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You can be in Equestria, but the downside...
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You can be in Equestria, but the downside is you have to be Celestia's spy, stealthy taking out political opposition and gathering Intel on foreign countries.

Is it worth it?

>Breaking a chain
Working for an enlightened "dictator" a better world.
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Yeah, these.

Like, stealth's the raddest
>his downside wasn't found
So wait. You want a human being. The only one of his kind in all of Equestria no less, to be a SPY?

Do you maybe, just maybe, see an issue with this?

As long as I can marry my waifu, I'll do nearly anything
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I will legitimately be your spy, Celestia. Let me be your spy. I want to go to Equestria. Please. I can't take this pain anymore.

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"Visual on de target, mate."
"Yea, send out de little darlings!"
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Even binding your soul to a contract that let's Twilight do whatever with it when you die?

>implying you wont do the job of 10 ponies by just using your human-like torture methods

Piece of cake
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"Yes! Mondeur!"
I'll be dead, why would I give a fuck?
Mon Dieu*
>I'll be dead

Yes, but the soul is still you in spiritual form.
No nerve endings.
>literally feel-no-pain
No glands, either.
>literally no fear

Nothing much she can really do. Could spend the eternity being a smarmy fuck in a skull beside Celestia, a-la Dresden Files.
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Well honestly, I'd be satisfied knowing if I had a soul or not, and in this case I would and would want to know what all can be done with one afterwards.
Fire up the soul-catcher.

I don't see the downside there.
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>Not wanting to work behind the scenes of Equestria's political structure.
>Not wanting to eliminate potential dissidents, revolutionaries and rabble-rousers via torture and assassination.
>Not wanting to become some kind of shadowy power broker who has to make and break deals with all of Equestria's key political figures and their counterparts in neighboring countries, greasing the wheels to keep this magical world turning.

Why wouldn't you guys want to literally become Revolver Ocelot?
I do't know what depths this ideas has spawned from nor do I know precisely why.


I want to see the Night Haunter working with Revolver Ocelet

>inb4 phaggot
>A Sunray filters through the large room, reflecting through the stained glasses
>in the middle of the throne, a man, Anon is kneeling before the almighty alicorns

>Anon:"Yes, my majesty I accept to serve you and give my blood for my fellow ponies."
>Celestia smiled, and nodded.
>PC:"Any question?"
>Anon:"Just one, How is serving you a downside? It's an honor actually."
>PC:"You will be sent in missions in Saddle Arabia, the Corporate Federation of Industria or Nazi Germaneigh. and even here in Equestria, infiltrating a group of political dissidents"
>Anon:"...I've got no idea what are those places, I'm an adventurer kind of guy."
>PC:"For your first missions you won't be working alone, Anon. There are a lot of things you'll have to learn you will naturally learn on the terrain. Your coworker is also very new."
>Luna:"Anon. There is an enemy here in this country. I want you to investigate for us, and us two only. Twilight must not know anything. You will need to know her better, and her new friend. Starlight Glimmer."
>she's throwing a portrait of her
>PC:"We have good enough reasons to believe she is the enemy, and there is a conspiracy growing. Monitor it, do not interfere. If you reveal your mission, we will find out. If you fail, you will be forgiven."
>Luna:"If you betray us, you will be tortured and treated like the enemy of Equestria."
>Anon:"of course"
>Luna:"But if you succeed, you will be rewarded, as a Lord, you will be granted extra privileges in addition of your salary of information systems consultant, and will be offered the best mares of Canterlot, including ourselves."
>Anon:"Wow. so my cover is information systems consultant?"
>Luna nods
>PC:"Absolutely. Agent Sweetiedrops will introduce your partner and assign your new mission as soon as possible."

>Anon:"Thank you your highness."
I'd rather be a warrior feared throughout the land, but there's nothing wrong with being Celestia's personal secret agent. On that note, really any job preceded by "Celestia's" wouldn't be that bad.
Yes. I would eagerly become Equestria's Slenderman.

Wonder how that'd work? Would she provide weapons or a way to work dark magic or something?
Majic via hands
Go on
As long as I'm not cognizant as the soul I'll fuckin personally slam dunk that shit into Twilights Morphogenic Fear Engine.
Ooooh, kind of like Salad Fingers?
Tempted to writefag but it would be Grimdark
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At first I was wondering why 'Tia would need spies anyway unless there where villains on the rise but then this nigga' brought up being Ocelot so now I'm sold.
No, more like Son Goku
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Of course I'd take it. I could go to Equestria AND be a spy. What brony would turn that down?
along with telekinesis and other things that a unicorn horn can do
I'm ok with this.
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reaction (75).jpg
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Unless you're granted access to magical devices you're pretty much a non-magical creature in a magical realm, no less monsters too.

Equestria would probably be more dangerous than people realize.
>not being a wizard
>You are Anon and the deal you have been offered is quite an interesting one.
>That deal being you become the unseen sword of the royal house.
>Dealing with any and all problems the sisters bring before you.
>Though you find one issue with the Modus Operandi.
Anon: How would anyone know of what has been done? If i take out one or ten or a hundred cells more will just rise up.
>Both Princesses look at you in confusion
>But you continue
Anon: If they feel there is no consequence to rebelling or defying your will more and more will appear to take up for those that have fallen. By my hand or your hooves it would matter not.
>The sisters look at it each other and than back to you
Celestia: What exactly...are you saying anon?
>You begin to pace back and forth in front of the Royal ponies.
Anon: Your subjects must be taught to fear the consequences of such actions. Fear that if they defy your will and sew the seeds of lawlessness then they *Will* be punished. There must exist no doubt in their minds.
>At your words Celestia face takes on a startled if not worried expression.
>Oddly enough Luna gives the smallest of nods.
Celestia: Anon we are not trying to be tyrants! We are simply trying to ensure peace for our little ponies and our nation.
>A smile crosses your lips and words you've waited years to speak finally have their moment to shine.
>Staring the Princes of the Sun straight in the eyes you speak those words.
Anon: Peace through tyranny.

