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Why did the nope thread die? I dont have much spoopy in my life

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Why did the nope thread die?
I dont have much spoopy in my life but here goes. Also, nope thread.

>be me when i was 13
>first girlfriends bday party
>she wants to make out
>already in her backyard
>we go to shed for some bullshit reason
>just me and her in dark shed
>start making out
>fun shit
>hear growling in the corner
>dont mind it at first, kissing a chick
>she stops and says
>"did you hear that?"
>"lets go"

We leave the shed and she tells me she used to have to dogs and they slept in the shed. One was really nice and one was insanely protective. And sure enough the growling came from the corner that the protective one slept in. I never believed in ghosts before that point so checked every other yard by her house for a dog, but i knew the whole time deep down by the way it sounded it came from in the shed. And there was nothing in there because i looked while the door was open when we were walking out.
*two dogs.
Fuck I'm stupid.
This one time I took a big shit and I didnt want to look at it cuz I was spooked
I posted some shit in the last one. Figure I will help ya out a bit.

>grandma owns 59 acres in the country
>absolutely love this place
>have friends over for crawdad boil and inna woods fun
>having a great time well into the night
>we decide to bed down in a field and sleep under the stars
>one friend brings tent and decides to sleep in that instead
>rest of us a chatting idly and drifting off when we hear some snapping of branches
>just some animal in the woods we thought, that's what the fire is for
>I pass out
>get woken up by friend shaking me
>rest of friends are up and staring st the woods
>ask wtf is going on
>friend who woke me up tells me there are people in the woods as are watching us
>look over to where my friends are shining their lights
>bit of a ways off so the light isn't that great but there are definitely people on the edge of the woods
>suddenly one of them starts cackling
>friends all tense up and we get ready for shit to go down
>they just walk backwards into the woods
>we all stand in complete silence for a but then collectively shit our pants
>decide to get back to cars and the main house and wait for day and then get the fuck out of there
Probably just some crazy fucking drifters but that shit scared me on a whole 'nother lvl because I actually felt endangered
Sorry for the typos, posting from my phone
holy shit thats weird.
theyre on your grandmas property which is creepy as fuck, and they were humans which is a lot more believable than some stuff on here.
This is about the one and only time I ever used an Ouija board, years ago.
>Be around 15 or 16
> Bastard child, never met my biological father and he died while I was in middle school
>Mom has this friend who we thoroughly believe to be is psychic and lots of weird shit goes on in her presence and she tells me lots of stories because I've always been obsessed with the occult
>We both agree that we want to see if we can contact my father with the Ouija board so we make one based on her instructions and go into the bathroom of my house
>I'm no pro here so we do what she says for us to do and with time we start contacting spirits and one says 1930 a lot, we believe the spirit we contacted was my great great grandfather because that was the year he built the house we were in
>We move on to the specific task of trying to reach my father, but we kept getting "no" and "holding back" "won't talk" and all that kind of crap
>The candle we had with us, the flame bursts up and becomes massive and the bathroom gets lighter
>We move the shot glass we were using to "goodbye" and finally the flame goes down but the air just felt weird
>My mom decides to be edgy and bang on the outside window a few moments later while shining a flashlight inside at us, and it wasn't scary at all but the rest of the night we did not feel okay
>After that I was paranoid every night before bed, and it lasted until we moved out of that house
Humans are the scary ones dude. I've had my fair share of stuff that I can't explain, but humans by far scare me the most.
ouija boards are too much for me. The last time i ever used one was at a bonfire at my friends house. His house is like 200 years old. Its weird because his shed has a very dim light bulb that him his mom or his grandfather has never had to change because its simply never went out. But we were a few feet by the woods and bonfire playing with a ouija board and it started replying to us supposedly as a guy that lived like 100 years ago. I dont remember exactly but he kept saying "dig" over and over. After talking to him awhile we found out he killed his wife because she killed their daughter. We asked where his daughter was buried and he said under. Someone asked under where and it said she was buried under me. Then it kept asking us to dig her up and bury her properly, but we were all too poon to dig
weird shit happens at his house all the time. Like 6ish years ago they walked into the kitchen and a broom was just standing straight up by itsself in the middle of the kitchen. He took a pic on his phone. I wish he still had it. Also he used to have a phone on his wall from the 1940s era, very old looking. Not the microphone and separate earpiece kinda phone, but a model shortly after that. Anyways i was staying the night there once and woke up around 3-4ish to it ringing. The next morning i told a couple of other friends that stayed there and they said that they heard it too. Spoopy because the phone hasnt been hooked up at all for decades.
i just started my story in the other thread before it died, so i"ll do it here instead. it's a pretty long story though so bare with me.


To start, I live in Newfoundland which is pretty rural wherever you go, so you don't have to go far outside of town to go camping. My family owns 100 acres on the beach about an hour outside of town and upward from the beach until you get to the highway, which my great grandparents were given when they relocated from an island across the bay from our cabins. Its 90 acres of dense forest and bog, with a single dirt road cutting through the middle until you make it down to the beach, and then there's about 10 acres of open field along the beach. The way our cabins are situated, they all line the edge of the forest in a horseshoe (there are 11 of them), with the boat houses down on the water, and a clear field in between. Up past the last cabin, there are a few outhouses for when the well dries up, which doesn't happen all the time, but the last couple years we've had some pretty global warmed summers, so the wells been drying up around august.

All my great aunts and uncles own the other 10 cabins, so there’s usually a bunch of people down there on any given night, but they’re getting up there in age, so they’re not as active as they used to be. This particular weekend my parents, my brother and I, along with my great uncle Norm’s son and his kids were the only people down there until Saturday night when they had to go back in to town for a hockey camp. Usually there would be enough people to have a bonfire on the beach every night, but because it was only our family down there, we decided to have a small one in the fire pit next to our cabin instead. Probably around 11, my mom gets up to go to the outhouse, which I refuse to use because there are a tonne of spiders in there and last time I was in there I had one crawling on my balls. A couple minutes later my mom comes back down to where we’re sitting, which was pretty odd because it takes more than a minute to walk to the outhouse, so I jokingly said it must have been the quickest shit of her life, but she didn’t respond. When she gets closer to the fire I saw the look of utter terror on her face-- she was white as a sheet. I asked her if a spider fell on her when she was in the outhouse, but she said she didn’t get a chance to do anything in the outhouse and she started to cry. I was like, geez you shit your pants, that’s gross, but you don’t have to cry about it, until she cut me off and told me to shut the fuck up, which is weird shit because she never swore at me like that before. So my dad asks her what the problem is, and she tells us what happened when she walked up through the field.

She had on one of those clip on lights for a baseball hat, which are pretty much the worst flashlight in existence, and she told me when she was walking up past the dirt road she heard something rustling in the brush, just off the dirt road. When she went to shine her light on it, the light didn’t reach far enough for her to see what it was, but it looked to be at least 4 feet tall, and it ran when the light was pointed at it, so she assumed it was a young caribou, because if it was a bear or a moose they wouldn’t be that fast and she would have caught a better glimpse of it. So she keeps on walking up past the dirt road about 50 feet to where the four outhouses are, and she went into the closest stall, to do her business. While she’s getting ready to shit, she heard a metallic scraping sound coming from the woods, it was faint at first but it started to get louder and louder. There’s a derelict car about 30 feet off the road, that one of my uncles crashed 30 years earlier, and she assumed it was coming from there, but she had no idea what the fuck could be making the noise, so she was starting to get pretty scared. She pulled up her pants, opened up the outhouse and just fucking booked it as fast she could until she was close to the cabin and she looked back over the field, but she couldn’t see anything, so she speed walked up to the fire (never run near a fire, kids), and that’s when we saw her return.
i forgot, the nope part of this was after he said she was buried under me, we asked if we should move. Ive never seen such a powerful reaction on a ouija board in my life. The shot glass we were using IMMEDIATLEY flew to yes as the one asking the question finished their sentence. The speed seemed like was what a ouija board would do in a movie or something

We all had a bit of a laugh at her actually, we told her it was probably a tree scraping against the old car, and she was over exaggerating, but she insisted she wasn’t and told my dad she wanted to go into our cabin, and we were all getting pretty tired of just sitting around the campfire so we all decided to go into the cabin and go to bed. My mom and dad went into their room, but me and my brother stayed up a little longer playing Pokémon until he fell asleep. After he fell asleep, I walked out into the dark living room and stumbled my way to the bathroom. I was facing the window when I entered the bathroom, and I could see something flickering in the bushes, about 20 feet from the window, so I quickly turned on the light, and for a few seconds, the largest fucking canine face was staring in at me, probably around 5 feet off the ground, with bright red eyes, and it just bared its huge fangs at me and darted off into the woods. Needless to say, I sure as fuck didn’t sleep that night.
I'll contrabutt
>be me
>always stay up until 3 in the morning playing vidya
>have two dogs that get along nicely
>be 1 in the morning
>hear growling outside my door a bit down the hallway
>I go out to stop the fight
>run past the bathroom and look into the darkness
>mom comes out and ask what's going on
>dogs stopped
>"nothing I guess"
>begin to go back to my room
>light and fan in the bathroom turn on by itself
>instantly look in the mirror
>dark figure right fucking next to me
>flip the fuck out and run into the kitchen
>mom comes in asking me wtf is going on
>never use that bathroom again

My house is fucking insane. Knocking on the walls and shit. Doors locking on their own.
Donno why I continue to live here.
Flee. Flee you fool

The next day my dad went to check out the car, and he told me the side of the car was gouged out with thick, deep scrapes, the whole length of the fenders and side doors. He said the cuts are to deep to be a bear, so he thinks someone was just playing a trick on my mom.

