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Is it ever going to be worth it getting into this field or any of its subsets? Or is it a dead-end?

Thinking about two things: psychopharmacology, and consciousness uploading (and what it implies concerning VR and such).
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It's hard, mainly because the quality of a good proportion of the publications is shit. Reporting methods is shit. Reproducibility is shit. Translatability is shit. Add to these the publish or perish mentality and you have your answer.
Huh. Are there NO opportunities at all outside of pure research/teaching and publishing?
Oh there are. Pharmas are always pushing for new drugs. But who you know matters more than what you know.

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The place for all stupid questions that don't deserve their own threads.

Continuing on from >>6513440
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Is color an inherent property of matter? Or do certain objects just absorb/reflect different wavelengths of visible light? example, is a leaf green because it reflects green light but absorbs the other wavelengths?
color depends on what wavelengths of light you shine on a object, how the molecular structure of the surface scatter those wavelengths. In other words it's the shape of the surface at the atomic level that decide it's color.
Is there some law of physics which dictates the lower limit of the size of a particle, of could a particle theoretically be infinitely small?

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You want to know how to learn something?
You want to know which textbook or videos or problem sets to use to learn something?
Post ITT.

I want:
First year mathematics (precalculus, differentiation, integration, linear algebra, complex)
First year physics (motion, thermodynamics. electromagnetism, light, semiconductors)
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I would prefer a textbook or video series that uses lots of diagrams, not big blocks of text
I would prefer straight theorems and examples with some additional problem sets
What do you think of this:

For maths - Stewart
For physics - Halliday OR Sears&Zemansky

Does this sound good?

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Are you going to get cryonically preserved? Why or why not?

It's not that expensive. At the Cryonics Institute, you can have your full body preserved for about $30k. CI currently has over 100 humans preserved in liquid nitrogen in Michigan. Alcor has about the same amount.

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No, I can't see a way of cells being destroyed via crystal formation ever being reversed. I also can't see the point of getting a few more years once my cells have degraded through ageing, it's not like they will be able to give me my 20yo body back.

I see Cryonics as nothing more than offering hope of life after death to the non-religious.
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What if you're wrong though? You could be losing out on eternity. Suppose immortality and restoring cryonically frozen bodies is possible within the next thousand years.

Ray Kurzweil, the futurist most of you have probably heard of, is an Alcor member.

These are the tanks you would be stored in. They need to be filled with liquid nitrogen once in a while, but they don't use electricity.
If you think it has potential then drop the $30k, I'll spend it on having fun in this life.

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Sup /sci/, short version.

>Grandma here's loud noise
>Looks out sliding back door at porch
>Bad eyesight sees football sized object
>Thinks large bird hit her house and died
>Leaves it there for a month
>Finally goes to see it
>It's a rock
>Surrounding the rock the concrete has turned white (Presumably from intense heat)
>I did not see this area so don't ask me for pics or to describe it
>I have the rock

It doesn't look like typical meteorite pics so I'm asking for advice. One guy in the last thread (on /b/, I wrongly assumed some experts still /b/rowsed) posted a meteorite pic that looked strikingly similar to the shape as well as surface texture.

I don't have any magnets but some stuff clung on to my tweezers when I tried to sift through to show you guys big piece of what's fallen off.

This is the rock, the next pic will be some of the stuff that's fallen off onto what it was set on. I've taken this pic on standard printer paper for a size reference, it's 15lbs.

I even have a blurry video showing the stuff sticking to my tweezers if anyone can tell me how to make a webm.
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Please refrain from commenting on here/hear typo in the OP. I apologize and am not realizing how out of it I currently feel.

Here's the "stuff", I'm currently showing how it surprisingly stuck to my tweezers, and if you note between this pic and the next the different in how much dark dust stuff is sticking to these little colored rocks I'm sure you can see that whatever this stuff is it's clearly magnetic.
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Here's a pic I took of those few pieces earlier before I dumped more stuff that fell off onto the pile and realized all the little shavings were sticking to the colored rock pieces.
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This was the wrong pic, pic related.

I feel that going into space is a wasteful and fruitless concept. There is no way we could gain anything with exception of them minerals in the spaces (which even then it would be nearly impossible). Interstellar travel isn't likely, and at no point will humans all band together to make some sort of "space empire". I don't see the use of space missions aside from researching zero G things.

Discuss, gentlemen.
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I agree.
PhD here. I fully agree.

>inb4 sci fi escapist children with no education whatsoever start to spam straw man insults
Resources on this planet will be eventually spent / fucked up by the inevitable nuclear war ; where do you propose we search for resources , what do you propose we do when they run out ?
>inb4 ">>>/x/"

What is the highest and hardest level of mathematics you have taken at either the undergraduate or graduate level? Also include your major.
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triple integrals

I'm a math PhD.
>mfw I learned triple integrals in high school

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> implying there are any other ebin /sci/ maymays
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I have a few

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Numerologically the correct answer is to pull and observe
But morals aren't objective, Mr. Harris.

I thought the same thing, it's just one life extra on you if the outcome is unfavorable, and you may save 4. It's a gambit well worth taking.

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Is it math?
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Define hardest.

Most time investment needed? Architecture.
Most mathematical skill? Pure maths, obviously.
Most stress? Medicine.
diamond studies

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