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Watch thread?
watch thread.

this is an SNDA65. It's a tank.
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wow I think thats the exact same watch I have lol. I just need to get a wrist strap like yours. Mine came with one of those bulky metal ones that I find super uncomfortable so I hardly wear the thing.
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Citizen chrono aqualand reporting in
It's a good watch, mate.
Those types of straps are called NATO or sometimes G10s. ZULU straps are similar except they have rounded buckles.

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Here in the Northern hemisphere, hunting season is near. Use this thread to ask questions, give advice, swap recipes, and tell stories about the humane harvest of delicious wild protein.

Pic related is my newest flexible hunting tool. 357 Magnum carbine. With low powered .38 handloads this will take all types of small game with low noise (think .22 rifle quiet but much heavier bullet) and with full-house 180gr. 357 magnums it can reasonably take whitetail deer out to 100 meters.

OP has been hunting upland, small, and large game for 21 seasons now, not much waterfowl experience, but happy to answer what I can.
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OP here. This is one of my favorite recipes and I strongly recommend it for new hunters. Rabbits are easy to find, easy to kill, easy to clean, and extremely delicious in a dish like this.

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OP with a particularly tasty wild swine, 2013

She made many pounds of carnitas tacos for me and was a delicious addition to my chest freezer
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One of 14 rabbits I ate last winter, but the only one I bagged with a handgun

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Hi /out/! /mu/ here. Wanna go to the winter ball with us?

We offer you gifts of OC and a mixtape.

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OC fresh off the presses, courtesy of /mu/
We'd love it if you'd come with us!

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>haven't done cardio in forever
>spending two days in a cabin with ~20 dudes/sloots ive never met
>probably the only black guy on the trip since black people don't camp
-no electricity or running water

it's in a week

Should I abort? I'm trying to do new things while i'm in college because fapping/games every weekend is getting stale, especially when all my suite mates are out being real people.
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if you are really badly out of shape and it requires backpacking in you might want to re think it.

but other than that no. you should try it out you might like it. you might even make a friend. but living in a cabin isn't really camping. in my opinion it is worse because you have to deal with the animals that makes cabins their homes.

also people make fun of other races, you probably do it too nigger, but once you actually meet someone you think of them as a person not a stereotype, right? well all the honkeys and wetbacks do the same.
Women, weed, alcohol and 2 people who don't want to be there.
go for it man! no big deal. probly just be college kids behaving like college kids. just make sure you bring the basics like sleeping bag, seep mat, personal hygiene stuff, food, water, TP, clean undies, some decent hiking shoes.

only thing i can say is dont get drunk/high. keep your cool man. should be fun.

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The call of the wild: Man takes his part-wolf best friend, Loki, on incredible outdoor adventures.

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That man is having sex with that dog
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Go back to /b/.

Can we make a very subtle Dick Proenneke /MGTOW patch?
Just his face no lettering or maybe some stickers?
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Are you that guy who's still trying to make a MGTOW commune in "colorado/new mexico?" You might want to get a bit farther along with that before making patches.
Not the same guy but much more culture needs to be build before an actual 3D community can come together. I my estimation even real planning stages for such an endeavor is at least a year away.
I think the patch should be his head, iconic beanie and all.

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Im going innawoods in a few days. only for one day and im gonna sleep out there too.

Its my first time going innawoods and i was wondering if you guys had any good tips, as well as, any core things i should bring or remember.

I got a glock 20, so that should cover me in terms of defense for the most part i think. Got a pack with a little sleeping bag, i just plan on rolling it out on the ground, maybe invest in a little tent later on. Also a few MREs.

I got plenty of basic stuff, like matches, tinder, flashlight, knife, etc.
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you'd be surprised how little you actually need bro.
Heres some bare essentials
-Water container (SS or Ti)
-Water filter
-lighter( or firesteel if you wanna seem edgy)
-hatchet or small forest axe( brand is up 2u)
you have MREs
-tarp (getting cold outside so duct tape a emergency blanket on it)
hammock or tent? up2u
-100ft or cordage
basicly it....beside your firearm w/ 2 extra spare mags and maybe a 50rd box.
100ft or cordage? what do you mean by that? and why.

yeah i got four 15 round magazines of some hot 10 mm loads. I dont even have bears in my area, and im well equip for even that.

I have no filter at the moment, but i have a few excellent contains for the occasion. Also something for boiling water/cooking in.

No hatchet at the moment, but for a one day one night excursion i think i wont need it right?
10mm. safety: always off.

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>white people

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Wait, let me put an add blocker on before I check out your viral marketing
What a scrub. He doesn't even Mora.
Fucking based. I would have added a window though.

I wish I could find a good source of clay in my area to do that.

Is it possible to live in a tent outside and still work? Like have a tent within reasonable walking distance of a bus or something to take you into town while you save up money?
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Possible: Yes
Good idea: No
It's only for a month or two until I save up rent money
What about a large canvas tent like the surplus army ones pitched on a wooden deck/base with a wood burning stove?

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What's the pack pictured here? I want to make this ALICE pack; I know nothing.
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A bad one. Go for commercial bags.
> buy medium ALICE pack w/frame
> start checking off list

I do not understand your confusion?
I was wondering the specific bag in the picture.

Is it bad? Ok so would you think this is good:


+ the Frame that's frequently bought together?

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