Recently I asked my uncle how he crashed the car 30 years ago, and he told me he was driving down the dirt road one night after a late shift at the mill, when a wolf ran out into the road, and he swerved into the brush to avoid hitting it. the car was still in working condition, but it was stuck in the boggy ground and not worth getting it towed out. worst part of the story-- we don't have wolves in Newfoundland.
have you told anyone in your family about seeing it?
My dad assumed I was in on the gag or something because I didn't tell him until the next day, after he told me about the car.
>going inna woods
>not bringing a rifle
You guys deserved the ass rape you almost got.
There were some reports in Missing 411 of people claiming that they were stalked by strange beings when they got lost in the woods.

The "strange people" seemed like they wanted to see without being seen and wouldn't respond to their cries for help.

One woman claimed she was chased for days by a "strange man" on the Appalachian Trail.

None of them did give a description though.
File: 1392400037563.gif (2MB, 988x516px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I was only 9 years old
>I loved shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies
>I pray to shrek every night before bed, thanking him for the life I've been given
>"Shrek is love" I say. "Shrek is life"
>My dad hears me and he calls me faggot
>I knoew he was just jealous of my devotion for Shrek
>I called him a cunt
>He slaps me and tells me to go to my room
>I'm crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and its really cold
>Suddenly, I feel a wamrth moving towards me
>I feel something touch me
>Its Shrek
>I'm so happy!
>He whispers into my ear, "This is my swamp."
>He grabs me with his powerful orgre hand and puts me on my hands and knees. I'm ready
>I spread my ass cheeks for Shrek
>He penetrates my butthole
>It hurts so much but I do it for Shrek
>I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please Shrek
>He roars a might roar as he fills my but with his love
>My dad walks in
>Shrek looks him straight in the eyes and says, "He's my ogre now."
>Shrek leaves through my window
>Shrek is love, Shrek is life
Good Game.
>be me
>friend and 2 girls are bored one night
>go into woods on trail cause why not go for a nature walk
>friend continues to take us deeper into woods on the old paths we used to walk when we were 13 or 14
>the trees almost eliminate all light from the moon
>we were now 16
>also its like 2am at night
>keep going
>reflect back on how we used to be scared and only go with at least 10 other kids
>girls are getting kinda scared as me and my friend dont really remember the paths and everything too well
>they think were lost
>we kinda were
>keep going anyway
>all of the sudden friends stops/puts hand up
>we all stop walking/talking
>look around to see why
>two grown men were standing in sight from us 30 yards away
>someone makes noise(steps on a branch or some shit)
>they look up and notice our presence
>me and friend run like animals for like 2min straight
>"oh shit anon, we forgot about the girls"
>go back a little bit and see them running
>leave the forest forever

fuck that, i know it may not sound like much but there are alot of rumors about the forest near us, and my buddy accidentally got us within 30yards of two grown men late as fuck at night. we were 16 and pretty small for our size so it was scary as fuck
what the fuck were they doing?
Does anyone know any good websites for stories from inmawoods or loke from trails? Specifically the Appalachian Trail?
Didn't read the first two were shit
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Australian nope story anyone?

>be 19
>visiting Sydney, Australia
>make an effort with 4 friends to visit Sarah's Grave
(Look it up real thing)
Basically colonial white girl (1900's) gets raped and murdered on side of dirt road and found, people supposedly go missing after visiting
>go to area
>friends too pussy to leave vehicle
>walk alone and ask one friend to watch out for me instead
>intense feeling that I'm being chased but from random directions
>start wandering a few paces in different directions to feel safe
>look like I'm going full retard to friends that are in the car
>I'm about 1km away from them
>bored and head back to car
>we get on the highway toward home
>go to pub as I need to piss
>a little hazy I make my way to the urinals
>formless black shadow beside me
>I cannot for the life of me turn my head toward it
>finish peeing, wash/dry hands and go

Weirdest part wash, not only could I not focus on this deep dark object that gives of a feeling I can only describe as "potential malice" I could not mentally drive myself to look either.
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Father wears his Sunday best
Mother's tired she needs a rest
The kids are playing up downstairs
Sister's sighing in her sleep
Brother's got a date to keep
He can't hang around

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our ...

Our house it has a crowd
There's always something happening
And it's usually quite loud
Our mum she's so house-proud
Nothing ever slows her down
And a mess is not allowed

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our ...

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our ...
Something tells you that you've got to get away from it

Father gets up late for work
Mother has to iron his shirt
Then she sends the kids to school
Sees them off with a small kiss
She's the one they're going to miss
In lots of ways

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our ...

I remember way back then when everything was true and when
We would have such a very good time such a fine time
Such a happy time
And I remember how we'd play simply waste the day away
Then we'd say nothing would come between us two dreamers

Father wears his Sunday best
Mother's tired she needs a rest
The kids are playing up downstairs
Sister's sighing in her sleep
Brother's got a date to keep
He can't hang around

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our street

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our ...

Our house, was our castle and our keep
Our house, in the middle of our street

Our house, that was where we used to sleep
Our house, in the middle of our street
fuck you
Look up the David Paulides missing persons interview on coast to coast, he mentions the Appalachian trail a few times.
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that gif tensed my body up quite a bit.
got my blood flow going quite good. thx.
Thanks for bringing back the thread anon.
Was reading the other day at work after doing a three day binge of DMT.
Shit was spppy.
> live in a house that will be turning 100 in the next few years.
>bought by my grandmother who still lives.
>Dad and his Wife are Paranormal Lovers, literally believe fully in ghosts and has all this old stuff.
>I'm okay with them, not okay with believing in such things
>In 2010 my sister got out a ouji board sits down in the lounge room with best friend and asked if anyone was there.
>She actually contacts someone
>Don't remember who but was a male relative.
>keeps asking to be freed
>she 'lets the spirit go'
>packs up and nothing for a while
>Days later, hear some sort of whimpering out of my window
>Gets louder until it was a full blown sobfest.
> shoot up from my desk and speak up
"Anyone there?"
>it stops.
>days pass
>wake up from a dream
>sound of sobbing again
>too scared to actually do anything >listen as it goes away
>it walks around my house sobbing until it wanders off (I suppose)
>don't hear it for about a year
>crying comes back
>snap at the sound: "Go away!"
>sound just stops fully and my fear dissapates

I don't know if its relevant or not but the cries are from a woman, thankfully It's stopped for now because my cat sleeps on my window sill and just watches out.
> live in a house that will be turning 100 in the next few years.

Do Americans realise this isn't old for a building?
It's not even that old for Americans. There are frequently buildings on the East Coast that are 200+ years. Compared to Europe it's not old, but idgaf.
Mornin, keepin it alive with coffee and innawoods nope

>this past fall
>be mid 20's, 100 lb fit gril
>a lot of hiking this year, expanding treasure hunting
>old foundations, driveway beds all grown over that sort of thing
>waaaaay back in there
>hear a stand of berry bushes rattling
>slip behind tree, might be bear
>shady man stands up out of berry patch
>mfw I just got behind the tree in time
>slowly make my way backwards on low turkey trails
>stop after 10 mins
>he's still behind me
>followed me all the way out of the deep woods and into trails
>was always just one turn behind me
>before heading into open feild between me and home scramble up tree
>watch the guy coming up trail
>watch him poke around bushes where I was standing
>hold breath before he says something (dammit?) and leaves
>waited 20 more minutes before taking a huge roundabout way home

Just in case... He's stalked a few other people who hike near me. Men and women, doesn't matter.
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Dumpin some stories
I once had to doge.
File: 1392400823568.png (888KB, 1054x1130px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1381326667756.gif (842KB, 800x560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You have 5 seconds to find it!
Ready, Set, GO!
File: thewoods.png (48KB, 765x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bears are scary motherfuckers
There are niggers in the walls.
>They knockin' fo dat white boi booty.
Posted a couple in the last thread, I'll repost to bump.
>Recently move from a 200+ year old house to a 175 year old house with my boyfriend.
>Be chilling upstairs on bed.
>Bed and vanity dresser start shaking violently.
>Leap off the bed and back away, while simultaneously looking beneath it to see what's causing the shaking.
>Nothing there.
>Nope the fuck downstairs and chill on the couch.
>Tell my boyfriend.
>Neither of us can figure it out.

Happened a few times afterwards, not recently.

200+ year old house was where I lived with my parents. Lots of shit happened there. Especially upstairs.
>Upstairs bedroom, no heat, can only sleep there in the summer.
>Be several years ago.
>I'm sleeping downstairs, sister is upstairs.
>Always up around six before sister gets up, drink coffee and hang with the cats.
>Sister is up before I am one day.
>Says she woke up and saw one of the cats standing on her bed, staring off at nothing, looking alert.
>Cat suddenly books it downstairs, running like it was getting away from something.
>Sister gets a really bad feeling and follows it.
>As she gets downstairs, hears a gutteral scream from upstairs.
>She and the cat cower in our parent's room.

Honestly, could have been raccoons, but she didn't identify the sound as such.
>Same room, same house.
>Be sleeping upstairs in extra bed, relatives are over sleeping in my room.
>Sister tells me the next morning something weird had happened.
>Cat had come upstairs and greeted sister.
>Rubbed on the dresser to say hello.
>Dresser suddenly jolts from the wall and moves across the floor.
>Cat is startled and just fucking stares.
>Sister gets the cat and they huddle on the bed.

