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>"So anyhow the power is out, I was...
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>"So anyhow the power is out, I was just hoping I could get my setup hooked up at your place. Theres this game that I've been meaning to get to play but the gosh darn 'lectricity cuts out right when I get time off of work, that's alright, ain't it? Course I won't hog it all to myself, I'll let you play it too."
I hope this game is called "hide the trouser snake"
>turn the heat up in the house watch her strip

It depends...... is it a co-op or fighting game..... I am OK with either of those.
Is it JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Eyes over Heaven?

If not, fuck off the edge of my dick Appul
Sure.... I see no reason why not?
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END IT.jpg
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>Tfw you will never hold Applejack in your arms all cozied up under the blankets playing video games all day while it snows outside.
>Tfw you will never tenderly make out with her followed by some comfy sex.
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those EOTechs.jpg
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Got damn this thread.

And got damn you for the feels.

Got damn you all.
Sure, Applejack. As long as you're playing on PC and not some console peasant.
we aimpoint now.
>playing on pc
>lol just bcuz muh graphix
>lol muh stem discunts
>lol the cumunity
>actually playing vidya because of that shit
>not for fun
no I play for fun, but the types of games I play are almost never on consoles. Grafix are just a nice side effect.
I really want some cozy Applejack gamer green.

Is that autistic? Absolutely.

Is it going to stop me from requesting that this green be made? Absolutely not.

And please for the love of god, if you're going to do it, do it right.

No random skips between stuff, I want something well thought out, with buildup and lots of cozy feels.
And maybe lewd too, but mostly cutesy stuff.
maybe her family doesn't like vidya, granny thinks it's the work of the devil or something. she has to play games at your house to get her fix.
Gosh, what a qt
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>No random skips between stuff, I want something well thought out, with buildup and lots of cozy feels.
>And maybe lewd too, but mostly cutesy stuff.

“I would like a local beer. I’d like it in a bottle. I’d like the bottle to be cold.”
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Piss for bait but this image is so wildly compelling I'll will this thread to life, if I have to write the green myself.

don't count on it, I'm wildly unreliable
My thoughts exactly.

If you would, anon, define your ideal skip-lacking green.

A green I want to see, is one that has a start, starting out with their relationship.

Such as where they met or how long they've known each other.

How far is it? I assume they're just friends but does Applejack seem like she wants to take things further?

How does Anon feel? What is Anons personality? Does Anon hold any particular fondness for Applejack?

And then seeing where things go. Not too fast ok?

I want a believable story. I want it to feel as real as if I were there myself, standing beside Applejack on a cold winter day as the snowflakes float down gently around us.
The warm scent of Apples drawing you haplessly toward her.

Also, don't write AJ as some bland personality devoid "waifu" character.

Write her as what she is.

Shes going to talk about her friends and family. About her home life and how there are probably things stressing her out, and probably due to the work thats caused her to seek comfort in these video games.
>It was winter at Canterlot high, snow had fallen to mark in the first week of the new semester.

>As it ended and students once again got comfortable with the drudgery of a 8-3 work day, and the realization that they would have to deal with 3 months of ass weather, you, Anonymous, settled in with the rest, no real plan for the coming year, no long term goals, no gf.

>that bothered you more than a passing thought at a time.

>You spent most of your time at CHS with few or friends, sort of a drifter...if one can exist at a single school.

>Which also meant little romantic action came your way.

>Friends came and went, but neighbors seemed to stick around for most of your life, at least where you lived.

>Just adjacent from your cottage lived the Apple family and their...apple farm.

>And living there was your oldest friend, Applejack.

>You used to ride horses and play in the river for hours at a time when you two were kids.

>As you got older, you both moved on, she made new friends; you didn’t.


>You were daydreaming in 6th period, looking out the window.

>The bell rings, and you take your time packing up and leaving class.

>When you do, you turn left for 7th period but--

>”Hey, Anon.”

>You’re stopped by, who else but Apple Jack.

“Uh, hi, AJ. What’s up?”

>She seems to hesitate to look over you, you stand a few inches taller than her.

>"Well, ah’ was hoping you could help me out. The power is out at my farm., I was just hoping I could get my setup hooked up at your place. There's this game that I've been meaning to get to play but the gosh darn 'lectricity cuts out right when I get time off of work, that's alright, ain't it? Course I won't hog it all to myself, I'll let you play it too."
”Set up?”

>Yeah, you know. PC? Computer?”

“uh--Yeah, of course. I don’t mind. Just text me after school and I’ll drive you over to your place to pick up your rig, I think my truck can handle the snow

>Her face lights up.

“...and it’d be nice to have some company at my place in this weather, an-”

>”Thanks, Anon. You’re a really good friend!”

>Applejack gives you a hug.


>You replied, but she was gone before you finished. Sighing and kicking yourself for just getting cucked by her PC, you turn around and head for your last period of the day, of the week that is.

>You were hoping to get some gaming time in yourself this weekend, but Equine Space Program isn’t exactly a social game.

>And...fudge. you’re home wasn’t exactly in a “neat” order for company, especially for your crush
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Then write it yourself. This isn't an /r/ thread and asking some writefag out there to write something with as many limitations and pseudo-directions like that doesn't help. Your ideas aren't bad but that's your story, not someone else's.
This looks nice.

Make more.
>In desert
I would,because that's how I write my green, but with Twilight.

>you wake up to the sound of the final bell
>your head shoots up from the surface of your desk, as you quickly scan around the classroom, checking to see if anyone caught you sleeping away the last class you had
>taking the end of your hoodie sleeve to wipe the small amount of drool at the corner of your mouth, it seems as though no one was looking at you

>back row for life

>you get up out of the classroom with your bookbag and head to your locker
>but while your feet moved you forward,
>your mind moved you backward

>it had been so long since you had really hung out with AJ
>sure, there was the occasional wave to you when you got the mail or cut your grass
>sure, you had both been at a few kick-backs over time
>sure, when passing in the halls at school, a "Hi" or "Howdy" was given to you

>but that was it, and it had been that way for years

>books are exchanged from your bag to your locker and vice-versa
>as you grab the last book you needed to take home, your arm freezes

"Maybe," you mumble to yourself
>maybe she really wants to hang out with you
>maybe this whole power outage is just an excuse to rekindle the friendship you had so long ago

>the book is placed in your bag

>your mind replays her hug and the words, "You’re a really good friend!"
>you smile and take out your phone, waiting for her text

>but as you stand next to your locker, time continues on
>seconds turn into minutes, minutes into several more

>no text from AJ

>your excitement starts to slowly dwindle, as the thought of actually being good friends, or more, with her starts to look more like a pipe dream
"No," you mumble again; less people in the school halls
>no, she just needs a place to play her game
I kinda want this to end up Anon doesn't get AJ.
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>Feeling objected, you collect yourself and moosy out to your truck.
>Did she just blow you off?
>Find another boy toy to tug around?

>You make your way out into the snow packed parking lot, paying mind to ice and reckless teens pulling off donuts and drifts on the slippery blacktop.

>Just as you pop in the key to unlock your car, you hear someone running up to you, the snow crinkling under their boots.

>”Wait up Anon!”

>You turn your head to see her carefully trotting over to your truck.

>You finish unlocking your car before acknowledging her.

“Heh, I thought you ditched me.”

>You say, just she makes her way to the driver side.

>”Well, I was gonna’ ya, bu- whoa!”

>She slips forward on some ice, but using those lightning fast gaming reflexes of yours, you catch her before she falls.

>Wrapped around her, you feel your heart-beat much, as if you were enduring the heartburn of a thousand thai curries all at once...i-in a good way of course.

>Even with her wrapped in layers of down, you felt her warmth radiate from her. More than just that, it felt almost magical to hold her like this.

>”Uh, Anon? You can let go now. Ah stopped falling.”

>You quickly do so.

“Oh.. heh, Sorry, AJ. My mind kinda slipped there.”

>”Yeah yeah, must be all them video games rottin’ yur mind.”

>She moves around the front of your truck to enter the passenger side,

>”Of course, I’m not opposed to a little...inside fun. but let’s not waste time, we’re burning daylight out here.”

>You embark your truck and ignite the engine.

>Inside fun? is that what she calls it?.
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Damn Son.png
633 KB, 531x800

>as you turn the key, you hear the engine make a single turn

>then die
>you twist the key again
>2 turns of the engine before death

>this can't be happening
>your nerves mix with frustration to conceive a pre-mature, embarrassed rage
>twist again
>no dice

>you slam your hands onto the steering wheel
"Son of a bi-!"
>you stop yourself
>Applejack never was one to swear, and you didn't want to turn her off before you could turn on this engine

>you look at her somewhat awkwardly
>"It's.. alright. Try givin' her some gas."

>you do so as you twist the key, and the truck starts this time
>"Hoo-wee, that was lucky. C'mon, let's get to my place."
>with a nod of your head, you answer
"Heh, you got it."

>you slowly get out of the snowy parking lot, making sure to not slide or lose control in the presence of AJ
>AJ, who even in her winter apparel, covering nearly every inch of her body; looked amazing and beautiful
>her long blonde hair
>piercing, deep green eyes
>freckles on her face that liked to hide behind her tan skin
>and a toned body that was the product of farm labor

>"Ya know, ya might want to get this thing checked. Might be in bad shape for an oil change or something," she says, prying you from your admiration of her
"Uhh, yeah. Maybe."

>she would like it if you were more assertive with your opinions, right?
>that's what manly guys do, right?
"Th-then again, I think it might be fine.."

>you look to see her reaction, but she's looking out of her window
>"Wouldn't hurt though; I'd hate to see you stranded somewhere's because it broke down. Big Mac always said to treat yer truck like you'd treat yer lady."