Would you like to know more?
>I already planned on a career as an inteligence analyst anyways
>now I get to be an analyst, Run my own ops, and all of it takes place in Equestria
>Would you like to know more?


Espionage operations a go?
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Snake?! Big Boss?!
>On our way back to Ponyville this is where BonBon introduces me to Anon.
>Anon:"Oh you're the pest who kept harrassing Scootaloo, heh. How does it makes you feel being alone now? Can you leave us we have to talk with adults..."
>Bonnie:"Anon, she's with us."
>Anon:"How, with us?"
"I know what's going on and why Celestia wanted to see you"
>Bonnie:"this wagon's empty but please. not a word here. or on any public places."
>arriving in Ponyville railstation, we're trotting, chatting about anything and nothing, blue sky and stuff like this.
>she's taking us in her home
>Bonnie:"come on in. I wonder when Lyra's coming back home, whenever she'll see you there it's gonna be something.
>Anon:"Why is this filly involved"
"Why is a HUMAN involved?"
>Bonnie:"Anon, Silver have witnessed Starlight Glimmer stay in touch with foreign intelligence, a different regime which aims to create an insurrection in Equestria. We investigated a little, and she's building an organization funded, essentially by a supranational entity."
>Anon:"What are their goals?"
>Bonnie:"First, Starlight Glimmer will try to force her doctrine in her local group of friends. Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack. Second, she will use these ponies to progressively troll them into a new doctrine. Third step, she will get rid of Twilight. She is powerful enough with her organization and ponies backing her to take the power with a coup d'état, pushed by foreign nations encouraging democracy for freedom... Well, these are the theories extrapolated by Lyra when Silver came home and exposed the situation."
"Also, Starlight Glimmer is certain she's a part of the good ponies!"
>Anon:"No, you're fucking me. I came here because this kind of shit happens all the time in my country, and the same kind of shit happens here?"
"Anon, here at least it isn't too late. We can stop them. Are you with us or against us?"
>Anon:"I'm with you, but look, where we are, isn't there a spy base or something?"
>That little comment cost you about an hour of "debating" with Princess Celestia
>A kind way of saying "arguing" to be sure
>The Princess of the Night had interjected a few times but said little else.
>Finally Celestia lets out a long sigh
Celestia: I am Sorry Anon but I can not knowingly condone what you're suggesting . I would not release such horror upon my little ponies. Even those that have turned their backs on me.
>Bowing graciously you nod and wonder to yourself how such a soft ruler managed to keep power for at least a millennium.
>Probably the whole "I control the sun, bitches" thing
Anon: All is well your grace. I am sure you'll find a suitable canidate for this operation.
>With the royal sister's permission you turn and leave heading back to your private chambers.
>Time Passes
>You are at your desk reading a novel, one of the few that made the trip with you from earth when suddenly there is a tapping, as if somepony gently rapping on your chamber door.
>Looking at the time piece on your wall you scowl
Anon: Tis some visitor, only this and nothing more.
>The rapping continues and you let out a groan
>getting up and letting out a yawn you stretch and move to the door opening it
>A rather large stallion looks up at you from under his helm. One thing that catches your eye are the pair of bat wings sprouting from his back.
Anon: Is there someway i can help you, friend?
Nightguard: By order of the Princess you are to come with me at once, Anon
>Now this was quite curious. You had no idea the sisters shared joint control of their respective guards
Anon: I had no idea that Princess Celestia was able to give order to Luna's guards.
>The Stallion turns with an angry glare
Nightguard: First off Primate, that is PRINCESS Luna to you and Secondly, no Princess Celestia never has nor will command the Night Guard.
>With those words he turns back around and sets off at an angry trot.
>Interested in what this is all about you decide to follow him.
Would you like to know more?
>Bonnie:"This is our base."
>Anon:"Your home in Ponyville? A kitchen? Thus said the tea is excellent."
>Bonnie:"thanks. but no, everything we need is here, a few notebooks, maps, what Silver has reported."
"Okay, well, I was in the woods, following this strange unicorn, and she stops in the middle of a glade, use her magic to illuminate the sky. Then, a scary black machine that looks like a flying windmill that sounds like a truck"
>Anon:"an helicopter"
"HELICOTPER that's it. so, it and there. a few ponies goes out. they meet Starlight Glimmer, and they're discussing about stuff. The blue haired pony wants Starlight Glimmer to become the leader of Equestria and she will help her to achieve it. In return, Starlight will negociate Equestria's resources and industry, and will become an annex of Industria. They want to create a revolution in Equestria to take down Princess Celestia. And Glimmer wanted them to eliminate Twilight, without Twilight she will be able to take the power and take care of the two alicorns."