Also in the same room
>Sister wakes up one morning and complains that her glasses are missing.
>Night before had heard noises in the room.
>Sounded like someone popping latch on sewing chest.
>Tells the sound to go fuck off.
>Wakes up, glasses missing.
>Several hours pass, and she goes upstairs and privately apologizes to whatever is there.
>Says she is sorry for telling them to fuck off.
>Says she knows they were just interested in the sewing chest.
>I come upstairs, sit down on the corner of the bed.
>Point out sister's glasses are sitting under the chair across from me.
>The one sister is currently sitting in.
>Waits for me to leave.
>Thanks whatever is there.
Same house, a few years ago.
>Come in from the barn to have lunch.
>Mother making sandwiches.
>We're about to leave.
>Suddenly, two voices are screaming and gibbering.
>We all collectively shit brix, but in a calm, NNY way.
>Decide it's raccoons, screaming match goes on for another 10 minutes.

Fucking cheeky wildlife.
>be me (just making it clear)
>be standing
>phone rings
>pull it out
>pull out the phone
>unknown caller
>never phone again
>just now
>go downstairs for a drink (vending machine in dorm lobby)
>stand at vending machine trying choose a drink
>hear gushing water to my right
>impossoburu, the showers, the washing machines and every single other thing that could make that sound are all to my left
>turn to look
>sound still on my right even though I turned. so it's now... like... what originally would be behind me
>NOPE out of there and run back upstairs
>picked Mountain Dew btw JUST DEW IT!

is it possible to have auditory hallucinations in just one ear?
>be 7
>be innawoods alone at night, because that's totally believable you fucking idiots
>hear rustling in bushes
>NOPE out of there
>never innawoods again
>pretty small for our size
you, sir, are a fucking retard
not falling for that one
>falling for
nigger, he's pretty fucking up-front about it
Here's a story from another anon.
I think it's pretty good,
could be biased though because it's not too far from a trailer that I go to during the summer.
File: 1377670799961.jpg (12KB, 232x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 232x400px
also, it's innawoods
pic related, another anon posted and the OP
said it had some similarity to what he saw.
there was a creepy story recently about some anon robbing a house to pay his rent. it wasn't brilliant but it was something. anyone cap that shit?
> Microwaving some food
> Also toasting some bread
> Go to the bathroom
> While I'm in the bathroom I hear the front door of the house slam
> Someone calls my name a second later
> Finish up in bathroom and go try to figure out who's in my house now
> I don't find anyone
> I'm the only one here.

This happened to me like an hour ago.

nope nope nope nope nope nope nope NOPE!
you have to run, you are not safe
Too late bro. He's already dead.
I've never actually fallen for this one. What popup does it use? Someone post a image?

If you are having hearing trouble in your left ear, your right ear will still pick up the sound. It's possible that there was running water but you are having an ear infection or something
> doesn't believe people go innawoods at night
> not even for camping trips
good point, I do have a slightly inflamed left ear right now. It's just that the effect was so pronounced. I've had the ear like this for a couple of days now and I've gotten used to the... dynamics of it, and this felt off.
Probably just the ear, tho.
Then again, you never know. The spirits here, in Japan, are crazy specific. Maybe this was the spirit that makes it sound like there's water flowing to your right.
>believes that ANY parent would let a VERY YOUNG CHILD go into the forest alone under any circumstances.
maybe everyone on /x/ has meth heads for parents
> Tries to respond to this post
> Sees another half-written post in the main field
> I didn't write it
> Something about someone's sister getting up before they did
> wtf
> implying that there aren't mothers who drown their own kids
I will post the only REAL story i have. Im skeptical as fuck and dont beleive in anything. Monsters, demons, ghost, gods, bla bla bla

But iv had one really weird experience I cant explain if anyone is still lurking.
>everyone is always lurking
>used to stay up until 2-3 AM playing WoW all the time
>It's like 1:30
>dark as fuck
>windows closed and blinds drawn
>only light is coming from my computer screen
>running a raid (Can't remember what it was)
>get funny feeling in my spine
>tingling spread from my spine to the rest of my body
>my body locks the fuck up
>can't move
>feel like I'm absolutely SURROUNDED by people
>can see some blurred, dark, vaguely human-shaped things in my peripheral vision
>feels like I'm stuck like this for 10 fucking minutes
>the room is freezing
>my heart is pounding
>I feel pure dread, fear and anguish
>it disappears as fast as it set in
>snap out of it
>no more than 2 seconds have passed

I turned all the lights on and went didn't sleep for like 2 fucking days. Had a fucking paranoid feeling any time I was at home until I moved out of that place.
It takes awhile to type this, shall I my lady
you just have some sort of disorder
I never said it was anything paranormal. I don't believe in any of that shit.

It hasn't happened again, so if it's a disorder, it's not a very good one.
I actually DO have one, didn't realize it fits in here until just now:

>Be studying abroad in Spain
>part-time volunteer in, like, 50 different places
>one of which is an old artisan's shop
>Whole damn city has been around for centuries
>Artisan's workshop is down in basement
>upstairs, has a motion-detected doorbell thing
>not that anyone ever comes in anyway
>thing constantly goes off, no one there
>"so it just goes off all the time?"
>"yeah anon, this is an old buildings and spirits are common"
>don't comment, afraid to insult his beliefs or something
>Goes out for supplies one thursday
>all alone in basement with Deep Purple
>This guy has the best fucking music taste
>Turn to get ready to check on client
>big black blurry thing hovering right next to face
>flip out and start swatting at it, thinking it's a spider hanging from the ceiling
>nothing, nada, nowhere
>plus, it's winter, no spiders
>heading up stairs
>see what looks like a streak of light on stair landing
>BAM- huge fucking bang out of nowhere
>Went back downstairs, noped out, finished job
>Still have no clue, but I guess I believe him a bit
File: 1361758340827.jpg (14KB, 354x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 354x352px
>Deep Purple
>best fucking music taste

Now this shit right here, that IS paranormal, only an edgemaster faglord demon could have such fucking shit taste
Go listen some Ke$ha then faggot
>looking at this post
>whoa spoopy.flac
>hear sound of water coming from under me
>look down
>still coming from same place
>holy shit NOPE

Guys I'm spooped out of my mind pls hlp
>only choices are muh music or the lowest common denominator of pop
>this is what music plebs actually believe
your reading comprehension is only very retarded
>reading this guy's post
>think he's probably gay
>wish I could help somehow
>reach for coffee
>it's floating in the air
>realize something green is holding it up
>it's palm frawms
>NOPE the fuck out and run out of house

I'm posting from my iPad at Starbucks now but holy shit guys I think that anon was actually gay
I used to fuck with my friends by convincing them my house was haunted. Many of them still think it is, even after I told them I was just fucking with them. Anyway, me making others nope:
>light switch in the main bathroom is a little screwy
>it will often turn back on a few seconds after turning it off (but not vice versa)
>one of the faucets (it was a double sink) has a fucked up pipe, and if you set it at the right pressure it sounds like the screams of the damned
>come up with elaborate story of how a mentally retarded child died after he slipped and hit is head on that sink, and he now haunts the bathroom
>he's still scared of the dark and hates it when you turn the lights off (hence the screwy light switch) and he shrieks in terror/rage when the faucet is at the same setting as it was when he died
>tell this story to my friends, they all think it's really stupid
>until one of them uses the sink just the right way one day
>they fucking bolt out of the bathroom screaming
>"I did!"
>be me
>some latent homo calls me gay
>he should probably evolve to closeted faggot already
>oh well, at least he probably still has some STD that rots his brain
>get spooped thinking about brain rot STDs
>sure glad I'm not that anon

so spooped right now, I'm posting this from an RV in the middle of the desert where no homo anon can get to me

>fuck were they doing

The same shit you were doing, Anon.

When I was 21 I worked at this restaurant with a lot of degenerates like me. We'd get off around midnight and drink beer and smoke joints walking down this nature trail. One time it started raining and we were too fucked up to give a shit, and it was like 230 in the morning. I'm sure we looked very scary and suspicious but we were just trying to get fucked up innawoods