>your truck was old, worn down, beat up, and rarely got your attention
If you cuss around AJ she won't give anon the sexual
“Heh, I thought you ditched me.”
>”Well, I was gonna ya"

Did you leave out a word or did she just admit she was going to ditch?
>”Well, I was gonna text ya"
This is perfect. I eagerly await the next installment!
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I started to watch wakfu today and i just realized that Evangeline looks like Applejack
>watching furries: the series
Whatever you're into, bro.
File: 14475390966.gif (265 KB, 239x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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y furries tho?
File: 1439505065215.jpg (17 KB, 396x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Complaining about furry characters appearing in a show that has humanoid fap material in its main cast
>On an image board where people fap to cartoon horses

>you take a second to pay extra attention from the road
>the snow is still falling, but the slow speed of the truck makes it seem like your travel is more a part of the weather, rather than battling it
>the sun is nowhere to be found, but its light can still be seen through the filter of the white snow dropping and the gray clouds above
>the wind whips and whistles at the truck
>the cold still emanating through the glass of your window

>and yet the awkward feeling you're getting by being next to AJ sets your cheeks aflame
>it's not even pasta dropping..
>you just didn't wake up thinking you would be having Applejack over today

"Uhh, okay."
>need to change conversation maximizes
"Um, so what is this game you were talking about?"

>"Heck, it's about the coolest thing I've seen so far. It's called Elite: Dangerous."

"What's it about?"
>her excitement clears out the stifling awkward air in your lungs
>"Ya see, it's one of them open-world games, right? Except more like open-galaxy. Them devs mapped out our whole galaxy and made it into a game. You get this space ship and do all of these cool things in it. You can be a pirate an' steal from folks, you can bounty hunt, you can trade legal goods, smuggle illegal goods, and explore all ya want to!"

>her enthusiasm towards a video game has her wide-eyed with wonder
>"..and that ain't even the half of it!" she cheers

"Wow, that sounds really cool. You haven't played it yet?"
>"Only enough to get my feet wet. Then the dang power went out last night."

"Oh okay."

>you continue to look towards the road
"Applejack, you don't, uh... strike me as someone who would be into video games that much."
>you take a pause
"Especially, like a sci-fi game. It's like the opposite of the whole 'country girl' thing.."

>her excitement downgrades, if only a little
>"Yeah that's.. that's why I like 'em."

>she looks to you, but you're still focused on driving
>"Sometimes it feels awful good to forget that I live on a farm.."
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>mfw AJ spent $75 on a game with no content
Don't stop
I need to hit the hay. night m80s.
>elite dangerous
she is gonna have a whole hour of fun before burning through all that content

I like this
>unironically using the word peasant

are you serious m8? you know that yahtzee was being ironic when he coined the phrase, right?
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>implying consoles are not for literal peasants
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Mah nigga.
No get out of here you free loading redneck
Bump 'N' Pump
trips confirm cute
Good taste Anon
Bumping for Gemini
What vidya are you playing Anons? I am playing Xenoblade Chronicles X while waiting for KOTOR 2 to download.
Got ghost trick for Christmas so I've been playing that while washing clothes and waiting for the bus. Pretty fun game
Rebel Galaxy and KOTOR 1
That would suck!
I actually had that happen to me a couple of times.
>$50 for landing on planets
>all planets are basically empty too
I really wish one of those games would get that stuff right.

Rodina is pretty cool on exploration, but there's no cities or ruins or anything on any of the planets either at least I never found any
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File: 1451616759743.png (1 MB, 2130x2272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2130x2272
File: 1451711632400.webm (2 MB, 900x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic related, an actual space sim nevertheless stuck in a hilariously problematic alpha

As it is we either get massive procedurally generated swaths of empty vacuum, or a dozen or so hand-crafted systems that get fully mapped and explored in the first month. If there's a happy medium I haven't seen it. Star Citizen has promised to shoot for a middle ground but as long as >muh fidelity has them modeling each scale on the space fish in your space aquarium I don't see it happening
Is there going to be anymore?
I already abandonned hope of that thing ever reaching completion.

I just wanted a stupid space game akin to X-Wing or something when I backed it.
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Smokey Mountains.jpg
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“I guess that’s as good as point as any.”
>There’s an awkward pause between you two as you hit a red light.. AJ twiddles her thumbs while you tap on the steering wheel.

>You look out to the driver side window to see the Smokey Mountains to you left, your and AJ's places resting about a dozen miles from them. I think this is the name of an actual mountain range from the show.

>”So uh, do you play any games, Anon?”

“Yeah, I do. Nothing too exciting. mostly old sim games like Civilization and Wing Commander, with the odd RPG here and there.”

>”Oh, well. Have any newer games caught your attention?”

“I was really invested in the Bioshock series because I loved System Shock so much, I thought I should give it a try.”

>”And whadja think?”

>You thought that either AJ was just trying to make conversation, or she really was interested in what you had to say.

“I guess I liked them for what they were. If you haven’t played them yet, only play through it once and don’t think about it anymore than that. Trust me.”

>”Heh, if you say so, Anon. I’ll trust you.”

>It felt nice to hear that someone trusted you, more than just for what it was. It had been a long time since you’d heard, or felt that.
>That reminded you, why didn’t she text you after school?”

“So, why didn’t you text me after school? I think you tried to tell me before you fell into me.”
>”Fell into ya’? heh, I could have handled myself, ya know.”

>You playfully scoff at her remark, that’s how she always was.

>”Well, mah phone ran out of juice. no power at home, remember? I couldn’t charge it last night.”

>Of course…
>Way to think the worst of people, Anon.
You're back!
File: 1451815779837.webm (2 MB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 960x540
I don't blame you, but it has come a long way.

Yes. Welcome back
What's wrong with them?
>Smokey Mountains
I like it. Makes sense AJ being from somewhere in the Appalachians.
The Smokey Mountains are also the mountains from "The Hoofields and McColts." That's where i got the name from. At which point I remembered that's an actual mountain range in Appalachia.
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96 KB, 462x446

>"Ya didn't think I'd leave you out to dry, did ya? After all, you're doing the favor for me."
>your mind becomes clear as you realize AJ would never leave someone out to dry like that without a good reason
>she couldn't even get a hold of you and still made it to your truck before you left

"No, of course not.."
>even with her rising popularity in school, she never lost sight of her honesty and sense of decency

>"Mind if I turn on the radio, Anon?"
"Sure, go ahead. I doubt we'll get good signal with this weather though,"

>she flips the old truck radio on and looks for a station that didn't broadcast static in the icy weather
>eventually, she lands on a tune

>you get a smile as soon as you hear the music
>she does the same
>"Aww Anon, you remember this one?"

>warm memories are played in your head as you traverse the truck through the harsh weather

"I sure do, AJ. Your granny played this in her station wagon when she drove us to 3-Rock swimming hole up in the mountains."
>"Yep! That was it! It was me, you, Big Mac... and who else?"
"Uhh... Rainbow. Rainbow was with us."

>"That's right, it was Rainbow! Dang, that was a long time ago. We must'a been, what, 8 years old?"

>you nod your head, still grinning at the memory
"8 or 9; that was a good day."

>"We stayed in that water dang near all day; water-logged all over."

>there's a pause as she too, thinks back at a time when the both of you were younger and care-free
>"Remember when Mac took 10 minutes to dry off only to slip right back in the water?"

>your body gives off a single chuckle
"He went in with the last towel too! Poor guy was soaked the whole way back."
>"Mad as a wet hen too!!"

>she slaps her knee as you both share boisterous laughter while the music plays
>laughter that seems to melt the wall of time between the two of you
>eventually, it is replaced by the warmth of the song

>AJ starts to sing along with her cute country accent, fitting the tune
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>"Setup hooked up at your place"
>Thinking it has to do with her bass guitar
>Find out its vidaya game
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that revolver looks like shit
>When the song ends, she giggles.
>”Sorry bout’ that. hope mah singin’ wasn’t too bad.”

>It’d been years since you’ve heard her sing. Well, alone that is. She got herself up with a band a few months ago, and ended up singing backup vocals.
>It also had been years since it was just you two alone, and that was almost never, McIntosh liked you back then, but she was his sister after all, and rarely left you two your own.
>Unless she really wanted to start some friendship with you again, you probably won’t get another chance anytime soon.
>If you wanted to be with her, hell, even be her friend, you’d have to take some courage pills.

“Why are you sorry?”


“AJ, I’ve...you’ve always had such a wonderful voice.”
>You see her blush at you remark.

>”Shucks, Anon, you don’t mean that, do ya’ ? I mean, I never thought I was good er anything.
>She lightly punches you on the shoulder

>A light, playful smile creeps on your, face.
“Of course I do, you know that.”

>She doesn’t reply, just smiles and looks down at the floor boards.
>You stop at another red light, the last before you reached her farm.
>You turn to look her in the eyes.
”Remember that Autumn you and I hiked up the tallest of the Flint Hills? We saw the peak, and we raced to the top?


”You beat me, but when I caught up to you, you were staring at the horizon. I looked to you, and then to what you were looking at...Then you broke the silence.”

>”Do you remember what you said?”
>”No, a-ah don’t think I do.”

“You didn’t say anything. You just started singing.”

>”Yeah, I did.”

“You just kept signing,

>The light turns green, you hit the gas.
File: 1450018540003.jpg (552 KB, 1625x1117) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
552 KB, 1625x1117
Comfy bump
File: 7988A1936.jpg (188 KB, 860x574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 860x574

>”ah forgot all about that, but what’s yur point?”

>Yeah, what is your point?
“I guess, don’t ever be afraid to sing around me. Honestly, I’ve always liked your singing. I don’t think you’d have any problems if you went single from your band.”

>You couldn’t look at her with your eyes on the road, but you could tell she was looking right at you, deep into you.

>”Wow, I..Thanks Anon. That means a lot..”
>You smile, not saying anything,

>Nothing more was said until you arrived at the front gate of her farm.
>You turned on the radio,
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVwkS6AcszY
>and you listened to her sing along to a few more songs.

