree, your arms inside your hoodie for warmth and Gilda sitting next to you, panting for air
>Mid Autumn nights got cold, especially when you were wet from your knees down.
>And North of the equator.
>You had reached the edge of the forest, and found a good spot to hang out while Shimmer came to get you both
>Aside from the shock of being found out by police, the initial shock of what you had just done left you numb to anything but fear and uncertainty.
>Had you taken it too far?
>Maybe you had gotten a little overzealous.
>What about the cop?
>Was he alright?
>Oh gods what if you killed a police officer?!
>That would be mandatory jail time!
>Moreover, you would be fucked for life.
>Fuck the jail time, it was probably a death sentence!!
>You were almost sure of that.
>But you don’t think a cop would be that stupid.
>He’s probably fine.
>But still…
>Not only did you fuck, torch, and blow up Rainbow's car…
>You got away.
>Did the police even bother to chase you?
>You look down at your watch.
>The reflection of the moonlight gave you barely enough light to make out the time as two in the morning.
>The drainage ditch led a good way out of town.
>You must have run at least a mile outside of town and walked three more.
>Until the forest edge, just like Sunset said.
It's not, my buddy is the author and said i could try my hands at finishing it, figured i would have to get to a point to branch

Nameless doesn't write too much anymore
That sucks nigger dicks, I liked his stuff, how you do him proud.
Thanks anon
>Peeking out through the heavy vegetation, you see the outline of a car pulling into the open field near the forest.
>No spotlight or blue lights.
>An unmarked car maybe?
>Did the police in this area have drones?
>The door opens and the headlights go dark.
>You watch intently.
>The driver went to the back of the car and popped the trunk.
>A brief flash from a lighter illuminated a black leather jacket.
>You never thought you would say this, but boy are you glad to see that jacket and that smoke.
>Standing up, you start moving to towards the car.
>As you exit the forest, you draw attention.
>Sunset stood up straight, and popped her neck.
> “Anon! I seriously think I underestimated you, do you know the shit that you stirred up in town?”
>You froze.
>Gilda cheered
> “They called SWAT out Anon, the entire town is on lockdown!” She froze and gave you a wide grin. “That was a fucking amazing performance!”
>Gilda turned and gave you a bone crushing hug
>You surprisingly didn't piss yourself
>After checking, you indeed did not piss yourself
>Holy shit.
>She reached into her coat, and pulled out the bottle of alcohol from earlier.
> “Well Anon, you earned it. Drink up.”
>You take the bottle and twist the cap off.
>With a moment of hesitation, and a nod from Gilda, you take a long swig from the bottle and swallow the remainder of the fiery liquid.
> “Well going back into town is a no go, so we’re gonna go find a nice quiet place to fuck off for a while. You game?”
>You nod.
> “Alright, strip those clothes off.”
>You stop immediately.
> “The police are looking for a pair wearing a dark hoodie, jeans, and a gray shirt. Do I even have to explain further?”
>You stare at her a moment.
>Fuck what if she was trying to trap you.
“The hell am I supposed to do? Run around butt ass naked in forty degree weather?”
> “Here loser, we aren’t stupid.” Sunset says dropping a pair of clothes on the hood of the car, and setting a red gas can on the ground near her feet. “I’m not going to jail for your ass, I don’t care how worth it you think it was.”
> “Here Sunny, let’s go smoke. Give Anon here a little privacy.” She paused and looked over to you. “That is unless you get off on that kinda thing.”
>You shrug.
“You might get an eye poked out.”
> “Pssht. Whatever, just get dressed.” She shoots back jokingly.
>You pull everything from your pockets and set them on the hood of Sunset’s car.
>Pulling your hoodie off, you throw it on the ground at your feet.
>You take your sneakers off, and cast them aside as well as your socks.
>You pull your shirt off, exposing your upper body to the cold air, immediately sending shivers up your spine.
>Then you drop your pants, and set out of them.
>Your underwear should be fine.
>You waste no time in putting the provided change of clothes.
>A set of black cargo pants, a red shirt, and a set of work boots.
>Testing the toes, you find they are steel caps.
>Gilda and Sunset weren’t taking any chances.
>Neither would you, fuck going to jail over this.
>Turning around you see Gilda strolling around the car with the gas can in hand, and Sunny starting the engine.
> “Anon go grab the shovels out of the trunk; we need to take care of this shit before we get seen.”
“You brought shovels?”
> “Your goddamn right we did, never know when you need to use them to dispose of evidence.”
>As you walk to the back of the car, you see Gilda eyeing you with something more than her usual look of suspicion.
>Surely she didn’t trust you over one act of criminality.
>If anything, she respected you.
>At least, that’s what would make sense.
>You spot two folding shovels laying in the back, and grab them.
>You hand one off to Gilda and unfold yours.
> “Hurry up out there guys, we don’t have a lot of time.”
>You both start digging, stopping at about a foot down.
>Gilda pushes your clothes in, and immediately dumps the contents of the gasoline in.
>The smell of gasoline and sweat became very prevalent between both you and Gilda, as you both back off the pit as Gilda leaves a trail of gas to light it off.
>She pulls her lighter out and flicks it open.
>She turns to you.
> “How about you take this one Anon, I think this is something you need to do.”
>She hands the lighter to you.
>A worn Zippo with the letter G scratched into its surface.
>With a flick, you ignite the flame, and touch the flame to the end of the trail.
>The gas immediately flashes to life as it consumes the vapors that hung low to the ground due to the cold temperatures.
>As the trail burns off, both you and Gilda watch your clothes become a composite of ash and melted rubber.
>It was almost poetic.
Fucking beautiful
>Blowtorch got dropped
Although any evidence probably got did away with in the explosion, its still never good to leave tings at the crime scene
Appreciated Anon, thanks!
>Like watching the remainder of your old life burn away.
>The old Anon that kept to himself and let people do as they would.
>He was long gone now.
>But was the change a positive or negative?
>As the flame burned out, Gilda and you both set to covering what was left of the evidence.
>Replacing the earth and covering the remainder of your clothes, Gilda grabs your shovel and motions you to get in the car.
>The trunk slammed shut and Gilda got in the seat next to you.
> “Alright, let’s hit it, play some shit to celebrate to!!"
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qrg_h7_Z-bI
>Sunset puts the car into drive, and heads towards the exit of the field.
> “Where we going?”
>Gilda sat back in her seat.
> “I don’t really know, wanna go to the point and chill there until morning?”
“The point?”
> “Yeah, you know, the point that overlooks the town. Where everyone goes to get out of the public eye…?”
>She looks at you as if expecting you to immediately understand her from this explanation.
> “Ya know…to do stuff?”
“Do stuff…?”
> “Oh come on Anon, don’t tell me you never lost your V card. Right?”
>Your silence answered her question.
>She was talking about that point.
>Gilda punched your arm.
> “Anon, don’t get weird on me. We’re just going up there to drink and lay low for a while.”
>You nod.
>You felt weird.
>That alcohol might have been a bit stronger than you anticipated.
>The heater felt nice compared to the cold air outside.
>Although, you were warm enough from digging and filling that hole.
>Gilda cracked her window and continued smoking.
> “So tell me Anon, how do you feel after the fact?”
>You look over to her a moment and then at the floorboards.
“I’m not really sure to be honest. I don’t feel bad but I don’t really feel good about it.”
> “You want to feel good about it?”
>She pulled her phone out and handed it to you.
I'll roll with that, for the sake of continuity
>She pulled her phone out and handed it to you.
> “Under pictures, take a look at the results. Took the fire department a long fucking time to get there, not to mention they fucked up trying to put it out with water, so not only did you scorch his car, they made sure it was completely unrecoverable.”
>The picture of a scorched and smoking car was on the screen, the back was completely blown out from the blowtorch tank exploding as well as the gas tank going up.
>This is what you did?
>You go to the next picture and see the side of the car.
>The damage was irreparable.
>The windows were shattered out.
>Everything was indistinguishable from the original car, it was just a burnt out husk.
>Then you see it.
>A smile finds purchase on your lips.
>It was still there, as dark lettering on the door.
>It felt…
> “So what do you think Anon, you had enough yet?”
>You shake your head.
“This shit has only just started.”
>Sunset turned the radio on, and reduced the volume sharply so that you could barely hear the music.
>One of the local stations.
>The car pressed up the road towards the point.
>You looked over to see Gilda nodding off in her seat.
>You couldn’t seem to get to sleep.
>Your nerves were far too shot.
>This whole plan had gone in a completely opposite direction than you anticipated.
>Not that you minded.
>Hell, you were impressed that you managed to even get out of town.
>Maybe you had the benefit of surprise, coupled with the fact you had a burning car to hold their attention.
>The ride lasted about twenty minutes.
>As you reached the top of the point, Sunny pulled into a stand of trees and killed the engine.
>Gilda, halfway between sleep and being awake, immediately got out of the car and moved to the trunk of the car.
>Sunset undid the trunk lock and you could hear Gilda rummage around in the back for a moment.
Oh boy! More righteous further coming for dash? Going to rainbow crash an after party? Maybe shave her head?
> “Hey Sunset, did you grab that extra sleeping bag before we left the house?”
> “I thought you did.”
> “No, I told you to.”
>She shrugs. “Well, looks like Anon has to share with someone.”
> “He can share with me, I don’t care.”
> “We can deal with it later; Anon grab that brown bag in the passenger side floor and bring it along. Me and Sunny are going to get to the overlook and set up.”
>With a nod you walk back to the car, and open the passenger door.
>The paper bag was under the seat, and unsurprisingly, contained various types of alcohol.
>Vodka, whiskey, gin…
>You grab the bag and shut the door of the car, and begin the hike to the overlook.
>It was a short walk up, to see Sunset and Gilda settleing into the sleeping bag.
>They had zipped their individual sleeping bags together to make a single large bag.
>Gilda’s warning echoed in your head.
>Don’t make it weird.
>Your just up here to hang out with them, drink some booze, and sleep the hangover off while the town calms down.
>Besides, they weren’t really your type anyway.
>You hand the bag off to Gilda, and take the available space between them.
>Gilda cracks open the bottle of Gin and took a drink.
>She passes it to you, and you follow her in drinking, then to Sunset.
>Now this you could get used to.
>It was strange going from social unknown to having friends.
>Was this was friendship was?
>Sitting on a rocky point overlooking the town, sharing a bottle of alcohol after a long day of being a delinquent?
>Because if it was, you could get used to this.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBj1aONf_sA

I'll let the credits roll for tonight, thanks for sticking with me for 8. Long. Hours

Back tomorrow if people want it, everyone sleep well

see ya
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>“This shit has only just started.”
Just how far off the rails can he go?
Also inb4 main 6 were going to force rainbow to apologize at the dance or some shit
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Sleep well writefriend, you deserve it
nice post
>That whole time hat rarity kept trying to get you to go to the dance
This feels like an rpg that made us make a moral choice.
where if we went to the dance, we'd be on the "good" path.
Noticed that too, and that's mostly what kept me interested in reading. If shit starts getting intense from here, we know anon had an out before it happened.
He updated the pastebin

Me too, some shits gonna have to go down.

