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Outdoor Autism Thread

>be seasoned hiker and climber
>organize mountaineering trip up nearby peak (14,000ft/4300m)
>buddy invites a friend of his
>friend is younger, engaging, super fit, skilled with strong technical skills
>one catch: he insists on taking a "fedora summit pic" (not even joking)
>3 day trip, up at midnight for a summit push, placing gear the whole way, roped in, hear seracs calving
>friend's friend is on my rope team the whole way, knows heaps, good mountaineer, great at routefinding through ice fields, prudent gear placements, excellent climber generally
>will not shut up with Disney songs, sings theme to Mulan
>get to summit near sunrise
>sure enough, he busts out a black fedora with flames on the sides, gets his stupid summit pic of himself wearing that with Oakleys
>looks like the hugest autist imaginable
>buys us all dinner on our drive home

I am left speechless by this one.
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I can't stand it when someone places their hand on my shoulder. Freaks me the fuck /out/.
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>kayaking trip
> A few inexperienced people but okay, I'll come
> "Fuck, my kayak isn't turning right"
> "Fuck, I'm so tired"
> what
> help pull some people's kayaks onto the shore
> one in particular is heavy as fuck
> "Thanks bro."
> Unpacks his kayak
>Pulls out fucking 24 pack of Monster energy drink
I hate other people too.

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autine axe.jpg
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yfw you watched this the first time

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Pic very related.

The thought of being abducted by aliens when i'm innawoods & alone terrifies me. I also find it equally terrifying if I was to be abducted and whoever I was with didn't wake up while it was happening. Completely irrational I know....or is it? If you watch the skies long enough you see some odd shit.

Other /out/ fears include:

>Hearing someone creeping about outside my tent, knowing I am miles from anyone
>Eldritch creatures man is not meant to know wot of appearing in the night
>Being followed when I am alone
>If i'm camped on a site, being run over while I am inside my tent (not so irrational)

Of course I have the run of the mill fears of getting lost and/or hurt while alone but then if you don't have that fear, even on a small level then you probably shouldn't be going /out/ in the first place.
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I wouldn't mind being abducted by aliens.
More scared of other humans.

Yeah I used to think it would be kinda fun until I went deeper into AA phenomenon. Real or not, it appears to seriously fuck people up.

Also, The Forth Kind.

So yeah, fuck aliens. People I can deal with.
I once camped on a small flat section of a pretty steep hill. On the way up there I encountered two big red deer, and because the trail was pretty much the only place to walk on because of the steepness, both me and the deer became somewhat stressed. On of them turned around and walked back the way it came, the other ran past me.

That night I feared being trampled by them, seeing as there was not much place for them to move, and I was pretty hidden (not in a tent), so they could step on me by mistake.

Other than that I don't think I have ever feared getting lost while /out/. I guess that may be because I have never been in a situation that turned dangerous because of getting lost, always kinda knew what direction to go in order to find something eventually, so I have only been lost for 3-4 hours at a time.
Other times I should have been afraid was once I camped one degree above freezing. There was wet snow everywhere, all my clothes were wet, I did not have a fire, no skis, and one heavy backpack. I used 5 or 6 hours walking back to civilization on a track that usually takes me 2 hours at most, the whole way there it rained. The only two things my mind was on was getting from the cover of one tree to the next, where I would rest (because walking with no skis in 1+ meter of wet snow is exhausting), and also thinking about the hot food I would eat at home.
Thinking back at it, it probably was a very dangerous situation, but being afraid didn't cross my mind at the time.

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Guys, I need your help.

I am about to end my life. But not by killing me. One day I will just disappear, leaving everything I got, family, friends, gf, university etc.

I want to take only few things with me and start living somewhere in forest. With nature. Without troubles that I am having now.

I would like to ask for some protips, what to do, how to preper, what should I take, what should I expect etc.

I live in eastern Europe, so... A lot of snow and cold soon. I would like to stay alive... We have no possibility to hunt here. Help anons...

How should I prepare myself?
What take?
What to expect?
How many things I will have to carry with me?
How to behave in the wild?
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>How should I prepare myself?
By taking a reality check and realizing you're not going to "find yourself" out there. You're just going to get more and more depressed until you die.
>What take?
A cell phone so you can call your family and apologize for worrying them. Also tell them that you mistakenly got a ride from a trucker who raped you and left you on the side of the road.
>What to expect?
Rapist truckers and lots of regret.
>How many things I will have to carry with me?
Just the phone. You'll be using it pretty soon.
>How to behave in the wild?
Don't. You don't belong there.
Your answer actually made me laugh pretty wild.

What if I want to die there? Get depressed? I am depressed now... Fucking suicidal thoughts...

I do not worry about truck rapist, cause I would probably rape them. I am overly manly sadly...

I am asking seriously. And I would like a serious answer.
It's not gonna work if you don't already have plenty of /out/ experience with long trekking trips, being /out/ in winter for extended periods of time and most importantly having a seriously firm grasp on plant foraging, farming, and hunting. How do you expect to stay hidden when you hunt and farm? How do you expect to survive without hunting and farming?