>You pull into her lot.
>”Go ahead and drive up to the house. You can come in if ya want.”

>You take your time, minding the snow covered dirt road that lead to her farmhouse.
>Park, stop the truck, keys out,

>Like everything else today, it’d been years since you say her house, but it never seemed to age.
>If there was one thing the Apples had, it was pride of ownership.

>You followed her up to the front door, where she unlocked it with a key around her wrist, which seemed to be attached to a bracelet.
>You couldn’t tell what was on the rest.

>”Come on now, don’t be shy.”

>You stepped inside the Apple’s house, taking a moment to look behind you to mind the view.
pic related
File: 1451520471141.gif (117 KB, 242x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 242x200
>dat song
F-Fuck you writefriend...
File: 1451636142979.jpg (44 KB, 450x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is it just me or does it feel like the writing style changes a little bit every other post? Like as if two people were writing the story or something.
File: 1444581025587.gif (2 MB, 300x176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x176
This desu senpai
I'm starting to think that his/their name might be a clue..
All according to plan.
Bumping for only good AJ green I've found.
This. Writefags work best with ideas, not laws. This isn't some math test where you have to find the one equation to match the teacher's parameters or you fail.
Gemini I need more of your cutesy green. It's some of the best I've read in a while no lie.
You think theyre writefag twins?
/mlp/ Green Solid: The Twin Fags.
Bumping for best hiatus green.
I-I need porn of this.
I don't know why, but that picture just cracks me up hard.
ZONE has done a Wakfu hentai flash. Just Google it.
i hope this gets continued
Page 5 still alive

>you turn around and step fully inside the country home
>the power indeed has not been on for some time as it is chilly in the house
>and yet, there's still a warmth you can feel
>not of temperature, but a warm feeling that wraps around anyone who steps in
>the air inside is inviting; a fragrance of oak wood that beckons with an atmosphere of hospitality produced from hard work and tight-knitted family bonds

>a different scent caresses your nose
>you close your eyes and quietly sniff a few times to identify what it is

>somewhat fruity with sugar, but also a cooked smell, with a bit of bread as well

>open eyes and sniff again
>it's peach cobbler; the kind AJ's granny used to make when you used to come over
"Granny made a cobbler?"

>she shakes her head, but in pride
>"She sure did. After the power went out, she wanted to make us something to lift our spirits. Still don't know how, but she baked one in the wood stove and it tasted great."

>AJ turns her head away from you
>"HEY Y'ALL I'M HOME!" she hollers

>and old voice yells out from the kitchen, "Ah'm hearin' two folks talk, young'n! Who'd ya bring home?"

>"Anon's here to help me move my computer, Granny! We're goin' to his place in a minute!"
>Granny pops her head out from the kitchen, with a grin, "Well lookie here! Gimme jest a second; I'll be right out."

>AJ starts walking upstairs
>"Anon, I'll get everything disconnected and bring it down here."
"You need some help, AJ?"
>"Nah, I got it."
thank you anon.you save the day
It's happening, again!
I promise nothing with this.
>You shrug. "Sure, you need help bringing your rig over?"
>Her face brightens immediately. "Aw, shucks, ya mean it? Sure I won't be any sort of bother?"
>"I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't sure. My folks are doing their annual holiday trip and my sister's went to her friend's place or some shit like-."
>"Anon! Language!" Applejack chides, looking shocked.
>You stare at her for a solid second, trying with all your might to ask 'are you serious?' with your face alone. Instead you opt to tease her sensibilities further. "Eh, fuck it." You turn your head dismissively of her shock just as she gasps.
>"You kiss your mom with that mouth?"
>"I haven't kissed any of my family since I was..." You rummage through you old mental documents folder.
>"I get it, Anon, you ain't done it in a long time." Applejack tries to cancel the operation
>4LeafOS.exe cannot comply with that command
>"Anon? Anon?" She tries waving her hand in front of your face. "You doin' one of those cartoon flashbacks? You know I can't see that, right?"
>File not found. Must have deleted that one.
>"Yeah, I don't remember." You finally answer. "So, what were we talking about? Oh, right, the rig. Yeah, you can bring your system over. What game are you playing anyway?"
>The redneck blushes in shame "Uhhh... Elder Scrolls Online."
>You raise an eyebrow but don't judge.
>"N-Now look here, I been lookin' at some videos and it don't seem so bad-"
">It's cool, it's combat's better than Skyrim, still not my cup of tea, not big on MMOs anyway. Just surprised surprised you would since you have Real Life friends."
>"Actually, Dash's is the one who got me into it." She explains, strangely making sense but not at the same time. "So bandwidth won't be an issue either, right?"
>"Nah, I won't be doing anything online. I'm gonna be working on my Fallout 4 mods."
>Applejack nearly slips on the icy sidewalk in shock. "Fallout 4? What are ya'll, some kind of faggot?"
File: 1451767919472.png (98 KB, 321x237) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 321x237
File: Prego.png (18 KB, 89x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 89x250

>as AJ goes upstairs, you look around the place a little
>parts of the floor creaks as you walk on it; candles and oil lamps are set out to battle the darkness during the night
>but the light outside seeps in through the windows during the day time,
>the reflection from the snow creates a bright, angelic effect inside the old home
>the furniture inside hadn't changed since you were last over

>and for whatever reason, this is comforting
>it almost drives home a point saying, 'maybe things didn't change as much as you thought'

>Granny walks out of the kitchen, squinting with her old eyes to see you
>"How ya been, young feller?"
>she hugs you like you were her own grandson
"Pretty good Mrs. Smith."

>"You best be quittin' that 'Mrs. Smith' nonsense, young'n. I'm still Granny, even if it ain't by blood for ya."
>you chuckle a little
"Alright, Granny."

>"Stayin' for supper?"
"I'm afraid not; I'm just helping AJ move her computer to my place so she can play some games."

>"Well I tell ya, it's about time that gal started bringin' some boys home."
>you nervously wave your hand to dismiss her assumption
"Oh, uh.. no, it's.. it's nothing like that."

>even if that's exactly what you wished was going on

>she jokingly elbows your side
>"Well try yer best sonny. Grandkids don't just fall outta trees, ya know."

>you scratch the back of your neck, hoping this line of talk ends soon
"Uh.. yep. Right. They don't."
>"Coming from someone who plays MMOs." You point out in retort while still helping her fully regain her footing.
>"Right, right. suppose I shouldn't be so judging." She grins. "Outloud. So Piper your - What do you call it? Waifu or did'ja pick the robot gal? Wait! No, you had that crush on Dash so you had to have gone with Cait!"
>"You sound pretty knowledgable for someone who thinks Fallout 4 is for faggots."
>Now it's her turn to shrug and dismiss you. "Dash again. She actually plays it on X Box though." She began to snicker.
>You just roll your eyes. "Yeah, yeah, 'PC Masterrace', we know you're a closet /v/irgin, Jackie." She turned red and looked away, but didn't deny it. Not that she could lie to save her life.
>After a few moments, walking through the snow in silence you remember the original conversation. "Oh, so, yeah, you want me to get my car and help ferry your system over?"
>"Nah, my house is closer, so I'll just borrow Mac's truck and give us both a lift to your place."
>"Sounds like a plan. Now let's move, my butt is freezing. I can feel icicles building in my anus." You shift uncomfortably.
>"Well how come you didn't just drive your car to school?"
>"I might be a NEET but I try to get some exercise."
>"NEETs ain't supposed to be in school, anon."
>"NEET means whatever the hell you want these days just like otaku, tsundere, beta male, and cuckolding before it."
i like this
Ask her how she felt about Unfinished Fulton Ruse V: Unemployed Jap edition.
>The rest of the hike to Applejack's home was unexceptional compared to the earlier conversations. "At least beside the part where an icicle six feet like grew out of my ass. It ripped the genuine leather of Big Mac's truck and commanded me to be Applejack's sex slave for a month. She was given an Icicle strap on to sodomize me with..."
>"He knows we can hear him?" Big Macintosh asked Applejack as he handed her the keys to his truck while observing you from the kitchen.
>He's just doin' his occasional narrator thing." the younger sister explained with a sigh. "I'm just glad Applebloom's over at Rarity's and Grannysmith is in the hospital."
>"I snap out of my delusional narrations at the mention of Mrs. Smith being hospitalized. What happened, is the old gal alright?" You ask, fearful for the woman who bribed your affections in childhood with those orgasmic apple pies.
>"Yeah, she's fine." Macintosh reassured you. "She's just complaining about not getting her medications again."
>"She picked'em up yesterday." the smaller blonde said with a small smile and a roll of her eyes. "Mac, can you help me load up my rig? I'll hold the lanterns."
>"Not until you admit I wasn't crazy buying those things." The older brother teased.
>"Alright, alright! It weren't crazy to buy a buncha 19th century country things." She crossed her arms under her breasts.
>You had to get in on this. "Well maybe with the money you spent on antiques you could have bought a backup generator."
>Big Macintosh huffed his chest, towering a good twelve inches over you. "You sayin' I'm an impulse buyer? I got those things at dirt cheap at a pawnshop. And I'll have you know I made sure my family's stocked on latern oil for when it hits the fan!" The large and burly teen began to rant
>Applejack gently guides you up to her room. "Looks like we're gonna be moving my rig ourselves. Thanks a lot."
>You smile to yourself. "But he's so passionate. And the fallout shelter is pretty damn cool."
File: image.jpg (103 KB, 1022x547) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 1022x547
>Unemployed Jap Edition
crap, gonna have to pause this here for now.
Mac's 6'10? Dang.
>building your own custom rig
>free ware and mods
>making your own mods
>not being stuck with low spec hardware and locked down software.

