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Started watching this last month and like it a lot, I'm on season 5, when does it go to shit, and are any of the movies worth watching?
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First 7 seasons are golden. Plus Say Good Night to the Bad Guys.

Movies are okay, but the first one isn't canon to the show.

Make sure you watch the Christmas special too.
>First 7 seasons are golden

How bad does it get after season 7? Is it still watchable or does it go full retard like the later simpsons seasons?
Say Goodnight to the bad guys is 9/10
Movies are decent in their own right

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It was okay.

Nowhere near as good as Rise or Dawn but it was okay.

Too much literal ape Moses/Kunta Kinte shit.
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> This Caesar is actually Cornelius' Dad and the real Caesar's grandfather


a 6/10 like most movies this year
It's possible that Cornelius will turn into a common name to the ape world in the distant future since he's the son of their founder/prophet.

Just like there is a lot of Peter,Paul and Matt in the christian world

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>Game of Thrombosis

deep vein thrombosis
he who sits on the throne, dies!
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how do you sit in one position for 12 hours?
I gotta stretch my legs after an hour

Yeah I get jimmy legs like crazy when I game.
i actually had deep vein thrombosis this year but it was caused by a weird vein positioning and birth control

that shit hurts like hell though so i don't see how he didn't notice it and go to the hospital.

Besides Braveheart, what are some essential Kilt-Kino movies?
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meep-meep... obligatory best ale visiting your thread.

sort of
Rob Roy

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He really needs to get good taste
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Doesn't he fuck dogs?

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is it leaked yet?
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I could care less for the full leak, just want to see little finger get his throat cut, if that is what actually happens
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I'm OK with GoT being a -ship soap opera now.
Eurofag here. The timing of GoT episodes sucks for me. I either have to watch it at 3 am or in the morning before work.

Cool as Ice's director of photography of the film was future Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, and Minority Report cinematographer Janusz Kamiński.

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You know, having grown up mostly after Vanilla Ice was famous and listening to Ice Ice Baby and looking at the way he dressed it's very hard not to assume that his whole style was an over the top parody of wkgger culture.

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Fuck off Bane.
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CIA's real name is William Wilson, he must be a superhero
dead meme

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Will something ever top it?
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it was surpassed by game of thrones long ago
I would rather watch Merlin that that shit if I wanted some fantasy
The first season of GoT did match Rome in quality, plus little if any magic except at the very beginning of episode 1 and the very end of episode 10.

The show has completely jumped the rails by this season though.

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How do I explain to my friends that the sneed meme is funny? I started meming it with them and they didn't get it. I told them it's ironic but they just called me a faggot and started laughing at me. Then some hot girls who were walking by started sucking their dicks while I cried and jacked off with my tiny shrimp dick which just made them laugh harder until they shot cum from their nose. What the frick?
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It's not funny, jason
Jus b urself man, like turn whiter bro
Then you can chuck them in the pussy
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This is now a dubs thread

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it's really not that bad
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It's fuckin' great.

One of the best of the series.
Everything is pretty good except for the alien
You can thank a rushed post-production for why the rod puppet Xeno looks like shit.

The actual animatronics and man in suit effects are great, though.

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>chick I had a crush on blocks me on Facebook over a really bizarre case of miscommunication
>JonTron suddenly returns right around the same time

What does this mean?
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>bizarre case of miscommunication
Are you the main character on a japanese high school anime?
The way shit went down, I felt like my life suddenly turned into a romantic dramedy.

Like...i'm literally in the "second act breakup" part of the story.
so your girl is fucking some chad right now but you will take her back by the end of the third act is what you're saying

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Previous >>86903730
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Bring me one of those chickens
Beric is the real hero of ASoIaF.
>everyone who disagrees with me is le /pol/ boogeymang because i said so XDDD XDDD XDDD
Kill yourself, kike.

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Is it worth watching?
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If you have nothing else to do
So it's mediocre?
meh, it's Pocahontas with blue people
the visuals are stunning though, even 10 years later

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