lol this reminds me of my reverse-nope story

>be 13 or 14
>stealing cigarettes from convenient stores, smoken them innawoods with "cool kids" from my neighborhood
>be walking to our "secret spot" innawoods, it had obvious fire-pits dug out and lots of old furniture and used needles and shit, but we'd only go during the day
>get there and find these 3 boys who were probably around like 9 or 10 years old
>they're setting off firecrackers
>they see us and flip the shit out and run away
>we laugh and chase them and curse at them because we're asshole 13 year olds
>go back to spot and smoke cigs like little gangsters
>riding our bikes home we intercept them on their bikes riding back home
>they shit 12 shades of brick and start crying/madly peddling in the other direction
>laugh so fucking hard I almost fall off my bike
Holy shit I'm spoopy as hell right now spoiler that shit anon
about three years ago, my friends and i tried exploring this abandoned hospital. when we got close enough to it, one of my friends said she thought she saw someone in one of the windows on the second floor. she screamed, which alerted the guard dogs, so we got chased out. when we got home we looked up some stuff about the hospital when it was still running, apparently the second floor of the building is where they kept the mentally insane patients. we went back a few months ago, just me and 2 other friends. we got chased out by the dogs before we could get in, but as we were driving off, we saw 2 people standing outside. we thought that the groundskeeper lived on the property or something, but after asking people at abut the building at a bar down the street, no one lives on the property. the building is definitely haunted though, although even if you can get passed the dogs, there's probably no way in. we're still going to go try to get in though. i doubt the guard dogs are kept there in winter when its -20 degrees out. maybe i'll go this weekend.
i did a similar thing in high school. my friends and i were driving around lighting off fireworks and causing trouble. we drove past this little shack on the side of the road in this wooded area and some younger kids are on top, and they try to throw water balloons/eggs at our car. we instantly pull over and the kids run like hell, but we manage to catch up to them. they're like freaking out and almost crying and one of them hurt his leg really bad when jumping off the building. we just told them we admire their style in causing trouble, give them some fireworks, and tell them to have fun and try not to get caught again because next time they wont be as nice as us. i hope those kids learned a lesson.
It sounds to me like a tortured spirit. If it really was a male relative its possible that their asking to be "set free" is slowly rotting out their soul. An exorcism could fix that. Over time tortured souls eventually fester deep malice.
i did a test and it said i was only 36% gay so joke's on you faggot.
that's only 36% too high, but OK
36% makes sense if you know me
so you only take the tip, huh?
no, i just like traps.
i don't like boys but i have a soft spot for crossdressing and traps. so, 36%, right?
seems a bit conservative to me, anon
ill bump it up to 40% for you
try 100% plus a closet
he is real ;)
The scariest scenarios I've ever had to endure, has been chance encounters with other hunters.
>be me
>car brakes down
>cell phone battery dead
>have to call friend from pay phone
>friend doesn't answer
>NOPE all the way home in the rain
>never call friend again
>be shopping at this relatively small "supermarket"
>oooh, canned peaches! yes please!
>electric tooth brush? I've always wanted one!
>Nerf gun? fuck yeah!
>red cabbage? so long as we're splashing out, why not?!
>sushi kit? I don't speak moonspeak, but ok.
>and a bunch of other shit
>get to checkout
>lady starts ringing it all up
>wait a minute...
>see the total rising
>I don't have any money...
>shit's up in the $500s
>why did I think I had money?
>"Sir, that will be 558 dollars and 23 cents. Would you like to pay by cash or card?"
>muh muh muh pokerface muh muh pokerface
>"I seem to have forgotten my wallet in my car. I will fetch it immediately."
>Walk out, head across the parking lot
>I know the cashier is following me with her eyes
>sit at the bus stop uncomfortably for 5 minutes, I can feel her stare burning a hole in my back
>Never go to that supermarket EVER AGAIN!
>Be me
>Every night I got to the bathroom, walk across the pitch black hall and into my room to go to bed
>Every single time for years I've closed my door behind me without looking, in a single movement
>Regular night, real quiet
>Be walking into room
>Pull door behind me
>Door fucking stops half way
>Don't dare look behind
>Let go of door
>Shitting bricks
>Walk across room and get into bed without looking behind me
>Lie looking at the wall, covers up high
>No sleep
>Door was still open in the morning
That's how you stay alive in those fucking situations dude. If you don't give whatever's fucking with you the gratification of a reaction, chances are it'll just go away.
Alright, some things ive experienced as a nightshift security guard on a big site. Its about 5 x 5 kilometers big, and has buildings and labs in all shapes and forms, with levels going from eight to culvert basements. Since im also on my phone

This site has existed for about a hundred years, and three people have recordedly died on the site. One lady died in one of the office buildings of a heartattack, one man hung himself in one of the productionhalls, and one man died in an accident, getting a barrel of either some chemical or acid dunked ontop of his head. He more or less turned into a puddle.

Theres some parts of some buildings that cannot really be explained why theyre not being used. In one of the warehouses called J5, theres an unnused room in the otherwise highly used basement. Its a top of the line storingbuilding, full of long laned shelves and different kinds of storing. Some sort of plastic floors since they drive trucks down there to move around all the materials, great lighting and clean and nice. The whole building is the size of a smaller footballfield. This means that its just allround shitty. To add, your footsteps multiply in the silence, bouncing down the lines, making it sound like a horde of whatever you can imagine are coming to get you.

now that you know how building J is, lets talk about that room in the back.

Concrete walls, ceiling and floor, not bigger than maby four or five meters across, and maby six across the other walls. There used to be a functioning lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, but someone has smashed it. About a hundred years of dust and spiderwebs has since long ago concered the room, since the cleaners wont go in there. Why? Because of the two meter tall mirror standing in the corner. Its apparantly always been there, and no one knows where it came from. Ypu can always hear faint wispers coming out of that room, through the out of place wooden door.
>Be me

Fucking double nigger. I was mildly startled.

>such is /x/ when browsing on a phone
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2MB, 502x376px
The same shit just happened to me, except it was a link to a Youtube video. It was a really badly done Wallace and Gromit claymation. Did we get someone else's rejected post?

>be a camp counselor
>900 acres of woods out back
>day off
>decide to smoke some weed in the forest
>840 blaze it at beaver dam down a trail
>device to talk another trail back
>i have been walking for a long time
>fuck this trail leads to nowhere
>hear footsteps behind me
>i stop
>it stops
>hear it coming faster
>start running down trail through woods
>hear running behind me
>finally get on road
>2 sides
>map to my left
>I have to look at it to decide which direction to go
>look at map and determine I need to go right on road to get back to camp
>gaze up into forest
>see it fucking staring at me in the woods in the distance smiling
>some little boy with no shirt covered in mud
>run the fuck out of there until i get back to camp

and thats why I only did kayaking for the rest of the summer
>camp counselor
>scared of children
>Sitting at computer as usual
>sudden impulse to look at window
>It's 10pm and the rooms light is on
>I stretch
>See my hand/arm reflection stretching but the rest of my reflection from the elbow down is blocked by my bf's computer tower in the window (it's a tiny alienware)
>MFW I'm stretching my arms down over my lap,(cracking back over the back of the chair) not over my head.
>I fucked a lizard once.
I'm scared /x/
>few months back
>live in rural south carolina
>playing starbound
>mom pops in
"Anon, take out the trash, please?"
"Sure ma."
>it's 3:27PM
>don't take the trash out
>around six hours later
>Mom busts back in
>she barely refrains from throttling me
>it was funny
>anyway, since it was a sunday that day, and the trashman runs on monday, I had to take the trash down
>my drive way is easily a half mile, if not more
>also, it's winter so it got dark a long time ago
>get down to the end of the road
>take out a cig and light it (mom doesn't let me smoke in the house, for good reason)
>taking my time on the way back
>lookin around and shit
>see some movement in a patch of trees
>on five-something acres, so deer sightings are common, especially in south carolina
>keep watching, cause I like deers
>the thing that stepped out from the trees wasn't no fucking deer
>it had four(ish) legs alright, but they were much too tall, much too thick
>and the neck was too short to be any kind of deer
>that and deer eyes don't glow
>now in the split second that I asses all of these details, my inner nigger is telling me to haul ass, cause the nigger always gets it first
>did I mention i'm half black?
>I hadn't taken fifty steps from the road, but I guarantee you I sprinted all the way back to the house

Don't know what it was, don't want to. I don't go out after dark either.
Fuck. Should of looked at the filename. Fuck you fuckgfuk.
Nobody said it was current.
>be walking at park late at night with girlfriend
>can barely see shit
>walking by a pond
>dead silence
>suddenly hear a twig snap
>see something slip into the water
>keep walking for some dumbass reason
>hear a snarling like a rabid dog coming from the pond
>noped right the fuck out of there

I live pretty close to Loveland OH, so maybe it's the Frogman?

Another one

>walking late at night with same gf at college
>again, dark as hell
>looking at treeline
>suddenly a white blur like a huge bird coming at me
>literally hit the deck because I thought it was gonna run into me.
>gf asks what's wrong
>she didn't see it

Wanna be friends? I never had a black friend.

Sounds spoppy though. Immediately reminded me of Jersey Devil.
File: 1391830694313.png (181KB, 618x673px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181KB, 618x673px
didn't even make my heart sink.
>tfw you've grown immune to these
Got sorta warm here for a little while so we wanted to take advantage before the weather suddenly bitches out and and shoots back to the 20's again.