Pretty sure a car exploding would wake up some other agencies besides the local police
As a person who trends to the good paths on most games with Moral Choice systems I get the feeling Anon would have been gypped if he went on the high road. Just the feeling I get from reading things.

I'd honestly expect RD to pull a Carrie on Anon.
I could not fall asleep, I can atleast post these last few before i head off
I always go high road too anon, couldnt really bring myself to side with the legion in any of my runs of nv, as an example

>You all sit up there for about twenty minutes when you get up
"Oh Fuck! The dance! People are going to suspect us if we don't go!"
>The girls both look at you, confused
>Gilda pipes up first
>"Anon, I am not too sure that the dance is still going on, there WAS just an explosion in the middle of town."
"We have to atleast try, I told Rarity I would go"
>Think about going atleast
>But you ARE right, you, Gilda, and Sunset will be the only students not attending
>And also the only enemies of Rainbow Dash
"No, we HAVE to fucking go. Think about it, we would be the only ones not attending, and the only ones with obvious issues with Dash"
>"Anon, we would still be showing up after the explosion"
"We can come up with an alibi tomorrow, but right now we have to fucking GO."
>They begrudgingly get up, Sunset grabbing her keys and stashing the alcohol
"We can just leave the stuff here, noone would dare come out after that"
>"Yeah, Yeah, whatever..."
>Sunset leaves the sleeping bags, but still grabs the alcohol and puts it in the car
>"We better go to an afterparty and steal more booze then, this shit isn't cheap"
"Sure, sure, if they even HAVE one."
>Sunset starts the car and begins to back up
>The drive back to school is long, but you get to appreciate the full moon and clear night
>Save for the black smoke rising into the air at Dash's house
>You look at Gilda and Sunset
>You've only known them for a day, and already they feel like the family you never really had
>Dad is in Asia, Mom is in Europe
>And you've always been here
>Gilda sees deep thought etched in your face and punches your shoulder lightly. Her face shows understanding
>" Hey Anon, I really don't think that Sunset and I CAN drop you after that, we're all in it together."
>Her words make you feel comfortable, the situation doesn't seem so bad anymore
>You will get through this
>And if you don't, you'll make sure that they do
>As you roll up on the school, Sunset parks and quickly stows her cigarettes in her skirt, whereas Gilda just puts one in her mouth and sets the rest in her bra
>They both pull out small mirrors and various articles of makeup from the dashboard of the car
>After a few minutes of primming up, you are all ready to go
"Alright, Let's do this"
>You all walk into the school, taken aback by the colored lights and decorations
> A large banner that reads "SNOW-BALL" adorns the entryways into the gym
>Walking in to the dance, you quickly spot the girls, and Rarity waves you over
>"We can catch up here in about an hour, do your thing, Anon"
>You look to the stage and see that Flash Sentry and his band are playing
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5-Ptk1JUf4
> You quickly make your way over to the girls, smiling all the way and giving an extra warm smile to Rainbow Dash
>Who promptly rolls her eyes and gives a clearly fake smile
>Oh, the remorse you don't feel
"Hey girls! Hello Dash, sorry I'm late, I spent a good bit of time thinking about coming, but I decided to"
>Rarity smiles warmly and leans into your ear
>"This means so much to all of us, especially me..."
>She gives you a sly kiss on the neck, unnoticed by the rest of the girls
>She leans away again
>"Anon, Ah think tha' Rainbow has somefin tah tell ya, Righ' Rainbow?"
>Rainbow sighs and rolls her eyes
"Excuse me say it again?"
>She bristles at this, causing you to smile your best shit eating grin
>You hold all the leverage she doesn't know you have
>"I Am Sorry."
"Once more"
>She growls under her breath
"Excuse me?"
"Excuse me, bitch?"
File: 1449039311155.gif (947 KB, 384x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
947 KB, 384x288
loved the song writefriend
>She looks as if you'd slapped her
>So do the others
>You can't bring yourself to care right now
>Rainbow's outburst had gained you most of the eyes in the room, but you swallow the humiliation your oh so used to by now
"I don't think of humiliating me, someone you hadn't even given a chance to KNOW i might add, for a half a year, keying MY car that I actually WORKED for, and making me look like a schuck to everyone while also not respecting YOUR friends enough to not start shit with them around as a joke."
>Your voice is calm
>But it is also frighteningly cold
>You must have had too much to drink earlier
"I had come on behalf of your FRIENDS not YOU. I had wanted to clear everything up for THEM, not ME, not YOU. I could care less what you think about anything, but I apparently care more about your best friends than you do, and they had shown me nothing but KINDNESS after you begin to harass me. NO they never spoke up, which is condemning in itself, but they cared enough about YOU to try to have me come and clear it up between us. I did this because I respect them as people and friends. If you can't see them as that, then you need to rethink who YOU are and so do they."
>They all stare at you aghast
>Rainbow looks sufficiently speechless
>You can regret this later, because you choose to enjoy it now
>You look to the other girls
"I am really sorry that you had seen that, some of what i said may have been uncalled for, but I stand by it. I hope that you all still have a wonderful time."
>You turn around and stroll over to the punch table, where Gilda and Sunset are standing, bored
>You gain a few stares as you blatantly walk towards them
>And even more as you leave with them
thanks anon, i like incorporating music if you hadnt told by now, it allows me to add texture to a story AND introduce people to new music
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAHVzwyTCK8
>As you walk out the glass doors, you take in a deep breath of cold air and look to Gilda
"Please, give me a cigarette"
>She nods and hands you a cigarette and her zippo from earlier
>You place the stick in your mouth, lighting it and inhaling
>The smoke scratches your throat, but you dont care
>Exhaling, you let the buzz hit your head and the calm hit your body
>Gilda perks up
>"Did you do what you had to?"
"Yeah, it had to happen a long time ago."
>Sunset pulls out a small flask of questionable substance
>She passes it to you, and you take a sip of the amber fluid
>You all sit outside swapping one sin for another, until another figure steps outside behind you
>The infinitely beautiful image of Fluttershy dressed up for an occasion stares at you
>Not disapprovingly, nor proud. Merely appraising
>After a few seconds of silence, she speaks
>"Anon, what happened to you?"
>You mull over the question for a few seconds
>You grew up? You grew a pair?
>Niether sound appropriate, but both are fitting
>You answer with the only true answer
"I don't know"
>She just sits there staring at you, and all of you at her
>Before she comes outside and walks towards you
>She comes near and stares into your eyes infinitely
>Before you know what's happening, she forces her lips upon yours, for an unknown amount of time
>The universe seems to be shattering around you, but you only hear echos
>When she pulls away, she looks at you for a few seconds before going back inside without a look back
>Sunset grabs your shoulder, and you all drop your cigarettes to the ground, smashing them with your boots
>As you walk back to the car, you aren't sure what you feel right now
>A mix of ease and a numb fear that youve fucked up
>You all get into the car and drive back to the point
>You all sit and drive in silence, just enjoying the company of eachother
>In one night, you've become a more courageous person, a convict, and you've gained different types of affection from various girls
>What the fuck did you turn into?
>If Rainbow hadn't keyed your car, you would have been at home now, wishing you could talk to a girl to ask her to the dance, you wouldn't have even wished to talk to Sunset OR Glimmer, and you would have led your lonely, casual life.
>In a way, the changes are scaring you.
>As you leave town, you see a checkpoint coming up
>"SHIT, alright act cool, we were just heading to a party in a town over alright?"
>You stiffen up and Gilda turns down the music
>As the car approaches, the broad man in a Canterlot Police Division outfit knocks on your window with a flashlight
>"Hello kids, where are you heading to?
>Sunset puts on her bullshit voice
>"A party in the town over, we just came from the Canterlot High dance, sir"
>"You do know that the city is under lockdown, you won't be able to return here until morning."
>"Yes sir."
>"Alright, go on and have a safe night then."
>Sunset drives you to the point, where Gilda turns on the radio and you all take different bottles of alcohol, sitting on the hood and staring at the moon, enjoying eachother's company.


Good night for real, More tomorrow if people want it
Thanks for reading, sleep well
you can't flim flam the zim zam
Thoroughly enjoyable. Excellent work!
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Hell yes I want it.
Any other top cunt prompts evolve into something more than just sex to tide me over while I wait/fall asleep?
Fun Fact

rainbow dash is my third favorite pony
I'm more of a "beat your face in with your own soccer ball", Dashhole. But then after all that time you spend weeping in lesbian angst in the equipment shed, I'm kinda hesitant to hit you with your own sex toys.
3rd for me as well actually.
First 2 are Trixie and AJ
Wow, one of my pals has the same lineup

First is luna, second would probably be trixie
In all seriousness, it'd be cool if she, or any other villain, shows up as a possible ally/friend.
Someone watched Bible Black 2.
Nobody likes the Legion, it's alright, writefriend.
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But I think I can continue that edgy shit
false flag
>forced sex
>public sex
>her fetish
Flutter/k/ would be the perfect wife
Thanks god it isn't a ripoff of revenge on Flash green. Keep going, nigga.
Zim zam wake yo ass up
It's-a me, the pizza man
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smear it in.jpg
35 KB, 615x640
I'm gonna play some vidyas, but if Zam isn't back when I'm done I have a little more green in me. I'll throw it down till he shows up.