anon i thought like you when i was a poor fag but let me tell you from the perspective of someone that used both PC is superior in every way. the only ones that defend consoles are poor fags, little kids, and retards the cant into computer hardware.
Or people that like to play games rather than circlejerk about their platform(s)
This is coming from a guy with a PC, WiiU, and bought a PS4 for Eyes Of Heaven.
Ah, what the fuck...
>You had to take a moment to admire Applejack's rig best you could in the flickering light of the antique lanterns. She wasn't the most computer literate sort, but she built this PC by herself, picked the parts, paid for every cent of it, and her pride showed. She even read up with you and Sunny's help to build her own custom hardwood case with a window (Tempered glass, not acrylic)
>Unfortunately, it also meant the damn thing was a lot heavier than most PCs, making it a two man job even with Applejack.
>"Next time, we get you a normal case!" You grunted, your knees shaking. "Ugh, did your computer somehow get fatter?" You wondered outloud as the two of you took cautious, precarious steps down the stairs.
>"I installed a 1200w power supply." She huffed.
>"And this would be easier without your double dees on the damn thing." You grumble at the blonde who blushes and glares but shifts so her breasts are no longer resting on the already heavy load.
>"Anon, I swear if this was Mac's system-"
>"We wouldn't be able to move the damn thing because it was built in Soviet Russia." You cut her off when Applejack's lantern slipped from her hand and broke on the floor.
>All country manners were off as she let out a rapid series of "Shit!"s and began stomping out the building fire on the carpet. Leaving you carrying the load at an odd and precarious angle.
>"Shit." You whimpered as you tumbled down the last of the stairs, AJ's computer slamming hard into your chest.
>"ANON!" Applejack practically leapt to your side with Big Mac soon to follow.
>"Don't worry..." You wheeze through crushed lungs. "I got it." You smiled and showed the intact PC
>"I ain't worried about the damn deadwood, you dummy." Applejack said hoisting the PC off you in what you could assume was a burst of adrenaline.
>And nearly immediately dropped it before Big Mac caught her and the PC in one hand. "I'm mighty sorry, anon, shoulda helped the two of you with this in the first place."
>After a few deep breaths, you nod and are helped up by both siblings. "I'm good, I'm good..." Okay, your chest is probably going to be a little bruised, but you didn't hit your head, or break an arm, and all while trying to keep AJ's system safe! "Fire's out?" You asked glancing up to where the farm girl had dropped her lantern, not even embers.
>After a little bit of cleaning up and some help loading up the rest of AJ's PC, the two of you are chugging off in Big Mac's truck towards your home only a few blocks further away
>The car ride is spent in relative silence as AJ had only recently gotten her license and tended to focus heavily on driving. Nevermind this was her first time driving in the snow.
>Had to say, seems handywork was in the Appleblood, given AJ's computer and her brother's tweaks to the car. You could practically melt into these heated seats
>After a few close calls, the two of you made it to your apartment, and now without the need to carry a lightsource with you and the aid of an elevator, bringing up AJ's system is much easier.
>No sooner than it was hooked up than a loud growling come from the blonde's gut. "Hungry?" You asked.
>"Uhh... Yeah." She blushed. "Actually didn't manage to eat my lunch at school with all that happened today."
>You try to think about what was so eventful at school that would have kept her from her lunch-
>"Anon? Earth to Anon." Her hand was waving in front of your face. Sighing, she quickly said: "Pinkie pulled us into-"
>"Ah." you immediately after the mention of 'Pinkie'. "So, how about I order us pizza? On me."
>"Will it have apples on it?" She couldn't keep her face straight but your own expression of disgust was quicker. "Oh, god! you fell for that! The look on your face!"
>”Ya know, Aj’s always been a mighty strange with you around.”

>”No she isn’t!”
>You hear a muffled voice in the next room over.

>”Applebloom? Mind your place missy! come say hello to our guest.”

>You hear her rouse.
>You see a mass of blankets hunch in to your field of vision.
>She drops the blankets.

>A sickly Applebloom reveals her form.

>”Hey, Anon.”




>”Well, it was great.”

>She picks up the blankets and drags herself back into the other room.
>At that moment, you hear AJ coming back downstairs.
>”wewy, this things gotten heavy.”

>Mid tower
>See-through interior,
>And an orange paint job with red vinyl decals.
>Just perfect for her.

“Nice rig, AJ, that sure is something.”

>She sets it down on the kitchen island. and dusts off her hands.
>With a prideful gesture, she rests her arm on the top of the tower.

>”Eeyyup, been buildin’ her up since freshman year.”

“Is..Is that an Orange? as in the guitar amps?”

>”Well, sorta. I just made it look like it. I sure do like them Orange amps for mah bass.”
>Of course she does.

“What are you packing in there?”

>”You’ll see, once we’in get power for this thing.”

>Awkward silence.


“Well, it was a pleasure seeing you again...Granny.”

>”Hold up there, deary, you ain’t gettin out of here that easy.”
File: 1451902916676.png (1 MB, 1250x1692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1250x1692
Please continue.
lewd who is the artist
that looks like a full tower
yeah yeah, just enjoy.
I'm sorry m8 I'm anal retentive about the topic, and i am enjoying still aj a qt
>Calling anon out for swearing
>Calling him a faggot
Pick one
Cool story bruh keep it up
It's called ironic humor, Anon.
It's not...
Gemini I'll literally suck your dick if you give me more green
Back from work; will start now.
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I want to hold hands with Applejack.
The prodigal son returns
File: 1345071007388.png (78 KB, 450x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 450x259
>>She seems to hesitate to look over you, you stand a few inches taller than her.
>tfw short as fuck

"W-what did I do?"
>Granny puts on a half grin, "It's whatcha /didn't/ do."
>she turns to Applejack, "AJ, put that thing down."
>"Granny, I'm kinda in a rush-"

>AJ puts her tower down; "Yes ma'am."

>Granny strolls into the kitchen for a moment, while you turn to AJ
"Any idea on what she's doing?"
>"Not a clue."

>the two of you awkwardly stand there, waiting to find out what Granny meant
>then Granny comes back with two plates of hot peach cobbler and hands them to you and AJ
>she turns the both of you around and lightly pushes you two towards the couch, then sits you down and says, "Nobody leaves the Apple home without havin' something to eat! Dig in you two!"

>you and Applejack say "Thanks Granny," at the same time on accident,
>Granny hears this, and immediately spawns a mischievous smile as she leaves back to the kitchen
>you and AJ look at each other, both surprised by the mistake
"How did that phrase go? Jinx you-"
>"Owe me a soda," AJ grins as she finishes it before you do
>"If we were in 3rd grade, I might hold you to it."

"But since we're not...?"
>"I reckon I'll forget about it."

>you both dig in
>as in, Applejack takes a medium sized bite and you practically stuff your mouth with the dessert

>your eyes open wide as the flavor hits you like a brick; if bricks were the best things you ever tasted
>with some food still in your mouth, you loudly say
"Holy Sh-!!"

>before you can finish, AJ uses cat-like reflexes to put her hand over your mouth
>with paranoid eyes, she shakes her head and points towards where Granny would be, indicating she could hear you

>the only question your brain asks is, "Should you lick her hand?"
>obviously not, but why is that even tempting??

>she slowly lets go of your mouth after a few seconds
>you nod your head, signalling your understanding and mouthing, "Sorry" to her
"Sugarplums..? This is really good!"

>AJ wipes the would-be-sweat off of her brow
Foul mouthed, dirty minded Anon does not deserve pure Applejack, despite what double trips have to say.
Fucking. Checked.
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File: MGS Alert Noise.gif (817 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
MGS Alert Noise.gif
817 KB, 500x281

File: 1447960970762.jpg (71 KB, 813x529) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Calm Success.gif (3 MB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Calm Success.gif
3 MB, 200x200

>Granny hollers out from the kitchen, "Glad to hear it! Have some more if'n ya want!"
>AJ hollers back, "Thanks Granny but we need to get goin' here soon."

>"Quit yer rushin' Applejack. Y'all got all the time in the world. Never goin' to enjoy anything in life if you're rushin' to everywhere."
>Granny pops her head out of the kitchen again, "AJ you still believe in cooties or somethin'? You're sittin' 20 miles away from Anon here and he's probably freezin' to death in this cold house!"

>you've never wanted AJ to be obedient this much in your entire life
>and yet, you didn't want her to feel awkward about it
>you tuck your hopes between your legs and say,
"I'm actually pretty warm; it's fine."

>"Nonsense. AJ, scoot your buns over."

>she scoots herself closer to you, but there's still a good few inches of space seperating
>and she doesn't look to irritated or weirded out like you thought she would have
>she looks more embarrassed
>"Sorry about Granny, Anon. She's normally not like this when I bring other folks over.."

"Oh, it's okay. My grandma is a little... set in her ways too."
>"Don't get me wrong, I love my Granny."
>she shakes her head
>"But sometimes she can irritate the tar outta me."

>she takes a few more bites of the cobbler
>"Though, I'm kinda gettin' cold myself.."

>she scoots a little closer again, this time only an inch away from your arm
>"Dang Anon, you /are/ warm!"
>she scoots again; now you are hip to hip, arm to arm sitting next to each other
>she looks at you
>"You don't mind, do ya?"

>with all of your mental might, you override everything in your body to remind yourself that this is totally platonic and even if it wasn't, here was not the place to find out

>and yet,

"No, not at all."

>away from your vision, Granny's grin grows a bit wider
>she rubs her hands together and mumbles to herself, "Grandkids, here we come."
this fuckin granny she knows whats up
Wouldn't it be greatgrandkids?
Right; sorry.
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>she rubs her hands together and mumbles to herself
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 725x820) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 725x820
God damn it Granny!
But it turns out Anon's sterile/AJ's barren.
Why is Granny so fixated to getting great-grandkids?
File: 1437171489926.jpg (60 KB, 630x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 630x960

AJ for best human.
Nice try. There's always 27mil.
File: 1449462545982.jpg (35 KB, 400x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not sure about Granny, but my grandma is very vocal about wanting to see her great-grandkids before she kicks the bucket.
File: 1377115384738.gif (251 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251 KB, 500x500
Grannies are great.
>tfw both my grannies are dead
>"Anon? Anon?" She tries waving her hand in front of your face. "You doin' one of those cartoon flashbacks? You know I can't see that, right?"
You brilliant bastard, that's a Scrubs reference, innit?