>Outcast entire life, especially in school
>Have one cool friend, best friend actually. Met in art, avid net user and always knows the best current music
>She has a lot of friends, many of them the kind of kids parents don't want their kids hanging with. lel
>Invited to a shindig out at [tourist attraction] which is just a lot of woods and a really cool natural waterfall that feeds into a shallow river with a smooth rock bottom which feeds into a fairly deep but slippery as a dickens) pond then goes into the woods again.
>Hardly anybody there since it's technically still winter but our state PMS like a bitch.
>Shindig taking place up the other side of the steep ass hill down the road.
>Best fucking spot in the whole place is across a natural occurring wall wall thing the creek water flows over and into 4ft pocks in the rock then into the 'lake'
>Carefully pass our shit along an 'assembly line" across the rock bridge so no dumbfuck falls in carrying an armload of shit
>Set up camp on the secluded side of the river
>Stick to friends side because howdoIsocialize
>Nightfalling, friend keeps getting lost in the group of people
>Music playing (mostly dubstep...meh) food out the whazoo, pot being passed around
>Had a couple of smirnoffs (lel I'm a lightweight) since wtf, 21 so might as well
>Offered one of the gazillion joints being passed arond
>"why not..friend isn't here to laugh and wont see these people again"
>Usual first-timer reaction but everybody is too high to care or too chill to judge
>Modestly accept joint with each pass
>X amount of time passes
>See kid from school standing near a tree just standing there and looking at everybody
>probably stoned out of his mind
>twitches arm, bugs maybe..too high to swat at them like a sober dink

File: campdigo.png (3MB, 1503x933px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1503x933px
Pic related, forgot to add it to the first post
>Had a weird crush on the guy (I'm female btw) even though he never really talks and just sorta observed people from the sidelines. Always wore black.
>"hey dude, Mind?" Sit on the picnick table next to him. "Musics too loud over there." lies.
>Time ticks on
>Couples making out and groping each other
>We watch awkwardly.
>He makes a sound but I don't catch it. A word or something. I dunno. 2HiNSky
>"Wanna makeout?"
>Stare in surprise.
>Not the most tactful approach but w/e
>Doesn't sound like I imagine. Sounds like one of the upperclassmen.lel
>"Let's go"
>Pretend to be modest but innawoods in 2 seconds flat
>Lean against tree like in the movies lel
>He grabs my wrists super fucking hard. Panic a little because it's not like I really resisted coming there so wtf
>Ignore it. Ignore cold hands since my usually are too. Not even a smoker, maybe he is.
>He's holding on really tight tho damn
>Doesn't sound like I imagine but makes-out like I imagined.
>Bites my lip
>"ow! easy..." Manage to get my hands free and press my hand to my lip
>Just looks at me. Too dark to see his eyes which are dark anyway
>Taste a little blood but tbh kinda turned on
>Wanna keep going but he kisses like he's never use his lips for anything before
>"Like this" purse lips
>Copies "Like this" No upward questioning inflection, same tone too
>Go at at it..little better, try to teach him through example
>Bites my lip again
>Jerk back again. Def. blood. Fuckers got sharp teeth
>"I'm kidna hungry-" fuck it. No wonder he's a loner
>Grabs my wrists again. Panick
>"My bad" suddenly he's a black guy.
>Look at him funny because wtf.
>Stupid high/buzzed woman brain shrugs it off. Kinda wanna get laid at least once on this trip
>"Let's go" walks towards the deeper part of the woods. Don't really realize it at the time but he said that exactly like he did before but I can't be sure. The loud leaves underfoot interfered.
>Look back towards the party. Weird kid. wants to go in the woods. I'm buzzed and high..no idea about him.
>tromp into the woods deeper partially to make sure at least somebody heard us in case I end up floating down the creek into the camp rather than walk.
>"OOOH ANON. GET SOOOOME" random chick with random guy from where the fuck ever
>Kinda relieved somebody knows and recognized me
>Walk a little farther.
>Get to a fallen tree.
>Had been pulling me by my wrists which are pretty sore now
>Stand awkwardly for like a minute
>"Uuuh...what are we doing?"
>Not sure he knows..had to ask
>Standing awkwardly still
>"Here, let's just start with this"
>Get on knees, undo is pants
>Flinches and moves back half a step.
>jesus has he even ever bated?
>Decide to be the hero to introduce the glories of sex into his sad life
>Whip his stick out
>stare because wtf
>Assume he's just..uncircumcised but it's like when you were a kid and you made dongs out of silly putty
>Assume position
>Hands on my shoulders, he's digging his freaking fingers into my skin
>Try to fee my shoulders "Chill dude, it's gonna be fucking awesome"
>Still holding tight
>Hope he doesn't stab be during
>I know flaccid dicks are supposed to be soft but even they sort of have a density to them..like if you squeeze them you can feel the tissue. THis was like..a wad of, I don't even know what, it was just really...squishy.
>Wonder if he has a micro dick and a freakishly long foreskin or something
>Keep going at it, maybe he's a grower, not a shower
>Nothing happens. At all.
>Shoulders kinda numb from his grip.
>"Maybe we should sober up a little..."
>try to get up but he's like, holding me there
>"trust me dude, if it's not already up, it's gonna be"
>try to get up again
>dicks his fucking nails into my skin
>use ninja skills to try and get his fuckings hands off of me
>Arms are like fucking stone
>try to pull away forcefully
>Clings harder
>Fucking grinning like a madman
>try to shove him/hit his gut really hard
>Fists fall short of his body like he'd moved back but he's still got me at arms length?
>"LET GO!" Shout, maybe somebody will hear me
>Doesn't relent so I bite his ice cold hand
>Instantly the smell of sulfur and blood (blood was kidna expected though)
>Cough so hard I gag
>Look up and his face is off. I realize that it wasn't too dark to see his eyes, they just..weren't there
>He's still grinning but his mouth is like open
>"Let's go" Same exact way as before. EXACT.
I did a hard cringe
>Halfway through, he screams too but it's so god awful
>Starts human but gets trill and sounds more like a vixen being virginally assraped by a cactus/yeti as it climaxes
>cover my ears and a sharp shooting pain in my shoulders
>Hear crashing coming through the woods
>Fall forward momentarily def but nausious from the pain in my shoulders
>Crowd of people but nobody is saying anything to guy
>He's not there
>"Jesus sounds you got got fucking mauled by manbearpig" (Remember the sort of people I'm there with)
>Shift into a sitting position
>"holy shit" "omfg" "oooohshit-" etc
>Arms are numb, feeling dizzy after sitting up
>"Somebody call the ambulance!"
>Throw up a little
>Friend lays me on the ground
>X amount of time later I'm in the hospital
>Pain in my shoulders is a deep but dull throb
>Mom flies out of her chair and hugs my head
>can't talk, boobs in face
>Backs off and Dad's standing too. Friends standing by the curtain
>Gotta explain I got attacked by a random guy I just met and almost fucked
>"I dunno. Some fucking douchebag tried fucking rape me or someshit"
>Lie slightly because mom and dad
>Tell that what happened sorta
>Doctors wants to talk to them so they go to the other side of the room
>Friend comes up
>"WTF anon. That was so fucking retarded!"
>Bicker about me getting drunk/high and wandering into woods with the schools weird kid
>"What happened after I passed out?"
>"Had to drag your ass back down the fucking hill to the clinic"
>We were about two miles from the main area mind you
>"Said it looked like you got attacked by fox but they cleaned up the blood and the holes were fucking deep as shit."
>Try to move my arms and see if I can see
>pain shoots through my body, arms are wrapped but the gauze needs to be changed
>"What did you do out there? What the fuck did you take?"
>"NOTHING! Just the fucking joints going around."
>"How many hits did you take??
>"How many hits did you take? You can't just smoke like that if you've never done it before, especially in the middle of fucking nowhere"
>Bicker some more
>Couple days later I'm out. He apparently stuck his nails in there pretty deep but if he had nails that long, I would have noticed. Luckily it was just barely nicking the muscle thanks to me being slightly fat but it still really hurts.
>I tell my friend that I'd gone to the woods with [name], at that point embarrassed as fuck that I'd even think of doing anything with him of all people
>Tell her what happened and the story goes around
>I get a notice some odd days later that his parents are taking me to court for slander
>Apparently he was home as he always is and never spoke to any of the people who were at the party. Nobody recalls talking to him let alone inviting him.
>Family is pissed that I'm telling people he's a psychotic sadistic possible rapist. Pretty sure Im gonna lose this one especially since nobody saw him there.
>He'd only been to that campgrounds once the previous summer with family and hadn't been back since
>Now everybody thinks I'm a masochistic alcoholic crazybitch with something against the weirdest kid in school (was anyway)
>Doctors didn't think to look for any clues before cleaning the wound so nothing there to be gained
>The campgrounds is closed off in that area sparking massive butthurt from pretty much the state. Rumors spread about a druggie/schizo who stabbed herself in the woods and blamed the weird kid she knew in school. Arrests made for possession and underage drinking
>Managed to get 20-30 people and half the state to hate me in one fucking night.
>Social life ruined forever
>might have given a blowjob to wendigo.

>Now everybody thinks I'm a masochistic alcoholic crazybitch

Anyone got that one skinwalker creepypasta? I think it was by an Aussie, not sure.

tl;dr 2 guys go camping, one of them probably got taken by skinwalker, acted creepy as fuck after trip
Sounds like your parents fucking with you.
The one where the Skinwalker actually gets back into town?
It lives in civilization but all of "its" friends know something is wrong with it.
Hadn't heard of it, but would have visited within the fortnight if a search hadn't revealed it's now fenced off. Oh well.

Do douchebags realize that the statement was only included to give an idea of the age of the house?

Good grief. Of course 100 years isn't that old. Nobody said it was.
>>>14246839 ?
youre a fucking standup guy, I love that one.
>Hadn't heard of it
Hey, asshole, ever heard of gifs?
What? I didn't post any image.
>Deep Purple
Holy shit, anon. Shit music is shit, it doesn't matter what decade it's from.
The only people still listening to Deep Purple meet up for gay sex at rest areas.
Palm fronds are no joke. My dad was eaten by one a few years ago.
Pretty sure that bird has flown.
no, it was included because the shithead that posted it thought it was very old.
you don't see anyone ever mentioning that a house is 25 years old. because that person isn't a delusional retard.

tl;dr: eat shit

Hire some mexicans. they'll clean it.
>might have given a blowjob to wendigo.

Fuck, I'm sorry. That is making my laugh so hard I'm crying.
you are woman so spoopy
HAHAHA this is legit scary
i think weve all been there
The creepy thing is that it might not have been one of his kids, and that the little bugger was like a modern spawn of Sawney Bean.
he thought the kid was covered in mud, but it was actually just a nigger
no niggers in summer camps
hence spoppy
This one stuck with me for years. I can't work out why this happened or what it is.