Dash is like fifth on my pony list. So shameful
>Rainbow dash constantly bullies anon, the only cripple in the school
>teachers thinks he hurts himself and tries to put the blame on rainbow
>he forms a plan with help from the cute bug girl
It's time to tear the relationships with her friends apart the worst way posdible. None shall survive with a intact heart. I will buy you lunch for a month, Cryss. The truth shall be known!
File: 1440481191964.png (349 KB, 611x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Tsundere green when?
I can do that shit.
I'm known for such classics as Nothing, Nothing and who could forget, Nothing
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>I can do that shit.
great story anon. probably my new favorite greentext of 2016
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Crazy > strong

Just bite her, there's no defense against that.
Hey GSW!
Please come back to the AnonFilly general. You're the hero we need.
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I saw that, fegit.
That thieves guild story ever finish?
I'm back

and let me be a faggot for a second
this is the first story i actually feel accomplished on, im really glad you guys like it as much as I like writing it. My other stories are discontinued cause i usually get self conscious when the threads go silent, thanks for stickin with me so far
Anyway, looks like none of my posts earlier made it through, had to use overchan on break

Ill just repost them again then

>Shameless Musical Self-Bump

>I know not all of these are folk, but folk is pretty underrated genre. you can find some good ass shit in every type if you want to look

Reposting this cause it shoulda gone through

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming
We love you too, fag.
> “Oh Anon~~” A voice softly coos into your ear.
>Your eyes blink open.
>Squinting from the sunlight, you begin to make out something red and yellow blocking your vision.
>As you came to your senses, you could feel the heat of someone’s breath on the back of your neck and in your ear.
>You are immediately silenced by a hand.
>You blink a few times.
>Sunset lowers her head to meet your gaze.
> “Good morning Anon…” She says with a mischievous smile and a pair of seductive eyes. “Did you sleep well?” She asked in a low voice.
>As your senses became functional, you start to pick up on what was around you.
>The smell of…
>Oh shit.
“I-I guess.” You manage to stammer out.
>You begin to feel hot.
> “I didn’t...want to know why?”
File: Twilight-clap.gif (52 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 360x360
No problem.
I just take it as assuming everyone who's reading is just clamming up to read and don't want to keep breaking it up with posts.
If this place wants you to stop, they'd let you know.

Now lets see what newly formed "bad boy" anon is up to.
All of these posts should have gone through at like noon today
Yeah, i like discussion inbetween though. I appreciate the silence but to me its like being on stage as a comedian and noone laughing. But i can deal now, kinda getting back into my old groove
<3 really appreciate it anon
>Every muscle in your body was tense; your throat felt like something was lodged in it.
> “Well, during the night I kept feeling something hard jab me. Sometimes in the ass, others in the thigh, but I dealt with it…”
>Her hand drifted to your groin and she began rubbing you, which immediately brings your attention to the fact that you had a raging hard on.
>She leans in close to your ear.
> “…All…”
>Your belt was the first to go.
> “…Fucking...”
>Then the button came undone.
> “…Night.”
>The zipper came down next, leaving your underwear the only protection from Sunny.
>Oh shit.
> “Normally, I would be a little upset that someone was bothering me while I was sleping.” She whispers into your ear. “But, I think I have a way you can make it up to me.”
“How’s that?” You strain out quietly.
> “Since you have gotten me all worked up, it’s only fitting you help me with my little problem.”
“H-h-h-ow can I help?
>She grabs your hand and pulls it to her crotch.
> “By shutting your fucking mouth, and getting me off, I’m not going to sit here and give you a step by step guide either. Use your imagination.”
>You had watched porn before, but it was a very different task to actually pleasure a woman.
>Well, only one way to learn.
>Running your hand up her leg, you find that she had already taken her panties off.
>She spread her legs and wiggled under you, each leg to either side of you.
> “Any time you’re ready…”
>You carefully feel around her lips, coating your figers with her juices.
>After getting familiar with her, you slowly insert a finger into her.
>The folds of her pussy give way with little resistance.
>Her back arches and she takes a sharp breath in, and exhales with a lo moan.
>You continue your exploration.
>Then, in a deft movement, she pulled your underwear and pants down as you fingered her, allowing her complete access to your cock and balls.
>Her soft hand began to massage your shaft.
>Involuntarily, your cock twitches and shoots a small spurt of pre into her hand.
> “Oh this is going to be fun…” She says with an evil grin. “I’ve always wanted to break a virgin in.”
>You slip a second finger into her
>As you explore her depths, your fingers begin massaging the front wall of her, and she immediately tenses.
> “Right there Anon…Right there…”
>You begin to move your fingers in a circular motion over the spot.
>She began to tighten around your fingers with every movement of your fingers.
>Her hand left your cock, and she grabbed either side of your head.
>No sooner had she grabbed your head, she forced you down, burying your face into her crotch.
>She immediately was pushed over the edge.
>You felt her walls start to pulse and a strong rush of fluids coated your fingers and your accompanying face, running down your chin.
>As she held you in place, you bring your tongue out to work.
>Her taste was not like you had imagined it.
>Bitter, but with a slightly sweet tang as an aftertaste.
>You withdraw your fingers and lap up her juices.
>She was breathing rapidly as she came down from her orgasm.
>With a softer grasp, she raised your head from her crotch and met your gaze with a soft smile.
> “Not bad for a first time.” She said as she pulled you towards her. “Enjoy yourself?”
>You would have lied if you said no.
> “Well, I know I did. I think you earned a little relief for your own problem…”
>She guided your cock to her waiting pussy, which was already becoming wet again from her own arousal.
>The tip of your cock bumped against her moist entrance, and she released you.
>In the moment of clarity that the haze of your hangover allowed, you came to a startling and inconvenient realization.
“I don’t have any condoms Sunset…”
> “Well no shit Anon, I’m clean you don’t have to worry. I don’t just fuck anyone and everyone.”
>You raise an eyebrow.
> “Oh you’re worried about me getting knocked up? Not a problem here Anon, you couldn’t knock me up if you tried.”
“What are you on birth control or…?”
> “No I’m infertile you idiot, now are you going to fuck me or not?”
>Your face must have betrayed your distrust at the statement.
> “Anon, do I look like some baby crazy slut?”
>Good enough for you.
>You plunge your cock into her and bottom out.
> “God damn your big.” She says straining. “Never would have guessed you were packing so much heat.”
>You pull halfway out and then push back in, letting Sunset adjust.
>After Sunset adjusted to your size, you start with a slow pace and steadily build.
>As you bottom out again inside her, you suddenly find it hard to pull out again as her walls contract around your cock and grip your entire length.
>>"Its the six popular girls that are more in with the principals then a ribbed dildo, why wouldn't they go?"
>She giggles as you slowly withdraw from her, each ridge of her pussy catching and rubbing painfully against your head.
> “What’s wrong Anon? Running out of breath?”
“No, you’re just so fucking tight. Jesus fuck.”
>She wraps her arms around your neck and pulls you down.
> “And I can keep you like this if I want to.”
>The progress your dick had made leaving Sunset was suddenly halted.
>Holy shit.
>She had amazing muscle control, and she knew just how to use it.
> “Come on Anon, keep pulling out, let’s see how far you can go.”
>It was like your dick was in a vise.
>Fuck it.
>If she would not let you retreat…
>You slam your hips forward, hitting hers with a respectable amount of force.
>Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she bites her lower lip in pleasure.
>…you would press the attack.
>As you grind your dick into her, you can feel your own orgasm building.
>Sunset seems to pick up on this and loosens herself a bit to allow you some freedom.
> “Don’t you dare pull out of me; I swear to god if you get cum on my clothes, I will cut your dick off. Not to mention what Gilda would do to you if you got cum in her sleeping bag.”
>You really hadn’t thought about pulling out.
>This felt too good.
>And there was only one way this was going to end.
>As your thrusting became more unruly and untimed, Sunset began to tighten herself again.
>You let out a strained groan as you begin to empty your balls into Sunset.
>Pulse after powerful pulse sent wave after wave of seed into her, and with a satisfied sigh, she milked your dick for everything it had to offer.
>She wrapped her arms around you and you both lay basking in the afterglow for what felt like half an hour.
>As you went flaccid, you could feel your cock slip out of her.
>You rolled off of her and took a deep breath as you pulled your underwear and pants back up.
“Where is Gilda?”
> “She went to sleep in the car last night after you passed out. She never liked sleeping in the open.”
>You nod in understanding.
>But a question was still nagging at you.
“So why me Sunset? You can have any guy in school and you decided to fuck me.”
> “It’s like this Anon; it’s been forever since I got to be with a guy. I think Gilda knew that and decided to give us some privacy, but Anon don’t think this means we are a couple or dating or anything. We aren’t, we just both have needs. Not to say this won’t happen again, but just don’t make it weird, alright?” She pauses and takes a deep breath. “The reason it was you is because if I fucked someone who would just go and blab about it to all their friends, which would attract more attention to me than I want. I think I can trust you to keep your mouth shut, right Anon?”
How about you go fucking write for us you glorious bastard
>You nod.
“Got it. We will just keep it at friends with benefits. I’m not going to tell anyone.”
> “I sincerely hope you won’t if you want to remain in good health. Anyway, let’s go get Gilda up, and head back into town. I’m starving.”
>You nod and stand up.
>You take one more moment to ensure yourself that that actually just happened, and that it meant nothing, before you quietly collect your things and head down the overlook after Sunset.
>As you walked down the hill, you noticed a small strand of your cum leaking down her leg.
>Surely she could feel that.
>She probably didn’t care.
>And at this point neither did you.
>Approaching the car, you find Gilda asleep in the back.
> “Anon, go get our stuff and put it in the trunk and ride up front with me, we should let her sleep. She probably needs it.”
“Too much booze?”
> “Some things came up last night, I can’t really say any more than that.”
>She pops the trunk as you turn around and begin moving back up to the hill.
>Collecting what bottles had alcohol left in them; you stuff them back into the brown paper bag and then put them into the sleeping bags.
>Slinging the connected sleeping bags over your shoulder you walk back down the path and throw them into the trunk.
>You quietly close the trunk, as to not wake Gilda.
>Sunset got into the driver’s seat as you hopped into the passenger.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMBp_pDjatU
> “You want to go get your stuff from Gilda’s house first?
>broken foot
Lol, I bet you skip school for a mosquito bite too, cuck.
Well shit. That was a boner and a half right out of left field.