I've literally got almost every console ever made. My PCs have always gotten more mileage, and the N64 is a very distant 2nd place.
Phineas and Ferb, actually.
>After placing the order for the pizza, the two of you immediately went to setting up Applejack's system and logging her into your network internet access.
>Or... would have
>"Shoot! Why ain't this thing working?" Applejack asked, feeling frightened. "I knew I shouldn't have bought one of those consarn refurbishments."
>You had another theory... "Hang back, Applejack. Let old Anon take a whack." You rhymed and set to work, first opening up the case, fearful your earlier spill had negatively effected the system afterall.
>After checking the connections and finding everything in order, you take a more extreme approach and crack open the power supply itself, taking the thing into you and your dad's "workshop"
>"How bad's it look, anon?" Applejack's voice quivered. You just smiled reassuringly to her.
>"I can have this touched up in five minutes, tops. Make yourself at home." You invite her, she sighed with relief while you set to work your own brand of magic. (which had the benefit of NOT turning you into some weird monster!)
>Sort of.
>Within only three minutes, you finish your work and run a few tests by plugging it into one of the half-built systems in the workshop.
>All green.
>"Hey, AJ! Job's finished!" You call with cheer in your voice only to find the redneck fast asleep on your couch. "Cold knocks you out too, huh?" You smile and drape a blanket over her. "If you sleep through pizza though, it'll be your own damn fault." You say tilting her hat so it could cover hey eyes from the harsh LED clusters.

>Packing her PC off in a travel case, You two say your goodbyes.
>With more than necessary enthusiasm on Granny’s part.
>AJ insists on carrying her PC out to your car herself.
>You open the door for her at least
>And the passenger car door.
>With no Crew Cabin in your truck, she sets the box on the floorboard on your truck.

“Got everything?”

>She looks off into nothing and taps on her chin.

>”Ooo, be right back.”

>You turn the car on, set the heaters to max, and tune the radio.
>Nothing good on.

>She comes back and hopes in your car with a matching keyboard and mouse,

>“Can’t rightly play without these, can I? heh.”

“I’d let you borrow mine, if you asked nicely.”

>You say, as you shift into gear.

>In a playful retort, she replies. “Shame on you, Anon, thinking so low of me. Now when have I ever /not/ asked nicely?”

>Oh boy, she’s in for it.

“Hmm, let’s see. There was the time you roughed up your cousin Apple Fritter for taking your stetson.

>She laughs

>”Whoa, there, Anon. That don’t count and you know it. Fritter took mah hat with out asking for permission. She didn’t get mah “Canterlot Courtesy.”

“Well I’m sure I can think of something else…”

>”Don’t go strainin’ yourself over it. I keep a mighty clean record.”

>Mind the bump in the road before responding wryly.

“Now, AppleJack. I might question your methods, but your integrity? that’s a sin I don’t think I could ever repent enough for.”

>”Heh, yeah. Maybe.”

>Mind a few more bumps, glow more slowly coming down the hill than going up.
>You get out of the rough patches and onto the main road, about a minute from your place now.

>”To be honest, Anon I’ve kinda forgotten this.”

“Forgotten what?”

>”I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but it sure has been awhile since you’ve been to my place.”

“Six years.”

>You mumble that under your breath.

“Yeah, I guess it has been a long time.”

>You feign surprise.
>She probably sees right through it.
>”So...What have you been up to this whole time?”

“Same things I’ve always been up to.”


“Oh, stuff I did since we were kids sometimes, throw rocks in the creek, do a little hunting, fishing, play video games of course.”

>”That all?”

“Well, no..I guess. I just haven’t been doing anything all that exciting is all. I got into woodshop at school, and did the AV club for a semester.”

>”What about any friends? I’d sure like to see who you’ve been spending all your time with.”

>What friends?
>Lying doesn’t work on AJ. You can bend the truth and omit certain things, but she can read the lies straight off your teeth at a 100 yards.

“I uh... I don’t spend a lot of time with friends. School keeps me busy and all.”

>”Oh now, you ain’t keeping secrets friends from me now, are ya?”

“Noooope. It’s the honest truth.”

>You pull into the drive of your cottage, and continue on.
>The tree canopy above you darkening the road.
>AJ seems a little dejected at your attitude.

>”Well, Anon, you know what Granny says..”
>Here we go.

>”You’ll wait a long time with your mouth open before a roasted chicken flies in.”

>You laugh at her countryism.

“I swear AJ, those get more and more ridiculous every time I hear ‘em.”

>”I didn’t say it to make ya’ laugh, Anon.”
>Though her words seem a little more serious, her tone remains playful.

>”Come on, now…”

“All right, All right, I’ll get out more.”

>”That’s more like it. I promise, the world is a lot more fun with friends to share in it.”
“Yeah...I know. Granny told me that too.”
I need more of this comfy story.
File: cooties.jpg (124 KB, 976x474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 976x474
>AJ you still believe in cooties or somethin

COOT infections are no joke, anon.
File: warm.jpg (8 KB, 236x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 236x177
This story makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Them fucking hips tho, damn.
Seriously. Evangeline is quite the delicious piece.
Please continue.
It's 9/11 times 100.
Please don't go!
Damn anon, that's really cool.
Bump for glorious green
Keeping this thread alive for Gemini!!
Bump bump bump
File: 1411170883091.png (430 KB, 800x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
430 KB, 800x704
>defibrillator sounds
God damn she is adorable in this pic
File: image.jpg (26 KB, 400x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 400x224
You. I like You.
I need more of this!
For Sir/Madame Gemini!!
File: Gemini.png (2 MB, 2696x6001) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2696x6001
still waiting for more
You good sir deserve a medal!
Gotta stay alive!
Stay alive!!
Will post pastebin when done with story, thanks for snagging the pictures m8.
Do you have friends, anons?
Bump, for comfy story

>You sigh
>”Is there somethin’ wrong, Anon?

>There was, but you didn’t want to bring Applejack.
>Girls don’t like downers

“Nah, just glad to be home.”

>Despite the weather, the shrubbery around your cottage was overgrown and unkempt.
>You kept it this way because of a combination of laziness, and the perceived coziness it brought you, especially with snow covering the cottage grounds.

>Your cottage, though antique in nature, had been modernized with several amenities to fit your sedentary lifestyle. It included, of course, electricity, which seemed to be working, given the warm, yellow light the resinated from the windows.

>Thankfully, you also had modern insulation.
>The heat from the wood fireplaces kept you all the more cozy inside.

>You think to yourself, AJ might be a rough and tumble lady, but no one can deny that level of comfy.

>”This place never did suit you, Anon.”

“Well, I never care much for the outside of it.

>AJ looks rather chilly, carrying her PC all herself.

“Well, don’t just standing there, miring. Come on in.”

>” ‘thought you;d never say so.”
“Well, don’t just standing there, miring. Come on in.”

stand there.

>There was, but you didn’t want to bring Applejack.

bring down
>>There was, but you didn’t want to bring Applejack.
7 bump
Bumping before it is too late!
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454 KB, 1264x1024
Safety bump
Please don't go!
Bumps for Gemini!
File: image.jpg (57 KB, 417x742) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 417x742
>female maladies
File: Marioburntbutt64.jpg (438 KB, 1218x1151) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
438 KB, 1218x1151

>as the both of you enter, the nightmare you forgot about earlier was presented right in front of you

>your place wasn't exactly clean..
"Sorry about the mess.."

>she takes a look around
>"Well at least it ain't no pigsty,"
>a frigid wind comes in through the still-open door and whips the both of your backs
>AJ shivers, "Can ya close that door?"

>internally facepalming
"Yeah yeah, you got it."
>you close the door and she sets her tower case down, very gently and carefully
>a few moments of pause goes by as Applejack soaks in her new surroundings
>"Dang, it's been a few blue moons since I've been here."

"Yeah.. it has.." you quietly say
>"Huh, I guess so," she says as she sheds off of her heavy jacket
>"At least it's nice 'n warm in here!"

>she picks her dearly beloved again and just looks at you for a second, waiting
"Oh, right," leading her to your room
"You can just put your tower beside mine and move my stuff out of the way."

>you open your door, and turn on the light
>to your relief it doesn't look like a disaster area inside
"Take off your shoes, AJ. This is holy ground."

>she just looks at you weird

"Uhhh, never mind. It was a joke.."
>she sets the PC next to yours and among the many things that stayed the same, she walks over to one poster still on your wall

>pic related

>"You still got this one, huh? I remember you used to hog the controller for this one and say that it was the best game ever made."

"Heh, 'was'..."
>"Don't matter though, still kicked yer butt in that racin' version of this game."
>you nod your head with a grin, looking at the floor to hide your faux shame
"Mario Kart 64. I still don't know how you were so good at that."

>she walks back and nudges your arm
>"Maybe because I'm just better at video games? Whatcha think about that??"
Forgot to add my name.

Welcome back Gemini.
Why is the guy always the loser in these romantic stories?
I know right? All the time.
Goodnight bump.
File: 1424465084203.png (142 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 500x500
I know I'm supposed to lurk moar before posting, but just gotta say this is on point
File: applejack 1.jpg (105 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
applejack 1.jpg
105 KB, 900x900
bumps for more green
File: 144813456840.gif (3 MB, 427x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 427x220
holy shit, am i the only one that is getting a boner by just looking at the perfection of her hands, i mean I've never seen such beautiful hands
But anon... Hooves....
Normally I'm a >no hooves guy, but this greentext is too damn good for me to care.