>Bonbon looks at anon, all like "hey, do you get it, now?"
>Anon:"That's some fucked up shit right here. Holy shit call Alex Jones, Ron /pol/ , how do we stop this?"
>Bonbon:"Anon, you will do the necessary to stalk Twilight, and ensure to stay close to her, you'll report to me everything, even the insignificant things. Befriend Glimmer. Stay close to her but don't insist, if she asks you to get out, you give up and move on. Okay?"
>she's talking notes on a paper, and establishes a diagram, or more, a chain of command about Glimmer's lackeys and Twilight, the mane six, Canterlot, etc.
>so many '?' marks
>Bonbon:"all of these are cells, or foreign agents we will need to identify. Some of them are potentially dangerous, probably assassins or kidnappers who will attempt to seize Twilight and expatriate her."
"What am I supposed to do?"
>Anon:"And me? I'm just an ordinary guy, I expected some training"
>Bonbon:"You two will be formed."
>After a short walk and listening to the grumblings of the Night Guard you found yourself led into what appeared to be a throne room.
>Occupied on the sole throne was the Princess of the Night herself whom smiled and bowed her head in greetings.
>Standing before the throne but at a distance that showed respect you went to speak but were cut off
Luna: Thank you for fetching him, Star Saber, you are dismissed.
>The Night guard, bowed in response and shot you one last glare before leaving the room leaving you and the Alicorn alone.
>A few moments pass before the silence is broken
Luna: Anon. I imagine you are curious as to why I have summoned you at this "late" hour.
>You smirk and nod once again going to speak but once again being cut off.
Luna: Your notion of "Obedience through fear." Tell me more
>Blinking in surprise you nod and are finally able to get a word in edge wise
Anon: Only fear will keep any nation in line and the laws obeyed. Only by knowing that if they transgress punishment will come on swift and brutal wings will civilization be held together The problem is.....
>You stop and wait to see if the princess will take the bait
Luna: please continue
>Smiling you do just that
Anon: Celestia is right in a way. If either of you are seen to become a tyrant it is only a matter of time before all of Equestria turns against you. What you would need is an agent unlinked to you in any traceable way but able to act with your blessings.
>Luna tilts her head as if pondering this and you waste no time.
Anon: What you'll need is a tamed monster. One able to go out and enact such,"horrors", your sister put it but with nopony able to trace them back to you.
>Bonbon:"But unfortunately not right now, since the situation is more of an emergency our services didn't expect at all. We're many but cannot be everywhere or track every citizen. Anon if Celestia choose you, she had a good reason. You might know the basics of fighting. Know some commonsense, not to get caught, and all this. If you're spying Starlight Glimmer's activities how would you do?"
>Anon:"observe her?"
>Bonbon:"You're getting caught, what will you respond?"
>Anon:"Faint and pretend I was looking for something else. Coincidence happens"
>Bonbon:"You want to fuck her. You're observing her because you like her a lot, she's obsessing your fucking mind that's your answer to her. Be that weirdo, from what I found about her, she loves weirdos. ok? You have a dick, Anon. Use it."

"what about me?"
>Bonbon:"You? Ah, I thought about something, but don't tell Celestia or anypony else, it is highly illegal, but the same approach. I won't force you or anything unless you're okay with it. There's a unicorn frequenting Glimmer, he's rich, he's a social liberal political activist who wrote numerous books about how evil Celestia behaves and all. It's his right, it's freedom of speech. He loves little fillies, that's something else. We also suspect him to receive important funds and instructions from the same influential ponies. He lives in Manehattan and has been always close to the politics there."

