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Question thread.

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Post a toy related question.

Has any picked this guy up? I like how he looks but I want to know if their's known breakage issues.
He's great. But see >>5213096.

That said, if the joints seem gummy, heat them first and you should be fine. He's a pretty great huge monster thing so depending on what you like, there's likely a spot for him somewhere in you collection.
Yeah, fuck that shit. Don't get it unless you plan on returning it to where you bought it from right after, because it's a terrible figure. Awesome sculpt and paint, but lemme tell you about this one.

First off, all of them have stuck thigh swivels, and mostly the right thigh - I've bought four of them and they all had the same issue. You can fix the problem by heating it up and then popping it apart to shave it down or twist it gently to get it moving, but one of them actually tore right off. So if you're not used to dealing with stuck swivel joints, then be ready to be disappointed here.

His shoulder articulation is ass. They might has well have given him simple swivels for shoulders because pic related is as far out as it's arms go, and I feel like even thats an exaggeration.

It's hard to stand up or pose it in actions poses without the help of a stand - possible, but hard since most of his feet stand on the nails of his toes and heal instead of the actual bottom of the feet. Also, the tail is one long piece that doesn't move (I think, can't remember if I fiddled with it).

Also - if it matters, they used little clear joints in all the swivel parts (ankles, wrists, knees)

tl,dr: Unless you intend to use it as a simple display piece, it's a terrible buy. Don't get it.
I can also vouch for it being shitty. my thigh joint snapped as soon as I moved it. don't bother with that crap
Seems like It's not well made then, even the positive response reported problems.

I might leave it be, which is a shame because he looks great.
I got mine moving and unstuck just fine with plenty of hot water and a little bit of patience. But yeah, he's an unfortunate case. Clear plastic joints just do not bode well for such a gorgeous sculpt.
>all these people breaking their toys because they don't know about a simple trick

Don't let hamhands scare you from an awesome design.
Great paint and sculpt bit out users clear and pretty Trash plastics. Bought one and the leg broke
Had to use a heat gun to even get the shoulders moving
I returned it to toy r uS. Loose hips too but u can fix that. Still I don't think you should have to fix a brand new figure. Also it's not much bigger than a marvel legends.
I've got him. Yes, he has breakage issues. His thigh swivels were stuck at first. I got one working just fine, but the other snapped with a gentle twist. His shoulders are also really hard to move up and down and I hamhands his elbow while trying to move his arm at one point.

But I ended up liking the figure enough to get a second one. Not touching his thigh swivels this time. Luckily his knee joint also has a swivel, so the thigh swivels aren't super necessary.

If it wasn't for the QC he'd be great. He could use a little more range of motion in the neck, but his ab and leg joints are great.

Anon, I'm definitely willing to admit hamhands, but this is absolutely one fragile figure.
Funko's obsession with soft, weak, clear plastic in the critical, load bearing joints of their figures always puzzles me. The Evolve line in particular has been a disaster, not helped by the game also being dead on arrival.

All that said, I love their designs and concepts. If they had decent materials and QC, they'd be one of the best toylines around. They've got no problem giving a female figure an ass, and I've gotta respect that.
>awesome design

Define design
>They've got no problem giving a female figure an ass

That's a pretty dumb thing to worry about.
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It's a scary looking monster.
What else is there?
It can fit in almost every scale, even 1/6 scale or 1/1.
I'd kill for a 1/12 scale 6 pack of some Critters.
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