Hell I don't even usually read greentext and I'm pretty hooked
It's all a ruse
The lesbian girl in Dofus is way better than Evangeline
>ywn be able to use a gender-changing spell on yourself for a lesbian threesome with them
why living?
PC gaming and cozy couch co-op don't mix very well. Do what all the cool kids do and buy both.
File: latest.jpg (270 KB, 1500x976) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270 KB, 1500x976
Don't know if your still around but it's also on the official map.
Because the men who watch these stories are likely to also be losers and find it relatable. As for the women, they enjoy the powerful feeling they get from NOT being the loser, as the likely are one themselves.
Gaben is determined to prove you wrong.
Bump for comfiest green thread
Yeah the timing doesn't lend to this idea.
I want celestia to pee on my leg.
Bumping while at work
File: 1418529842526.gif (3 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1280x720
File: image.png (713 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
713 KB, 1024x768
this artist makes great porn
so cute!
Actually, I think it has more to do with who the main character is. When it's a woman, the man is Mr. Perfect and she drops the spaghetti. I assume it's the writer's wish to "trade up" and have someone better than themselves love them instead of settling for one in their league.
File: image.jpg (26 KB, 620x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 620x387
File: image.png (733 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
733 KB, 1024x768
>waiting for Gemini update
File: 1443984207891.gif (3 MB, 540x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 540x300
Bumping for more green
File: image.jpg (36 KB, 400x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 999.gif (1 MB, 400x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 400x360
Here ya go
Hey Gemini, I like your writing style. You got a pastebin?
File: lmao.jpg (237 KB, 1100x1380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237 KB, 1100x1380
>"Something about this animation... so familiar..."


This is so gay

How can you explain to anyone who sees it on your screen?
Will be posted at the end of the story.


“I think we’re doing a lot of talking and not a lot of playing.”

>She crosses her arms.
“If you think you’re so much better than me, why don’t you...prove it?”
>She pulls off her gloves and unzips her coat, revealing her checkered flannel shirt underneath.
>She tosses her coat across the foyer, landing on a coat rack.
>AJ closes some distance between you, placing a finger on your chest.
>The situation becoming increasingly uneasy for you.

>“I thought you’d never challenge me...You. Are. On.”
>She pulls back, crossing her arms again.
>”So then, what’s the game?”

“I’m the home team, away team always chooses first.”
>You say, now you crossing your arms.

>She squints her eyes.

>You raise an eyebrow.

>”Nintendo...64...Mario Kart.”

“It’s still hooked up to the TV, living room.

>She spins around and starts walking into your living room.
>Sashaying her ass.
>oh fuck
>That apple butt.
>She’s not doing that on purpose, right?
>You’re just pent up is all.

>You’ll have to really be on your guard if you want her.
>The Applejack is a tough girl on the outside, but she never liked being used.

>You’re now realizing what that meant for you and her.
>As much as you’d like for things to suddenly be, surely it can’t be that easy with her.

>The slow horse will win this race, Anon.
File: popcorn animated.gif (925 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
popcorn animated.gif
925 KB, 360x360
Aww yis
>You never smack or hot dog those Apple buns.
>You will never hear her sweet southern drawl reduce to nothing, but lewd moans.
I don't have to explain a thing to a soul. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. All that matters is what I know

cocks are amazing
Im with you on
>ain't gonna explain shit
But odds are if someone sees it he will interrogate you about this
And sur you can stay silent but im not sure that you would be

>It’s that kind of thinking that will fuck this whole thing up.
>Just play some damn Mario with her, and enjoy the company, is that so hard? Are you that desperate?

>Yeah, you are.
>Well, better you realize this now than later.

>”You comin’ Anon?
>You hear AJ yell from the other room.

>You spot her bent over a chest that contains your N64 cartridges
>Her butt raised high

[Internally screaming]

>”Where is that darned thing, Anon?”

“It’s...probably at the bottom.’

>She bends over further


“Haha, is it getting hot in here?”

>”Now that you mentioned it, Ah am feeling a little warm.”

“Well I’ll just cut the fire then…”

>You scurry over to the nearest fireplace to move some logs.

>”got it!”

>She pulls out the cartridge and dusts it off.

>”Don’t you worry about the heat, Anon, ah can just take my shirt off.”

>You stop in your tracks
>Turning to look at her.

>Nevermind, she just took off her flannel, leaving but a single black, cotton V-neck undershirt.
>It’s tight on her, and you can see her bra trace its outlines underneath.
>This ain’t right
>No please.

>Why can’t you just play your damned vidya.
She is doing this on purpose.
Will there be any hotdogging?
Alright, I get Anon is infatuated and all, but it's getting hard to read with all the cringing I'm doing.
Are you cringing because the situation is cringe-worthy, or because it's lazy writing? because it feels like it's my lazy writing.
this is what we call girls using their body to cheat at games STAY FOCUSED Anon ONLY WINNERS GET APPULBUTT
I think it's the "I'm so turned on" internal thoughts.
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 1280x720
Well well well, seems we have some neeeiiighsayers in the audience
Sorry about that. In hindsight it seems lazy, but I just did it because I've seen it in other Greentext stories.

File: toiletjack.jpg (49 KB, 862x586) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 862x586
If i had to draw up a criticism it would be that, for as cozy and nice as the atmosphere Gemini has going on, Anon's strings of thought are almost purely pubescent and sexual. That's fair in moderation, but Apple is also a sweet lady who warrants romancing. Not fingerbanging and then admittance of emotion afterward. This is a nicer story. An elevation of reality in which we can have our fuzzy romcom. Which may or may not end in Anon unleashing his liquid youth upon her.

No troubles, Gem. Go at your pace and do what you like. It's your story, we're just here to enjoy it.
This. However, regardless of what the anons think of your story, it has been a very fun and comfy ride so far. Do keep going, I intend to see this through to the end.
This story is pretty comfy
File: 1451960316188.jpg (17 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 400x400
Spoiler: It's tempreary, i'm just using personal experience as a reference for how this is going. Have you ever desired some one so bad, you forget your place? Anon is a pent up, lonely man. He wants to be with AJ, even if just as a friend. At the same time, he's only human. If he is to succeed, he'll have to get it under control. I'm just using this little scene to give a little more context to his exact feelings.
File: 1451990796451.jpg (59 KB, 388x436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 388x436
>It's tempreary
And I wouldn't have it any other way...
>it's temporary

I really need to proof read more.
Just realized I got my first set of quads...nice
I hear you. Personal experience is wildly important in any good story. As I said, you keep grooving like you have been. If anything you were doing was a real problem you wouldn't have readers.
ohh fuck
File: image.jpg (20 KB, 165x115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 165x115
Let's get comfy for the next happening
Holy shit Gemini, from one writefag to another, you're really fuckin good. I've honestly never been so hooked on a story like this before, I'm guessing because instead of smut its actually a slow paced, comfy story. I love it so far
Time to get shwifty?
>page 9

I think not
Sometimes I wonder how many pinecones there are in the world

But the more I think about it , the more I wonder

What's that got to do with the price of tea in China ?

Because truly ... No matter how much you think about it , research it , "look into it"... It doesn't matter

Because that's a lot of pinecones

Sometimes the biggest questions are okay to be answered with an "I don't know"

Other times , it's simple. But no matter what you get told ,just remember: each question brings a new thought to explore

Like mixing two flavors of soda to see how it tastes

You never know how it is until you actually experience it , so don't be afraid to make things happen

So don't be afraid of what might happen , because nothing is impossible until you know from experience that it's not. And even then , those boundaries can be changed

Limit your boundaries instead of being limited by them. There is nothing that can keep a good person down other than themselves

Even the most expensive tea on earth is still just leaves and hot water. But it's what it did that makes it so valued

Keep working at your goals and dreams , because if you don't , there's somebody else that will

>Godspeed Gemini
Ima bump this shit
Do you have a throw away email account?
oy vey page 7
Could you please post the pastebin? I'm worried the thread will die or I'll forget to check before I get to finish your story.
File: 1449510681518.jpg (257 KB, 1304x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 1304x2000
>That apple butt.
Always here.
A good-morning bump.
Yes, but what do you intend to send me?
File: image.png (149 KB, 679x657) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dick pics
safety bump
File: image.jpg (25 KB, 211x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 211x395
File: 1452011310684.png (2 MB, 5000x4894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 5000x4894
Bump rump
I want to fuck littlepip
File: this artist, man.jpg (85 KB, 544x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this artist, man.jpg
85 KB, 544x640
This guy can do porn, kickass animations and cute stuff like this.
He is truly a God among men.
File: 1439254078349.png (451 KB, 1300x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
451 KB, 1300x850
Im going to sen you a code from a paysafe card
>insists on drawing male characters to look extremely feminine

absolutely disgusting
File: 1451340950316.png (27 KB, 454x455) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 454x455
Browsing thread at work. Allow spoiler to load. Enlarge for proper viewing. Sitting where I should not be. Entire gaggle of customers and an co-worker now know I'm a horse fucker.

Now I can stop pretending I'm normie
>not wanting to plow Shining's stallion pussy
You are an idiot anon
But i hope they won't make you cry
File: 1451717519182.jpg (42 KB, 500x493) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 500x493
This could have been prevented.
Are you sure you want to though? I'm sure there's someone you know irl that could use it. Not that I'm complaining at all; I'm broke but I'll take those dick pics either way.
Will send it tomorrow storse are closed here

Just enjoy
>dick pics
Oh, boy. For science, yeah?

With all respect, you should be writing.
Shouldn't you be fapping?
File: Whoah man.jpg (393 KB, 980x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Whoah man.jpg
393 KB, 980x1080
Who said I am not fapping right now?
There are no dick pics
I thought i'd use my cs go budged this month for something more usefull

Nothing wrong with eotechs they are fantastic. Sight plane on those rifles is shiiiieeeet though. Seriously what the fuck how can a western... ish... country have a rifle without a flat top or at least a better optics mounting system?