>In school, year 5 or something.
>Final day.
>Sitting at our desks while our teacher tells us to be safe over the holidays.
>Her mouth is completely out of sync with her words and voice is different.
>Shed say a sentence and then 4 seconds later her mouth would move.
>Inquire about it, spooked as fuck.
>She just stares at me for like 5 minutes.
>No one notices or pays any attention.
>everything suddenly goes back to normal.
>Continues speaking normally and her mouth is back in sync.
>Ask a friend about it, although I can't remember what he said.
>Go home, can't stop thinking about it.
>it's happened like three times since then.
Nice try nigger
You are having a minor stroke. Called a TIA. I'm serious, you either have a blood clot or a brain tumor.

Go to the doctor immediately
Sounds like you have some eye and/or ear problems
File: 1390282889868.jpg (11KB, 514x896px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 514x896px
>be 17 at high school
>go to a big high school party at a house in the woods with freind
>friend is an art fag
>he's taking pictures of the road and woods and shit
>takes a shit ton of photos
>go to and leave party
>he's going through the photos and see pic
>there was nobody on the road that night expectually not on in a prom dress

pic related that's the picture he took

have more NOPE stories if anyone is interested but will post anyway
But this happened several years ago... And I'm sure someone would've noticed that I was having a stroke. Although, I won't rule out the possibility that I was having a stroke, I'd rather not ironically die or something. Thanks.

I've gotten my eyes tested and they're fine. Same with my ears. Hell, the memory might've warped throughout the years, since I was in year five and shit. It just seemed so odd, the memory is quite vivid, and I was so confused throughout the situation.
>at night
>on computer
>here banging and knob at door moving at door
>lock on door
>grab gun and wait for the banging to stop for a while
>it doesnt stop for like 5 min
>it stops and a go out with gun in hand
>a huge fucking nig-nog in the hallway runs at me with knife shoot him the the skull
>calls police
Really, that dry mass of convoluted tedium amused you? I guess brevity is no longer the soul of wit.
File: 2.png (82KB, 300x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be a few months ago
>in my room using my PC looking at 4chan and shit
My mother watches some retarded Spanish TV show on her computer in the living room. There's this one part where they have to do a voice over of a woman crying, and it gave me a headache when she watched it
>out of nowhere, here the scene playing
>oh Jesus Christ
>no response
>get aggravated and get up
>I then remember that my parents had left for some restaurant with their friends
>fucking NOPE and lock my room door as quietly as possible
>grab my keys, phone and my cat
>I climb out my window and drive my car to my gf's house and stay there for the night
I don't my know what the hell it was. My mom turned off her computer before she left. When I walked to the driveway I saw no indication of a break-in, though I didn't stick around for long. I also heard nothing before the scene played. When my parents arrived they found nothing out of place. I don't think it was a malfunction, I can't stop thinking what I would've seen downstairs if I hadn't noticed that my parents had left.
What do you mean by "they have to do a voice over of a woman crying"? In every episode? Why?
It's s TV show that is originally in another language. They do voice overs in Spanish. It's like when you see a movie that was in English with let's say a Japanese voice over. That one of the woman crying was in just one episode.
It's not that good but it's just one of the things that happened to me that stands out.

I was about 15, went outside to the garage one day to feed the outdoor cats when I saw some guys reflection in the car. My stepdad ran a smoke shop so I thought it was a customer told him store is over on the other side of the house not this far down. He didn't say anything, I finished putting the food down for the animals when I turned around no one was there. I went around the outside of the garage looking for him but I never could find him.

My stepdad lived on a reservation so maybe it was some dead native, don't know. Never really creeped me out and I was disappointed I couldn't find him.
I have been scrolling past this image on my phone for two days and I'm on my computer for the first time since then and holy shit that is fucking terrifying I want to cry

It's a mask dude. A good one, but look at the door. It reminds me of a school or something.
Well, I'm laying in my bed right now, and I can hear someone talking to the dogs... I'm the only one home at the moment.
its a fursuit
Prepare for trouble
I swear I had this saved somewhere, but as I can't find it I'll type again. No greentexting because my keyboard doesn't have the arrow symbol keys for whatever reason.

I was probably 16 or 17.
We lived in a 4-room apartment with our dog, Siki.
At nights, Siki used to sleep in my brother's room, in his bed under the blanket.
This particular night my father and his "girlfriend" were out somewhere, so there were just me, my brother and the dog.

As I was watching TV in my room with ny door closed, I heard scratching, scraping on the lower part of my door.
Naturally I assumed Siki wanted to get into my room.
I got up and opened the door, only to be greeted by an empty, dark hallway.
Oh well, the little bugger must have run to the kitchen.
After getting comfy on my bed again, the same scratching on my door.
Again, I got up and opened the door. Nothing there. So I crossed the small hallway and went to my brother's room.
"Is Siki with you?"
"Yeah, she's right here sleeping" my brother lifted his blanket.
At this point I got anxious. What the fuck.
After returning to my room and closing the door yet again, not 1 minute later, yet again the scrathing of claws on my door again.
I couldn't even fucking move.
Shit was scary, I did not open the door this time. What the actual fuck scratched at my door?
Eventually I went to sleep.
The next morning I inspected my door and... The thing had scratched so hard that paint had come off. There were claw markings on my door.

It has never happened again in almost 10 years. Thank you for your attention.
And make it double!
This is intredasting, please continue
You realize people move pretty frequently in the United States? My brother just bought a 110 year old house, and it's had like 10 previous owners.
Not a paranorman story, but still made me nope.

>Find out people at house my cousin was renting out had been growing pot.
>When they got kicked out, they just threw the plants behind the house.
>Wait until around 10:30PM, hop on bike for stealth mode, and ride about a mile down the road to the house.
>Drive up beside house, hop off bike, walk it behind house, pull out flashlight, and start looking for plants.
>Suddenly hear noise from front of the house.
>Turn of flashlight and Solid Snake it to the side of the trailer.
>Contracters are STILL FUCKING THERE.
>They heard me make some sort of noise and are looking around to see what it is.
>Hold breath, stand against the back of the trailer, and wait for about 20 minutes before I finally hear a truck start up and leave.
>Start walking around and notice something out of the corner of my eye.
>One of the contracters is apparently sleeping there that night, and is looking though the window towards the back.
>I haven't been spotted.
>Once he leaves, I pull out my shopping bags and scissors, trim all the branches off the plants, bring the crop home, and pick it clean.
>Got about half a sandwich bag full of nice bud fo' free.
Then there was the time I realized I'd left my xbox controller at my sister's house and decided to go get it at about midnight. I called over, my sister said I could come get it, so I started walking over. (It's literally another five minutes down the road from the trailer from the previous story.)

About a quarter mile from her house, there's a corn field. As I got alongside it, I noticed something walking out into the road around thirty feet from me. I live in Maine. It was huge, black, and a bear. It was a black bear.

I stood still and waited for it to cross the road. It got halfway across, and then turned and looked at me. I immediately farted and pissed my pants a little. We stared at each other for about a minute or so, and then it sauntered off into the woods. (Probably caught a whiff of my fart.)

I stood there for a good five minutes, got my controller, and then got my sister to drive me back home.

> yew you realize your gf used to date forest whitaker
that doesn't sound like a very big haul for having "branches" to work with.
The plants were about three feet tall tops, and had been mostly cleared off before they were dumped. Most of the nugs were only about the size of a dime, the biggest was around the size of a quarter though, so that was pretty cool.
(Also, that was after I ran it through the grinder. I've still got some left.)
>Letting your kids explore>>14249711

>Must be a methhead

God bless america land of the slaves and home of the fearful.
>Be me last week.
>In bathroom taking huge shit.
>Feel creepy sensation all of a sudden
>Like I'm being watched.
>Look in the mirror afterwards.
>See a pair of souless eyes.
>Realize who it is.
>He starts whispering in my ears.
>Tries to tempt me into doing bad things
>My faith is too strong though. Start to say my lord's prayer.
>Our Lord, who dwells in the swamp, Layered be your name, Onions are my protection.
>Faarquad goes away, I am saved.
>Hear a whisper in my ear and breath on my neck.
>Ya done good laddeh, You checked yourself before you Shrek'd yourself.
>Shrek is love. Shrek is life.
>Be me when I was 12
>In my grandmothers house by myself
>the door to the kitchen opens
>This black figure slowly walks out
>nope the fuck outta there
Mainefag reporting. If you ever get the chance to skulk around the bucksport area woods....don't. I was a rational, functioning human bean before this innawoods shit.
Fear the hunters
>has only ever heard Smoke On the Water
im drunk, am i missing something?
>Be 11
>Playing basketball in my neighborhs yard with a friend
>Friends family is over for BBQ
>Talking about all sorts of shit
>Pretty windy outside
>Turn to look over at my dad at the grill
>Tall man about 8 feet with green sweatshirt, old looking with short grey hair with beard&stache appears to be transparent
>blink my eyes and he's gone
>have random dreams that eventually come true
First dream goes as follows
> wake up (or so I thought)
> get ready for work and walk to work which is a block away
> notice the sky is purple ish and clouds move insanely fast
> at work and ask where friend Jeff is
> say he quit today
> finish up work but oddly enough it felt like 8 hours passed
> go to sleep have a dream about a party
> wake up and look at time
> think im late for work
> call up jeff to see where he works now
> tells me to wake up
> wake up again
> go to work like normal
> see jeff and say i thought you quit
> he replies "what? No but i put in my two weeks today."
I've posted about my house before, particularly the basement. I've got a wood burning boiler and have a chute I toss wood into, fill up and then bring it all in. This just happened tonight, about 20 min ago. Forgive me for not green texting but I had the foresight to type it all out
I'm from MA and a church in my city is 375 years old
100 isn't anything
I do live at home and help a lot around the house in place of rent. Mom is real cool and had more stories about this place than I do. Here goes tonight.