"I...Kind of get it."
>Bonbon is pointing out on the diagram how linked he is, with the (?) marks
>Bonbon:"we really know this is really preliminary, nothing in there is definite. We must know more, especially the content of the briefcase Kernav gave to Glimmer. Also keep in mind, if you are ever asked, you must not tell who you are and what is your mission. Under no condition. Welcome to the Equestrian Secret Intelligence Services. This is official, you are now agents. I'll discuss with my superiors about the situation and inform you when needed."
File: 1438632988747.png (207 KB, 1280x998) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Has magical viewing dimension/room that can display any place at any moment of time.
>Uses it solely to perv on Twilert.
Scarface Celestia? Shouldn't want green of this but I do!
>Bonbon asked us to get back home, not tell anyone about anything, that soon we will fce an evaluation and training session with more agents, insisted we should get some rest, and be ready to get up early.
>Anon:"You're going home? Come on, I'm offering you a restaurant."
>sky's menacing outside
"Something tell me i can't refuse, but wouldn't that be a little, um... weird?"
>Anon:"Yeah right."
"My parents will come late anyways, they told me to cook something by myself, then don't wait for them."
>Anon:"Fine then?"
>we're trotting together in ponyville, heading to the closest resto as it's starting to rain
>he's picking the menu, asking what i'd want
>Anon:"The only things that contain meat are salmon or tuna. I'm surprised you ponies even have non-vegetarian dishes"
>Anon's explaining how life in his world is like, and in the conversation, i'm explaining what it's like to be here, and so on, not discussing anything about Glimmer, or anything secret.
>enjoying a dessert, we both ordered ice creams
>anon:"man, this really sucks, i didn't expect stuff to go so badly. looks like it's calming a little"
"i don't live too far from here, that'll be okay. Do you sleep in the hotel?"
>anon:"yeah i'll find something"
"we have a guests room you know, you'd be welcome, also keep your bits!"
>anon's winking at me, his eyes pointing at two ponies he spotted in the window's reflection
>anon:"well, okay that's really nice of you, i'd be glad to meet your parents."
"anon! don't say that, ponies will think we're flirting! we're just here to write a book you know!"
>he's giving twenty bits to the chef of the restaurant
>anon:"good evening, sir!"
>pony:"Good evening, come anytime!"
>the two, strange stallions who have been looking at us for the whole evening aren't following us.
>we're trotting under a thin rain, and everything looks calm so far
>A scowl crossed the Mare of the Night's face and she hopped off her throne and began to pace back and forth
Luna: Yes and that is a major problem. Supposing I authorized this how would we keep such a thing quiet.
>You can only shrug at the question as she continues.
Luna: None of the royal blacksmiths could forge arms and armor for you. Nor can I send you, a creature devoid of magic, out on such dangerous missions.
>Luna suddenly stops dead in her tracks eyes lighting up as a mischievous smile graces her muzzle before she turns back to you.
Luna: Anon grab my horn!
>Looking dumbfounded you comply and must resist the urge to yell "Treason" but the opportunity is stolen away as the Princess of the Night transports you to parts unknown
File: revolver_ocelot.jpg (78 KB, 500x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Revolver Ocelot
Those numbers.
File: 1440189693231.gif (215 KB, 349x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>there's a truck stopping in the street, but we keep on going like nothing happened.
>as we cross a street, two stallions stand in front of us
>we're trying to avoid them, they stand in front of us, with two behind us out of nowhere...
>anon:"Holaaa... Wait, okay, I no longer have any cash on me. Sorry, I know it doesn't looks like bu-"
>pony:"you shut up and get in the car"
>okay fuck that. i'm attacking one of them, buck him and try to run away
>feel the blast of an unicorn's attack hitting me, and i hit the floor, unable to do anything but shake for a few seconds.
>they probably did the same thing to Anon, as they're throwing both of us in the truck.
>Anon:"Seriously who the fuck are you and what did we do? I'm not a filly rapist or anything! We don't have any value as hostages! - Ooff!"
>one of the ponies likely just hit anon on the face.
>Pony:"Shut the fuck up or you and the filly are dead! SHUT UP!"
>try to act terrorized, but don't say a word. All of this must be a coincidence
>Please let it be just a coincidence.
>We've been on the road for a few minutes now. Blindfolded and hooves tied, we won't go anywhere.
>The engines stop.
>hear the doors opening.
>another stallion voice: "Get out and follow me, if you try to run, you're dead, and your partner dies too."
>we're being thrown into some kind of room, garage or something
"Hello? Anon you're here?"
>Anon:"Yeah one minute I'm trying to untie these ..."
>sound of a door and ponies coming closer
>they're taking us, and hangs us in front of eachother, taking our blindfolds away
>stare at Anon
>the ponies are all dressed in black, their faces are masked, and they are talking in a foreign language
>Pony:"Hoetkleursen brojänskrävot skeivort mannskü?"
>Pony:"Kot vrenn zü okenvral krabvorst ziul möskantju! nu brojien, sulnoed! ü slôkjie fronen!"
>Pony:"You! You will zpeak, all right? Who you are vorking for?"
"Me? I work for Cheerilee.. In school you know"
>Pony:"You! Are Anonymous!"
File: Snappy Nappa.jpg (104 KB, 577x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Snappy Nappa.jpg
104 KB, 577x600

I suppose the quads want to know more eh?
>Anon:"You figured out. half of Ponyville knows me. You know, we'd like to get home, what do you want?"
>Pony:"You stop fucking with us! We saw you in Canterlot! Who are you working for?"
>Anon:"Actually I don't have any job, but I swear, I do my best to-"
>Pony:"You shut the fuck up"
>he's smashing Anon again
>Pony:"You think we are the mongols? Who you are and what you do? We must know! Brizsdja! vitti virjkahu hou!"
>another pony is bringing a case, replies with something like,
>Pony:"Heisenkvurmitadansk estinkä soen treu virjkahu..."
>he's preparing a needle
>the pony sounds pissed, with some unfunny accent
>Pony:"we have no drug of truth, only bad drugs. if you no speak, the filly gets it to die"
>he's putting it very close to me
>Anon:"what do you want to know? I'm not even supposed to be here"
>Pony:"You are a spy. Who are you working for, what is your organization, we won't harm you, they will never know. You understand man? Listen, if you tell me who you are working for, like secret services or Celestia, they will not know. We need you to admit it!"
"You are CRAZY! Anon is a friend, he's human and needs to understand our world, that's right Anon, you're not a spy! Right?"
>look at one of the ponies.
"Please Anon. tell me they're lying..."
>Anon: They're totally fucked up, I'm not a secret agent, I swear, I don't even know who you are, I could lie and pretend I am so you're letting us go but I have no idea... what I could say. Trust me Silverspoon I'm not an agent
>the pony is like, not giving a fuck
>he's slapping me
>Pony:"You're fucking with me bitch. You're like him. You two work together. What are you working on"
"I don't know"
>he's punching me now
>he's bucking on the chair I'm sitting on
>Pony:"Sweetie Drops, rings you a bell?"
>Anon:"Sweetie BELLE is one of Silverspoon's fr-"
Revolver Ocelot
I'm assuming the possible downsides to this would be her sending us on suicide missions. And stealth...we'd stick out like a sore thumb.
File: 1437705558154.gif (473 KB, 316x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473 KB, 316x290
Of Course!
>another pony is punching Anon
>he's yelling at him
>Pony:"We know you know her. She's a spy. You know that. Bon Bon, Sweetie Drops, She's a member of secret services of Equestria. You were at her home, stop lying!"
"She's not, you're all crazy"
>another pony:"Sorry filly, but after insisting, she gave us names. Zlatan, stop torturing our guests. Just confirm you two are indeed agents of the secret intelligence services, and it ends here, I swear I'm letting you two go. Anonymous, you might want to go home. We'll help you. Filly, this isn't a job for you. You have a lot to learn about life. Now just give me a good reason to let you go."