>I think I can trust you to keep your mouth shut, right Anon?
"Haha, yeah, it's not like I have any friends to brag to about it anyway."
>you roll over and cry into the sleeping bag
"Sure, we can hang at my place when we grab everything and make some breakfast or whatever."
>"Alright, we can lay Gilda down and I can help you cook."
"Baller. You think the town is still on lockdown?"
>"Maybe, they're probably still looking for those delinquint terrorists."
>A chuckle escapes your lips as Sunny puts the car in reverse and pulls off of the point
>As you turn onto the main road back to town, you think back to the warnings the girls gave you the night before
>At this point, what does "Don't make it weird" even categorize as?
>The ride home was quiet.
>Aside from a few words between you and Sunny, there was nothing really to talk about.
>Just two friends helping each other out.
>Nothing weird about that.
>You really didn’t know what the whole deal was about losing your virginity.
>Whoop de motherfucking do, you had sex, came in a girl, and now…?
>Sex really was a shallow expression of human emotions.
>You always though that sex was some kind of passionate and emotionally charged ordeal that people took part in when they were truly in love.
>Yet, here you were riding shotgun with a girl that just wanted to get her rocks off and used you as an easy way to do so.
>Whatever, just don’t think about it too much Anon.
>This is probably making it weird
File: 1451971824328.jpg (47 KB, 600x757) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 600x757
>I’m infertile
Do people really know this much about themselves at this age? Do I really care if it lead to some nice, quick bonerbait?
I asked myself this question silently because I found the answer being jettisoned from the tip of my penis.
>Falls through a wormhole 20 years into the past
>he doesn't say baller every now and then
Now if he said "tight" or some shit, then I'd understand.
Oh god, please don't rape me
Sunset is the type that would find out, probably a busted condom one time, so she went to get tested for preggers, the doc would tell her that she was infertile
>"Y-Yeah, i mean, who am i gonna brag about it to? G-Gilda?"
>Sunset giggles at your supposed joke and gets out of the bag to clean up
>You take the time to ask siri how to tie a noose correctly
Now i that thats off the list, all I have left is Gnarly, Radical, Dopeski, Tubular, and Zoned
>>Besides, she said it would happen again so no strings attached sex for free?
>Why the hell would you turn a deal like that down?
>As you got into town, you started directing Sunny in which ways to go.
>As she pulled into your house, she seemed a bit shocked.
> “You live here?”
>You nod.
“Parents aren’t home. I will show you where the showers are.”
> “You have a washing machine right?”
“Yes, what kind of question is that?”
> “Well I was going to run the sleeping bags through a cycle to save Gilda some trouble. Plus, I think my underwear need cleaning as well.”
>You both look back to Gilda to see her still fast asleep.
> “Hey Gilda?” She furrows her brow and looks to you. “Got a free couch for her to chill on until she sleeps off that bottle of gin?”
“Wait she drank a whole bottle?”
> “She got really upset about something last night, grabbed a bottle, and went to the car. Get her feet, I will get her shoulders.”
>You nod and go unlock the door of your home.
File: this fuck.jpg (298 KB, 800x1096) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this fuck.jpg
298 KB, 800x1096
>A nondescript trashbag that's been lying in the woodline rustles to life very suddenly
>It seems it was occupied, not by trash, but a man
>You hear a telltale laugh
>One infamous around town as belonging to a crazed homeless man
>His limbs are all random shades independent of one another
>His eyes are differently sized though equally intense
>He calls himself Discord
>"Naughty, nasty, neighborhood children are afoot!"
>"What the fuck!?"
>Sunset screams out, throwing you off of her like little more than a doll
>A doll currently as hard as rebar
>Sunset snatches the sleeping bag around her body, awkwardly enclosing you inside
>"Get out of here you old fucking perv!"
>You can only hear what's happening beyond the sleeping bag, being trapped inside
>You slap at Sunset's thigh a few times
"Sunset let me out, goddamn!"
>"Ugh, cool your jets, Anon. He's gone."
>You relax into the confines of the bag, now pregnant with the stench of Sunset's arousal
>"Smells like teen spirit in here."
>A strange voice comments
>From within the fucking sleeping bag
>You lurch backward in fear and confusion
>You hear a splash of liquid
>"A-Anon, what the fuck are you doing?"
>The sleeping bag is peeled back revealing only you and a bottomless Sunset inside
>You look around wildly for the source of the voice
>You don't notice Sunset palming at the foreign moisture between her legs
>You don't have an answer
>Sunset beats the shit out of you, wake sup Gilda, and drives off
>She doesn't forget to leave with your pants
>You sit in the dirt, watching the sun rise while your erection fades
>Alone again
>Except for him

But you're back now. I'll be too busy strapping in for the wild ride
So I see you guys are dead now , too bad it ain't my problem.

Also, my green is in the archives, anyone can just go and finish it if they wish to. I regret not changing my name now.


>"Haha, you faggot can't even stand a hit from a girl! What you gonna do now, fuckboy? Cry?! Fucking nerd!"
"'Can't stand a hit from a girl?' Maybe that's because you kicked me in the fucking nuts, you fucking dyke?"
>Dash's face twitches with the realisation
>"I did? Uh..."
>"You're still a fucking nerd!"
>Yeah, you didn't expect more from her, one of Twilight's stupid friends
>Fucking Rainbowhair
>By the time your pain died off, Dash was already gone
"Yeah, fuck you too, Dash."

[cue opening theme]

>A gentle breeze on your face/mask reminds you that
>You are Anon, and you need to do something about Rainbow Dash, titled the number one dyke in Canterlot™
>She's been fucking with you (not literally) for quite some time now, and you should end this
>Not like you wouldn't /like/ her to fuck with you literally, I mean she's pretty hot, but...
>Get this shit out of your head Anon, she's a crazy cunt with a good-looking cunt
>B-but Anon, she looks good, has higher grades than you and is probably a cutie when nobody's around
>Yeah, you should really have fapped before going to school this morning, this fucking traitor in your pants will drive you insane by the end of the day
>You clench your books harder to get away these thoughts
>Come on, even if you tried you couldn't get he--
>A sudden impact interrupts your thoughts
>The books scatter around you

>"Hey, watch where you're going, dickface!"
>Oh, good, you needed that
Kinda disappointed he didn't just say something along the lines of, 'tell fucking who?'
File: 1450836740738.png (133 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 300x300
Another writefag.
File: 1426865638620.gif (992 KB, 389x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
992 KB, 389x259
The fucking Dante thing got me so good
Don't expect regular updates from me, I have a family and friends who am I kidding, hi I'm GSW and I'm here to fuck your shit up famm
>smells like teen spirit in here

You got me to laugh ya bastard

suit yourself though, im sure what you would have/will write is gonna be hilariously great though
I recognize your name, but i have never touched Anon Filly, have you written somewhere else? Like a glimmer thread or something. I remember sending you musak
>Heading back, you grab her legs and carry her in with Sunset leading into your house.
>You both gently set her on one of the large couches in the living room.
>Sunset brought in the sleeping bags and the alcohol as you shut the door behind her.
>You immediately lead her to your parent’s bathroom and tell her to make herself at home.
>Leaving her to her shower, you head to your bathroom.
>You strip your provided clothes and step into your shower.
>You never thought a shower could feel so cathartic.
>The hot steam and running water seemed to put your pounding headache at ease, while the act of actually cleaning yourself lifted the haze you had been in since you had woken up this morning.
>After you had cleaned yourself off, and had enough time in the shower, you shut the water off and towel off.
>Stepping across the hall into your room, you pick out a new set of clothes.
>Maroon shirt, set of carpenter jeans, and the boots you had gotten earlier this morning.
>Shit what time was it?
>You glance over to the clock and see it was just now going on one PM.
>Not bad, you still had plenty of time to…
>Shit you had a test tomorrow in AP Calculus.
>All this fun going on, you completely fucking forgot you had a test.
>Not that you were worried.
>Your marks were already high, and it’s not like you didn’t know the material.
>Hell the only person that beat your grade in Calc was Twilight.
>Mrs. Perfectionist had a 100% in the fucking class.
>Not a single point missed.
>Either she was sucking the teacher’s dick or she was just a genius.
I'm so fucking down for that
I have nothing to read

>But you had a 95% so it wasn’t like she was beating you by much.
>Fuck, you needed your phone.
>You decide the next course of action is to get your things from Gilda’s house.
>After going back into the living room, you see Gilda regaining consciousness.
> “Where the fuck am I?”
“My house Gilda.” You say in a quiet voice.
> “Don’t be so fucking loud Anon, I’m right here.”
>Sunset walked in and breathed a sigh of relief that Gilda was awake.
“Just go get a shower, me and Sunny are going to run to your place and get my stuff and we will come straight back. Alright?”
>She nods.
> “Got any pain killers?”
>Sunny was ahead of her and produced a bottle of Tylenol and gave it to Gilda.
> “We will be back in fifteen at the most. You alright Gilda?”
>She nods.
> “Yeah I’m just going to take it easy for now. Maybe get a shower.”
“What are we going to eat?”
> “Uh, what do you have?”
>You walk to the kitchen and open the refrigerator, and immediately notice you had very little in the way of groceries.
“Pizza sound good?”
> “Fine by me.”
> “Same.”
File: flutterflutter.png (167 KB, 1750x1730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 1750x1730
I've been writing on 5chins for 4 years now, no surprise you've seen my stuff before.
I'm guessing this is the "Glimmer thing" you're talking about: http://pastebin.com/bqyUGJ2e
Also loving your green, made me stop writing just to laugh a bunch of times
cant flim flam the zim zam
Fucking brilliant
I came.
Means alot, glad your enjoying it

And yep, that looks like it

Science hasn't officially proven this yet, they are dumping billions of dollars into research though

im gonna make some coffee and cook some food

Im really likin it
File: derp.jpg (23 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 500x500

Yeah I guess I'll play a round of some ASSFAGGOTS and come back to you guys. Wrote for 3 different threads and done a bunch more stuff and shit blah-blah, see ya in an hour or so
I don't know what assfaggots is but I bet youre good at it
You're never good at ASSFAGGOTS, you just do a little better every time.
Fucking kek
I guess good enough
Probably because saying "I'm infertile" is much easier than "I'm actually a magical talking horse from another dimension"
That explains the muscle control.
You can take it seriously and still not care, anon. I should know.
File: 1441041943288.png (105 KB, 300x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 300x600
Don't mind me, just coming out of my lurkhole to say that I love you, writebro. This the best green I've read since that mass effect crossover in a Scilight thread last year.
Now I truly believe that you can't flim flam the Zim Zam.
I think you have the wrong person.
Because I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.
>Nobody likes the Legion
Take that shit to /fog/ and see how far you get. Ah way troo 2 Kai-sar.
Writefriends where are you?
Alright I'm back y'all nice people, and it's about time I put this green in it's well-deserved place in THE EYE OF THE MAJESTIC GREEN HORSE.