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What are some stuff I can do with a buddy innawoods if we're going hiking but not camping?
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Butt sex
You could fuck each other OP
Usually my buddies and I keep the mantra of "what happens in the woods, stays in the woods" needless to say pack water, a condom if you like, lubriderm, somene wipes and just have a good time.

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Hey guys! My spiritual life is toaism/druidry. Worshiping nature, interconnected web of energy/being.
Any other druids out there? Id love to communicate with others thst actually understand what im talking about.

ITT: druids, druids everywhere
>pic related to a certain extent.
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So what's your mystery?
Shaman here. Druids are faggots.

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Hi /out/, Let's make an American flatbow.

Tools you'll require:
>Set of wood rasps, one flat, one round
>Fine file/sand paper

Tools that will be useful:
>Splitting wedges

Unfortunately, as I did not intend this as a build-along series, I do not have images for every step of the way. In fact, I am missing a large section, but I'll do my best to answer any questions and make do as best as possible.

Side note: This thread is a repost from /k/. If you'd like me to stop, I will. I thought some sc/out/s would be interested in making their own bows.
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The first step is selecting a good tree. This is a step I perhaps failed to do well enough. There have been a variety of trees used for bows throughout history, many of which provide the necessary characteristics. Common examples in America include ash, osage orange, oak, and walnut.

Yew was traditionally used in English longbows, but is generally not ideal for American flatbows due to the difference in design. English longbows typically have a round, D shaped body where the flat back of the bow is formed by a single ring of sapwood while the interior belly was formed by heartwood. The sapwood was powerful under tension while the heartwood was powerful under compression, giving performance closer to a composite bow; impressive for a self bow.
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But enough about longbows. I chose an ash tree because it was easy to identify and one of the first that I found that seemed straight. It's important to examine the tree for knots, bulbous or twisted sections, or anything else that may suggest the underlying wood is flawed.

Unfortunately, while downing this tree (using an admittedly improper tool) I broke my hand axe. Once the tree is downed, you should cut the straightest part from the tree with your saw, about 8 feet in length.
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Examine the log you now have, look at the grain, see if it's even or uneven. My log had the grain very off center at one end and wasn't as straight as it appeared when it was part of the tree. I worked with it regardless. It caused me some issues down the line.

Now strip the log of bark, being careful not to damage the underlying hard rings of wood underneath. If you do, it will only make it harder for you.

Post pictures of interesting places you have explored in the Zone, and any artifacts you've found along the way.
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Stalkers have been here before me!
wtf is a s.t.a.l.k.e.r?
Look at these pipes. If you listen closely, you can still hear the echoes of the pain and suffering that happened in this place.

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Before we begin, let's remind ourselves of two things.

1) You are anonymous. Don't let your ego get involved. If you have something to share, share it. If you don't want to be ridiculed, that's understandable, but just put your experience out and ignore the trolls if you can, your input is appreciated.

2) This isn't /x/, please don't point us to /x/, /x/ is full of children who haven't spent any time innawoods or even outside. Real outdoorsmen are who I personally want to speak with about this matter.

I'd like to share something happened to me and my family last year and hope you can share some stuff of your own.

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I'm a Montanan. I've done plenty of hunting camping fishing etc. I live at the foothills of the rockies in an area with tons of peaks, lakes, rivers etc.

Me and my family went camping at a nearby lake which you have to hike 15-20 minutes to reach. It's certainly not the most remote lake, but there was nobody there when we arrived and set up tent.

This lake area has a beautiful view on the opposite side of the entrance which is comprised of limestone cliffs, caves, and chutes leading directly up into the back-end of the mountains. Anything from the most remote reaches of the wilderness areas beyond the mountains can easily pass down to the lake.

While the sun started to set, I was gathering more firewood. When I came back my little brother said he was hearing something like a "truck" or engine rumbling in the woods, but there are no vehicle accessible roads so I'm not sure what he heard.

My Dad was with us and he had his pistol out, he didn't say anything but I saw a look on his face like he was uncomfortable. He shot into the woods to scare away any bears etc. He acted like he was playing around but I could tell he was legitimately trying to clear the area by making noise, and he didn't want to spook my little brother by saying so.

As it darkened, we heard someone or something start coming down the hillside behind us, not from the mountains, but from a thickly forested hillside that reached out around the lake, connected to the mountains.

Something was coming down through the pine trees and deliberately snapping thick branches every 20 steps or so. I've encountered grizzlies, we know about bears, they tend to just bulldoze through the woods and snap the shit out of everything. This sounded more like someone deliberately breaking thick branches. They got closer and closer.

By this time me and my family were dead silent and just staring into the woods. Me and my Dad readied our weapons and stood up. We were expecting a Grizzly.


I'm putting together a small notebook of general survival tips, and long-term necessities. Essentially a homemade handbook on what to do when the SHTF. I've got basic stuff already in there, such as a basic lean-to, some knots and hitches, and a couple of snares.
Has this been done before?
If so, is there a copy of it that I could get my hands on(free preferred)?
Regardless of this, what are your must have's for info and basic gear for short and long term survival innawoods or in a SHTF scenario?
Sorry if this has been done before, and I'm new, and sorry if I'm wasting time.
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While I thank you, I was in the infographics thread before it died; It's where I grabbed the first pic. Thanks though.

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