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Why do people care when Movie X becomes the latest highest grossing film.

Films ten years ago didn't have the wide viewership of today. Now you've got millions of mindless Chinese, Indians, and Vietnamese making good incomes and buying movie tickets too. So of course shitty movies today will do better than good movies yesterday. It's a useless measurement.
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t. jealous DCuck

Just watched this movie. Is it good?
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You tell me.
You could save me some time.
I don't want to accidentally like a movie that could be shit.
No. Comfy first half though. Great tiddies too.

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I ONLY watch movies which include actors from the MCU or popular Christopher Nolan film, that are made post-2008, and garner at least a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.
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I greatly dislike the DCEU due to the fact that it embodies masculinity.
Fuck that, I want muh quips
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The DCEU completely fails to embolden Islamic values with their latest flick.

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What about the Droid attack on the Wookies?
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I was banned yesterday for posting fake leaks that said Stannis would return in Season 8. The reason? Spoiling a TV show.

What the fuck do the Janitors know that we don't?

Pic related
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Fake spoilers are just as bad as real spoilers and are treated the same.
>damage control this hard
I see you Dabid

So, in the first Harry Potter film, Quirrell turned out to be Voldemort's buttbuddy. Once he got brutally murdered by an 11-year old; Voldemort's soul escaped and returned as Tom Riddle as Ginny Weasley started writing in his diary during the second year. In the fourth year he turns out to have some kind of weak, rudimentary body. So, how did the whole Horcrux thing work in the films? Can someone explain what exactly happened regarding Voldemort from the moment he murdered Harry's parents and all his appearances throughout the school years etc.?
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Horcrux's keep him alive but barely since his body got destroyed when he tried to kill Harry. He needed a ritual thing to get his actual body back. First book was written before Rowling thought up Horcrux's so it doesn't really follow the logic of the other books. And the diary wasn't actually him but just an imprint of his 17 year old self.
Rowling hadn't thought of Horcruxes until book 5 or 6 to give the characters something to do, so everything before that point makes no sense
From what I understand, Voldy died but his soul escaped and was hiding in some other country (bulgaria or something i dont remember), Quirrel found it and became bonded to him somehow then Harry kills him.
The Diary I think was something totally different that had magic on it from previously so if Riddle in book 2 had won their might be 2 voldermorts around idk
Then in book 4 ratman had that voldermort baby thing that I didn't understand that turned into a bigger voldemort
Then in book 6 Rowling came up with horcruxes but I don't even understand what horcruxes do anyway so who cares lmao
So both Voldemort's soul and his 16-year old self would be present at that moment he would return as his former self? Does that mean there would be two Voldemorts had he succeeded by murdering Ginny?

dumber than the first
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Yeah but that sexy retard chick gave me a big bonner
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I kind of liked it.
It was okay.
If they made it two years after the first one, it would have been considered a classic sequel.

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This movie was very good. I highly recommend you all see it.
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are you looking forward to his new movie? did you like Fantastic Mr Fox?
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He should work with Kara again

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What's the wrong with the new season? Is there genuine disdain for it or do you guys act like this on every season only this time you get to use the excuse of "female writers"? I agree it does seem a litte of a step down but it's nowhere near the levels you guys are talking of
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The characters arent themselves anymore. Especially Rick who actually took Jerry out on an adventure. S1/2 Rick would have never even considered it.
Literally nothing, now that it's cool to not care about Rick & Morty /tv/ is just having a conniption trying to figure out which side to contrarian harder

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>The most translated show in Latin America

>The best comedy show from Latin America

>Tremendous popularity in Brazil and other countries

>So successful it got its own videogames and cartoon show

Mexicans create pure kino

How can sudacas even compete?
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>Grandpa Show
>better than K&P

Fuck off old geezers. Nobody laughs at your early 00's jokes anymore. Aged like fucking milk.
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What makes it worse is Chappelle's own admission he basically feels they're ripping him off by virtue of having the most popular black comedy on Comedy Central.
>Black Bush
>Racial Draft
>Black KKK
>Rick James

Eat shit and die fagget

All as outdated as the fucking phonograph.

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why doesn't she do a drama like mad men again?
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she's 34 years old, her time has gone

she's so unbelievably fucking sexy though
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right now she's the most famous she's ever been

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>much slow moving quiet masculinity

God this movie is shit
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what movie
You're shit, pal.
>1 post by this ID
Phoneposters fuck off

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