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Why are men the most unhappy of the genders?

Suicide rates are mostly men. Depression rates are mostly men. Loneliness rates are mostly men. It just goes on and on.

I don't think I've seen women face as much suffering as men do. Not even close. And they say girls have it hard.

- https://www.afsp.org/understanding-suicide/facts-and-figures
- http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/suicide_datasheet-a.pdf
- http://www.nami.org/Template.cfm?Section=major_depression&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=79265
- http://www.bjceap.com/?id=33129&sid=34
- http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/19/opinion/sunday/douthat-loneliness-and-suicide.html
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Most women have an ingrained emotional support structure and talk about their feelings, most men don't. Bottle that for 20 years and Bob blows his brains out over the same stuff Alice let go a decade ago.
Less privileged.
Men are more likely to be lonely than women.

Is philosophy dead? Has science killed it?
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Analytical philosophy?
Basically what remains of philosophy as a field is just article writing and political idealism.

I'd say mathematics killed the most of philosophy with it's contributions to logic.
My philosopher father keeps trying to convince me that science will never come close to addressing any of the hard questions. But I maintain that it is dangerously close to addressing some of the ones the answers to which will be of most use to us. There's no sense in turning around now.


> cf. nietzsche circa 1882

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I know this probably gets posted a lot, but why does the 2/3 probability get shifted onto the one door, instead of becoming a 50/50 probability?
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Because your original guess had a 1/3 chance of being correct.

but the fact there's 3 doors initially is a non-factor, because one of the empty ones gets removed.

the goat is still either in your door or the other door whether you switch or not, which is 50/50
Two out of three doors get chosen. Why wouldn't the probability be 2/3?

Your focus shouldn't be on the door you initially choose; it's a red herring.

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So, we get UFO recordings since forever. But why would an advanced race spent so much time on Earth? If they can travel to our planet, they have most likely already figured everything about us and our planet out.

I don't see why any alien would come back.
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Maybe the resources in earth.
What's so special about the resources of our planet? There are asteroids and other planets with far more resources.
what resources are there on earth that are not available on an uninhabited world?

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Neuroscience general.

Good discussion, Q&A, papers, what you're working on, news, chitchat, anything neuroscience related. Bring it in here.
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Why can't neuroscientists make the perfect drug? You feel bliss, no negative side effects, no dopamine downregulation or anything of the sort.

You take one pill it lasts for 30 minutes maybe. When the time has passed you can go on with your day or take another pill and go for another just as good 30 minutes.
That's not really a job for neuroscientists
bump for potentially good thread

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Will the rapid speed at which we are increasing in technological advancement compromise the long-term stability of the world?
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Depends what you mean by "stability of the world."
"The long-term stability of the environment", in regards to humans living in it.
>rapid speed at which we are increasing in technological advancement
you mean moores law? its gonna end in 10 years, and no it wont do shit

>tfw tyche doesn't exist
>tfw the bloop doesn't exist


What cool things might still actually exist?
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OK besides that
Earths the size of Jupiter.

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What will we have first?

Fusion power or a space elevator?
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Fusion power
Space elevator.

We have the engineering capabilities, and materials science to pull it off currently. We just don't have the mass production capabilities or quality control for the materials nor the massive amount of infrastructure and and capital needed to actually do it.

Fusion power is an endless pipe dream and R&D money pit that likely will never come to fruition in a meaningful or reliable positive output way. We don't have the technical knowledge nor the materials science necessary.
>We don't have the technical knowledge nor the materials science necessary.

I doubt materials of sufficient durability for reliable output are even possible with fusion power.

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Some friends and I are discussing this. What's the best way to reliably harvest sustainable energy after most of society has collapsed?
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Burning trees
Well, I'd guess society will just start over and do the same thing we did to get to harvesting sustainable energy..

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What does /sci/ think of youtube "science" channels, like vsauce or veritasium?
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It's hilarious when they set themselves on fire.
vsauce is good, veritasium disappointed me once when they tried an experiment with a bullet and a piece of wood, so i'm more careful with their statements

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