More green in a bit
Pic Related
Thank's Anon, means alot to me
You can take anything there and get shit on, its pretty toxic
>Tfw I chill there
Right here Anon, I was behind your ear the whole time!
That'll be ten per gram, thanks

Alright lets get the show back on the road
Is that...
Fallout Tactics?
Also, did you change your wallpaper just for that joke?
We arrived at literally the same time
are we worst enemies or best comrades
File: 1405379997429.gif (712 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
712 KB, 320x240
Jesus fucking Christ that desktop
bix nood
>Right behind your ear the whole time.
Please be gentle.
File: Anun.png (2 MB, 5000x3545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 5000x3545
Fallout New Vegas*
And no, it's my actual wallpaper. I do this every time I start a new green, as you can probably tell by all the shit on my desktop
I don't know comrade, you tell me.
I vote we settle it over lots of alcohol and a few sea shanties, maybe an airship battle or two

We both know you don't want what you ask for
>That night went by quickly, with Sunset dropping off your things and leaving
>But not after eating half of the fucking pizza
>How she had such an appetite and kept her physique, you didn't know
>Gilda had opted on staying however
>you both sprawled out on a couch and watched movies in your living room, finishing off the weekends alcohol
>Which, admittedly, was a near empty bottle of vodka
>Gilda said that she didn’t want to go home, and cited the fact that police activity was still fairly heavy.
>Not that you minded, it was nice to have a friend over.
>You spent most of the night in the living room with Gilda just talking.
>Not really about anything in particular, just whatever came up.
>Everything from where to score some dank weed for cheap, how to procure and make your own alcohol, to topics more on your side of the fence such as the finer points of evading digital surveillance and censorship
>Gilda was actually a fairly interesting individual when you got past her intimidating exterior.
>But behind those piercing yellow eyes, there was an impressive mind.
>She was much more clever then she lets on usually, she just never thinks things through before committal
>muscle control.
I wonder if Sunset goes in heat instead of having a period.
Maybe she has a self cleaning butthole too.
It isn't self cleaning, why do you think Anon is there?
>You had both talked late into the night, it was around midnight before either of you were ready to go to bed.
>But that was last night, and now you were up for the new day.
>Looking over to the clock, you silence the alarm and stretch as you sit up in your bed.
>Time for the daily ritual.
>As you make your way to the bathroom, your thoughts began to wander.
>It was strange how little things had changed.
>Considering what had transpired in the past 48 hours, you had very little consequence that affected your life on any significant level come and bite you in the ass.
>How many people get to completely destroy another person’s car by blowing it up, lay low outside of town for a while, and then get to come back and act like nothing had changed?
>The whole situation was ridiculous.
>As a matter of fact you had gained more than you had lost.
>You had friends.
>Surely Sunset and Gilda could be considered friends at this point.
>Not the hallmark kind of friends that acted like they would do anything for you, and then when you needed them would be strangely absent.
>No Gilda and Sunset were the kind of friends that would set up for you to blow someone’s car up, come pick you up after you ran from the cops, and then help you dispose of the evidence, then go hang out with you while things were cooling off.
>If they were willing to do that for you, surely they could be trusted.
>As you moved to the kitchen, you see Gilda was awake already.
> “Morning dweeb.” She said in a lethargic voice.
“Morning Gilda. Coffee?”
>She nods.
“How do you take yours?”
> “Black.”
File: Sketch63171240.jpg (2 MB, 2048x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2048x2048
>green horse
420 blaze it
I wish somebody would fix this pic and get rid of double d's clothes
Sorry, I tend to get the two's thumbnails (Or whatever they're called) mixed up.
Icon, anon.

It's called a fucking icon.
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 350x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 350x700
>get rid of Double D's clothes
>Gilda’s phone starts to ring and she pulls it from her jacket pocket.
> “Yo…yeah we’re both up…hang on a sec…” She looks to you. “Cool if Sunny comes over? She’s willing to give us a ride to school.”
“Yeah, she can come over, not like we’re at a premium for room here.”
> “Alright. Yeah come on over. See you in a few.”
>She hangs the call up and sighs.
> “Police are out in force at school, they are going to start interrogating people.”
>You tense up at the thought.
> “If we don’t go, they place us as prime suspects, so staying home for the day is not an option. We need to get an alibi together, know it backwards and forwards, and not contradict each other, because they will do us all separately. Maybe a group if they suspect a connection which we should give them, so they call us three in as a group.”
>Obviously, this was not Gilda’s first rodeo.
>Nor was it a frightening concept to her.
>Well if she wasn’t worried about it then you probably didn’t have a reason to be either.
>As you were both finishing your coffee, Sunset showed up and let herself in.
>You look at your watch and note the time as six thirty.
> “Alright kids, let’s figure our shit out.” Gilda says taking a seat on the couch.
>After an hour of consulting with one another, you all decide on a story.
File: that fucking Dash.png (709 KB, 1079x1019) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
that fucking Dash.png
709 KB, 1079x1019

>The bell's ringin'
>Your head's tickin'
>Your mind's chasin'
>But you keep forgettin'
>Your sweater's all heavy
>Your palms are sweaty
>Anon's spaghetti

>Droppin' down
>Like the hot bombs comin' out of yer mouth
>You can't resist the powers of the new dawn

>It's more of an afternoon, really
>Lunch time!
>And you know what that means
>Sitting alone over at the far end of the cafeteria
>Hell yeah!
>Thinking over your plan for the third time
>Hell yeah!
>The rising uncertainty of the wholeness of your being, the growing feeling of your life, meaningless, coming to an end, the need to put yourself out of your misery, hate of every molecule of yourself
>Hell... yeah?..

>A-alright, you don't know what that was, but it seemed...
>"Yo faggot!"
>Urgh, not this bitch again
>Hm, wait...
>You could really use some /nice/ company right now, yeah
"Hi Rainbow!"
>Dash sits on the opposite side of your table
>"How you doing, cocksucker?"
"Great Dash, I'm glad you came."
>Play it cool, Anon
>She'll crack eventually
>And then...
>You can do anything you want with her
>Shut up, Boneruus
>You, Gilda, and Sunset met at a party the past week.
>Sunset gave you her number and told you to hit her up sometime.
>You lost the number, but found it Saturday and made contact with her.
>Gilda and Sunset met you in the cafe Saturday night and you all went to the point to wait until the dance started
>Mundane shit as a cover but important parts of the trip you all never took.
>You all went back to your house for you to get ready at Seven.
>Then you went to eat at eight.
>Then you all went to a party before the dance around nine thirty, hung around until around one-thirty, then went to the dance itself at two to see what was happening.
>You then drove out of town to go to the point and stayed there for the night.
>You had no idea what happened to Rainbow's car, only that something big must have happened because to leave town you all had to pass through a checkpoint.
>Gilda offered her phone up and told you to scrub the pictures off.
>With your laptop, you not only scrubbed the pictures, but made everything squeaky clean.
>Even if they did try forensics, it had been written over ten times with useless data.
>They would have no practical way of recovering the data without sending it to the FBI lab in DC.
>You would have to encourage Gilda to let you encrypt her phone at some point.
>Everything else was supposed to be non-contradictory bullshit in the details between those main events.
>Just some high school seniors having a relaxing a weekend and enjoying each other’s company.
>Seven thirty.
>Time to test the alibi against the finest the local police force had around.
>You load your bag with your books and get in Sunset’s car, followed by Gilda.
>As you pull into the parking lot, the three of you scan the police officers moving around the campus.
> “Shit, they bought the Gestapo in.” Gilda commented as she motioned towards the front entrance of the school.
>You look to the front and see three men walking into the building, one of them carrying a locked briefcase, the other two flanking either side of him.
>They were all wearing black trench coats and wearing sunglasses.
> “Fuck Anon, you see what you did? You made them bring the Feds in.” Sunset scowled.
> “Just chill, they aren’t that much better than your average traffic cop. Besides, the only reason they are here is because something exploded. If we keep out cool, and we stick to the story, we’re going to all walk out of here free. Got it?”
>Both you and Sunset nod.
> “We walk in together, and we don’t separate from one another. Meet in the far back corner of the lunchroom.”
>Your heart was pounding in your throat.
>The fucking feds?!
Thanks for continuing my green bro, I can finally get some rest xd
Dubs /and/ trips, God ZimZam, you alright?
I got that exact same get last night too.