>instead of putting the cartridge in the console, she drops it on the floor and saunters over to you
>once again, she places a finger on your chest
>"Or would ya rather /play/ somethin' a little different?"

>your entire body freezes up

>she takes a finger and pulls down on the crease of her v-neck, revealing some cleavage
>"If only some strong feller would try to wrestle me outta these clothes.."

>she begins to take off her shirt entirely and once she does, she take your hand and puts it on one of her tits
>"..I might start him up proper-like.. with my mouth."

>seeing this and feeling her like this felt so good

>"~I wantcha inside me Anon~"

>but it also felt... wrong and out of place

>she pokes your shoulder, "Anon?"

>you blink your eyes
>and you're back in your room
>AJ in front of you, still fully clothed, giving you a funny look, pokes you on the shoulder again
>"Uh, Anon.. when I said , 'Whatcha think about that??' I didn't mean you should actually think about it for a minute."

>AJ wasn't that kind of girl to just put out for anyone
>you weren't even sure if she had done it before..
>though your dick was disappointed, in a different way you're glad that didn't just happen
>as you mentally shame yourself, you decide that such thoughts will not be repeated at least for the rest of the night
>of course sex with her would probably be mind-blowing, but if that were to ever happen..
>that was something you wanted to earn, not just receive

>"Because you know I'd still win," she says with a friendly wink

>to you, Applejack was more than a sex object;

>she was your crush, and at the very least, she was your friend again
>right now, going for sex would ruin all of that
"Heh, right."

>and if you couldn't have her like that, you still wanted to be good friends again

>"Anyway, I'm just gunna set this here up on your desk; should only take a few minutes."
"Go ahead, I'll straighten up the living room real quick."
>she pokes your shoulder, "Anon?"
Ahahahahaha... You ALMOST got me! It was so surreal! Nice!

>no dick pics
Well, I'm confused...

I wish my wood laptop wouldn't be a wood and I could actually play any cs like I used to play ol' and good 1.6.
Aww yeah, ready to get comfy
File: Happy Silly Pony.jpg (42 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Happy Silly Pony.jpg
42 KB, 1024x768

>you walk outside of your room casually until she couldn't see you anymore
>as soon as that moment happened, you start cleaning and straightening the house to the speed of 80's Hair Metal
>hopefully she wouldn't have to see trash on the floor, again, when she came out of your room

>so many things needed to be done in order to make the place 'clean'
>dishes, picking up trash, taking trash out, wiping the counters, etc
>while accomplishing these tasks at 150% normal speed, you think on how you've wanted to hang out with AJ for the longest

>and now it's happening

>whilst your body goes at double speed to finish the frantic cleaning, the mind slows down to a comfortable speed
>the warmth in the house made it feel more cozy than normal
>the heat and fire going at the same time

>you exit the house to take out the trash and are immediately welcomed with insta-shrinkage level of freezing cold
>you get back inside and have a greater appreciation for the heating once again

>after about five minutes, everything is done
>you fold your arms and grin at the sight; this place hadn't been cleaned this well in far too long
>and it only took a visit from AJ to make it happen

>"Hey Anon, I got it booted up! C'mon an' see this!" she excitedly says
>grabbing an extra chair from the kitchen, you make a quick walk to your room and you start to hear the menu music play on your speakers


>"Can we turn the lights out in here? The game is so much better with no lights in the room."

>you flip the switch and shut the door
>the only light source in the room in the monitor
>AJ sitting right in front of it,
>the monitor lights up AJ's face, which is beaming with excitement

>she looks to you with a big grin, "C'mon and sit down pardner! I'm about to show ya what space travel is like!"
>placing the chair next to the one she's occupying, you sit down

>happy to spend some time with her again
>playing vidya in the dark
Enjoy your eye cancer, Applejack.
File: image.png (1 MB, 1278x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1278x718
Wew, lad
The enemy sniper...

"Hmm, hm hm hmm."
Maybe I'm a spy.
Or you.
>believing memes
Are we /pol/ now?
File: image.png (636 KB, 705x678) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
636 KB, 705x678
Birds in the sky
Carry these words for me
Life tasted sweet
It let me live
It let me breathe
Love hurt so bad
But still
Saved my soul
Flowers of a brighter past
They bloomed so free
Beneath the sun
I want to give them to you
So you can see
What we left there
When all hope bleeds out
What remains is doubt
Should have left it all for you - for tommorow
As your time draws near
Will you live in fear
Could have left it all for you
But we let go
(Picturing AJ singing this)
Bumping for best green I've seen,
File: 1449330782587.png (75 KB, 567x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 567x389
>mfw reading this thread while listening to Hey Ocean!
File: USS Applebutt.jpg (279 KB, 1920x1035) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
USS Applebutt.jpg
279 KB, 1920x1035

>”Anon, I let you play for five minutes, and you keep crashing into asteroids. What’s wrong with you?”
“Fuck, I’m sorry. I’m not used to these controls.”

>”And why do you keep saying you just need to add more boosters and struts? It don’t work like that in this game.”

“When do I get to fly a battleship?”

>”Yu…Ya don’t, that ain’t this game.”

“Then what one am I thinking about?”

>”literally any-Watch out!”
>She grabs the joystick from you and veers left to avoid another asteroid.
>”In the infinite expanse of space, how does that keep happening to you?”

“You tell me, AJ. It’s your game.”

>she growls
>”That’s some mighty lip for such reckless pilot.”

“Hey now, you know I’m perfectly fine with just watching you play.”

>”What, Does that mean yur sayin’ ahm better than you?”

>You grown at her pride.
“Ohhh you cheeky little cowgirl, that’s what this is about?”

>“Cow girl? Pfft. Anon, if I was tryin’, I wouldn’t have to lift a finger.”

>”Yes, Applejack, You’re better than me at a game I’ve never played.”
>You’ve got her

>”Fine...Ah see your point. Then how do we settle this?”

“Neutral ground. A game neither of us have ever played before.”

>She grows eager on the edge of her seat, impatience growing,

“There’s only one game that will pit us against each other like ‘champions’ we are.”









>The lights and the computer go shut off..

>Power out
Hopefully this is easily fixed, eh?
Don't worry sex is a answer.
To keep warm and survive.
It is fucking cold out after all, we also have a fire place and rug. All that's missing is some smooth jazz.
that would be too easy and this cute story ruined
I've got you covered
>browsing /mlp/ at work

that was the first and last mistake you should ever make.
Just to be safe, I'm bumping.
thank ya kindly

for a minute I thought that was the name of the game...
File: ThatFEEL.jpg (6 KB, 240x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 240x186

A Comfy song for a Comfy thread
>pic w/ intimate relations
Was gonna say I've never heard of that particular ratchet and clank game
Well, things just went horrible.
>“There’s only one game that will pit us against each other like ‘champions’ we are.”
>“Ahnal sex!”
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 321x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 321x333
>tfw anon will never be as romantic as Goku
Let's continue giving Gemini Support
File: image.gif (67 KB, 288x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 288x374
Nor will he die as many times
>die as many times
Supporting Gemini!
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 342x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 342x380
Supporting Gemini
Supporting Gemini!
File: image.png (452 KB, 782x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
452 KB, 782x1024
restful sleepings, apple
Just for the hell of it "restful sleepings, apple."

restful sleepings, apple
restful sleepings, apple
restful sleepings, apple


>without the monitor on, the room was completely black, save for a sliver of flickering dim light through the bottom of your door; most likely from the fire in the living room

>"NO! I didn't even get back to a spaceport!" she yells in frustration
"What does that mean again?"
>"It means that someone might destroy my ship while I'm not playin'! The only safe place to log out is in a spaceport!"

>in a less dejected voice, "At least I'll meet my re-buy cost..."

>you get up out of the chair and blindly find the wall with your hands
>carefully moving yourself, you find the light switch and flip it
>it does nothing

"Yep. I'm an idiot."
>"What happened?"

>a sigh of embarrassment escapes your lungs
"I might or might not have just flipped the light switch expecting something to happen.."

>a moment of silence goes by before her country giggle softly starts, expanding into a room-filling laughter
>you start to chuckle, not at yourself, but at her contagious laughter

>"That's about the funniest thing I've heard all week. Plum stupid, but funny."
>neither of you can see each other, but you can picture the look she's giving you right now
>"What do ya reckon we should do?"

"This room will get pretty cold soon. I'd say sitting by the fireplace would be a good idea."
>"Right behind ya. You got an old tea kettle here?"
"Not sure. Plus, you drink tea??"

>"Pshh, nah. But I can whip up some hot chocolate if you got the ingredients."
"While you do that, I'll close all of the doors in the house, that way less heat gets away from the living room."

>"Sounds like a plan. Is there anythin' between me and the door that might trip me?"
"I.. actually don't remember."

>you hear her get up out of her chair, and slowly step towards where you are
>a few steps and seconds go by before you feel two hands wave around and grab onto your arm
>"Alright Slick, let's get some hot chocolate goin'."
restful sleepings, apple
nice null dubs
also, this is the perfect way to continue this green
transitioning from vidya to comfy warm snuggles
I keep forgetting.
File: 1401264674920.jpg (43 KB, 640x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 640x512
Gemini = Top tier writelord master *bows* cant wait to keep reading this.
Eh who cares. At leady we know you arr still going to write on for us.
>Restless nightmares, BG pony
One thing I don't get: If Anon and AJ grew up in the same area, they should have similar accents I'd think.
Not entirely true.
File: mrw.jpg (9 KB, 455x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 455x671
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AJ and Flutters/Rararara both grew up in the literal same town in the show. They have different accents. Plus, seeing as how EQG is pretty much an America/Canada analogue, I would think that the town there is pretty pluralistic, meaning there'll be a lot of accents in the same location (immigration from other countries/states/regions/etc). Accents come more from the parents than from the location. See: most of my 1st-gen Mexican friends. They were born here, but still have a (granted, slightly) different accent than the whites or others from the same area.
Actually, Gemini described this as taking place up in the real world Appalachian mountains. You'd be hard pressed to find a native without an accent up there.