So I'm doing firewood downstairs, no big. I've got some music on and am just chugging away. Mom asked me to close the door to the basement, only thing I've done different when doing firewood at night.
idk if i'm just a massive pussy or what but when i read some of these more believable/creepy stories my eyes water and/or i just get a very strange feeling in my body.
I get about half or so into the house when I start hearing something moving behind me. Check it out, think it's Razz, the older of my two cats, but she's asleep on the water heater. Think ok... Moving on. Shake it off. Basements are spooky sometimes, especially this one.

Knocking down the pile so I don't have to climb or cause an avalanche I hear something in the kitchen above me and to me left (west), just a little scuff or something. Stopped for a minute to listen then I start hearing a woman's voice but quiet. Thought it was mom.
Said out loud that I couldn't hear her, asked if she was on the phone. Just the mufflish voice again. A voice and not a noise. Ask again for her to speak up. Just the muffled voice, couldn't understand it but clearly words and phrases.

Felt an urgent need to get out of the basement. Get a cold prickly feeling, shut the door to the chute and head upstairs. No one there. I defiantly would have hear mom go up the stairs because they where straight above the stairs leading down to the basement where I was
Go all the way to her bedroom on second story on other end of the house, scoping the rooms I pass. Ask her if she's been in bed the whole time or on the phone at all.
She hadn't moved and no calls. We're the only two people in a 6 bedroom house. My younger cat was upstairs with mom the whole time too.
If the thread picks up I'll dig around for some old stories about this place
i got a few stories from when i lived in wisconsin (in florida now) but none of them are that great.

the only paranormal/inexplicable things i've experienced happened in the last house i lived in before leaving the state but i really don't know anything about the place other than my landlord was chill as fuck. will green text stories following this post.
Adrenaline, I think.
>Be me
>Be a few weeks ago
>Exploring abandoned houses with friends, taking shit worth value, hoping to evade police if possible
>Go to this house friends call the art house
>They found this old documentary of the lady living there
>They've been seeing shit since they lived there
>Thinking of breaking into another house
>Everyone gets out of the car to scope the area
>Go back to grab a flashlight
>Fucking car locked itself
>Eventually break the handle and jimmy the lock
>Go to my sisters house and chill for a while
>We discuss The Midnight Game, etc...
>On the way out, car's dome headlight turns on by itself
>Eventually go to friends house
>We just made a ouija board out of a piece of cardboard and a shot glass
>We ask it questions, it starts moving
>I get a little nervous, i'm a skeptic, so i'm not used to it moving on it's own
>Know for a fact no one else was moving it because they don't know how it works
>Keeps going to the moon
>Sometimes glass is stuck to the table
>Have to fucking pry it free and move it to Goodbye
>I'm about to head out
>They start asking the ghost to move shit
>I give one of my bros a protective necklace my ex girlfriend made me
>Other friends phone vibrates as if it had a text
>He checks it, no message
>I grab my booze and go home
i'll post 2/3 of my stories to start since they're going to be short and to the point.

>often felt the temperature drop massively in this place for seemingly no reason
>sitting in my room alone playing some vidya, smoking some weed
>get uncomfortable feeling, cant quite describe it
>massive temperature drop
>every hair on my body standing up
>butthole quivering with unease
>suddenly one of my books (a rather large stephen king book) is launched from the middle of my mini fridge completely across the room
>nope the fuck out and tell my family
>they laugh it off and i try to pass it off as nothing but am deeply disturbed

second encounter
>i had my bed wedged into the corner of my room and usually slept either facing the wall or directly touching it with my forehead (don't ask why it was just comfy)
>most of the aforementioned temp drops happened between 2-4 am and has become a consistent event by this point
>have pretty bad insomnia, hence the copious weed smoking, and often lay in my bed trying to sleep for hours
>laying in bed with my forehead against the wall trying to sleep
>heard rustling of cloths hangers in my closet knowing full well my cats are incapable of reaching said hangers
>nope, nope, nope, must sleep, don't shit bricks, don't open your eyes
>remain perfectly still and try not to shit myself
>all the sudden i feel a very cold almost icey finger touch my eyelid while my head is still touching the wall
>i freak the fuck out turn on every light i can and don't sleep for 2 days

i also have a ufo sighting that i experienced with at least 15 other people if anyone cares to hear about it,
Don't get scared at night.
Try not to sneeze.
There are reasons why people say bless you after you sneeze.
There are reasons why they try to scare you.
Have you ever stayed at a calm pace for breathing when you were scared?
They can't take your soul if you hold your breath.
This is particularly true when you're experiencing sleep parslysis or hypnogogia.
Try it next time.
Stay calm, maintain breathing.
This of course only works if you didn't let them enter your mind.
I could be wrong, or I could be trying to help them catch you.
Either way, my time will come.

Ever dream of Azrael?
Naw man. You're no pussy, happens to a lot of people, myself included!

>vein cane

I choked on smoke.
Bump for you. Am interested.
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Spaghetti Western.gif
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I had an experience somewhat like this
>Be working as a security guard at a pretty famous business's head office
>Go home
>Pretty stressful day, shit went down, everyone feels terrible
>Dream about work, pretty lucid, 3 specific guys I work with aren't there, no one knows who they are when I ask them
>Wake up, go to work
>Turns out those specific three quit at the end of the day

The weirdest part about it is those guys are the one's i'd be least likely to guess would quit. . .
So this was a thing.

>be sitting with a bro watching TV and bullshitting about pokemon at 5am
>hear something that sounds like soft laughter from drunk kids coming from down the street
>laughter turns into crying as it gets closer
>crying turns into full blown screaming, is now clear it's a single girl
>me and bro look at each other
>1st nope
>we get up and look outside to see her standing on the other side of the street
>girl continues to scream at the top of her lungs at she cries and falls to her knees
>we open door and ask if she needs help
>she looks at us and in a quiet voice says "help me..."
>me and bro look at each other
>2nd nope
>we defy reason and go outside to assist in the freezing cold, bro thinking she might have slipped on ice or some shit
>as bro gets near the girl and asks if she's hurt, she stands up suddenly and panics yelling "no! stay away! don't hurt me!"
>sheer terror in her eyes
>bro politely says "yep, you're a crazy, not my problem"
>a car starts down the street, heading in our direction, making her flip shit
>3rd nope back to the porch as she screams "no! no please no!"
>on the porch the car pulls up to the side of the road and two guys in the dark ask us if we heard somebody screaming
>we point to the plainly visible screaming lady 30-40 ft from the car on the sidewalk
>panicking lady is banging on a neighbors door down the street who either might have let her in or been murdered
>the car heads down the street
>4th nope back inside the house
>car turns around realizing she went inside but drives slowly towards our house
>guys are 5 houses down from us right now
>girl hasn't come out of other house, porch light is still on, door is still ajar
>no cops have shown up which is a bit odd given that she presumably woke up somebody at 5 AM
>nobody else has woken up from the screaming
>5th nope and checking out, we tried to help everybody involved
>she was super cute tho

Not really paranormal at all, but it was weird
>be poor
>be at grocery store with gf
>have food card
>embarissed I have a food card in the first place
>check out
>have no money on food card and no money in bank account
>make the embarrassing call to mom to bring me $25
>>camp counselor
>>scared of children
File: grll-chrcoal1.jpg (20KB, 360x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I'm a grill btw
> good day overall
>is it possible to have auditory hallucinations in just one ear?
Yes. Your "head shadow" or otological shadow will cause you to detect sounds as coming from wrong directions if you are experiencing a hearing impairment, momentary or otherwise, in one ear. The fully functionate one will still pick up sounds from around you, but since your brain is used to interpreting direction based on stereo input, the orientation gets skewed. Mere tinnitus can count as a momentary hearing impairment in one ear like that.
File: IMG_2036.jpg (190KB, 1600x1067px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you're lucky you dont live in wales if that image scares you.
Theres a tradition called 'mary lwyd' where people go door to door with this big horse skull in a dress thing. Creepy as fuck at night.
>Not tapping that ghost ass
I've got some small stories about my best friend's house. It's pretty damn haunted.