Anyway, I'm going to go play some Guns of Icarus, someone somewhere needs a captain
>double dubs
Mate. I've infected you with the gets

What have I done
Also nice Zim trip bruh, learning from the best, huh?
File: 1451740346978.jpg (80 KB, 672x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 672x638
>Be anon
>You could handle the intense pain in your testicles.
>You could handle fuckboy, and faggot.
>But not nerd.
>That was the straw that broke the neckbeard's back.
>She had just awoken a power incomprehensible to the human mind.
>You feel it.
>The transformation.
>Within a second your right pinky finger mutates into a dildo.
>Your other fingers follow suit, followed by your arms, your toes, and then your nose.
>Even your dick, as well as both your balls, are now pink plastic fuck machines.
>You slowly stand up, staring at Dash, who is slowing backing away in horror.
>Her face is now the face of someone who has just seen Cthullu, Thinchin and Zoe Quinn engage in a threesome.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z13qnzUQwuI starts playing.
>You seductively gaze into Dash's eyes.
>You slowly move towards her, maintaining you dongface all the while.
>Face-to-face, you sensually murmur to her
>off by one

I love this trip because it has my name in it, AND Aidz, so its pretty great.
I've been under this pseudo for about two or three years now.
File: nicememe.jpg (63 KB, 287x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 287x287
Jeeesus fucking Christ, 7 away
I swear I have read this green on another thread a looong time ago, some things changed, like how it started, but the core parts are the same, trying to destroy the car, accidentally making it explode via blowtorch, sex with sunset, the feds, but I think the "enemy" was Flash in that other green, his father being the one that scared anon instead of the police, I just hope it doesn't go the same path that the other one did.
Wonder who got >>26019999 and >>26020000
Yeah, a friend of mine wrote the original. Asked him if i could rewrite it, I hated how he never finished it

This one should have an ending though
File: 200000000%.png (449 KB, 680x501) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449 KB, 680x501
File: 1447593619786.png (235 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235 KB, 800x800
I'm on the edge of my seat

>Gilda walks to the cupboard and searches it for a suitable breakfast
>She finds a few septims in the potato bag on the counter, and stashes them while she eats a whole wheel of goat cheese
"Gilda, NO! That's not goat cheese!"
>You can only watch in horror as she begins shaking and throws up from her hallucinations
>The label she ignored is now laying on the floor, still attached to that vile cheesy concoction
>"WARNING: Goatse Cheese"
>You hurriedly dig through the drawers, searching frantically for your First Aid kit
>Gilda starts twitching, and you realize she stopped breathing
>You think for a moment that it's too late
"No! I'm not going to lose my new friend!"
>Pulling out your final spare Shoop man, you fire ur Lazars full force right up the butt
>Gilda revives at 80% health, but you lost objective bravo
>You hear explosions outside, and the faint, familiar sound of an accordion
>You suddenly feel the urge to remove kebab
>Another sound
>You're nearly scared out of your wits when the oven dings
>Looks like Ponk's cookies are done
I wonder what would be Rainbow's reaction.
File: 1451902916676.png (1 MB, 1250x1692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1250x1692
Random pic for the hell of it.
Literally complete autism

Please refrain from posting and immediately leave the board, followed by applying a salted razor blade to your throat
>She finds a few septims in the potato bag on the counter, and stashes them while she eats a whole wheel of goat cheese

That's how you know it's gonna be good
File: 200% lewd.png (479 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200% lewd.png
479 KB, 600x600
File: 1451960946493.gif (644 KB, 352x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
644 KB, 352x239
Takin me back, man.
>You never smack or hot dog those Apple buns.
>You will never hear her sweet southern drawl reduce to nothing, but lewd moans.
It hurts.
File: 1441096115767.gif (499 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499 KB, 400x400
Autism is my middle name bub
File: 1442840557963.png (188 KB, 565x326) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 565x326
Maybe if I fuck off again to play xiv, there will be much more. Worked last time.

I want to see exactly how pissed dash is going to be

>"Wh-what now?"
"Come on Dash, what's up? You can tell your best pal..."
>Do it in your creepy voice, you don't have one but do it anyway
>Ooh, her eyes are all over the place
>Looks like you're doing it

>"A-anon, what's going on?"
"Nothing, just checking on my best friend, you know, we don't talk as much as we both wanted to, you hear me?"
>Great, she is now in the perfect form
>Like clay on a heater
"You know Dash, I wasn't sure about if I was ready or not..."
>"For what?"
>Get closer to her
>For the punchline
"To finally say..."
>You're leaning over the table, an inch away from her face, you could almost feel it...
>Dash's breath holds for a moment when you open your mouth to deliver that shit straight to her door
"The fuck is wrong with you?"
>You could hear the sound of her heart breaking
>And then getting back together because it didn't really happen

>"Fucking Anon, fuck you!"
>Her eyes are watery, hands are shaky
>And with that, Rainbow Dash leaves the cafeteria
>And poor Anon is left grinning over his table
>His plan worked
>And it ain't long before he gets what he deserves

>She thought he couldn't see right through her little cover
>Or it just was his boner that drove him crazy
>Or it was just the fact that he started referring to himself in third person for no reason
>But one thing that Anon was ein hundert percent sure about, is that he really wanted to kill himself right then and there

"Eh, she'll get over it."
Don't count on it
which server, gaylord
Hah! You faggots didn't even notice the sneaky green!
I noticed you senpai

I was checking if another story updated right after that post.
Poor sweetie belle
You ever seen the ending of Pay It Forward? That's what I'm gonna do. Faggot.
Fuck Helen Hunt? That's weird
The anticipation is killing me.
File: dear celestia.png (512 KB, 819x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dear celestia.png
512 KB, 819x768
Urgh, it's 5am, come on.
It's 8 pm where I am at.
Well that changes everything
File: 9632561.png (409 KB, 652x519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
409 KB, 652x519
Cant Flim Flam the Zim Zam
>inb4 waiting for story
File: 1452058336347.gif (347 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347 KB, 300x300
A little cautionary poke, here
A+ m8. I'm on the edge of my seat and can't wait for more. Last time i read a story this good was NaOH's Winter formal dash (about a year ago). Stories where shit constantly hits the fan are the best. Feels good to have my autism stimulated again
File: 1442800941704.png (93 KB, 600x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 600x500
oh God why am I up at 6:20 AM reading this
wait, there's nothing more? I CAN GO SLEEP
Fight me right now you fucking slut. I saw you giving blowjobs to the goth kids. You think your hard? Flex again you rainbow haired bitch.
Zim zam where the fuck are you?
Writefag, I've seen this same story but flash as the target. Don't think you're slick with this shit
He's admitted it was a redo of the unfinished story already somewhere up itt.
Hey dumbass read the thread
triple nigger
Fun Fact: Zim Zam is actually a 14 year old girl.
And Bush was also behind the holocaust
Please just get out of the thread
Zim Zam Jim Jam
Is that why he hasn't posted?
No, most likely since ZimZam probably already went to sleep, so ZimZam can get some rest, so ZimZam can do people things like function normally in society.
jim james jimbo
File: image.png (239 KB, 400x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
239 KB, 400x598
Bump for zim zamming in a gsw.
I can get behind that ^:)
can get inside that too
File: image.jpg (57 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 600x338
Hell yeah
Rough day yesterday, I went to bed early.

Work filters 4chan, so more when I'm off. Sorry mates.

All I have is a phone and writing huge updates would suck cock.
Awww noo..
Someone's gotta keep the thread alive then..
Is Gilda gonna get in on this...I really need Gilda to get in on this. Always Imagined her being fairly curvy and muscular, Solid D/DD at most.
File: image.jpg (61 KB, 579x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 579x623
>implying GSW is not perfect for this job
File: 1437291455218.jpg (84 KB, 493x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 493x387
Hopefully the Feddy is a bit Strange but friendly
hey guys, was asked to pass along a message for Zim Zam, apparently he won't be able to write for you guys for a while but he might try to post via the desustorage version of this page some time soon.
File: I just came.png (289 KB, 1112x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I just came.png
289 KB, 1112x1280
Got da pastebin up!

And some music for the mood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHQWjonVH3s

>It's History time
>Fucking hell, couldn't you choose any other day?

>Eh, looks like you're sitting with Rainbow Dash today
>You approach the desk
>Beside the window, perfect for escaping
>Although you're not sure if you could run away from Dash

>You sit down
>Don't move
File: RD&D.png (396 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
396 KB, 1000x1000
I guess I'll start doing these parts a little smaller 'cause they're taking a long fuckin' time to write
But that could be just me fucking around


"It's your own fault, isn't it?"
>Dash lowers her head
>"I me... Yeah."
"Then you got what you deserved, right?"
>"I guess so."
>Your wispering echoes through the silent classroom
"Why don't we start over, hm?"
>That's a good question

>Life is a circus
"Hi, I'm Anon."
>And you are the clown
File: frank me up.png (543 KB, 1600x871) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
frank me up.png
543 KB, 1600x871
Can somebody please block Youtube and Steam on my pc while I'm writing please please thanks
>I’m infertile
Now that's just sad.
>She sits on your cock just looking to get off
>Then suddenly she drops that bombshell on you
>You break down and begin to cry, kissing her belly softly
>Her lady boner is kill as you openly pity her barren womb
>She didn't want to make things awkward yet here you are flying past that point at mach 5
>Wishing you could blow her up with your torch
>You Carlos loudly through your tears
Yeah, it was a bit odd how nobody was even slightly bothered by that.
File: 1436560547061.png (1 MB, 796x1060) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 796x1060
>Sunset finds out she's infertile.
>All hopes are crushed.
>She depressed as fuck.
>Becomes a bad girl.
>Suddenly she knocked up by Anon.
>Decides to keep the baby because she always dreamed about it.
>Doesn't tell him because she doesn't want ruin his life.
>Becomes pure little waifu.
>Homeless Sunset
I miss these threads.
All good things must end
Heh, glad you guys remember it.
Actually I was OP of the very first thread.
Jeez, I love you man, you made my 2014.
File: 1439694802884.png (4 KB, 210x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 210x229
Oh stop it you, I've just reposted pic from a drawthread and did a shitty promt.
>It was 2 fucking years ago

Anyone remember this story? It's one of my favourite Shimmy greens

I want to eat that apple pie too anon maybe even give it some cream
I spat out my drink
Called it.
I remember that, and I'm glad i have that effect, I'm having a ton of fun writing
Checkd, and you faggots need to check behind your ears more often, disappearing acts are simple as fuck
Thats commitment i thank you for having, let me make it up to you
with my hands
I never saw those, unless your talking about boxwhorse

i wrote a story for that
Thanks gem
shh *wink*
im only down if you give me a general supply of that story
Checkd and confirmd
Strawberry for sure
Rule of 3 i suppose

Look anon i won't lie, I also won't steal the work of Nameless (who is a good freind)

M8 the story never got finished and here I am trying to do exactly that, but this way it comes back and gains more people instead of being like "Hey let me remind people of a story that got wrote a year ago" This way more people appreciate what we both did and we dont have the small collection of people who do remember the original

I liked the prompt, I asked if i could use some events and finish the story, thats whats good

Still hope you stick around for the ride

Alright where were we
Dude, I didn't need those feels
I mean it, this prompt was the thing that made me a writefag on /mlp/.
Also I was the one who kept it up just with the power of determination and timezones through the first month
I actually do, I was in the thread

I liked it a ton
What was your name anon? I want to read some of your stuff
also i know those feels, this is the first time ive shown my face for longer than a day in about a few months, other than the stories i wrote in november
...Shit, has it really been that long since Homeless Sunset?