>I'm looking at Anon, not knowing at this point what to do
>Anon:"My name's Bond. James Bond.MI6, And her real name is Natalya Simonova, KGB agent."
>pony:"Well, wrong answer.Zlatan, cook them up."
>He's kicking anon, on the floor who's unable to defend himself, and forces him to watch me as some other pony is slowly planting a needle on my arm
"Anon... I'm scared! AWRRGH..."
>just pray they won't do it
>should I stay determined or tell the truth
>he's pumping a bit of my blood, mixing with the drug inside the syringe, dissolving into something yellow-ish, then injects that shit in my veins
>Pony:"You both are complete retards look at what you done! You had just one thing to say!"
>Anon:"It'll be okay... It's not happening... It's not happening.. okay?"
>fucking melt in tears as I start feeling dizzy
>Pony:"You just killed this filly, overdosed! We will do the same to you!"
>can't feel my legs, it's like my whole body's freezing
>vision's blurred anyways without my glasses but more than usual
"Help.... HELP! What did you do?"
>Anon:"Fucking assholes... What makes you think we're spies to begin with? WHAT KIND OF PARANOID FREAK WOULD KILL AN INNOCENT FILLY?"
>Pony:"We're spies too."
>Anon:"I swear I'm going to kill you all if she dies."
>he's trying to untie himself.
>mfw this is basically MGSV in pony land
>knocking people out with empty magazines
>throwing ponies off buildings with well placed decoys

I am going to make this happen. I have never written before but IT MUST HAPPEN.
>I'm slowly passing away as I hear these fuckers kicking Anon on the floor, and I get some myself.
>Pony:"She's dead, Mister Anonymous. You and agent SweetieDrops just lost a new recruit. Was that worth it? What would Celestia think? Didn't you promise not to betray her today? Look. How are you going to explain this?"
>I'm not dead.. I can't move.
>Can hear anon crying and yelling even more
"You will have to live with that feeling for the rest of your life back in the U.S.A. Mister Anonymous. I just want to understand what's wrong with you. As we speak, Sweetie Drops and her friend Lyra Heartstrings both died in a regrettable accident. The operation will now be able to continue, you know what I'm talking about, right?"
>Anon's sobbing, cursing, swearing he's gonna kill them all.
>Pony:"You passed the test. Give him the same cocktail of painkillers, he deserved it, and a good night. How's Silver doing?"
>The pony who used to speak in that moon language now speaks a perfect Equestrian "she's pretty knocked, stable. that won't leave a mark."
>Thunderlane you're just fucking brutal.
>Anon:"What are you talking about."
>BonBon:"Anon, do you really think we recruit new agents like that? You kept lying, this is good. You got caught, that could have been avoided. Never get caught."
>Anon:"AH! She's"
>Bonbon:"No she's not dead. Lyra's an excellent physician, it was a little anesthesic to troll you. This is the kind of pressure you'll encounter in your missions. And that was nothing. You accepted, right Anon?"
as long as the bits are transferred to my my account it will be done
>Sudenly you find yourself in what appears to be an abanoned cellar and after a few minutes of dry heaving you stumble forward to Luna
Anon: W-where are we?
>The Princess of the Night gives a grim smile before answering
Luna: We are in the Sub-levels of the "Castle of the two sisters"
>The Name shocks you
>This was the Palace that Luna and Celestia shared before the formers turn to darkness and the rise of 'Nightmare Moon'
Anon: W-what are we doing here?
>Luna smiles at you and walks forward without a word forcing you to follow
Luna: We are here after an artefact that I doubt my sister ever claimed after my...
>Her silence gives you pause. You had heard how loathe she was to speak of her time as Nightmare Moon and prod no further
>After a time she comes to a vault displaying the moon and the image of a pony, perhaps a mare, standing triumphant
Luna: We are here and the seal is unbroken. Hopefully what we seek still dwells within these depths.
>The alicorn bows her head and slides her horn into a lock.
>Ancient gears, untouched for ten centuaries groan in protest as they twist and turn before the doors open
Luna: Welcome Anon, To my Hall of Trophies.
>later, we're on a room with even more ponies.
>Lyra Heartstrings
>more ponies we never met before including one with a laptop taking some notes.
>one of the ponies is helping me standing up
>i'm trying to punch the fucker
"So. How much are we paid already?"
>Pony:"Enough to get this treatment at least once a day."
>Anon:"you dickhead."
>Lyra:"Anon, where are you sleeping tonight?"
"At home. I'm inviting him. Care to bring us back there?"
>Lyra:"Okay. you might get up with a serious headache tomorrow, come check me anytime. Say, the other day, when you said you planned to kill Starlight Glimmer, is that something you would have really done if you had the opportunity to?"
>Lyra:"Alright, you know, it's not your role. At all. We must need her alive first, to recreate her network. We'll discuss all that tomorrow. Goodnight!"

>we're going home
>nobody's here
>climb to my room
>Anon's like "Where's my room?"
"up there, follow me ... Hey instead care to sleep with me?"
>Anon's blushing "oh... okay."
>bring him in the bed
>snuggle inside
>hug him
"night agent nonny."
hell ya

Not bad, that's just how secret agents are tested, depending of interrogation techniques.
File: Old Snake.jpg (161 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Old Snake.jpg
161 KB, 720x540
So I get to be Celestia's Pic Related?