>be younger me
>walking down hallway from bathroom to rejoin my friends in the kitchen
>have to pass spare room, which seems to be the nerve center of activity
>hear banging coming from WITHIN the spare room closet
>NOPE.jpg down that hallway as fast as I can

A more recent one:

>sleeping over for the first time in forever
>standing at kitchen sink, looking out at backyard
>feel a tingly sensation on my ass, like an animal with whiskers was standing there or someone had brushed their fingers on me while walking past
>think "oh the dog must be sniffing my ass like an idiot"
>turn and start saying "Misty, stop--"
>no one there
>dog is sleeping on the floor at the other end of the kitchen

She's also had Bibles thrown, objects have gone missing, and her dog, Misty, absolutely despises the spare room. Her late cat Mittie used to violently react to unseen forces before he passed.
Sauce on Appalachian Trail story? Sounds like a good read.

what is this I don't even
>>/lit/ is that way, faggot
bumping for more stories
a nigger was fucking your grandmother
yo' granny a niggalova'!
gay as fuck rp, bro.
wipe off that lipstick and write some manly rp, bro
I'm ashamed of you
> Partner and I move into a share house
> It's really fucking old
> Just some Asian named "Quan" renovating it, to rent out all the rooms
> Creepy Wooden stairs leads up to a kitchen, lounge room next to it, bedroom down the hall, there's a sliding door balcony connecting the lounge room to the bedroom with a big glass sliding door
> Every time we walked up it we'd get a chill down the spine
> Every time I'd walk down the hall to the room would feel like someone is behind us even during the day, would have to sprint to the bedroom
> Play Vidya in the lounge room, feels like someone is watching me from the kitchen
> Be in bedroom, partner is playing vidya (Prince of Persia) in the lounge room, dog is on the balcony (fence was broken had to keep her with us), looking into the sliding door but not at my partner, she's looking past her into the kitchen just still, ears up, won't listen to me calling her ( she ALWAYS listens), go back to what I'm doing.
> Partner sprints into the bedroom, slams the door and hides under the sheets crying
> "What the fuck happened?"
> Apparently she kept dying in the game and after like 6 or 7 deaths something laughed in her ear she fucking freaked
> The more we'd argue the worse the feelings got (not even ripping off that shit movie this was way before that came out)
> Learnt that Hebrew chant from my friends dad (my role model)
> My partner is off to work for the weekend
> I walk in the kitchen start chanting "kadoish kadoish kadoish adonai 'tsebayoth" over and over
> something behind me, nope nothing there
> something in the corner of the lounge room I can see my dog looking through the sliding door again growling looking into the lounge room
> After I said the chant 3 times, everything was fine after that.
> Moved the fuck out
>me and gf into doing random dumb shit on a whim
>i decide we have to get a Quija board and fuck according to what it says
>spirit we contact is one fucked up motherfucker
>tells us to do nazi/jew RP where I'm Hitler visiting a work camp and I pick out a jew whore to inseminate and then send her to the showers when she's at 7 months
>tells me to creampie her while she's lying in a crucifix position
>she's on the pill so why the fuck not?
>sure enough bitch gets pregnant
>I know she's been taking the pill, because it's part of our morning routine
>I'm kinda freaking out, talking about abortion and shit
>gf says she feels like we need to let this child be born
>"worst case scenario it's the second coming of Hitler and hilarity ensues"
>I fucking love this woman and it's her body, her choice. my money, but... whatever.
>month seven rolls around and her water breaks
>take her to the hospital
>go home, tell Ouija spirit "fuck you" and move cursor thingy to "goodbye"
File: story.png (54KB, 1242x566px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 1242x566px
I live in Newfoundland too, it's pretty spoopy.

Bumping with my story
holy shit good story
File: story2.png (28KB, 974x284px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That belongs in that VHS movie.
Nothing spooky in here, your mother is just a retard. No offence, mine is one too.
>I still have to show her how to change accounts on her laptop
A friend of mine was renovating his house. He was nailing some shit to the wall (don't ask me, don't know the deets, this is all hearsay) and the nails where slowly rotating and pushing their way out of the wall.
Happened to me once.

>In room
>Hear front door open/close
>Hear my mom talking to the dog
>Get up and go out there to greet her
>Open my door and immediately slam it back shut as I realize that my mom isn't even home yet
>Was definitely my mom's voice
>Dog is as confused as I am

Waited silently for a while. Pretty sure the skinwalker was doing the exact same thing just out of sight.

Fuck living innawoods.
so when the other girl was screaming: "ohhh anoooon, get some!" she was able to recognize you but not the social outcast/ wendigo?
This nigga
I was just informed that my father in law, who currently lives in Xenia, but also lived in Jackson, saw the frogman. He also saw a woman masturbating with a cucumber once, so I believe him
what if the cucumber was actually the frogman's dick?
the descriptions match

It all adds up.
/r/ing frogman porn now
Fuck you faggot, I went to MMA
File: 1391090017169.png (541KB, 1280x1112px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
541KB, 1280x1112px

it's the smell that prevents you right? with me it does, sometimes it stinks so bad i'm afraid my shit's taking a shit and i don't want to see that
you probably suck a lot of cock
>Recently extinct newfoundland wolves
.Newfoundland is not far from mainland

>this bitch sucked a skinwalkers dick

Holy fuck I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.
If you fuck a Skinwalker and get pregnant, do you give birth to a BroWalker who has to skinwalk Skinwalkers.

Is the BroWalker our only hero against the skinwalker?

Who skinwalks the Skinwalker?
>used to live where the backyards of the people across the street backed into a graveyard.
>decide to go there with a friend around 3 am
>we walk around, very skeptical but also pretty creeped out
>we keep our shit together, mostly reading stuff about people and their lives, making sure to be as respectful as possible to the dead (pure, atheist, sentimental respect)
>go to a dark little corner of the graveyard
>we see some movement by a tree next to a large crypt
>a circular shape keeps popping in and out from behind the tree
>we rationalize it as a balloon and determine that it is moving with the wind, confirming our hypothesis
>we approach it to investigate
>we look at each other, horrified, but kept our composure so as to learn more
>move closer
>make out a small hand or class on the tree
>this thing is hiding from us
>it seems be looking at us more and more
>we think it is getting braver
>finally kind of make out its figure
>disproportionally large, seemingly featureless head
>look to side and see something on all fours approaching us from a distance
>can't make it out but it has a long shape and a hideous and inhuman gait
>we start to move backwards and talk about how the thing behind the tree might be trying to distract us
>start moving away when the thing behind the tree says something
>voice like he was speaking for the first time
>for the first time the head behind the tree stays out, and just stares at us
>the crawling thing keeps its distance, kind of pacing like a dog
>we are shitting bricks, but don't show it, keeping our warfaces on and a good defensive posture (I think our confidence kept that shit away from us)
>get the fuck out of there and go home

I don't know what the fuck these things were, but they acted a lot like predatory animals. Keep your warface on and don't let fear get the better of you.

Glory to mankind.
>make out a small hand or claw* on the tree
Thought this was a nope thread not a pissing contest
Sounds like you had a panic attack.

If incidental, it's normal
My mom used to work at my hometown's cultural center, which used to be a hospital 50 or 60 years ago. It is known across the whole city and even province (state if you want to call it that way) for having weird stuff happening there, people seeing nasty shit, guards quitting the job, people running out of the building scared shitless and crying and way more stuff.

Well, when I was little my mom always used to take me there after school (she was really busy and there was no one at home to take care of me) and I spent whole afternoons in that building.

So I have a lot of real nope stories to tell.
posting any?
Just like that I'm never going innawoods again.
Anyone interested in some stories regarding native american reservations? I have tons to tell, I've never posted much in here but I guess it would be neat to see what some people think about all the things that have happened to me and my family. I consider myself deeply in tune with my surroundings. I've been raised around ceremonies & still partake in them. Except where my mom is from. I'll never step foot on that reserve if it's the last thing I do.
File: 1390202271337.gif (2MB, 300x169px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 300x169px
>be me
>be 13
>sitting by open window and i hear some rustling in the bushes below my window
>i only peek out, too busy wetting self bc no dogs or cats in our yard
>see something big and reddish brown scurry out the bushes
>skittered away on two legs, very fast,long fingers like an aye-aye but about the size of a goat
>skillfully shat panties
>it ran off int the neighbors yard
next morning
>come out from under bed to tell neighbors what i saw
>they have a cat but what i saw was way to big, tellem to keep an eye out
>mfw their cat was found freshly torn to pieces in their garage two weeks later

idk two weeks is a long time but if that thing killed it thats gotta mean it lives around here
also it was really fuzzy(like a racoon?) and was low set to the ground or had short legs but was WAY bigger than a coon. the cat was literally ripped,not chewed up, ripped up. Didn't get to see it but i saw the blood pool in the garage it look like it had maybe carried the cat in..no blood trail,just a large puddle mark...

i live in NC, they called police police said dogs.
Go on.
Of course! You don't need to ask. Just post away.
Bamp to hear this guy's stories
Not really spooky but nope as fuck.
>be me about 12-14?
>bike riding with friend in the forest preserve we grew up near
>wed explored that place head to toe for years, knew where every path lead
>start bike racing across a rocky field that detoured off the main bike ride
>lose control and flip over a rock, bleeding everywhere but not in pain
>for some reason we decide to still keep exploring but we start walking
>come across a path that we think leads to a park but instead we enter a circular grassy area with a fucking well in the center of it
>it was like 3 feet wide at most and looked pretty old
>2spooked2look inside, but friend does. Says nothing cool in it so we go back where we came from and head into the next path
>the ring movie had just come out and in my head all kinds of scenarios were spooking me bc wed never seen that well before or heard of it
>realize we're lost
>the next path we took ends up leading to an area that looks just like the previous except there's an even bigger well, at least 3x as wide but it looked even older. The bricks that surrounded it were barely standing anymore. It looked more like a pit then anything
>we look at each other and nope the fuck out of there on our bikes

we always tried searching for those wells again when we got older but to this day I have never found them again nor heard of anyone else finding them.
Nigga you is lucky you didn't run into someone like me in those woods at 2am.
Mountain Jew, Just Jew It.
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