Anyway... this so hard, regardless. I tuned in for the early portions and was even writefagging a little on the side in an unrelated topic. Then I walked away from 4chan for awhile because of one poorly-timed criticism that was "stop writing and rethink your life" harsh, but just long and verbose enough to where its harshness couldn't be immediately shaken off as edgelord or meme; granted, I was also going through some shit that made finding time to write the green frustrating AND my green was the only green in the topic, so it wasn't just one meanie bully on the internet that made me abandon everything.

I fully admit that having the scapegoat was nice at the time, though.

These were me
Alright lets get writing
Shit, GoI was always so fun, too bad I live in a timezone where no one is ever playing.
I wrote a smidge in the Sunset threads, myself. Nothing serious of course. As demonstrated in here somewhere up there.

It had to do with Spiderman if I recall correctly? Homeless Sunset was basically a footnote.

Oh okay. What happened to SoA?
Hm? Nothing happened.
Oh, I remember you.

Wait, wasn't SoA's trip Bumpfag? I can't remember...it's been too long
File: hi.jpg (38 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 480x640
Of course you fuckin' remember me, nobody forgets the one and only Bumpfag, the Master of Bumperinos

I never sleep Anon, and I am always down for a game. Post your steam if you want
also last night is a bad example from that first part, usually i just survive on coffee
Dont listen to this butthead, he probably has no friends and smels liek butt covered in shit
>Gilda notices your expression and puts her hand on your shoulder
>"Anon, chill. We know our story in and out, plus the interview wouldn't go for longer than an hour. Just stay cool."
"Alright. Alright, just stay cool."
>"Yeah, but if they bring in lie detectors then we're fucked"
>Thanks Sunset
>Oh your so fucked.
>Gilda looks at her dismissively
>"They wouldn't have, it's just students."
>"And a blown-up car."
>"We are going to be fine. Don't sweat it Anon."
>Alright. You got this.
>As Sunset pulls the car into a spot, you all get out and Gilda pulls a small white box out of her jacket
>You'll probably need it
>You all have a quick smoke before crushing the fag with your boots and walking towards the school
>You got this, Anon, don't worry
>As the doors open, you see two suited policemen on either side of a door as a girl you recognize as Rivet walks in
>You don't got this.
>Dont listen to this butthead
Aw, I really hoped you were a 14yo girl.

Ah, now I remember
>crushing the fag with your boots
That's how this all started
>the fag
britbong detected
The timezone seems about right
File: [ham intensify].jpg (26 KB, 539x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
[ham intensify].jpg
26 KB, 539x480
I was picking my nose, being distracted by an actual tangible rainbows that I was looking at same time you've hit me.

Of course I am crying, my nail cut my fucking blood vein.

>Air push blood everywhere by accident on everyone around the scene

Ah fuck, dash, you better get checked, I suffer STD and it's in my blood ! I'm sorry !!!
>Panic n' shit.
>Everyone scream in horror.
>Mfw the power of disgust is still underestimated to this day and age.
File: 1446456530168.jpg (85 KB, 640x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 640x604

My 3-11 shift probably won't be as bad now, keep it comin good lookin ;).
Nope, US. its about 4 now.
Gimme some cash and i can be anything you want me to be, GSW
Forget your name?
>You all stick closely together, and immediately find a crowd to blend into.
>As the first bell rings, Gilda and Sunset part ways as you head to your first class of the day.
>You would see Fluttershy there, and hopefully gain some insight as to why the FBI and half the city police force were here.
>Entering the room, you quietly unpack your things and ready yourself.
>Today was going to be a long one.
>Fluttershy sits next to you long before the teacher comes in.
>Followed by a uniformed police officer.
>You turn to see her visibly upset.
>"Thank you for your time, Ms. Shy. Please sit down and carry on."
“Morning Fluttershy, how are you?”
>She is no longer as stunning as she had once been when she kissed you, but she still holds her natural beauty
>She looks at you, telltale signs that she had been crying etched on her features.
>She walks over and you pull out her seat
>As she sits down, she wipes her nose on the sleeve of her blouse
>You sit down next to her and she leans her head onto your shoulder, to which you wrap a comforting arm around her
"What happened?"
>"S-Someone blew up Rainbow Dash's car last night when we were at the dance. They think that they were trying to kill her. I don't know who would want to do to that..."
>Her eyes widen and she lifts her head off of your shoulder slowly
>"Anon, did yo-"
"No, I went to the dance last night remember? I came to make up with Dash."
>Fuck, it sucks to lie to her, but you can't let her piece it all together
>Hopefully she doesn't look too far into it
>She rests her head back down and you hug her closer
>Unbeknownst to you, she is comforted by your words, but she doesn't believe you
>She doesn't know what to believe
Zim Zam
I know the feel for boring ass shifts

I'll try to help pass the time Anon, don't worry.
Someone should make a new thread, this one hits cap at like 400 doesnt it??
I'll post the next update there
500 is the cap for posts, 250 for images.
We're good.
File: 1450991815730.gif (3 MB, 256x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 256x290
The writefriends are back.
I never left you guys
File: 1447162564379.jpg (34 KB, 500x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 500x343
Bless you Zim Zam.

This security guard thanks you.

On a side note, does anyone else wanna see Fluttershy trying to become a bad girl to get with Anon?

>inb4 are bad girls your fetish, Anon?
File: image.jpg (55 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 500x500
>good girls become bad girls for the D
I'd kinda prefer the opposite, her constantly trying to excuse and defend him, little by little having those pits of doubt grow and grow, until she's more or less trying to delude herself with it, avoiding the truth until it's all boiled over and laid bare before her and she has to make a choice.
IT here, and i didnt sneeze :^) i know that was horribly lame
>"Yeah, Dash thinks that you had something to do with it... I would stay away from her for the rest of the day..."
>You probably should to be honest, even though you want to see her reaction
>You can always savor that moment for another time.
"Noted, thanks. What did you girls do for the rest of the night?"
>"Well.. I dropped the other girls off at a party that Flash was putting on, but I didn't stay. I went home and stayed with Angel bunny for the rest of the night"
>You knew that Angel was her rabbit, she mentioned him a few times around you
>She really loves him alot, she is her favorite pet.
>"Anon, about last night..."
>You knew this was coming, she saw you in a way you would rather have never shown
>Or even seen yourself, honestly
>"I don't kno-"
>"Anon E. Mous to the front office please. Thank You."
>Looks like its show time
"Sorry, Fluttershy, talk to me at lunch?"
>She looks disheartened at you leaving
>"Yeah, s-sure."
>You walk out of the room, mustering courage with each step.
File: 1452208262412.png (960 KB, 1531x1930) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
960 KB, 1531x1930
>Pinkie Pie will never comfort you after Rainbow Dash was being a "meanie pants"
>You two will never begin to know each other and start hanging out.
>You two will never develop feelings for each other and she will never surprise you by inviting you to her house only wearing this.
heart pupils make me rock fuckin hard
Really fucking sorry anon, gonna have to bounce for an hour or two. Got called in

I'll be back guys, promise

won't fuck off like last night
File: 1438138251954.jpg (24 KB, 337x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 337x320
>wake up
>more green
>even talking about homeless sunset
THAT'S where I remember the name from. This was bugging the hell out of me.

Prefer if it went down like this, really. Anon could be genuinely bad or could just be a victim of circumstance, but shy sees good in him and keeps defending him.
Someone make a green of this please.
You kept the incorrect pronoun in a lot of cases. "his car", for example. I'm very surprised nobody has mentioned that.
File: gee bill.jpg (6 KB, 187x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gee bill.jpg
6 KB, 187x200
Gee Satan, I see you finally came in our little thread
Thanks for catching that, ill have to swap it up in the bin then

im gonna get home in about an hour,
hello satan, welcome to the thread
>gonna get home in an hour
Dude it's 4:20, where have you been? ^:)
Got called into work
File: 1450919363963.gif (404 KB, 237x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
404 KB, 237x185
>thw writebro replies to your post with the next part of the story.

>thw writebro apologizes to you for having to stop for a bit.

Based af man thanks, real shift brightner.

Story is looking great so far! I really like this anon as I see a lot of myself in him, in the aspect of turning from meak into someone with at least noticeable balls.

Btw how is IT? I have couple friends who work IT for the site I guard.
Thanks man, and of course. I know what that shit is like
I thought it would be good cash, which it is. I usually spend my days in my office or dealing with shitheads at the corp i work for. other than that its coffee, youtube, radio, and smash brothers. It sounds cool but I wish i had something a bit more engaging.
>You walk into the hall, every step becoming longer and longer
>You have a million thoughts running through your head
>What if one of the girls forgets?
>What if they DID bring in detectors?
>What if they c-
>A hand grabs you and pulls you into the girls' bathroom.
>The arms twist you around, before setting a hand over your mouth.
>As you look up, you see the unmistakable blue-green hair that looks like gossamer and spiderweb
>The striking green eyes stare right through you
>Another girl in your class, Chrysalis, you think, is standing before you
>"I know what you did, naughty naughty boy. Hope that they do not find out, but I believe that we have a common enemy."
>"Or six, if my suspicions are correct."
>Her voice is smooth, but sends chills down your spine.
>She leans into your ear, closely
>"Because it's no matter, we will still have much to discuss"
>She snakes her tongue seductively up your neck, before thrusting you out of the swaying door and onto your ass with a dark chuckle
>What the fuck just happened.
>You decide not to question it as you turn the corner and continue
>The large annex of the school opens up, and you can see the front office door
>Accompanied by Rainbow Dash herself and Princess Celestia on either side.
>As soon as she notices, Dash's face turns into a savage scowl, which you can feel burning into your very being
>You manage not to smile like a smug prick
>Principal Celestia merely tightens her lips into a stern mask as you walk closer
>You walk in front of both of them, adopting a puzzled look
>Don't want to look to shady, nor to friendly
I feel the same way about my guard job man, I check in and out semi trucks all day and go on my phone.