This is a downside how?
depends of the kind of missions

i'm gonna finish that story tonight after i'm done with stuff
That's not a downside. Being a bum begging ponies for bits is a downside.
File: image.gif (522 KB, 250x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
522 KB, 250x199
My reply to the offer.
Ya baby!
"anon, wake up, look at the time!"
>he's slowly waking up
>he's naked and have probably fucked me but i don't care.
>we're getting ready. i still feel dizzy from last night's experience
>oh shit anon hurry up!
>rush in the kitchen
>make some coffee
>pack everything i could find that could be useful
>anon's almost fell in the downstairs
>later we're running to pick the train
>perfect timing
>head to Canterlot
>go to the adress we're supposed to meet
>actually a building that looks like every other buildings in Canterlot, except for the Royal Guards keeping it
You gonna tell us the downside or what OP?
not seeing a downside here
>they let us in and now we're trotting in the corridors. Basically offices. Armed, royal guards. Officers are taking us through the building, and we meet BonBon
>Bonbon:"Spent a good night Anon? Silver?"
>Anon:"Could be better. So, that's ... The"
>Bonbon:"Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Services, this building is essentially the ministry of defense's administration. nothing here is official. Not even your presence here, you're still a consultant and I like the idea of having that filly stalking you to understand humans. So, we have some job to do, I'd make you visit the-"
"About Glimmer, any idea on how to proceed?"
>Bonbon:"I'm in charge of forming you to the tactics, showing you some videos and explaining strategies on a blackboard but I'd rather have you two doing it right now on the terrain okay?"
>phone's ringing
>she's answering
>Bonbon:"Sweetie, yes? Hm? ... Okay this afternoon it's noted. Thanks sir!"
>who was it? no idea.
>We're spending one hour with an instructor, discussing about the kind of info we need to bring; techniques, and means of defense.
>Some instructor: "anon, you're the agent in charge of Starlight Glimmer right? How do you deal with unicorn magic?"
>Anon:"huh. well, with a scepter or something? I'm fucked right?"
>Instructor:"Most important, magic is not magic, it's electromagnetic energy and radiation. It can kill, ionize, charge, but that's all. there's a way to neutralize an unicorn: just apply tinfoil on the horn. Same about attacks, no need for a serious body armor, in most cases it's easy to shield you from microwave energy. There's a lot of things to know but these are the basics. I think that's all."
>Bonbon:"Anon, I've established Twilight's agenda for the day, she's very organized as you know, so I want you to troll Glimmer and Twilight to get into some sort of adventure."
>Anon:"I get it"
>she's bringing out some top notch DSLR, with a memory card and a AF75-300 big nose.
>Bonbon:"That's a gift. This card has two partitions. It's not a 32 but a 64gigs, partition 1 is for your cute photos of Anon, whatever you want."
>she's showing an interesting trick
>Bonbon:"For the other partition, you hold the AF key to access it while turning the camera on, like this, and different pictures will be saved in that second partition that's encrypted and not accessible by anything else. I'd got you a film camera but that would be a bit more complex to do."
"i get it."
>Bonbon:"only use it when you need to, and make sure not to get caught, the zoom's long enough to get detailed shots from a safe distances. bushes or anything so you track Glimmer's moves. Later I'm gonna explain you how to decipher radio messages. Today's program will be essentially tracking and observation. Then let's meet at home like yesterday at 7PM. May Celestia be with you, and i'm sure she is."

>8:00, back in ponyville, the mission begins. Essentially observation
>Anon and I discussed on a strategy, as planned, Anon will stay close with Glimmer and Twilight, and be the cuddly innocent human
>i'm carrying that huge camera in the saddlebag, and try to recall the main objectives for today.
>one more thing, the guys at the HMSIS are exploring the possible links between Glimmer and her past in more details.
>wander incognito in the park; and find a nice place to stay at for a moment.
>Anon's meeting Twilight at her castle. So far, all's normal.
>unpack the huge camera, and get ready to shoot
>Make a test shot... Perfect.
>Wait for a moment. Oh here comes Rarity. She's looking around. I'm zooming on her, focusing...
>I can look at her as if she were right in front of me.
>She's sitting on the stairs in front of Twilight's castle.
>It's incredible how she looks like Sweetie Belle, just a bunch of years older.
>It's a strange feeling to observe somepony who can't see you. I love it.
File: rar6.png (64 KB, 500x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 500x359
>it's almost if i could touch her, being very close, she ignore being watched, same for Twilight who just got out.
>There's a thing with Spike and Rarity...
>Looks like Twilight wants spike to stay there in the castle.
>Rarity's using her magic to brush Twilight's mane... And here's Anon. Yeah. I'm keeping an eye on you.
>Time to move out of there and follow these ponies.
>We're going through Ponyville to the other side of the city, nearly in the suburbs
>They're stopping by some kind of bed and breakfast, yeah I'm certain that's what it is.
>go hide in a street
>looks like some factory, it's full of cardboard boxes and trash
>hide behind the dumpster and make a hole in the box. that should make me stealth enough...
>bring out the camera and start zooming in and out, and wait.
>some ponies are leaving the house, I'm shooting them anyways, that can be useful.
>Minutes are passing as Twilight and Rarity went inside.
>Anon's waiting this time. whistling in front of the door.
>Either I climb on that ladder to get at the level of Glimmer's room and see what's going inside, or wait for them to get down.
>Ah they're out. Starlight Glimmer meets Anon. Twilight's making the presentations. Glimmer, Anon. Nice to meet you bitch, oh you welcome huge faggot, Hey I'm rarity and I know a fabulous place to make Anon spend money! Hiii...
>I'm snapping as much as I can. Anon's looking around... oh man no, don't try to find me...

