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doing a Suarez.jpg
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suarez on the front page!
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good thread
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In love. Toru with Chaika. But from different dimension. Unknown destiny!

And Chaika confessed that it has not been awarded by the deus ex machina in the boy's phone number. Please do not mind the strange area code, she immediately call him, he is overjoyed to find that you have a you too crazy girlfriend.

When Chaika talked about the day of confession to the boy before, the next day, he is to her, it looks into how you embarrassed each only. After some investigation, the boy she called, she know that she is not the same as the boy fell in love. In fact, he does not fully exist in this universe. Recognition of his conflict, it has had to enable her collision fell in love, of another world, calm self of her AU without him. SHOCKING TRUTH!

They are to be equipped with each other in the arms, it creates the need to conquer their darkest heart of alter ego, has continued to Hijinks to beat the contract that gives the most private secrets to each other. Two, while chasing each human love, they instead, fell in love with each other, began to question the love of the NATURE of KANSHA, then drama followed.

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you're welcome

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What is he doing, /a/?
Please explain.
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Faking an injury but making it look cool.

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For me,it's Real M/a/drid
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>download torrent of real m/a/drid
>it's actually fake m/a/drid

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Does /a/ hate Finland as much as /sp/?
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Nah, Suomi is cool, vittu sisu perkele and all.

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Post the evilest anime villains
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no lolis allowed
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tiny head

which country is better at sports and has better taste in animu?

we all know their shitposting is unmatched, but which country is the better of the two?
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Disregard Australian and Canadian posts
Only unbiased 3rd parties can give an objective answer.
you can have your say in it

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fuk you

Quick, friendly reminder to /sp/, while you're sharing a board with us, please refrain from begging for sources in the threads if you see an image/gif/webm that piques your interest. You can use the WAIT button or go to the WAIT website to find sauce on a huge variety of anime. You can also hover your mouse over the "title" link to reveal the metadata for the webm, which usually has the name of the series.

Begging for sauce is both annoying, and you usually end up waiting longer than you would if you searched for the source yourselves. /a/ does NOT tolerate spoonfeeding, and begging for sauce in a thread will actually work against your interest as you are given fake names and wrong series to counter your newfriend demands.

Thank you for your attention, /sp/, and enjoy your stay!
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What's the image in your image from?
But I see so many qt characters and google isn't helping
there are 2 other options besides google, anon. WAIT, and iqdb. only once you have tried those two options may you ask for the source.

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