Anyway, can't wait for more :)
oh boy
time for rainbow to a be more of a massive cunt
Semi trucks? Like a weigh in station or a truckstop or some shit? Got any stories?
>"I know that it was you. I know you had SOMETHING to do with it."
"With what?"
>Dash opens her mouth to administer a scathing retort
>Celestia cuts her off before she says anything she regrets in front of a principal
>"The... destruction of Rainbow Dash's car. Would you please accompany me into this room, Anonymous?"
"Of course, Principal."
>You walk behind the principal, and into the office
>Rainbow grabs your arm and pulls you backwards
>"Listen you freak. I know you had something to do with this, and I swear to God if you aren't found out, then I'm going to take it into my own hands"
>You give her the smug smile that had been held in your gut for awhile
"First you make a scene at the dance, and now you want to cause an even bigger ruckus? You just live for the spotlight, huh?"
>You leave her there and don't look back
>When you turn a corner, Celestia is sitting with her arms crossed next to the door that you saw the girl go into earlier.
"I think so."
>Celestia leans forward
>"Listen Anon, I know that you and Rainbow have had your differences in the past."
>Sure. And your a freaking shark.
>"And I had heard that you were seen with Gilda and Sunset, who also have a spotty track record with Ms. Dash. I will try to keep my opinion neutral, but even if none of you had anything to do with this, I urge you to find different peers to associate with."
>Fuck her! Who the hell is she?
>If she had noticed what Rainbow had been doing, why didn't she put a stop to it?
>You always thought of Celestia as nice, warm even.
>But now you can see that she favors some over others.
>She is probably only saying this because your the student with the second highest GPA
>Fuck this cunt.
"I appreciate you talking to me Principal, but please don't feel offended if i disregard the advice."
>Her eyes take a sympathetic mood to them, as you walk past her.
Rainbow is such a bitch
I think we're about to hit the limit guys? We may have to start a new thread can someone link me?
Bump limit is 500.
>You walk into the room, followed by Celestia, who shuts the door behind you as you pass
>the room has a table in it, with one officer seated and the other next to an empty chair on the other side of the table
>The officer sitting down pulls papers out of a small briefcase and removes his jacket, revealing a light blue shirt and black tie.
> “Mister Anon. Y. Mous?"
"Yes sir?"
>"Please sit down, we have to talk about your weekend."
>You gulp in your head
>The standing officer pulls out your chair for you, and you walk over and sit down
“What about it?”
>The officer who was standing moves over to block the door next to Celestia
>Jesus fuck.
>They had rehearsed this.
>You were about to get arrested.
>The man across the table from you scribbled something on a notepad.
>The story Anon, it was your best bet.
> “Alright mister…?”
“Just call me Anon, sir.”
> He nodded.
> “Agent Norman Jaden, nice to meet you Anon. I know you’re a busy man, so I will keep this brief. But first let’s make sure you know your rights.”
>He pulled out a tape recorder and a sheet of paper.
> “This interview may be recorded and played back at a later date as evidence, you can disallow this recording or you may consent to it. Refusal or allowance of recording will not be used as evidence but will be stated in a court of law. Do you consent to being recorded?”
Oh shit
>Norman Jaden
Please tell me that if anon goes to court that you'll fit a phoenix wright reference there somewhere
>Agent Nahman Jayden Eff Bee Eye
File: 1439843881515.gif (626 KB, 330x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
626 KB, 330x190
>Not Francis York Morrigan.
I thought so too Anon, I never noticed they raised bump limit

Turns out we still have about 100 more posts left in this baby
> “You are also aware that under threat of being charged with perjury, you swear that your testament will be honest and contain no intentional untruths meant to impede the progress of this investigation.”
> “You also have the right to end the interview at any time, and go back to your classes without further contact from myself or any other law enforcement agents about this investigation, save for if you are found a notable character in this investigation. Do you understand?”
> “You also understand that you are not under arrest and that you have the right to terminate the interview, but you also have the right to do so for the sake of postponing the interview until you can find legal counsel and have them present during the interview. Do you wish to do this?”
“No, I’m fine sir, I think we can take care of this now.”
>He gives a warm smile, you probably made his job easier
> “Very well, this conversation will be recorded with your consent. Please sign your name here.”
>You sign your name and push the form back to him.
> “Alright, let’s get down to business. We understand that you and Ms. Dash have a history together, yes?
>Norman Jaden?
>Wasn't this guy on the news?
You nod. “Yes sir .”
>Just be short and vague, Anon. They won't be able to have reasonable suspicion if you don't give them a reason to have it.
“Rainbow Dash and I have had past transgressions, but I had gone to the dance the night of the incident by request of her friends to try to make up..”
>He nodded and scribbled some more on his notepad.
>"Did you arrive with anybody else?"
"Yes sir, my friends Sunset Shimmer and Gilda."
>"And how do you know them?"
At a tire wharehouse if you can believe that and yea, this actually happened yesterday.

So I had just gotten to work and gotten settled in when the first truck shows up.

First. Fucking. Truck.

I start writing down the info, tractor number, trailer number, load numbers, ect, ect. like I always do. When I hear the guy getting out of his truck I take a second to look up and shit you not this bald polish lookin guy is standing there with his cock and (yes and) balls just sittin there.

It wasn't like it was just hangin out the zipper hole either, no this guy had his belt undone and everything opened up on display.

Now I'm not one to be shocked by random dicks, (/b/ is phallic ((spelling?) as shit.) but this guy pretty much had a 3rd leg growing out of his pelvis. seriously, that was the biggest dick I've ever seen in or out of live action porn. Like that thing had to be about 3 inches thick and 14 inches long.

Anyway the guy got up to the window and I see why his trouser snake was out of it's habitat.

This motherfucker is damn near passed out from exghaustion from driving from los angles all the way out near chicago and in his delirous state forgot he let the nasa challenger breath for a while.

After embarisingly tucking in his weather dominator. I finished checking his truck with as little eye contact as possible.

It wasn't till a few seconds later when my 70 year old catholic female co worker stated,

"Holy shit, and it's below 20 out there."
>When Norman finds out it was Anon using his state-of-the-art ARI glasses but he didn't leave the ARI in time which causes his brain to overload and dies.
>Anon gets away scott free then 3 hours later he gets stabbed while walking down the street.
That game was one of the most bug ridden pieces of shit I ever played, and I loved every moment of it.
File: 1372381220795.gif (844 KB, 200x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
844 KB, 200x150
Who do you think is blocking the door anon? CIA?
Holy shit anon, never before have i laughed so fucking hard in a thread
Good show, 15/10 inches

I have a story too. Once got called into work long after most people have gone home for the night to fix an error. The filter was being fucky and had apparently been down while I was out. I saw the overtime crowd online when i was fixing it up. One of the windows that showed a worker's computer had shown that Pornhub had popped up and the guy was downloading videos to a flash drive. I sent a message to his computer that read "Eeeenope" and instantly i saw the cursor fly everywhere in his attempt to close it down. Gave me a good laugh
"We had all met at a party last week.
Sunset had given me her number, which I lost until Saturday, when we got back into contact. We had talked for a few days and on the night of the dance we had decided to get Gilda and hang out before going to the dance."
>He nods to his partner, and scribbles more down on his notepad
>"And can you give us an account of your night?"
"First I had walked to the cafe near school, where Gilda and Sunset had picked me up"
>"And when was this?"
"About 6:30 sir."
>He nods
>"Please Continue"
"We had all driven back to my house for me to get ready around seven, and then hung around watching a movie until 8"
>"What movie?"
>FUCK, You never went over that
"I can't recall sir, Gilda had picked."
>"Go on."
"We then went to eat, and headed to a party before the dance at around half past nine. We didn't leave until one-thirty, when we had gone to the dance itself at two to see Rainbow and her friends."
>"And what happened at the dance?"
>May aswell be honest, Dash probably told them what you said.
File: 1420166401180.jpg (23 KB, 265x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 265x376
>>"What movie?"
>>FUCK, You never went over that
>"I can't recall sir, Gilda had picked."

Jesus fucking Christ Anon, you're so fucked.
I remember that
"Honestly sir, Sunset, Gilda, and I arrived at about two am and I immediately found Rainbow and her friends. I walked over to them and greeted them genially, before Rainbow had, quite forcedly, apologized to me, before outbursting at my inability to see the humour in what has been going on. To which I had admittedly vented my frustrations and figured it was a lost cause and left with Sunset and Gilda. We then had left school and drove to the point, but had to pass through a checkpoint to leave."
>You figure that Fluttershy left out the part afterward, you see no reason to say it either
>The man leaning on the door springs forward
>"See, Norman? I knew that happened! My coffee warned me about it!"
>Both you and Celestia give him puzzled looks, with Agent Norman merely taking off his glasses and rubbing his temples
>He then looks at you
>"Anon are you aware of why you are in here?
"No sir, I suppose it is because of whatever caused there to be a checkpoint at the edge of town?"
>"Yes. You see, someone had been seen vandalizing Ms. Dash's car the night of the dance. We are told that there was a second suspect, but there has been no evidence so far to support the claim."
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O fug this shit is intense
>"My Coffee Warned me about it"

Not necessarily. He can text Sunset and Gilda about the movie if enough synapses fire.
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There is no such thing as underage here when it comes to
Woops, forgot to tag the previous post.

also holy fucking shit 400 replies
>You feign an incredulous look at the officer
>"Yes, an incident occuring at one forty-five last night. Seeing as how you and Rainbow Dash have a track record, you could see why we would be questioning you."
"Yes sir, it would make sense."
>"So you had no knowledge of the incident that had occured?"
"No sir, when we saw there was a checkpoint, we had figured something had happened in town, and figured the best course of action would be to stay away for the night."
>"And you hadn't tried to return to check the scene out?"
"The officer at the checkpoint told us we could not return until morning, sir."
>He scribbles another article down
>"Anon, please inquire upon something for me" skip the song to 1:50
"Yes sir?
>"You and the other two people with known bad blood between them and Ms. Dash didn't attend the dance while the crime was being committed, and your friend's stories don't add up with yours. Why is that?"
>The room feels freezing, yet you feel hot enough that you almost start sweating
>He has called you out, how could Sunset and Gilda fuck up the story they helped write?

Ask for specifics. Can't clarify if we don't know what's wrong.

Also, keep cool. It's illegal to lie to the police, but the police can lie to you.
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