>Should I...? Fuck it let's do that. As soon the three unicorn lads are gone, and it's actually a small hotel; not what i expected.
>As stealth as always, I'm getting inside. Looks like some cheap students dorm. Nopony? Perfect. Get inside, and climb to the second floor. Locate the room I noticed from the outside... the number 7 and the last one.
>Lockpicking isn't my best, really it's not. But it worked anyways!
>silently close the door behind me.
>I'm in the room of Starlight Glimmer. Whoa...
>look around as I'm unpacking my camera...
File: u10359_3.jpg (59 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 500x500
>there's a few luggages that are standing there.
>Dresses, makeup, books, various stuff... sex toys. Mhrrr~ looks like she's got a thing for bad dragons. All ponies can't be equal compared to this.
>pick the dildo and try it.
"Hngh...nah won't fit. I wonder how she even manages to take it."
>throw it back in her bag, and keep on searching, take pictures, etc.
>turn my lens to macro and shoot as many photos on her albums as I could.
>keep searching
>look under the bed
>go check in the bathroom
>look over the cupboard
>there it is!
>grab it and throw it on the bed.
>Snap every single paper, document, photograph. plan. political speeches.
>spreadsheets. world facts. more facts about celestia and luna.... it's been a hundred of pages so far, but i'm almost there.
>a photo of Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara. What is it about...
>They got some plan about them too.
>More photos. Twilight, Rarity, some notables and aristocrats from Canterlot and their bio.
>World leaders. Aryanne. Oh hey I did not expect all that. There's about 15 pages about her. How to get Ponyland and Equestria in war against Germaneigh.
>I'm gonna read all of this later but that's pretty fucking dark.
>Sort it all and throw the suitcase back where I found it.

>Stand there, on the bed for a few minutes.

>She's dangerous. I could just stay there, wait for her to come back.
>I could simply pick this power cord, and as she's not expecting it, strangle her. She's going to die and no pony would believe I did it.
>Or do it as she's taking a shower.

>Fuck the mission. I'm gonna wait for her to come back and kill her. Plain and simple.
foreign countries?
Equestria is literally everything
Celestia rules it all
I'd go for it, but I'm a pretty clumsy person at times. I can just imagine what misadventures would result from that.
File: large.png (172 KB, 878x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 878x1024
>Minutes are passing and I'm still waiting. It's almost one hour.
>Been hearing noises every time on the corridor, every time a false alert.
>Searching in her stuff revealed some more accurate weapon, a knife, but... I don't know...

>I don't feel like slicing her throat.
>I'm rather going to make her suffocate.
>The only way is to catch her as she's not expecting it...
>The blinds are lowered anyways she won't even see anything.
>try to re-picture the whole scene. She enters. She can't see me. She closed the door and I'm jumping on her.

>Hoofsteps closing in
>Maybe it's her. There's no room service on something like that.
>The lock is slowly moving.
>Did you notice something unusual?
>Yep that's right. Your instincts tells you something's waiting for you in this room
>You can feel it. You can feel me. I've been observing you today like a cat observing a mice.
>You know if you get in this room you're going to die.
>This is what you choose.
>You're slowly opening the door.
>I'm no longer breathing. Silence is such I could hear your heartbeat.
>You're scared. Don't be.
>It will be over very soon, you won't even feel a thing.
>Close the door and don't look behind.
>Like this.
>Wrap the cable around her neck and hold her
>"HGGGNNNnnnn... hhh ... "
>I'm whispering
"ssssh.. relax. Try thinking of something nice... it won't be long."
>Trying to hold a pony fighting for their life is usually an heavy task and hell, she's really fighting it.
>I'm trying to hold her like this. Her mouth is wide open just like her eyes, she's fighting to breathe.
>In a desperate attempt, some magic is glowing from her horn, but she's fainting. She can't reach me altough she's trying.
>I should be terrified for what I'm doing, but I'm not. There's tears running through her cheek. pissing herself, holding her bed's blanket
"Why can't I feel a single thing. I'm killing you, you're dying and I can't feel a thing."
>Starlight's moaning. and eventually she stopped moving.
>She keeps twitching and fights even more
"There, come in the bed you'll get better."
>this doesn't make sense did I said that?
>her face looks exactly like when I was looking at her through my camera's lens.
>I'm watching her very closely as she's dying
>her mane, eyes, snout. teeth... body..
>I can feel her heartbeat slowing down
>Life in her eyes disappearing, but looking at me.
>She's even smiling, maybe it had to end like this, for her.
>Untie the wire wrapped around her neck and put it back on my saddlebag on the ground.
>And the creepiest feeling I get is how I did all this without a second thought or any remorse.

>Hear a door slamming somewhere in the house
>Open my eyes
>I'm on this room
>I'm completely losing it
>I was dreaming, and now I'm staring at the bad paintjob they've done on the ceiling
"I'll need some serious fucking rest."

>can't stay here.
>pack my stuff, wonder how long I've been there
>let's get the fuck out of here, if I do it the mission is fucked.
>I'm fucked. Really. But that's not a bad thing in my situation.

