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Your favorite gags, cutaways and other shit

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Dumb fuck
Family Guy is shit. And you're shit for making a thread about it.
Stewie's Seed and Feed

Can someone explain who Jason is?
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Something something sneed something something chuck

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what was the last film you cried to?
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Seed of Life
The Cuckold
is this in Finland?

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It triggered to many people.
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that was actually quite funny vid OP
i kekkled
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>GF is over
>Let's have a family movie night
>Mom chooses pic related
>GF and Dad asleep halfway through
>Raging to the end
Jesus Christ, one of the worst movies I've seen all year, despite having seen Crimson Peak already.
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>Crimson Peak
Come on. It's bland as fuck, and the protagonist characterization is incredibly hypocritical:
>Women needn't be subject to stereotypical roles!
>I wanna be a writer!
>Handsome man appears
>I'm so in love!
>Doesn't run away the minute she hears "crimson peak", as her mother's ghost told her
>Stabbed guy teleports to safety
>Information that the investigation yielded in the first quarter isn't revealed until the end for dramatic purposes
Fuck that pile of shit.

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who was in the wrong here?
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both of them for multiple reasons

1) arguing on facebook in the first place
2) discussing the mertis of a children's show
3) saying stupid shit such as "you like _____ so ur opinion is invalid" and "checkmate lol"
also would like to add myself to this list of who is in the wrong due to having read their drivel

Anyone who thinks they're better/smarter than other people because of their taste in fucking television is the real moron.

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Was the ending Eldrich kino?

Also how u liking the netflix show? Its okay so far. far better than death note
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>only good part of the movie
>wasn't in the book

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Watching Presumed Innocent for the first time, guys.
3 minutes in, so far so good!
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The wife did it.
That was obvious, I knew that only 20 seconds in.

R.I.P. in piece piano
He has finally left humanity behind

/tv/ related because he was on an episode of Malcolm in the Middle
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that's what happens when you abuse insulin to gain an extra millimeter of muscle
Can't wait until this thread dies in about 3 minutes, fuck you OP and saged.

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What is the greatest Sitcom ever produced?
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Top right
Not going to include British ones.
I like sunny but it's been on too long.

Only other American sitcom I've seen is Scrubs and it really lost its way after a few seasons.
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Pick 3.

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What happened to that music video of Begotten with this song

it's trash for edgelords when they get bored of Salo
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Dog Star Man + Loveless (MBV) as soundtrack

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He does make a good point there.

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how does this guy get work?
I'd rather watch a cat be sick
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Sick Cat's agent's a cunt, demands a piece of the backend. Freeman way more agreeable.
He was born to play bilbo
He's a good actor. The best part of Sherlock dragged down by cucumber man.

Thoughts on counterculture film?

Pic related, and also Easy Rider comes to mind.
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i like that film for the same reason i like most antonioni films:
the weird displaced atmosphere of people trying to find purpose in a vast indifferent world.
and the endless exploration of interesting modernist architecture from as many angles as possible through slow moving long shots

i didn't care for easy rider though

all i really care about is how films look and explore space and movement
Been meaning to watch that forever, haven't got around to it.
what exactly do you mean by counterculture?
very good post

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>I'm as serious as cancer when I say the rhythm is a dancer

What did he mean by this?
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