>AJ lightly keeping a hand on your arm, you both carefully head towards the door
>once it is opened, she lets go and heads towards the kitchen; you close all of the doors

>you open the closet and pull out some spare blankets in case she got cold
>"Look here, you have a kettle!"
>as you look over, content with the idea of hot chocolate, an unpleasant realization hits you
>the food in the fridge and freezer will go bad if the power doesn't come back on
>you grab the only large cooler you have and stuff it with as much cold food as possible
>"Aww shoot; yeah that'l go bad won't it? Need some help?"
"I'm good, thanks."

>you open the front door and set the cooler outside of the house, rushing to get back in before the winter bite sets its fangs in too deep

>when you get back, AJ has the handle of the kettle hanging off of the wind cover of the fireplace; close enough to the flame to warm the liquids inside nicely, but not close enough to burn the bottom of the kettle

"Smells good, AJ. I like how you ghetto-rigged the kettle over the fire."
>"Yeah, Granny always does this when our power goes out."

>she gets up and walks towards her coat
"You cold?"
>"I'm just preparin' to get that way."
>you unfold one of the blankets and raise it up
"I got you some blankets if you'd rather have this. Probably more comfortable than wearing a jacket inside."

>she looks at the blanket for a second and smiles as she walks over and accepts the offer
>"Thanks, Anon."

>she wraps herself with the soft cotton and plops down next to the fire

>you go get two coffee cups from the cupboard, grab the other blanket, and sit next to AJ
As an Appalachian native, not really.
So sweet and relaxing.
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So damn cozy!
restful sleepings, apple
Restful sleepings, apple.
Restful sleepings, apple.
Restful sleepings, apple
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>she pours the both of you a cup of the warm liquid and clinks her cup to yours, "Here's to not freezin' to death tonight."
"Here's to it."

>as your sip a mouthful of the stuff, your taste buds instantly pick up a few extra ingredients
>it tasted spiced, but sweet as well
"What did you put in this?"
>"Ya like it? Little cinnamon and vanilla added in there. The way Granny always makes it."

>you nod your head
"Yeah, this is good."

>you two sit in silence for a while, which normally felt awkward and uncomfortable in the presence of someone else
>but this felt different

>as if in that exact handful of moments, nothing needed to be said
>the wind wailed outside of the front door and the fire popped and cracked on occasion, but the two of you had a silent understanding
>and if there was any doubt before, you felt like you were close with her again
>as if years of not hanging out meant nothing never happened and nothing needed to be said

>"How'd you like Elite?"
"It was cool. Seemed like it could get old in time, but I might buy it if it goes on sale."

>she takes another sip

>you look over to AJ, and she stares into the fire
>the hues of orange, red and yellow whips and flickers in the reflection of her eyes, and adds a warm color to her already tan skin

>"So what have you been up to over the years?"
"Did you already ask me that?"

>"Maybe... but I feel like I might be gettin' a different answer this time."
I can hear the feel train a-comin'
And I feel a red moon risin
prepare your dick Anon
you're in for a rough ride
Cause I feel there's trouble on the way ?
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i need this story to stay alive...
Well power is gone guess i should bring you home now
I love this.
things that go bump at night
Morning Bump
Bump bump
I would rather its big Mac that always stops her

Nobody's willing to stand up to him because vidya sends him into fits of rage he's auctualy just bitter that he lost a big StarCraft tournament

That all sounded less retarded in my head
>Equine Space Program
Oh fuck my sides
You fool anon she has no electricity her phone could be out of battery
Ah that makes sense
>”Well, mah phone ran out of juice. no power at home, remember? I couldn’t charge it last night.”
Called it
Admitidly I called it after this was posted but I had not read the post yet
Oh fuck that's awesome
I just got promoted
This line seems out of place for some reason
Wait I'm confused I thought they were playing Mario kart
He also animated this:


The guy's awesome
Shit anon now you have done it don't reply and things will just stay the same but insult the gifts and things will fuck up

You will never sleep well again and your apples will always tastle like shit
it was all a day dream.
What I want to know is if they live so close how did 1lose power without the other also

Shit did granny set this up did she cut our power to get us to fuck

I'm on to you granny smith
No there are smoky mountains in equestria to
Ah I see the day dream started further back then I thought ok
In rural areas, above ground power lines can spit far away from their destination. based on the clues from the story, they live a little less than a mile away.

AJ's power went out when the weather took lines that only went to her house, Anon's probably went out when the Power and Light Co. were doing mantelpiece on AJ's power.

Yes, this isn't suppose to take place in Appalachia. I just used the smokey mountains to make dimensional parallel. As soon as I posted I remembered they are actual mountains in America.

Well good enough for me

My head cannon is still that granny is behind it through
oops wrong board

"It's been.. challenging. Not rough, exactly, but challenging. Everyone is asking me what I want to do in life and I don't have a clue. I feel like I should know by now, and it doesn't help that some people in our class already know exactly what they want to do in life."

>you have a quiet chuckle
"Heh, sometimes I wish /my/ family consisted of all farmers. At least I would know what I'd be doing in life.."

>she takes a long and deep stare into her cup
>"I wish it was that simple.."

>she looks to you with a hint of worry; worry that you might take what she implied the wrong way
>"..n-not that I don't love my family and what we do!! But.. I jest don't know.. sometimes it feels awful strange knowin' what's expected of ya. Couple'a time a year I wonder what it would be like if we weren't farmers, you know?"

>you take another sip, making sure you don't cut her off in the conversation
>"I love what we do, but I think I'd like to travel a little after high school. See more of the world, then come back and live on the farm again. That'd be real nice."
"It sounds nice, for sure. Anywhere you want to visit?"

>"Haven't made up my mind, but I'll let ya know when I figure it out. What about you? You said you don't know what you want to do after school but do you have any plans at all?"

"I'm moving out of here," you say a little too blunt

>you shrug your shoulders, trying to think of your wording before you offend yours and AJ's hometown too much
"I like this place but it feels like there's so much more somewhere else for me. I think it would be easier because I don't have strong family roots here."

>you look away for a moment
"..not anymore."

>"What do ya mean?" she asks with concern
"Ahh, I don't want to dump all of this on you, AJ."

>she shakes her head
>"Nonsense, you know I'm always here for ya."
My parents are deaaaaad

Keep up the good work Gemini
holy fuck anon is batman
Damn. Anon has some real heavy shit to deal with, doesn't he?
it gets us apple bottom, isn't worth it?
Bumpinh for you Master Gemini.
Liking it even more.
Anything is worth Apple Butt
Should really considering replacing these generic bumps with interesting discussion and content for writer to consider and utilize in some fashion. Not me, though. I'm taking a nap

>That’d mean a lot more to you if hadn’t heard from every so called “friend”
>Sometimes people are emotional tourists--They go off on other people’s experiences and emotions.
>If you had to guess, that wasn’t Applejack, you had no reason to believe she was like that.

>It’s not as if it matters anyway, you’ve told your story so many times it started to lose meaning.

“AJ, I’d rather not get into it.”

>”Oh, come one Anon, it can’t be that bad. You’re still here, ain’t ya? I’ve seen you smile plenty of times tonight. Face it, it could be worse.”

>It could be a lot worse, but it was bad enough already.
>She did have a point.
>You still had your home, your clothes, maybe even a new...something...with Applejack tonight.

“I guess you’re right.”
>She sits up more attentively, surly to indicate interest.

“You want to get out of here because you want a little vacation from your life you have here--and I totally get that, everyone needs that now and then.”

>You look down at your cup.

“I think the same thing. I want to just...get away, but I don’t have any desire to come back. You want to come back because there’s something for you when you get back. You have your family, friends, your farm.”

>You look up and see a distinct gaze of sadness on Applejack’s face now.

“I don’t know what I have, AJ. I don’t have many friends, and honestly, I wouldn’t care if they just upin disappeared tomorrow. I’d just go on. I have my home, but it’s filled with memories I don’t want to remember.”

>There’s a pause. You’re about to speak up, but Applejack speaks first.

>”What memories?”
>Her tone has changed to stoicism and worry, as with her face.

“My family.”

>”What about them? I don’t understand, Anon. I mean, I haven’t heard you say a thing about your parents all night.”

“Applejack, I don’t know.”

>”Anon, ah, ahm confused.”
>She sets her cocoa down on an end table, paying even more attention to you.

“I don’t know where they are.”

>”W-what do you mean? They just up and left one day?”

>You don’t respond.
>It feels like you’re about to cry, but you’ve cried so much about this nothing comes out.
>You drop the blanket around you.

>”But ah...I remember they always picking us up after hangin’ out, they took us on the sledding trip up the mountains…Ah…”

>She looks away, then back to you, as if remembering something of her own past.

>”When did they...leave?”

>You find it hard to answer her.
>You can’t, try as you might.

>She takes a deep breath.
>Without saying anything, she too drops her blankets and crawls over to you, wrapping you in a warm embrace.

>You two sit together for a moment.
>Her warmth helps
>You wrap your arms around her too.
>She grabs you tighter.
>As she holds you, feel her melt into you, her weight resting against you.

>You feel her start to convulse, as if she is crying on the inside.
>You close your eyes, and let her cry with you.
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>She pulls away from you to look you in the eyes with her tear filled eyes
>"Anon, I just need to tell ya somethin."
"What is it AJ?"
>"Well i... i... I fuck muh brother."
>The moment of tenderness is ruined
>You get up and grab some rope from the closet
>Tie a noose
>And hang yourself