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You are in control of the corporeal being known as PERRY THE PUMPKIN and PERRY is currently attempting to get off of an insane cocaine high.

The problem is, the farmer who owns the land HE treads is currently moving towards HIS location, and PERRY is unsure how to move, for HE is a pumpkin after all!

The first EVEN numbered reply will guide PERRY to HIS fate.
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Roll away

Attempt to roll in to cover and hide.

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You are a BARD named DEBDEN.

You like to think you are pretty good with the ladies, if not for your crippling aversion towards being touched by other human beings. You just arrived home after a long tour through Underhill and the surrounding counties only to find that your village has disappeared. Not the entire thing, just certain buildings. More importantly, your house is missing.

You are very surprised and concerned by this but it may be difficult to tell due to your SHABBY BARD BANGS.

How do you proceed?
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You ask your neighbour what happened since that is the most sensible thing to do when your house has vanished for no apparent reason.

>Oh, we paid a bunch of giants to take away the houses of the people we didn't like. Mostly bards and their groupies.
I thought we got along fine.
>Well, you were always kind of obnoxious when you were practicing. No hard feelings, yeah? You can just go wherever the giants put your house. I think they said they were moving them somewhere near Frostville. Didn't bother to listen to the specifics.
You couldn't have waited for everyone to talk it out? Or done something about all the elf prostitutes running around?
>Nah, you guys had to go. You know what they say about bards.
I don't.
>Well, I have to go launder my snake. Enjoy your new home!

>Head towards Frostville
>Talk to more people

Oh shit son, you are an anime protagonist!

You don't know how it happened, or when, but you've got ridiculous spiky hair and a deck of incredibly expensive trading cards.

Speaking of which, your deck. The most important part of any duelist.

What deck do you run?

[ ] Macro Rabbit Speedroids
[ ] Fire Fist Speedroids
[ ] Speedroids
[ ] Burning Abyss Speedroids
[ ] Phantom Knight Burning Abyss Speedroids
[ ] Blue-Eyes Speedroids
[ ] Performapal Odd-Eyes Speedroids
[ ] Speedroid Monarchs
[ ] HATS: Hands Artifact Traptrix Speedroids
[ ] Stunshit feat. Speedroids
[ ] Speedroid Psyframes
[ ] Speedroid Evilswarms
[ ] Speedroid Kaiju
[ ] Write In?
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skull servant
>[ ] Write In?+
A.K.A Exodia cheat deck
Burning abyss phantom knight speedroid, obviously.

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You don't want to admit it, but you're lost- you have been, for hours. None of the surrounding landscape looks familiar, and you're 99% certain that the teleportation circle you used malfunctioned and shunted you off to a completely random location in the world. In the distance, you see and decide to investigate:

>Some inviting caves in a nearby mountain to the north of you
>Smoke off the horizon to the east
>A river running south, not too far from here
>A gigantic fissure in the ground, due west of here. The river seems to bend deftly around the fissure, oddly enough.

While you're walking, you reminisce somewhat on who you are.

>A sorcerer trained with swords and shields, for an ultimate defense. Magic runs potently through your blood, and is directly tied to your stamina.
>A warlock trained with heavy weapons, to annihilate your enemies with powerful blows. Your magic comes from sacrifice and service, and is directly tied to such.
>A mage extensively trained in the use of ranged weapons, so that even without mana to work with, you're a deadly foe to go against. Your magic comes purely from knowledge of how to manipulate ambient mana, and thus is directly tied to the world itself.
(All classes are trained in the use of Heavy Armor, for that foreboding look that we all know and love. Spells known will be dictated by class chosen.)

You also happen to know for a fact that you're a:
>Suggest a race!
>Lack of consensus on a race will lock you into being a HUMAN.
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Rolled 28 (1d100)

I vote skeleton
Rolled 78 (1d100)

>>A gigantic fissure in the ground, due west of here. The river seems to bend deftly around the fissure, oddly enough.
>A sorcerer trained with swords and shields, for an ultimate defense. Magic runs potently through your blood, and is directly tied to your stamina.
I vote human.
Vote for more than just race, shitbird.

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You are Kishima Kouma, hobo half-demon and master of the Chaos Dunk. What will you do today?
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Unleash the Chaos Dunk obviously.
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sacchin flowchart.png
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[x] 214c

Sire an apprentice

YOU are ANON, glorious lurker of the interwebs, most magnificent of all poorly drawn stickmen.

During your usual evenings perusal of the hottest internet locations, you have, unfortunately found your evening's glow interrupted by a stupid online argument. In the course of said argument, your opponent happened to utter a particularly vulgar phrase. Yes, he told you, amazing, genius you, to go piss up a rope!

Now, normally such a comment would simply flow past you as water from a duck's back, but this one, this one has stuck. It has taken root. It grows, slowly, eating up your thoughts like a ravenous beast. You must obey it. You must attempt... to piss up a rope.

Sadly you have fallen not even at the first hurdle for you haven't even reached the starting blocks, indeed you have yet to even don your ceremonial numbered shirt for you find yourself struck by a terrible realization: you have neither a rope, nor the need to piss.

What do?
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> [x] Browse Gelbooru for loli watersports
You attempt to browse [nigger]booru, for loli watersports, however you are thwarted by the Royal Society for the Protection of Morals siteblocking app, as installed on all Good Citizen's computers as of the Totally Legit Not at all Invasive For The Children Act of 20X8.

Fortunately thanks to the honor system for self arrest means as introduced by the See, We're not a Police State Act of 20XX, you have up to 28 hours before you are required to hand yourself in to a helpful Incarcercorp Operative at the nearest detention centre. You can't wait too long though, last time you tried to evade arrest you gave yourself a nasty black eye in the ensuing scuffle.

You are now on a TIME LIMIT, and still have neither rope nor urine.

What do?
Collect American beer. This will be chemically close enough to piss to work.

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On the second edition of Hotpocket Quest, we are still searching. Searching for truth. Searching for hotpockets.

> Go left
> Go right
> Turn around
> Leave the board
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>> Go right
> Go left
> Go right
> Turn around
> Go forward
> Move ahead
> Leave the board

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Hello everyone. I’m having some difficulties with completing the Quest assigned by the Brotherhood of Steel In Fallout 4. Ive done dozens of those little quests given by Rhys and Haylen, and, all of a sudden, I’m unable to do them anymore. I want too report to them as usual to finish the task and Rhys won’t even speak tto me, as if I wasn’t even there, while Haylen only comments on how she’s still awaiting the results of my findings (I’ve got the artifact for her in my inventory!). The same goes for Ingram and his ‘gather technical documentation quest. As for the main questline, I built the machine that got me into the Institute using BoS and I’ve now got the Nuclear Alternative quest to do. What can be the problem? Has anyone encountered a similar glitch? I’d appreciate all the help I can get.
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You have to kill the faction leader to access the right dialouge needed
Rules dude. Read them. Literally a sticky.
You mean me or the person that replied to my message?

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I rike it
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>2hu's the first quest

You know maybe this is a good idea

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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
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Current board settings:

Anyone can post images.
Anyone can use painter.
Anyone can use dice & spoilers.
Only OP can use text formatting.
3000 character limit.
750 bump limit.
Decreased post timer to match /tg/ (30 seconds for text, 60 seconds for an image reply).
Automatic permasage after 72 hours.
Thread specific user IDs.
Standard 7 day internal archive.

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