>meet the unicorns in the city with Anon.
>get in some random shop and try to get a nice view on them.
>Zoom on glimmer and shoot her.
>observe her habits.
>She's really feeling something
>She's looking left and right. Her ears are twitching...
>I'm actually enjoying this.
>The feeling she's going to have when she'll get home
>That same feeling she had being observed the other day in the woods
>Firing in a random but close direction where I was standing
>I'm a rock. Observing you. You are mine.
>browse her body with the focus cursor of my camera
>stop on her vulva... she's so nervous her tail's raised.
>take some more shots.

>back home
>review all the photos
>encrypted my ass, it's just a different partition
>still, i dive in her docs. her past, her pics and friends, and things she hate. Her mail. her privacy. The stallions and mares magazines.
>I'm going to steal her life instead of killing her like this.
"she did the same anyways.. right?"
Bumping to find out what's in Luna's hall of trophies
Go on...
The downside is you get Injected with Foxdie secretly by Twilight Sparkle.
File: bCv2HTTl.jpg (80 KB, 640x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 640x506
Only if two other 'Anons' are allowed to compete for the position.
bump, keep up the good work !
File: 1407180600522.jpg (86 KB, 640x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 640x512
>keep on learning facts and stuffs about the art of political manipulation using these premashed strategies written by Industria's best think tanks.
>also find out Celestia and her subjects have played all kind of tricks too.
>Same could be said for the Crystal Empire recently, Cadance and her prime minister manipulating the public opinion to boycott stuff from Germaneigh
>look at the time
>holy shit
>finish recording the content of the media card to a tape reel (yeah i don't have the lastest fancy, all solid state computer at home, but it works!)
>put the camera back in my saddlebag and go meet BonBon with what I got
>once there, explain her how I sneaked into Glimmer's dorm/room
>she's mad at me
>Bonbon:"No but DO YOU REALIZE? Glimmer's not alone! One of her thugs is probably watching you, or she could have found you. I asked you to stay at a safe distance, not to do this kind of shit you.. Look, no, you have done a very good job but I hope you did not leave any track or anything behind you, the priority is that you don't get killed. Did you really find something?"
"of course."
>show her the camera's content.
>she's plugging it to a monitor, and scroll
>she's being like,"holy shit"
"now you still think I did a bad job?"
>bonbon:"you should follow the orders."
"i could just have killed her eventually"
>bonbon:"Holy shit Silver"
>anon's laughing his ass off
>she stops on a portrait of her and Lyra circled in a document, with her name on it
>anon:"Is that a joke or... "
>Lyra's looking at the document about them, exposing a few bullshit facts and a list of operations
>Sweetie Drops, AKA Bonnie, BonBon. Ponyville, Everfree county 38911, Equestria. Past missions, and current occupations listed.
>Lyra:"That was last year on a open air market."
>Bonbon's about to cry
"i didn't took the time to read them all, next page."
>Twilight, Minuette, a few pages on Sunset Shimmer
>Filthy Rich
>A photo of him with Diamond Tiara's face circled
>What the fuck does it means?
>keeps reading the documents
>comes out there's a plan that consists about a false flag kidnapping of fillies, and destabilize local economies.
"these guys are going to have a baaad time. I'll have to keep Diams and Sweetiebelle in the perfume."
>bonbon:"This is-"
"our secret. if they know you're unmasked Bonnie, your career as a secret agent is finished. it's over. this is just for us okay."
>keep browsing
"hey. this stallion. i saw him going outside, Anon do you recognize him?"
>anon:"oh yeah sure."
"well he's working for Glimmer, his background looks rather solid. training in the Securitron, external operations..."
>anon:"he looked quite sympathic"
"well, he's a killer."
>now we're finding a document describing an operation about kidnapping ...Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer and take them to Industria as prisoners.
>Bonbon:"I really don't get the point, that's political suicide."
>Lyra:"They don't want a ransom... They want their magic."
>Bonbon:"Haha, the hypocrisy, magic is strictly forbidden in Industria, and not only they are having a partnership with Glimmer, a unicorn, but they have a secret project of kidnapping an alicorn! I love it."
"magic is forbidden?"
>Bonbon:"yes, they have a law that lakes magic illegal there, in order to sell technological substitutes. Same about pegasus."
"what if they have to fly or have to move objects, heal a wound or do... stuffs unicorns do."
>Bonnie's hesistating, remains silent for a second
>Lyra:"Actually they can't. Pegasus are getting their wings amputated, and unicorns are getting cranial surgery since their young age, in order for all these ponies to be dependent from that society. Being different and having special powers is considered abnormal, and they claim they're doing it for the greater good, for equality, even if the ponies at the top... are more equal than others."
"...Sweet Celestia."
>Lyra:"you don't say!"
File: 1423035382758.png (217 KB, 991x1375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217 KB, 991x1375
>Bonbon's calling the HQ and explains the situation to her <<"Grandma">>
>she's standing for a moment on the phone before hanging up
>Bonbon:"They confirmed, we're out. I don't know who sold me and a few other agents, but it's not good."
>Anon:"Certainly a mole in Canterlot, have you thought about this"
>Bonbon:"we're like a family in the Agency, there could be a double agent, a mole. Or a security leak in the files, I don't know who could be the traitor among us. Right now we must give up, Silverspoon had shot enough documents to ensure Starlight Glimmer got arrested, and we know we can track back these info to the source. That's how we'll unmask them.."
>Lyra:"Bad idea darling. If you do that, they will know they are uncovered and take care, we do nothing. In fact... I'm not sure if informing them about this document was the thing to do."
>Anon:"Just go tell Celestia about it, that's my best advice.
>Lyra:"This! Deal with the boss directly she'll do the cleanup."
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